❤️Please join the Ring of Fire PRISON MINISTRY OUTREACH TEAM today! We are doing a major outreach to all prison inmates & are looking for people to join with us in “Visiting those who are in prison.” Email me for details ~ Markedbyheaven7@gmail.com

❤️We have something new going on at Ring of Fire Ministries! The Father said “two is better than one” so please sign up for ~ ROFCONNECT for daily email encouragement & fellowship ~ A new outreach “Healing Hearts His Way”❤️ To join, send request to: NIKKI.ROFCONNECT@GMAIL.COM

Christmas Outreach ~ Prison Ministry❤️We currently have 261 inmates & need your support during this season to bless them with the love of Jesus! Thank you for sowing your seeds & visiting those in prison with us!

We thank you for your continued prayerful & loving support! As we grow, your seeds are being multiplied ~ we are so humbly grateful for your generous lovingkindness. May the Lord bless and keep you always! Love ~ Angela

❤️ Gratitude~ Thank You to all who support the ROF Prison Ministry Outreach. We currently serve over 200 inmates through letters, Bibles, tracts & study materials. May the Lord Bless You for “visiting” the prisons with me ~ Angela

❤️Grateful ~ To all of those who support us at Ring of Fire Ministries in “Healing Hearts His Way.” Our dedicated Outreach Team reaches over 200 inmates per month via letters, Bible tracts, study materials & Bibles. Thank you for those who “Visit the prisons” with us by sowing your seeds of LOVE ~ Angela

Should you so desire ~ All Ring of Fire Ministries archived broadcasts may be heard by clicking this link: http://mixlr.com/ring-of-fire-ministries–2/showreel/