PRISON MINISTRY OUTREACH~We currently have 19 inmates on the waiting list to be matched with a friend to write them. If you are willing to join us in “visiting those in prison” through mail, please email me at: Thank you!

MINISTRY CALLS~I am now available for phone ministry on an ongoing basis. If this is something you are interested in, please email me at: to schedule an appointment. Bless & Love You!

PRISON MINISTRY OUTREACH TEAM~Please remember to send your inmate a Christmas Card. I am sending a card to each inmate on the list, as we are the only contact most of them have to “visit” them over the holiday season. Thank You!

Ring of Fire Ministries ~ Healing Hearts His Way Prison Ministry Outreach Team*** We have joined to assist Someone Cares Prison Ministry to encourage inmates via letter writing. If you feel lead to join our Team or if you know someone in need of our ministry, please email me at MARKEDBYHEAVEN7@GMAIL.COM

***Phone Ministry*** I am currently connecting with others for personal ministry by phone. If interested, please email me at MARKEDBYHEAVEN7@GMAIL.COM

Coming Soon~The Lord has laid it upon my heart to begin PERSONAL MINISTRY by scheduled PHONE APPOINTMENTS.  Please stay tuned in for further details.

I invite you to please share what the Lord is pressing upon your heart via email, in order we can post it to the Website for the benefit of others.