ROF PRISON MINISTRY ~ We are seeking to send each one of the inmates we serve a Bible for Christmas! If you would like to join us, by supporting this mission financially, please consider a love gift today. God Bless You!

A Time To Mourn… Our dear Brother & Friend JOE HAGMANN went Home to be with Jesus recently. We are very saddened by this great loss, as is his family. Please keep us all in your heartfelt prayers. ~ Angela

Women ~ Fashioned To Love

It seems right now, more than ever before, WOMEN are under fire. Please join us in our upcoming study as we delve a little deeper into just why this is happening and how Jesus embraces the “Weaker vessel.”

We have done this study in the past to prepare us of what was to come, but now that this season is upon us, He directed me to visit it again.

Women ~ You are created with a purpose, being fearfully and wonderfully made. Your meekness, kindness and gentleness does not go unnoticed by our Father. You are never alone, nor will you be forsaken.

We will talk about why it was only females who recognized Jesus after He rose from the grave and discuss how it was only males who participated in the crucifixion on Calgary. Jesus has a plan for your life and most importantly He wants us to know the depths of His love.

THANK YOU ~ Prison Ministry Outreach Team!

We currently have no prison inmates awaiting pen pal matches and that is all because of YOU! May the Lord bless you continually for “Visiting those in prison with me.”

We are in the process of walking through a door the Lord has opened with a local women’s prison here in Nebraska. Therefore, it is likely we will start getting more inmates who need to be matched.

If you are interested in joining our PRISON MINISTRY OUTREACH TEAM, please email me for more information ~

God Bless You Abundantly ~ Angela

PRISON MINISTRY OUTREACH~We currently have 19 inmates on the waiting list to be matched with a friend to write them. If you are willing to join us in “visiting those in prison” through mail, please email me at: Thank you!

MINISTRY CALLS~I am now available for phone ministry on an ongoing basis. If this is something you are interested in, please email me at: to schedule an appointment. Bless & Love You!

PRISON MINISTRY OUTREACH TEAM~Please remember to send your inmate a Christmas Card. I am sending a card to each inmate on the list, as we are the only contact most of them have to “visit” them over the holiday season. Thank You!

Ring of Fire Ministries ~ Healing Hearts His Way Prison Ministry Outreach Team*** We have joined to assist Someone Cares Prison Ministry to encourage inmates via letter writing. If you feel lead to join our Team or if you know someone in need of our ministry, please email me at MARKEDBYHEAVEN7@GMAIL.COM

***Phone Ministry*** I am currently connecting with others for personal ministry by phone. If interested, please email me at MARKEDBYHEAVEN7@GMAIL.COM

Coming Soon~The Lord has laid it upon my heart to begin PERSONAL MINISTRY by scheduled PHONE APPOINTMENTS.  Please stay tuned in for further details.