Home Free ~ A Word From The Father’s Heart

♥My child you are more than a priceless diamond in the formation of the rough.  As you lay yourself before Me, you shine brighter than most; captivating all of the Hosts of Heaven as they set their eyes upon you in wonderment.  They no longer ask why My favor rests upon you, as My glory shines forth from within, without hampered eminence or quenching of fire.  I love you with a swift and fierce love, that is ever reaching beyond the bounds of the natural.  Though the enemy seeks to count you as lost, in order to defame my Name in which you abide, I will always be upon your heels, setting fire to his snares laid before your feet.  As you glide upon the many waters, you rise above the currents of adversity, not moving to the left or the right, as I have set My seal upon your heart and in unison we move toward the Prize – into the outstretched arms of your beloved One, Jesus.  Do nothing without waiting upon Me first, as I lead you to still waters in the secret resting place of my love, glancing back only to recall the times I delivered you through fire, so that as a pillar of fire, your presence in the Earth would be for my glory.  I am the Great I am, I always was and always shall be.  Therefore, you share in my glory of redemption, you always have and you always will.  Need I always remind you nothing can pull You out of my grasp?  We are one… to deny you would mean I would have to deny Myself and that is simply impossible.  Allow Me to separate you from all that is not pure, so the sanctification process is complete and you are made whole.  So rest little child, lay your wearied head upon my chest and breathe in as I exhale my goodness as sustenance for your character.  You asked for them to see Me in you, but all that truly matters is that I see Me in you.  For in a little moment now, I will withdraw my brilliance from upon the Earth and when I do, in the blink of an eye you will be Home – free.  Tell them my child… Though I tarry I am right on time.  Peace and be still little one, shine bright, for my glory is upon you.  Your journey Home is almost complete and it is free to the offering of all who choose Me. Amen.

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  1. DawnH
    DawnH says:

    I fall more and more in love with Him every day…I’ve never been good at waiting for my beloved. Thank you, Angela, for this beautiful reminder of the glory and joy His heart feels when He sees US.


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