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The Church of EPHESUS – Book of Revelation

Church of Ephesus Revelation 2:1-7 1 – Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus [Means “Permitted”, a city of Asia Minor] write; These things saith he [Chief power, Master, Ruler] that holdeth the seven stars [standing firm in the midst of others, star] in his right hand [a place of honor and authority], who […]

The Hut

“The Hut” I am standing inside a grass hut. There are small birds within a bird cage. Someone opens the bird cage and and a window and lets all the birds out. I wondered… then I see the window is closed, and some of the birds were sitting on a tree limb outside looking in. […]

Home Free ~ A Word From The Father’s Heart

♥My child you are more than a priceless diamond in the formation of the rough.  As you lay yourself before Me, you shine brighter than most; captivating all of the Hosts of Heaven as they set their eyes upon you in wonderment.  They no longer ask why My favor rests upon you, as My glory […]

IMPOSTORS – Come Out From Among Them

The greatest and most dangerous form of darkness cloaks itself as Light. Today’s message is for the brethren, those with an upright heart who seek to walk in wisdom, in servitude to our Lord Jesus. Being chosen certainly does come with a heavy price, a laying down of oneself in exchange for eternal life.  We […]

A Debt of Love

♥Just a couple days ago I was asked a question about a particular Scripture and I must admit unknowingly I answered, “Correctly,” by doctrine standards, coming into agreement that the Word tells us to, “Owe no man anything…”  I felt sure and secure in the answer I had given.  Until today…  Upon waking this morning […]


Prayer Partners♥ ♥Please say a special prayer today for Sister Sharron and her husband.  Sharron is home now and receiving care from Hospice.  She is also requesting prayers for her husband to have comfort during this time as he is feeling the loss of his lifetime soul mate being called Home to be with the […]

A Tribute of Love

I’ve written a thousand words before, inspired by your lifeBut never thought about the day, when I’d have to say goodbyeIn all of my selfishness if I could be King, only for todayI’d turn back time & you’d be here, telling me everything will be okYou’d hold me in your loving arms, then find a […]