Overcoming Suffering with Angela~ transcript from broadcast March 19, 2021


Good Morning Blessings Beloved – thank you for joining me today on ROF Ministries broadcast.  I surely pray you all are holding tight to Jesus, what a trial it has been lately, thankfully He is our strength and security in this upside down World. 

I so appreciate you all, very much and thank you for understanding, praying for and supporting me while I was pulled away recently due to some health issues.  I truly missed you all so very much and it was frustrating to me at times if I’m honest.  Sickness is a strange thing and it purifies our souls in so many ways.  I call it when the Lord directs you to “sit down.” 

As the love of many is growing colder, so goes humanity it would seem.  Thankfully, Jesus always pulls us through.  I have somewhat been in “observing” mode…  Spending time with the Lord and watching – so today I have some instructional pearls to share for our growth in Him.  We are not alone in these trials, the Father is working all things which seem a hindrance to us to grow us in our faith and trust in Him, while at the same time purifying us from all reliance and trust in man and man’s ways.  I am constantly asked why bad things happen to seemingly loving people and I even wonder that myself – I have no answer to the little details, except to say the Lord is using it for our good, somehow, someway in His miraculous ways He is using the pressing to fortify the vessel – us, insuring we keep fixated on Him.

The past few weeks have been extremely difficult for me and many of you, as well.  I do not like being sick, it hinders – it places guilt and all sorts of things.  Talk about being a gazingstock and the object of much rebuke and ridicule – just get sick nowadays.  The church people act like you are weak in your faith and the Worldly people point at you as a leper.  It’s a lose-lose situation…  Which carries much shame and when you add in the guilt piece, it can be very overwhelming.  So I’ve spent a lot of time seeking the Lord to open my Spiritual eyes to just a glimpse of the why’s I am going through this fiery trial and all He would give me is…  “Compassion…”  He was showing me without suffering in the flesh like I have been, I would walk without the deepest of wells of compassion.  To comfort another, you must have authentic compassion with sincere empathy – He told me compassion is what infuses the oil with the finest of fragrance….  Healing oil applied without the aroma of compassion is based on rote – it requires experience to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  One would think, after what myself and many of you have gone through physically the past couple of years, our compassion would be great – I guess He is teaching us patience along with all the rest of it.  I still feel compelled to apologize for my absence, sometimes the guilt is so overwhelming I cannot breathe.  I’ve managed to keep up on emails, the prison ministry and making sure kids are wearing clean clothes and food on the table and that is about it.  On particular days, breathing itself has been an accomplishment.  So I just want to thank you for your patience, your prayers and especially your compassionate love during this time.  I will say through it all – I’ve been very blessed by the presence of the Lord and hearing His voice and when I am able, I make notes, many notes.  It is a burden because I always want to share them and yet cannot.  But, that’s okay too – in His time, I will share.  Several of you have been holding me up and assisting me in every way and I cannot thank you enough – I am always encouraged, giving glory to the Lord and honor to you because I know right now unless He lays me on your heart, I’m not within it…

Ironically it seems we often feel like a misfit no matter what and then Jesus pulls us closer and we divinely fit perfectly with Him – so all that we go through is purposed and planned.  Many of us are ridding ourselves of expectations on others and most importantly ourselves, while becoming even more reliant on the Lord.

Speaking of the beauty of brokenness, HeatherFeather wrote a most beautiful poem, that I printed off to read to you all.  I have read it numerous times for encouragement – and as you will see it surely is Holy Spirit inspired.  I am going to read it now and I pray it blesses you like it has me so many times.  It is called SEEDS by HeatherFeather.


Isn’t that just beautiful?  Such a description which mirrors most of our journeys as well.  Thank you Heather for sharing your pearls of love today so that we are encouraged by the Lord.

During this time in seclusion the Lord kept pressing into me about passing everything through the gauge of the Holy Spirit and His written word, showing me how humans (including me) have a tendency to rely on their own understanding to the point many are calling evil, good and good, evil these days.  He showed me how this grieves the Holy Spirit so very much and that we are vessels which contain the Holy Spirit and when the Spirit is grieved, so are we.  There are times we are grieved and cannot find placement for it, so we look to the World as if it has power to grieve us.  The Lord told me to return to the simplicity of the Word.  Keep it simple, test all things – those who are wise in their own eyes are filled with mixture right now and it is much more productive to be simplistic in our faith at the moment.  Because a grand fall is coming soon.  Resisting evil looks much different by the Spirit than what man instructs it to be, I am finding out.  My heart is continually broken and grieved lately and anyone who is contentious about or towards anyone else, makes me weep.  There are many parts of the Body of Christ, it is my prayer they embrace one another rather than seek to destroy. 

What we seek within another, or rather those who gather together – we will find.  If we look to the light, we will see a flicker of a flame who is also seeking the Lord and when His wind blows it will grow.  But, if we seek to find darkness within those who might worship or gather in a different way than us – it is darkness we will find.  The Lord gave me a word… “seekers” which is the same as One who is after His own heart – Seekers do not cut off the ears of those who outwardly serve Him differently, but instead see the purity of treasure in what it means to simply seek the Lord, knowing we all fall short.  And to witness this back and forth, places a drain on the sensitive at heart, no doubt, causing a “grieving” internally to occur – because the Holy Spirit is so very grieved by such activities.  It just seems like many of us at the moment of suffering in some unique way.

Did you know Jesus asked the Father to be released from drinking of the cup of suffering, stating that He didn’t want His will to be done, only the Father’s?  This is in Mathew 26:39 & Luke 22:42

That’s really hard to imagine, isn’t it?  There are two cups mentioned in the Bible – The cup of suffering and the cup of wrath…  It just seems to me, to what little I am understanding lately is that we either drink of one or will be appointed to drink of the other…  but that is for another day’s discussion.

I need to show you something in Mark 10:32-45 and its pretty amazing.

  • I love their honesty…  we desire that whatever we ask you to do, that you will do it…  Aren’t we like that a lot when we talk to the Lord?  Whether we to admit or not, we at times have done the same haven’t we?
  • He asked them – what would you like me to do for you?  Grant us at once (no patience) that one of us be on your right hand and one to your left so we are glorified.  Jesus told them they did not know what they were asking for…  He knew what He was getting ready to drink of – the cup of suffering and He also referred to the severe immersion that He would be overwhelmed by.
  • He did tell them they too would drink of this cup, be immersed and overwhelmed – but only the Father could decide who was on His left and right as it is for those to whom it has been prepared – which is also referring to the sheep and goats, not sure if you caught that or not.
  • Jesus wanted them and us to understand there is no glory without suffering and that if He Himself could not escape it, neither can we.  He is always to be the prime example we follow – He is a good Shepherd, qualified and trusted to lead us by His still small voice. 
  • The other ten disciples heard this conversation Jesus was having with James and John and they got very indignant (showing anger, believing you are treated unfairly, offensive, insulting, showing strong displeasure) and they would not stop cutting up that Jesus pulled James and John aside to Himself.
  • He explains to them that most want to dominate others – except for them and they are not appointed to rule over others, but to serve them – Jesus called it rendering service to others and giving His life as a ransom to many.
  • We share in that same cup with Jesus…  I noticed in this teaching that only 2 out of 12 disciples were willing to drink of the cup of suffering that Jesus drank of.  Today, I believe it is less than that.  Oh sure many talk a good talk… but don’t walk it out, not at all and end up resisting sufferings as if it is the enemy instead of it being an opportunity to be used as a vessel to give God glory.
  • There is a huge difference at suffering due to our own bad choices and suffering innocently at the hands of another.  What really counts with the Lord is when we are innocent and yet crushed, persecuted, betrayed and broken at the hands of the not so innocent.  The Bible calls this shedding of innocent blood and our blood in this case will be on the hands of the one who caused us pain so we can relax now, forgive, release and bless – while trusting the Father to deal with them and hopefully bring them too into the saving knowledge of the truth, just as He did us.

Romans 8 is incredible – I cannot read the whole chapter today – you just have to read it sometime soon though.  I am just going to read verses 14-18 – it totally blew me away in the Spirit!

  • Something beautiful about suffering as it’s an open door to being constantly led by God’s spirit
  • The Father’s spirit is constantly bearing joint testimony with our human spirit that we are NUMBER ONE HIS CHILDREN AND HEIRS OF GOD HIMSELF but get this…
  • And it ends with our suffering with Him so that WE ARE GLORIFIED TOGETHER WITH HIM…  Hence, on His right or left – I added that part in btw…  which is another reference to sheep in which Jesus is their Shepherd or having the ways of goats.
  • This passage concludes with the sufferings of our present season cannot compare to the glory which is about to be revealed upon us.  Wow…  So in each trial, we surely need to hold onto this promise in the Lord’s word. Amen? 
  • Again – we drink of Jesus’s cup of suffering now – We are glorified together in HIM through the process.

He said we should let our light shine before all men…  Consider that light as the fruit of overcoming a disaster – WE overcome with HIM and together we are glorified!  When someone asks – we point to Jesus every single time.  His children, the brethren never ever boast on their own accomplishments – we always point to HIM, knowing apart from HIM we can do nothing.  So if you gotta boast – boast on JESUS!  Yayyy

SUFFEREINGS GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IS:  It takes what you know about Jesus and turns it into knowing Him – our transformation is of the mind – going from knowing about Him to knowing Him and when we know Him we no longer resist how He is growing us or cast it away like a devil.

I hear so many people throwing out the word “victorious”…  and victory too….  But in what?  I mean don’t you have to be in a fight to have victory?  How could one claim they are victorious and yet – deny they have anything whatsoever to overcome?  I get tired of people saying, nothing bothers me – when the truth is, everything bothers them – and if it didn’t, then why speak it in the first place?  I mean who goes around saying nothing bothers them unless they are bothered to begin with?  Lololol

So without a trial or fight – how could we be victorious with anything?

Without hurdles how could be deemed an overcomer?

Without sin how would we become sinless in nature – sin less = sinless – going from a not care attitude or even denying you have any in the first place to transitioning as a new creature of which when you do sin you have a conscientious heart which desires not to sin in order to be favorable in their Father’s eyes.  When sinless you simply sin less than you used too – because you feel bad when you do sin.  Please do not discount the fear of the Lord placed within you – it is a most precious and valuable asset that most do not possess.  It’s a very high and treasured gift, so we must treat it as such.  Before our conscience was seared, we did not feel the suffering pain of sin to the point we could even go and sin no more – but now we do – what a gift repentance truly is, thank You Lord for the opportunity granted upon us to say I am truly sorry and mean it inside the heart.

Without sickness, how could healing miracles be performed?

Without pieces of us all over the place, how would we be made whole?

Religious people will say – clean yourself up and come to Jesus – but Jesus says, come to me, I will clean you up.  Our shortcomings is His glory just waiting to spring forth and bloom within us – as long as we keep seeking Him as James and John, with a pliable and willing heart – if we agree to drink from His cup of sufferings now and glory together with Jesus today – we will not drink of His cup of wrath which is to come, thankfully.

By now, since we’ve been together for quite some time…  We’ve grown so much we are definitely complaining within our hearts way less than we used to – yes, I know many try to hide the complaint by a religious false face – the outside is not what matters here – it is more if we have a complaint in the heart and believe me, I’ve had many – another reason for us to be grateful for the correction of the Lord.  What is beautiful about this is we now can “catch” ourselves in the act, which is a crucial part in going and sinning no more.

I was thinking about “the Word…”  You know, the written word which is to be our guide and how imperative it is to our lives these days once applied.  We do have a part to play in all this – sort of like you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.  The Holy Spirit is continually drawing us into the Word of the Lord – Jesus was the word in flesh walking and mingling – but do we heed to this drawing?  The Word contains authority, but do we submit to its ways and teachings in order we be changed.  So many people these days, even those who are leaders take the Word and conform it to themselves – which is dead wrong.  The Word should be conforming us to it – we are not to take the Word and alter it in any way for comforts sake – it is alive and active, searing and marking – transforming us into the image of Jesus so that we too are manifesting the Word in our flesh – which is a piece to how He is raising our flesh up to be incorruptible – which is in the Word btw, so don’t get your feathers ruffled lolol.  God’s House, of which we abide within is the Household of Faith and only those who seek to live a surrendered life will have one and obedience is everything – I mean everything.  Obedience is not even that hard, not when you have a heart after God’s own heart.  The gift of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus it says in the Word, but so many are prophesying vain imaginations of signs and wonders out of their souls, which is wickedness beyond compare as this trickery is coming from within the natural church and many ears desire to be tickled in such a way, so it is not only tolerated – but encouraged and embraced.  We as leaders and followers of Jesus have a lot of clinkers which still need to be purged from the cobwebs in our minds which are ego centric in nature.  Somehow the enemy has laid a stone and we’ve dashed our foot on it believing our way is the only way – No, Jesus’s way is the only way to the Father, but… There are many ways to Jesus, actually the way to Him is as unique as you are… ahhhh… Now we are getting somewhere…  Can you all swallow that?  If it’s a struggle to reconcile that, let me know and we will talk about it, some of you got it immediately.  One way to the Father = through Jesus, many ways to Jesus – which is our personal and individualized intimate relationship with Him and its special – so special and unique to Him and you.

We really need to stop measuring others salvation upon are they measuring up to us.  We have clans and clicks and if someone is not within ours – we often look down upon them and deem them unsaved, Lord help us – we don’t know who is and is not possessing a heart after God’s own heart.  Many are goin around bashing other church leaders and followers who are just “different” and stuff and I just cringe – not for the leaders so much, but for those who are doing this…because for us in our limited sight are not fully awakened yet to the mystery of how our Father uses particular vessels to work all things together for the good and according to His purpose – its everywhere really – but we will talk way more about that next time knowing we need to be more focused on our own walks than others.  There are so many parts to His Body and each of us who seek Jesus will eventually arrive in His timing.  This is the barrier to why the glory of the Lord is not rising but is diminishing upon the Earth.  I was talking to the Lord the other day about His glory – and us, being containers of His glory, which should be on full display for all the inhabitants of the Earth.  Jesus said He will not share His glory with another – glory is minimized because we desire to share in His glory for our own benefit, not only His.  It is time to get real now – to observe ourselves personally and intimately about the truth of us and less about the truth of others because one day – each one of us will come face to face with Jesus alone, look into His eyes and the truth of whether we knew Him or not will be undeniable.  We will have no defense attorney that day to plead our case of – but I gathered with so and so.  So more about GLORY – The Holy Spirit really convicted me to the truth I do not even know what that familiar term that I hear all the time means.  How can you speak of something you know not fully of – is what He said to me.  I bowed my heart before Him and let Him instruct me.  Glory in Greek means:  respect, honor and majesty – and once He did this to and for me I was humbled in tears and repentance – I am nothing, worthless really and without Him I was on death row, so I pleaded for forgiveness for the times I sought to be respected, honored and be treated highly with favor in anyway.  He began to show me all those things come naturally in a supernatural way AFTER I am cleansed from the desire to attain it, many actually lust after it – but remember it is HIS GLORY that overshadows our own.  It is then and only then we fear the Lord with wisdom to be that vessel. 

So I shared all that to say this…  Is suffering purposeful?  Is the flesh in pain used in a mighty way to save us eternally?  All the time.  Sadly, we often only have compassion and empathy for another if we too have suffered in the same way already ourselves and another piece of that is – we condemn those who sin differently than we have or do.  And to take this a little step further – we grant mercy upon those who struggle in the same ways as us, while withholding it from those who need it the most.

It is my prayer that this little bit of sharing I did today encourages and uplifts you to be joyful in your sufferings which glorify the Lord on High – our King Jesus.  So that when the pressing comes we not run from it, pretend it isn’t happening so we look strong and untouchable or deny it is His way.  Remember, we are not to boast on self, but only on the Lord.  It is time to remove the false face of “I got this…”  To be an overcomer in truth, there must be obstacles on our paths to refine us in order we point to Jesus in truth, not just because it is popular.  Remember, He said we must know Him to avoid weeping and gnashing of teeth – I find it ironic He allows us to be in situations where we do weep and gnash our teeth during the process now to avoid spending eternity doing so.  God is just so perfectly good all the time, isn’t He?  He is the completed Author and Finisher of our faith and all that is required is a heart that is seeking Him…  and it is just that easy and it is just that hard…


The Whole Truth ~ Broadcast Transcript from February 2, 2020 with Angela

We are going to test ourselves, by the Word to see just how much flesh still remains within us.  We need to remove all doubt, “yeah buts” today – because today is a meat day!

What a topic we have today…  the Law.  I can’t really say this is something I have thought a whole lot about, knowing it can be cumbersome to even consider.  Then the Lord reminded me the other day how His law is to be fulfilled, is not abrasive or confining – just instructional in nature.  It is men who like to lay upon us heavy burdens by adding to the Law originally designed by the Lord and gifted to us as some simple guidelines for His children to imitate and follow.  As a new creature, we should not even need to be commanded to fulfill what was established so long ago – because our hearts have changed from being set on evil to being set on good.  People make up their own laws, try to enforce them of themselves and in turn make you follow what they deem as relevant.  Chances are when anyone does that, they are not even keeping the own laws they’ve established.  Knowing Jesus did not abolish His Father’s law, but fulfilled them – that is our expectation as well, to the best of our ability through a surrendered life.  However, Jesus did come to abolish the laws set forth by man throughout the ages, because Jesus knew everything man did was a reflection of His heart.  This created quite the stir in Jesus’s day and continues to be a dividing line even today.

I’ve observed something lately…  It seems like when we don’t want to receive the message of the fullness of the Gospel, we often seek to kill the messenger appointed to deliver it.  That must also be why many people shy away from reading the Word, parts of it is appealing to them and parts of it is just too convicting.  Sadly, that is how doctrines of man is formed – any doctrine based on mixture is a doctrine man developed to make the word go down more smoothly, so that it is readily and widely accepted by many.  If the righteous way is so very narrow few find it, while the broad way is more increased with numbers – shouldn’t we be more focused on God’s doctrine rather than man’s? 

I was thinking about how the word “bible” is not even in the Word of God – and how man, whoever it was even gave his own label to Scripture.  Does that seem like an oxymoron to you?  That the word Bible is not even in our Bible?  So strange… I don’t know why, I just felt led to point that out.

Just in case anyone is not convinced the laws and commandments of our Father are not relevant today, we are going to read out of Psalms.

You know, when we dilute the Gospel so others will receive it, we also dilute the power behind God’s Word going out to perform inwardly and transform the lives of others.  We may think we are doing them a favor, but in truth, we are limiting just what work the Lord can do in another’s life.  So when we are delivering our words, we get nervous – because they are ours.  But when delivering God’s words to others, it is in Him that word activates, piercing the heart – ours and theirs, so we both grow, so really we are off the hook to give the increase – we deliver and the Lord does all the rest.  That surely takes a yoke off of us doesn’t it?  Thank you Lord.

Before we get too deep into today’s message, let’s read just a bit out of Psalm 119, which conveys to us the importance of obedience, as children to our Father in Heaven.

Psalm 119 ~

149 Hear my voice according unto thy lovingkindness: O Lord, quicken me according to thy judgment.

150 They draw nigh that follow after mischief: they are far from thy law.

151 Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth.

152 Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou hast founded them forever.

153 Consider mine affliction, and deliver me: for I do not forget thy law.

154 Plead my cause, and deliver me: quicken me according to thy word.

155 Salvation is far from the wicked: for they seek not thy statutes.

156 Great are thy tender mercies, O Lord: quicken me according to thy judgments.

157 Many are my persecutors and mine enemies; yet do I not decline from thy testimonies.

158 I beheld the transgressors, and was grieved; because they kept not thy word.

159 Consider how I love thy precepts: quicken me, O Lord, according to thy lovingkindness.

160 Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth forever.

161 Princes have persecuted me without a cause: but my heart standeth in awe of thy word.

162 I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.

163 I hate and abhor lying: but thy law do I love.

164 Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgements.

165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

166 Lord, I have hoped for thy salvation, and done thy commandments.

167 My soul hath kept thy testimonies; and I love them exceedingly.

168 I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies: for all my ways are before thee.

169 Let my cry come near before thee, O Lord: give me understanding according to thy word.

170 Let my supplication come before thee: deliver me according to thy word.

171 My lips shall utter praise, when thou hast taught me thy statutes.

172 My tongue shall speak of thy word: for all thy commandments are righteousness.

173 Let thine hand help me; for I have chosen thy precepts.

174 I have longed for thy salvation, O Lord; and thy law is my delight.

175 Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee; and let thy judgments help me.

176 I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek thy servant; for I do not forget thy commandments.

Honestly, it has been my experience that the only time I am offended by the Lord’s Law, commands and instruction is when I am set to rebel against it in some way or uphold another who is doing so.  As we grow in our spiritual walks, we start to see how much we need our Father’s touch to remain obedient and pleasing in His sight and when our hearts are set on Him fully – we in turn embrace His word fully and it is no longer a stumbling block of offense, but seek more knowledge of it so things go well in our lives.  We go through these stages where the Law is somewhat to be broken, in our immature state – like a teenager first driving a car, incessantly has within them to go just a few miles over the speed limit, like they can’t help themselves or when given a curfew – they will try to negotiate a later time, never coming home a minute early and usually 3 minutes late…  It is the rebellion within us which is so strong – we too get offended by the Laws and precepts given for our benefit and not destruction.  Reading this Psalm surely gives us understanding why the Lord’s favor was upon David, a man after God’s own heart – it was not that he didn’t break the Law, but rather he desired to obey it more than anything else, which is precious in the Lord’s sight.  Obviously, David had sin and yet had no rebellion – which is truly something we need to study in the near future.  Sin is covered by the Blood of Jesus through His everlasting mercies, new every morning on a soul who cries out to Him for help to overcome.  Rebellion is not covered by His blood and those in it live at His mercy continually.  Wow – that’s a real wake up call, right?

Speaking the truth in love does not mean to compromise what the Lord already inspired by the Holy Spirit to be written and it also does not mean to tickle someone’s ears, making them feel comfortable.  We do a great disservice to others and the Lord when we just seek to save a soul and not come along beside the person and the Holy Spirit believing and encouraging them for a transformed life.  I think we believe as long as a soul confesses Jesus is Lord, we’ve done our part – but actually the opposite is true, the real work begins during the purifying after one calls out to Jesus.  Didn’t He tell us many will say Lord, Lord… and He will tell them, depart from Me I never knew you.  So how do we learn of Jesus?  We read about Him and His ways, we pray and seek His face, we have this deep longing within us to feel His embrace and to never be separate of Him.  It is through trials where intimacy is sealed, it is in trials we realize just how bad we need a Savior and soon we will find the one who our soul longs for… Jesus. 

Mathew 5 – I just cannot seem to escape the Beatitudes lately, like they are continually chasing me – following me around everywhere I go and if I forget to think upon them – He sends another reminder – it is getting kind of silly at this point…  lol…  Maybe I am losing it?  All I know is if I go a few days and do not meditate on them… Here they came again, chasing me down and He grows me deeper into them.  This time it was just one verse – Blessed are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven – well, I am poor in many ways, not just spirit, but anyway… lol

It’s no mystery I am poor in Spirit and a lot…  Still waiting to see the Kingdom of Heaven though.  Now some people with ego would take great offense to being told they are poor in Spirit, not me – I already know it… lol…  But when He started speaking to me by His words about this even more, it is like my spiritual eyes were opened a little more and my roots – arms – grasped a little deeper into Him.  And I really do not mean to harp on this… but hopefully, it strengthens you as well in case you need it as much as I do.

To be POOR in Spirit is so simple – it is just that… poor in Spirit – meaning:  helpless, empty of self, sort of not knowing what to do anymore, bankrupt and by the Greek definition it is:  reduced to begging, destitute of wealth, influence, position & honor, afflicted, lowly, destitute of Christian virtues and eternal riches, powerless to accomplish an end, needy, in lack.  It really means unable to learn of the ways of intellectual culture – giving themselves up to Christ’s teaching, proving themselves to lay hold of the Heavenly treasure.

To me it seems more purposeful now than ever – to just die to self all the way around and asap to just go with the flow and let Him have His way.  To enter God’s Kingdom, we must allow Him to do away with ours.  Our own personal old Kingdom of self, in that we may enter into His.  It seems like we can finally let go of any and all reputations and titles within the World.  No more competition, making a name for ourselves, any desires to be noticed or even embraced…  To me, it is just all over – plans we made to formulate our Kingdom here on Earth – and where the poor part really hits home for me is – my spirit feels very bankrupt to a greater degree.  Maybe some of you all can relate?

A poor soul, is a crying out soul and a soul that is crying out totally has the Father’s attention – especially one crying out in authentically – laid bare and open, hiding nothing.  So if this is you – let me just say, you’ve got your Father’s attention – His eyes are particularly on you.  And now, without all the distractions, we too are able to conceive of and see His Kingdom. 

But back to the whole truth, void of mixture and percepts and imaginations of how we wish it to be… But rather receive it just as it is, in fullness.  Please stick with me in this, I am really going somewhere, believe it or not…  We must know that God does speak to us through His word.  We try so hard to hear Him, we seek Him at every turn – even to the point of getting frustrated and yet many people have His word and its dusty, not having opened it in months or years or if ever.  Do you see how quickly we can become agitated with our Father for our own shortcomings?  He desires for us to grow and increase in our knowledge of Him – but just how can we do that if we disregard what He inspired to be written about Him?  We can’t.  So I said allllll that so far to say this…  Can we handle some meat today?  I am cautiously optimistic we are poor enough in spirit now to go a little deeper into His word and grow.  I’ve had somethings to share for quite some time, but due to milk – I withheld it for quite awhile – and today the Lord pressed upon me – no time like the present.

These Scriptures are meat, because they will choke those who prefer mixture – they are not comforting if you find yourself landing on the wrong side of right – they also display the fullness of our Father – who is loving, merciful, gentle and kind, but as tender as His embrace is – His wrath is just as purposed. It is the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom – trust me, you cannot know Him fully and not fear Him.  Someone told me the other day – God doesn’t hate anything.  Ummmm, yes He does.  I know it comforts people to think He doesn’t – but His word speaks contrary to man’s opinions of Him.  And this is just one example of many – so we have a choice to make – Do we truly want to KNOW HIM or just KNOW ABOUT HIM?  If we desire to know Him, then we are not satisfied just knowing perceptions about Him, relayed by others who have opinions over truth.  Our Father corrects us as His children because He loves us – not to spite us.  We are not bastard children, rebellious and without a parent, no our Creator Parent is just as involved in our lives this very moment as He was when He formed us together, individually and purposely in our mother’s womb – remember, He is not leaving us as orphans.  Our Father knows and some of us do as well…  That just because you correct someone, does not mean you cast them away, it is because He loves us.  But with that… due to self-will, if someone chooses to walk away due to His correction – they made a choice and He will wait with open arms for them to return from having a prodigal state of mind.  And we’ve all rolled around in the mud long enough, wouldn’t you agree?  What is somewhat worrisome to me is that many are playing with the fire of time, banking they have plenty to sow rebellious seeds, having enough time to return to Him, after they satisfy their souls on Worldly interests.  Well, lately, I am feeling that is a very dangerous roulette game – all signs do point to Jesus’s soon return, He is our blessed hope and it is a guarantee if we don’t meet Him in the air soon, we will pass from this life to the next via death.  Either way – we will soon see Him face to face. 

So He gave me a stern warning to lay to our hearts today ~ first about the time we live in to seek Him in fullness and to peek into what it is like to fall into the hands of an angry God, because many will unknowingly and without warning – how disheartening it would be to hear, depart from Me you worker of iniquity.  My mom called today and said several times she heard God audibly say to her the words in the past couple days… “grave danger…”  I said nothing, I know why He said this to her, but unfortunately I must stay silent – she doesn’t want to hear the truth, especially from me.  So I just pray.  But it did get me thinking…  I wonder how often the Lord is speaking to me and I ignore it because it is not what I want to hear?  I bet it is a lot.  Which is why we read the Word more now to convict us of our carnal ways, cleansing us through the act of repentance, making us whole and poured out of self, filled with Him – to in truth live a transformed life.

So in Proverbs 6 is a very strong warning for the brethren – not the World, not the sinners, not those who have not been saved – BUT FOR US, so let’s read it –

12 A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth.

This person is deceitful with his speech.

13 He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;

He is charming and all over the place speaking, going from person to person

14 Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.

His heart is evil & foolish, he is a fraud and deceives others, causing great pain as an instigator of contention, strife &, arguments among the brethren.

15 Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy.

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

Does the Lord hate?  Yes.  Aren’t we curious to know what He hates and even what that means, in order we may put it under subjection in our own lives?  Yes, again.

NOTE:  When God “hates” something or someone, its not like we do as humans – it means He considers that thing or person to be an enemy or a foe or not of His direct replication of His image.  For example – God is light, there is no darkness within Him, so to Him darkness is opposite of Him in every way, He hates darkness, so it flees from Him.  When He hates something, He opposes it.

We are doing a great disservice to ourselves if we are convinced we can do anything we want and still be pleasing to our Heavenly Father.  Of course, due to Jesus dying on the cross, we are washed cleaned – but today – I am speaking to a few remnant believers who have this inward desire to please their Father.  It like being saved is just not enough – you want more, you want all of Him and you desire He have all of you.

So in order to proceed, being poor in Spirit, we need to know what it looks like to abide in the Kingdom of Heaven and honestly, to rid ourselves completely of that which is not tolerated within it.

So here we go…

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Now I personally know some of you – I also know, you are poor in Spirit and that some of you never do these things God hates.  You may have in the past as the old creature, but now as the new creature – with many stripes the Father has placed you within Himself, purified in these areas.  And like I always say – it is a process, Jesus is the Author and Finisher of us daily.  And He is also our mediator, so that when we stumble, we confess our sin immediately and repent to do it no longer.

God considers those His enemy who are proud of their works, considering themselves higher than others  –


See, that wasn’t so scary was it?  Most of you do not even need the searing of this word to the heart because your heart is not set upon the destruction of another.  You all are some of the most loving and merciful people I know and though at first you might have been resistant to this Word, getting hung up on God hating anything, once we study it we realize it is given for our good, not our destruction – and we receive it as such.

20 My son, keep thy father’s commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother:

21 Bind them continually upon thine heart, and tie them about thy neck.

22 When thou goest, it shall lead thee; when thou sleepest, it shall keep thee; and when thou awakest, it shall talk with thee.

23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:

The commands of the law that the Father established should be some of the easiest precepts for the follower of Jesus to attain and are not fearful whatsoever if you are on God’s side.  The Law is a true blessing, especially when first saved – when you need some concrete do’s and don’ts and you are learning to follow Jesus’s ways and footsteps.  Some of my most precious memories of Sunday school as a child were having fun while learning about the 10 Commandments.  While humans make them scary by holding them over your head and adding to them – Jesus fulfilled the Law – meaning He submitted to the commands which were written.  Verse 23 tells us these simple steps of the law, lights our journey here on Earth, disciplines us when necessary and gives clear instructions on what the Father expects from us as His children.  The Law is a gift in so many ways – only those who walk in rebellion, get irritated because the law goes against their fleshly lusts and desires.  I am sorry, I warned you this was going to be meat today and earlier we set the foundation of why it is important to receive the fullness of the Father, not just what is comfortable to us.

Oh and real quick…  our Father in Heaven manages all evil, placing limitations, barriers, confines and purposes for our good on the times we do choose to interact with evil in anyway.  He allows and disallows all entrance into and out of our lives.  We are on a leash – for some it is short and for others it is real long…  especially concerning the curiosity of evils and the knowledge from the tree of good mixed with evil.  The truth is – many who claim to be Christ followers are still mesmerized and curious to know the deep secrets of satan.  Yikes— they will be sifted as wheat, the poor things, but God is God and I am not and I am the last person to tell Father of all parents how to raise His own children.

Okay – Are we good?  I pray I haven’t overwhelmed you today… 

I just want to point one more thing out that I found so amazing when I was studying this in Proverbs 6 – the Holy Spirit directed me to write out all the body parts involved in actions which God hates and I was stunned – We have EYES, MOUTH, HANDS, FEET and HEART mentioned here!  Just as described in the NT as Jesus’s Body (us) He said we have EYES, MOUTH, HANDS, FEET and HIS HEART of FLESH…  This body mentioned in Proverbs 6 is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Body of Christ.  How amazing is our Lord!!!

So then He took me deeper on how each part that evil body plays by lifting themselves up in pride, shedding innocent blood, having these wicked imaginations, being so mischievous, bearing false witness against others to sow discord among the brethren.  And I went to the Beatitudes and you will not believe this – well you will, this lines right up with being the opposite of what Jesus would call THE BODY OF CHRIST/THE BRIDE – who are HUMBLE/POOR IN SPIRIT, MOURN, SEEK RIGHTEOUSNESS, MERCY, PURE IN HEART, PEACEMAKERS, PERSECUTED BY LIES.  It is almost as if the ones who are represented in Proverbs 6 are targeting those who are named in Mathew 5 — oh my, I pray you are getting what I am having a hard time articulating!  Bless your hearts, I know often my rambles need to be spiritually discerned – but I was just so excited to have my eyes opened to this truth and I wanted to share it mainly for those who shy away from some of the things which appear to be harsher in the Word than what they really are, like our Father’s commandments.  I just have this deep desire within me to take you all by the hand and go much deeper spiritually into the Word, but at the same time I don’t want anyone to choke on it…  It really is a balancing act sometimes.

Mark 4:19 tells us that we have so much focus on the things we care about in the World that deceive us, along with lusts of things in opposition to our Lord which enter into us that will CHOKE THE WORD – in which we reject it and it will not produce living fruit in our lives, if we permit it to do so.

But as we overcome our desires for worldly things and enticements, the Word falls on fertile soil, giving increase and fruit resembling the Kingdom of Heaven.

Is it really that hard for us to accept that God opposes or hates anything?  I mean can we grasp that He will say… Depart from me you workers of iniquity?  When we do not understand why He would do such a thing, may we rest in the truth of knowing He is God and we are not and therefore, His ways are higher.

If we are still loving what He rejects/hates…  then Scripture will be extremely offensive to us.  But if we love Him more than anything else, we may feel the sting of His redemptive correction but never offended by His truth.

So considering the World we live in and the mixture within the Church and still within us personally – we need to just have an open discussion about those who we deal with on a daily basis that are outlined in Proverbs 6 and UNREPENTANT…  Unrepentant is a word you are going to hear much more often in the near future.  Rarely these days will anyone say they are sorry for anything they do to harm another…  intentionally or inadvertently, if someone is hurt by us – it should be our pleasure to say I am sorry so they feel better and are happy and at peace again and feel loved.  Saying sorry is another quality of the poor in Spirit.  Thank You Lord.

I can’t believe I took up almost a whole broadcast just to set the foundation of what I really wanted to share…  Dealing with those who are unrepentant in the heart.  Well, it must have been purposeful. 

Those who are rebellious despise anyone talking about discipline, let alone it coming through the brethren.  So we are going to move very slowly and only by Scripture – we will let the Lord’s words speak for Himself on this one.  I can already feel the resistance and we haven’t even started the study yet.  Remember those with nothing to hide, hide nothing…  so come with a clean and pure heart next time we meet and we will truly have nothing to be offended about.

I am going to leave you with something to consider and ponder, knowing many of not most of you will shrink back…  But I am most curious who is with me?  It compliments our last study regarding “receiving” the least of these…

Proverbs 31:8-9 says –

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Time to rise and shine Saints!!  When submitted to the Holy Spirit, we are free for the asking of calling evil good and good evil… Judging fairly, the Word says and remember – we are told to judge ourselves first and in the same measure/way you judge another you shall be judged – so tread ever so lightly in this…  This is just a teeny tiny bit of a pearl, for those who have ears to hear and a heart of flesh and are for life, all lives, placing others more important than ourselves.  If we do not view someone else more valuable than we are, seeing the preciousness within them – even if only a glimmer, we are not mature enough in our walks to judge someone of anything.  Glossing over rebellion to God ways, whether ours or another’s, is very dangerous ground to walk on.  There are times when the Word may seem confusing, even conflicting – when this happens just go to the Lord with an open and teachable heart, asking the Holy Spirit to guide you and open your eyes to the fullness of His word and He will do so.  The Lord will never deny someone who is whole-heartedly seeking truth.

So… could it be… we are being groomed to recognize, discern and even judge what is good and what is evil so we no longer mix the two?  Is Jesus teaching us how to judge fairly?  And like Paul said, is there no one spiritually mature to judge the most smallest of matters?  Please pray about this – and don’t ask one soul, but rather seek the Lord’s truth.  And next time we are going to talk about it more, along with disciplining those who are rebellious and unrepentant. 

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Delusional & Loving It with Angela ~ Broadcast Transcript from January 28, 2020

So a long time ago I had this dream…  In it I was in a courtroom and I was on the witness stand, being charged as a criminal for proclaiming Jesus is Lord of my life.  As the prosecutor brought forth his evidence – he had gathered files and more files of instances when I followed Jesus, words I had spoken and such.  They were stacked one on top of another and he carried this huge pile over and placed it on the ledge right in front of me and said — “What do you say to defend yourself?”  And I said, I have no defense, I am guilty as charged.  The dream ended at that point.

I knew internally I had no defense, that I could never deny the words of my testimony and even if I tried – they had already presumed me guilty so saying anything in my defense would have been worthless.

I remember waking up and thinking – I wonder what my penalty would have been?  Were they planning to sentence me to death?  I knew instinctively what they were planning was drastic – because they no longer wanted me to witness of Jesus here on Earth.  I knew my fate had been sealed and yet I also knew when put into that position I could never deny Jesus.  Like I said, I had no defense because in their minds I had committed a great crime – they were delusional, drunk with vengeance and I was their target.  No convincing on my part would enlighten them that I was not their enemy, when in fact their enemy was a fragment of their own imagination. 

Did you know mobs are drunk on their own iniquity?  Iniquity meaning – their just and unrighteous cause – because no one who follows in Jesus’s ways would ever be stirred up internally to destroy another.  Lawlessness has gone rampant because people are not sober, but instead they have drank the wine of iniquity to the point sin is no longer sin and evil is good.  Their conscience is seared with a hot iron and they cannot even hear you.   They are convinced since you are not with them – that you are against them. 

I briefly mentioned the last time I was on air that I was walking this out – well, without my knowledge I have already been tried, found guilty and sentenced within my own natural family and at times my spiritual one.  And like I said – all I have been doing is remaining still in the Lord, not participating in the stone throwing and cursed condemnation of those they despise and rarely asking questions of those who hurt me and are void of self-reflection.  Thankfully, the Lord prepared me beforehand as much as I would yield and listen and grateful I am that this scenario is already scribed in His words in the Bible or I would likely be in greater torment than I am at times in this trial.  Funny how the word trial is used so much in the Bible – Who would have thought in that trial beings much persecution, condemnation?  I guess Paul said it best when he said he was a prisoner for Christ.  In many ways, we are too.

Jesus opened our eyes this past year so that when something happened, we would not lose our footing when it does – but rather be removed and separated from it.  Take mobs for example.  More than once we discussed the mob mentality and how they try to draw people into themselves by a commonality of revenge and curses to accuse.  He already prepared our hearts for what we are witnesses to today. 

So as I just sat back and looked at the full picture I see much of that going on right now in our own nation and even within the church.  And it pains me to share this… but please get ready, I have a real warning in my spirit that we too will possibly walk out what is happening as Christ followers, just like my dream was a practice event.  Which is why I shared it today.  Please do me a favor and get your eyes off their target – for or against – and see what is happening…  It is replay of the mobs who called for Jesus’s death – it is spiritual and those who are delusional and loving strife feast upon the blood of the innocent – those who are washed in the Blood of Christ.  And remember, this is not just about flesh and blood, the souls are injured internally from words so it is both they seek to destroy.  One of the main reasons we are discussing this is so that should these things happen to you – you rest in knowing it was already revealed and spoken and not some strange thing that is allowed to overtake you – but only to try you and make you white, pure and ready for Harvesting.  In addition, it is through the least of these the evil souls are judged – by the evil practices, plots and thoughts they have towards those who are considered little ones.  Which includes many of us.  Little ones are actually the humble, least of these, those who are less than in regards to citizens, weak, needy, a small remnant, struggling in many ways – without natural protection, orphans, fatherless, widows.  They are the chosen ones who may be least here, but will be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mathew 18 speaks of the little ones the most –

At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

How do you offend a little one? 

  • Trip them up, entice into sin, cause distrust in them by spreading gossip about who they follow, cause to fall away, encourage them to go against authority God put in place, to entice someone to judge unfavorably or unjustly of another, causing someone to get annoyed or causing them displeasure.

Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

Now some of you all were taught to look down upon, if you may… those little ones who are offended.  But that is not at all what Jesus instructed – He simply said it is important the people in the World cause the little ones (those who are sensitive in the heart, wounded, humble) to be offended so that a woe is returned upon the wicked who harm the children of God.  He also proclaimed a woe be upon the whole world because of how they tolerate the offending of and offend the least of these in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Yes… tolerating it is just as wrong as participating in it.  Unfortunately, many will have to have Jesus Himself reveal that truth to them and hopefully repent from all the innocent blood on their hands as well.  And just to note… the disciples had not been converted yet fully at this point, so they were in a place of admonishment from Jesus– so they too were still compromised in such a way.  That should be a wakeup call for many right there, note to self, especially me.  Okay, deep breath… we need to Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in this message today like no other.

How many of you believe you “receive” little ones?  Keep in mind…  Receiving little ones is doing the very same thing to Jesus – as what we do to the least of these we do unto Him.  So… again, do you really believe you “receive” little ones?  This sounds like a trick question doesn’t it?  Lol…. Well it is, because I know you’ve been told differently… lol…. But God’s truth remains firm.  Again JESUS SAID – WHOEVER RECEIVES one little child in my name RECEIVES Me.  Do I have your attention now?  Because until I studied this… I must confess I missed the seriousness of what Jesus meant when He said RECEIVES a little child.  Just to clarify – this isn’t just by natural age, like all things Jesus spoke Spiritually to confound the wise in the minds – they just could not perceive it – You could be 65 years old before you become a little child in the Father’s Kingdom.  A child of God is considered innocent, naïve, etc…

To receive one who is little – receive in Greek means:

  • Take by the hand, pick up and carry, protect, nurture, fully receive, grant them access to you – not refuse intercourse or friendship (intimacy), teach, instruct, listen to what upsets them, receive as your own, never reject, endure with and bear them up to cover them & offer comfort.

So again I ask us…. Do we being little children ourselves or not, receive a little one?  Or do we let them wander around by themselves as sheep being led to the slaughter, uncovered and vulnerable?  I’ll let you answer that question for yourself and we will let the Scripture speak to us itself.  All I am asking is that you please consider what I am saying and not so quickly cast away the honor given to those who are their brothers keeper, like Cain did.  We all have our own placement within the body for the perfection of Jesus’s body in wholeness and healing.  Some of you all have built within you an urging to protect and nurture and comfort little children, don’t deny that leading, no matter what.  Always use Jesus as your example to follow, not man.  So what we just discussed is part of loving others just as you love yourself – that scripture do unto others as you would have them do unto you – same thing – no difference at all.  You do encourage your own souls, right?  So encourage another.  You protect yourself from harm, do you not?  Then protect others who are in harms way and do not realize it.  We comfort ourselves in many ways, so we should also be comforting another who is helpless.  And the list goes on and on…  Again, if you see one who is small, fragile and needy, vulnerable, weak – consider how you would want someone to assist you or even how you guard your own heart – and when given opportunity, guard theirs, I think the word says something like pulling another believer out of the fire in the Book of Jude.  Wouldn’t that require each of us to actually enter into a fire to pull someone of it?  So think about that for a moment and please lay it to heart.

Okay, so back to today’s message…  let’s partake of the Word together and pray that the Holy Spirit nourish us and strengthen us for the battle plan laid out before us.  I thank Him continually for hiding us under the shadow of His wings, keeping us hidden when we need to be hidden and seen when He permits us to be seen.  I pray we continue to surrender to His will, which is perfect as the Beloved witnesses we are and that we know in truth this World is certainly not our Home.  Amen.

We are going to read a few chapters in the Bible and discuss each one afterwards, in hopes that when we are faced with similar situations in our lives we have the Word to assist us to make it through.

We are getting into Mathew 12 – which…

Starts with the religious trying to find an accusation against Jesus as they viewed themselves very holy due to how they upheld the religious laws, but Jesus told them they had condemned the guiltless- Can you imagine condemning those who are guiltless before the Lord on High?  Jesus proceeded to go right into their synagogue – place of worship – healing people, which really upset the religious – they cared much more for obeying the law than they did for obeying the Father.  They were so caught up in the snare of the day, they would not even pick someone up who had fallen down on the Sabbath day. 

So the Pharisees gathered together trying to get a plan on how they could destroy Jesus.  They even declared what miracles Jesus was performing was being done by the power of satan.  Jesus knew their thoughts, just as He does ours, whether spoken or not and told them, a house or city divided against itself will not stand.  There is one important verse I want us to really take a look at:

Vs. 30 – He that is not with me is against me.

The same is true for when we are against other people, which should never be the case, providing we are FOR JESUS all the time.  So Jesus goes on to explain to them the repercussions of blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, rather refusing to be led by the Spirit and surrendered to the Father’s commands.  He explained to them we are like trees known by our own actions, called fruit.  If the tree is good, so will be the fruit and if the tree is corrupt so will be the fruit.  Applying that to us as humans, whatever the truth of us is, our actions will reflect who we really belong to – good or evil.  It is what we do, that reveals who we really are, although at times when we cannot hold our peace by our tongues our hearts are revealed during provocation by others or situations that frustrate us.

Vs. 34 – He calls them vipers, saying how can you being evil, speak good things – since out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Rather, the truth of us is revealed in our speech.

Vs. 35 – A good person has treasure in their hearts and manifests goodness, while an evil person manifests evil.

Vs. 36 – He tells us, that we will be held accountable to every IDLE word we have spoken.

Idle word – slow to perform, inactive, careless, temporal, useless, without performance, curses and condemnation – this is one reason why it is so very important we keep our word, as our yes should be yes and our no, no.  It would be much better to not say you are going to do something you really aren’t, than to say it and not follow through – in order to keep the conviction of integrity in the image of Jesus.  Remember, when others are looking for Him on Earth, they are looking to us, knowing He abides within His own.  Are we reflecting Him, do our walks match our talk?  Just something to consider… Jesus never spoke an idol word, keeping every promise He ever made – again, we should do our best to follow in His footsteps.

Vs. 37 gives a real wake up call – saying, it is by our words we are justified or condemned.  Saying one thing and doing another is not favorable in the eyes of the Father.

So they asked Jesus for a sign to believe and He told them it is wicked to seek a sign and no sign shall be given other than to remain in darkness three days, like Jonah – replicating Jesus’s resurrection from the tomb back to life after being in the tomb three days.

Jesus warned them about spirits being cast out of one person, roaming around the Earth, looking for another human vessel to reside it – to influence to carry out the enemy’s bidding on Earth.  But, if it finds no home to reside in, it then returns back to its original human abode – that was swept clean – bringing more evil spirits with it, they enter in and dwell and sadly the person is worse off than they were the first time.  Do you know why?  Lack of repentance, having no desire to be free – only a quick momentary fix… Jesus washes us clean when we invite Him into our hearts, but we collaborate with Him through the Holy Spirit the rest of our life on Earth every single moment– through repentance, to maintain the condition of purity and cleanliness, which why we are told to work out our salvation DAILY.

So we just went over almost all of Mathew 12, which I paraphrased for you.  We did this in order to see Jesus was about His Father’s business, being led by the Holy Spirit to speak on behalf of the Father, to teach, convict, guide, set Godly order, speak the truth of who others were, etc….  He had an assignment that everyday, He had not been known yet by His own family in Mathew 12 – so let’s look what happens in verses 46-50.

46 While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without [IN NEED], desiring to speak with him.

47 Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee.

48 But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

49 And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

You see this?  Jesus was led by the Father, right in the act of it and here comes His own natural family – His mother and relatives – standing outside the synagogue, gathering place – desiring to speak with Him, in need and influenced to pull Him away from His Father’s business…  This was a defining moment for Jesus and for us really, He looked to the crowd He was speaking to and said, these are my mother and brethren – stretching forth His hand towards His disciples specifically. 

So we have a natural family and a kingdom family.  Of course how divine it would be if they were blended, but they usually aren’t.  Just like Jesus, we have an immediate connection with others who are about the Father’s business, if we too are about His business and the same is true for those who are in the World – they clump together seeking the World’s kingdoms and ways.

We have so much more to cover on this topic.  Seems like we are truly at a turning point on our journey lately.  The Lord is opening doors and closing them as well, to give entry to those who can and cannot go forward with us personally.  Not all that began with us, will stay with us for the rest of our journey.  Which can be a sad time for many of us, through this awakening.  But just like we’ve gone over so many times, He knows we have little strength and yet have not denied His Name, are keeping His commandments on what we should do and where we should go.

Jesus told us in John 15:19 that if we were of this world, we would be loved by those influenced and within it, but since we are not of this world – being chosen to come out of it, those still entangled within it will hate us.  We will go over this more another time in the future.

Let’s apply what we learned today, knowing the words of Jesus are so comforting and nourishing for our souls to strengthen us to stay on the narrow path, walking hand in hand with Jesus and one another, no matter how treacherous it may become for our hearts and lives.

  • People will often gather up stones, I call them accusations, to use against others – they are gathering together now in mobs of people with likeminded hearts and minds to harm others with their words.  What is new and rampant these days is how if you remain steadfast in the love of Jesus, refusing to join them in stone throwing and accusation – since they are so delusional in their minds, they turn their fiery darts towards you.  If you do not join them in fighting their targeted enemy – you in turn become their enemy.  So unlike any other time – we must remain fixated with our eyes on Jesus above all else.
  • When the love of many runs cold, lawlessness increases and oh how the people love it so…  anger, hatred, accusations, bitterness and strife is the energy source which humans feed upon to rail accusations and then come against all those who are with Jesus.  Thankfully, Jesus told us if the World hated Him they will hate us too, so He prepared us for what is upon us now.
  • They may even proclaim Jesus is Lord, but…  their words are actions are against Him, when they are against others.  So pay very close attention to their actions – not necessarily the words people speak – but do they keep His words?  Is their fruit representing Jesus, the Tree of Life or are they a cursed tree with idle fruit which falls to the ground, never coming into fruition – remember we went over idle words verses fruitful ones.
  • Please ponder until next time we fellowship – If someone was forming a charge against you for the cause of Christ – Would they have enough evidence (your actions/deeds) to find you guilty as a bond-servant for Jesus?  If so, you are in better standing than most with the King of the Kingdom of Heaven.  If not, then pray and ask the Lord to help you surrender fully to Him and die to self, in that He be glorified in your life.  And just how do others glorify Him through you – by seeing His ways demonstrated to them through you.
  • Sometimes it feels as if we cannot make it another day – I get it… Remember, to cling to that which is good – Jesus, look to Him as the only example to follow – If He didn’t teach it, let it go, its just not that important in His Kingdom, if He didn’t say it – don’t receive it as truth, but consider it to be the mixture it is, release yourself from having to solve the problems of the World, being a sign seeker, pressed to be on someone’s side and above all things be the most loyal to HIM, not a Nation, leader – in the church or out of it, not your family, friends, church, ministry, nothing is to be placed above Him with our loyalty. 
  • Always forgive, knowing they know not what they do…  Just as they hurt Jesus, they often hurt us and I really believe if convicted by the Holy Spirit – if they really knew the ramifications of their own actions, they would not engage in such evil ways.  Mercy and grace is our redeeming quality found in Jesus, mercy given is mercy received and we all need more of it these days.  Jesus prayed, Father forgive them they know not what they do – this petition should also be continually crying out from our hearts on the behalf of those who are not called into the Kingdom as of yet in fullness.
  • Once the Lord reveals to us we too are a “little child” in comparison to the vastness of the Father and that in His eyes all His children are “little ones” our eyes and hearts are open in tenderness to watch over the least of these, as we are encouraged to do by Him.  We are all in a process of maturing into childlikeness and many have not the realization of this truth yet, which that too is purposed and a part of His divine plan, knowing we all see truth in parts right now – trusting Him to open our spiritual eyes to the fullness of Him little by little, precept upon precept, line upon line His ways and words are being sown into our lives and coming to increase by Him.
  • Which in this state of fighting, many will call foul on others – wearing themselves out, still defending self – they are those who focus on the offended, negating the woe which comes upon the ones who do offend.  It is a process… I’ve been there and done that too – it is a part of Jesus washing us clean from the sin of blaming others, including self.  Which blaming self is typically the last piece of residue to go.  I find those who harm others, prefer to focus on you not being hurt to distract from themselves being held accountable and taking ownership of the pain they’ve caused.  Never forget – hurting people, hurt others and yet, in the Kingdom of Heaven there is no wounding one to another.  The beautiful part of all this, so it is purposeful, is that Jesus mends up the wounds of the broken-hearted and heals us, making us whole.  We must not forget as His hands and feet, we too have a part in comforting one another and the only way to do so with authenticity is to have suffered in the heart as well.  To comfort another, you must need comforted as well, or you are harsh and commanding in your approach.  The Lord when He touches us, softens us in many ways. Not weakens us, but softens us by smoothing off the rough edges that are to abrasive to the sensitivity of others.
  • We must be disciplined in the Word as Jesus commanded us and not be like His disciples saying in our hearts – who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is a very hard one to master and takes many stripes to rid us of this mindset of wills.  Again, Mathew 18 that we went over tells us – only the humble, little ones, children are the greatest in the Kingdom.  On Earth, it is like the strong survive and thrive – in Heaven it is the weak, children of God.  This is a very difficult concept to embrace fully – most often the mind perceives it, but the heart is vacant to walk it out. 
  • A woe is promised to come upon those who harm little ones, children of God – little ones do not retaliate which opens the flood gates for the Father’s intervention.  It is true we do not repay evil with evil interventions – God does recompense evil done to us as He watches over us – but that does not mean we just sit back and tolerate evil being done to the least of these, doing so, doing nothing will cause us to partake in sin and that same woe will come upon us.  When the woman caught in adultery was in the midst of being stoned, Jesus didn’t walk away – He intervened, actually distracted those seeking to harm her by pointing out their sin in place of hers so they would reconsider – they too were caught in the act with her.  When living by Jesus’s example, we do not sit idly by why another is being harmed.  So those who were like us, bullied and delivered – we stand up for one being bullied, in that the curse is broken over that one’s life.  Leading by example, they will do the same, given the opportunity.
  • Jesus told us to “receive” little ones, meaning to take by the hand, carry, protect, nurture, etc… Great shall be your reward in Heaven for doing such as He commanded us to do.  Mans ways are not His ways – so we are highly blessed to have recorded so many of Jesus’s ways to guide us in this life.
  • Be very careful about attempting to cast devils out of people who do not desire to seek the Lord to remain free.  Guilting someone into repentance is not our Lord Jesus’s way.   You may share how the person is hurting themselves or others or even you – which may convict them we pray, just as we are convicted when we are disobedient.  Only Jesus can sweep clean a house, only Jesus can assist one who seeks Him to keep it clean – otherwise, people return to their own vomit and end up resentful and worse than how they initially were.  Never once did Jesus or the disciples chase devils away – they fled from them…  So keep that in mind, be wise and innocent at the same time.
  • We are to be imitators of ONE Jesus, our Lord and Savior and honestly, it is easier to model after Him than I initially imagined because He changes not.  When we try to imitate man, other humans, even in the church it is defeating at times because they are always raising the bar, changing, saying one thing one moment and something else the next.  There is much mixture in their speech and walk.  So if we fixate just on Jesus and His word, seeking to be pleasing unto our Father by desiring to do what is good in His sight – peace, love, light, rest pours into us in a most precious way so we may let our lights shine before all men in that they glorify our Father in Heaven, not us be glorified, only Him.
  • We are told to preach the Gospel and I am finding out most do not even know what that is…  Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are called the Gospels – so that is your hint.  The Gospel is, ready?  THE DOCUMENTATION OF JESUS’S LIFE WHILE ON EARTH – it includes instruction, His mannerisms, how He handled temptations, people influenced by devils, the sinners who sought Him and those sweet ones who desired to be near Him, what it looks like be a servant, how to treat females, how to forgive, how to love, how to interact, surrendering to the Father’s will, obedience, how to stay sober, rest, work, eat and even celebrate with dance – mainly how to be in this World and not of it – the Gospel is an incomplete record of Jesus, the only living example we are to follow.  It is the light which illuminates our path, so we know His ways to walk in them.
  • Lastly, some of us get this already and some of us need a loving reminder… that Jesus alone is the Savior, as the author and finisher of everyone’s life.  We sometimes confuse being our brother’s keeper with saving them, which can be very tiring to the soul.  Jesus told us what we do the least of these we do unto Him, like we are actually clothing Him, feeding Him, healing Him and visiting Him in prisons.  By fostering light in place of hopelessness within others, their lights shine brighter in a very darkened place.  To actually BE LOVE, is way different than orchestrating or choosing love.  Love just is – it is a constant, not forced upon or simply spoken… it is demonstrated through the heart of one, penetrating into the other and change occurs.  Love is something we partake in one with another – it is shared and never one sided.  You cannot force your love upon someone to receive it and you also cannot force someone to love you.  It just is… it just remains, but that is only when it is present, otherwise, it goes away.  Like a flame, if not cared cherished it will go out and when it does, our hearts grow cold.  So don’t do that… lol

The Lord just has pressed upon me so much with all the vengeance and blaming going on, as people target one another that we need to hold fast in being our brother’s keeper, looking out for, protecting, assisting and comforting one another.  These days are certainly like the days of Noah in which lawlessness, anger and strife was the order of the day.  It is my prayer we do not partake in any of that darkness and live as children of light and love in the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

So as our hearts turn toward the Lord Jesus, we cross over from seeking to convict another to being broken and contrite in the spirit and heart petitioning the Lord to break our hearts for what breaks His so that we may receive the convicting gift of the Holy Spirit for the perfecting of our souls into Jesus’s image. 

Bible knowledge does not mean someone is spiritual – remember lucifer quoted the Scriptures to Jesus.  What does make us spiritual is obedience.  Doing what Jesus would do in any given situation is our test and trial, in that we decrease and He increases.  Purposely for me and for most all of you…. Receive His children, just as He did.

Things are very uncertain at the moment, doctrines of men, fear porn, drawing you in to look for signs, etc… is almost a daily temptation for many.  Overreacting, underreacting…  seems like an almost constant – what do I buy to have plenty just in case, how do I decide what to get, look up to the sky because it is falling, look down below the dark ones are rising out of it and so on and so on…  so how about this?  How about for the next week we all just look to Jesus first.  Really study Him – How He handled storms, accusations, rejections, the unseen and the unknown – and then once that is revealed let’s do our very best to imitate Him in every way.  I promise you, your time will not be wasted like it is looking to Earthly kingdoms in search of truth and direction.  Jesus said, not one hair on our heads shall be harmed, which is just one morsel of strengthening truth our souls are starving and crying out for to combat all the saber rattling the enemy is doing to shake us.  He also said He would appear and draw us up to Himself in the air…  and so many other words of comfort.  Jesus is our blessed hope and honestly, we become hopeless when we take to heart what is spoken by man more frequently than being fed by the Lord’s word.

Ring of Fire Broadcast Transcript ~

God’s Design For Loneliness ~

January 21, 2021

The Lord kept pressing upon me just how much the church body needs one another and yet, they do not believe it, let alone demonstrate brotherly/sisterly love to one another.  He began showing me several groups in the World who are more loyal and loving to one another than the average Christian, while they are yet sinners and what a blemish this portrays to His church.  He impressed upon me we better get it together and quickly, for time is very short and soon, very soon we are going to be placed into forced situations of needing one another and yet, no one may be found.  A call to love has gone out upon His people – Will we answer that call?  Some will and some will choose to stay in the false mindset of pride, stating, I have Jesus and need no other, which isn’t Biblical by the way – so as a gift He gave me this corrective and instructive teaching to apply to my own life.  It is a blessing because it drew up from within me what my heart cried out for and already knew and it also pressed repentance upon me for going against His design and listening to humans too much.

We are in a new season of preparation – He is gathering us together and those who want to come with Him are joining as one, partaking of love, feasting on Jesus – soon the door to the feast is closing, as He is personally tossing out the spots and blemishes who are not authentic in their demonstration of love.

You all ready to learn about – God’s Design For Loneliness?  Let’s get started!

I am already aware that many of you suffer silently in loneliness, thinking there is something wrong with you, afraid to speak up, confused and listening to whispers from the enemy that there is something terribly wrong with you – like you are incomplete, questioning your faith in Jesus and maybe why He is not enough for you.  I too know those self-condemning voices all too well – so rather than listening to man or even woman in my case, it is time we lay down all the words of vanity and go right to the Father’s words and search out the Scriptures for God’s true and divine plan, so that we have wisdom and strength in Him. 

Just to stir up your minds a little and open them to truth, I want to begin with a question, which we will answer along the way today…  Before the Garden fall, at the very beginning is where we too are going to begin today.  Back to a place where all things were perfect and good, way before sin entered the minds and hearts of others, be cleaned and washed by the purity of the Father’s design…  In a place and time where His design was untouched with the uncleanliness of humanity.  Because when our foundation is wrong, the whole thing is wrong… My question to you is:  If all things were design were perfect, void of the separation of sin and Adam communed fully with the Father – Why did the Father say to Adam, it is not good for man to be alone and created Eve?  What a perplexing question that is.  Right?

Well today, we are going to explore that Biblical truth, the Lord’s way, as the Holy Spirit unfolds God’s word and teaches us Himself.  We are also going to lay down all preconceived notions of man, which at times use God’s word selectively for self-gain in how they desire the Father’s will to be so they are off the hook so to speak from walking in submission to His design – today we are going to talk about – God’s Design for Loneliness and how it relates to the divine impartation placed within our heart’s desire.  And I hope to cover why you long for another to come along beside you on this journey called life.

So take a breath…. And let’s get started.  This teaching will likely make some of you nervous and for others bring a sigh of relief.  Regardless, the truth should always set us free, knowing it is already written upon the tablets of our hearts and if we are indeed a child of God, we should quickly come into agreement and alignment with what He has proclaimed – regardless of what the flesh desires.

In the New Testament there is a recollection of a time when Paul was very downhearted, lonely and depressed while out on a mission spreading the Gospel and yet he was with other believers his heart was longing for one he was especially close to.  He was pressed on every side, feeling hopeless and to help assist him – the Lord sent Titus to remain with him.

Let’s read the Word found in 2 Corinthians 7:

Great is my boldness of speech toward you, great is my glorying of you: I am filled with comfort, I am exceeding joyful in all our tribulation.

For, when we were come into Macedonia, our flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears.

Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus;

And not by his coming only, but by the consolation wherewith he was comforted in you, when he told us your earnest desire, your mourning, your fervent mind toward me; so that I rejoiced the more.

So the Lord sent Titus to deliver something to Paul’s heart that only he contained.  Titus comforted Paul, who described himself as downcast in the soul.  The Lord delivered comfort to one by the way of another when that particular one was lonely and in need.  He didn’t cast a demon off, he didn’t shame him for feeling hopeless, yell at him to get up, quote scripture to him – you know what God did?  He sent a friend…  A familiar face to embrace in love.  Paul and the others were in need and Titus was given a command to go and within Titus God placed comfort to deliver to those who needed uplifted and they were.  Relationship.  Fellowship.  God’s perfect design.

Did you know we are actually created within the Image of our Father to fellowship with one another?  Our Creator enjoyed fellowshipping with Adam in the coolness of the day and He actually enjoys being in relationship with each one of us – it brings Him great pleasure to do so.  This helps us to understand why loneliness sets in within us and a desire to be connected comes by the way of the heart when we are disconnected from those we love.  It is the same desire the Father has towards us as His creation, that we have towards one another.  But for many reasons the enemy like always, skews and tampers with to make unclean that which the Father has deemed clean – including relational love in the image of our Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Communing and fellowship is how we were created to be with one another.  Humans are interactive by nature since birth.  Did you know a newborn can have all their physical needs met and starve to death of love if not nurtured and held and comforted?  We are like that newborn in God’s family in many ways.

Here is what the enemy does not want to see happen, because he knows divided we fall.  He isn’t afraid of us nearly as much individually as he is when we join with fellow believers.  The more light we shine together, the more difficult it is for him to remain hidden and he hates it when darkness is revealed and brought forth by truth.  He can accomplish much more if darkness is not revealed so he goes to extremes to keep us silent and not exposing his unfruitful works.

Hebrews 10 says:

 25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Assembling here means to complete one another, gather together to worship the Lord.

We are incomplete without one another…. Even if we have the Lord, His Body is fitly joined together, one heart, mind and soul in Him.  We compliment one another in the Body by the tasks we have been given to complete the Lord’s work on Earth.  We have hands, eyes, ears, mouths, toes, arms, legs and all need one another to be a whole body.  Yay!  So see you are not so weird as people convinced you that you are!

We just read to not forsake gathering together to be complete.  Amen?  So a lack of connection stirs up loneliness for God’s children who are actually healthy in the heart.  The problem is we tried to join with most often with those who do not share or partake in the same love for Jesus that we have.  The Word calls this being equally/unequally yoked…  But wait… there is more – because honestly, many of us out of desperation for love have tried to join with others who do not share “in love” as we do…  We always love more, demonstrate love more than it is returned, are happy to compliment others for their growth, we pour out to those who do not “assemble” to love as we do.  Once we realize we are not in an equally yoked relationship, it helps to let go if possible and if not, to seek the Lord to restore all things new by His design, to be patient and wait for Him to move.  This is a tricky situation if you are committed, unless there is infidelity/abuse/neglect and such – which are all forms of adultery (being unfaithful in a relationship) – but let’s talk about that specifically another day because having sex outside of the marriage covenant is only one way someone is not faithful, there are many ways actually.  So if you are in one of those situations right now – pray and ask the Lord to lead you to stay or leave, depending on what His will is in your life.  It is during these times, I never trust my emotions or my heart – when I do I will stay when He wants me to go or go when He wants me to stay and most times He is seeking me to see if I will surrender to His will, then I am released from the desire of my heart.  He often doesn’t do things as quickly as we prefer – I remember Him telling me when married my husband was making me impure and I ended up waiting 7 years to be fully released.  Every situation is different and when I say released – it is about the heart, not the flesh because the flesh portion happens much quicker in my experience.  So above all else, seek Him. Amen.  Okay moving on…

The truth is Jesus sticks closer than a brother because He is all knowing to the truth of us – but even that doesn’t negate the joining of us with one another.

The only places I could find within Scripture that speaks of a true separation is where we are told that if an unbelieving spouse departs to let them go and then this one pertaining to marriage as well found in

1 Corinthians 7:

Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

So it is only through the agreement of both parties that you separate for a time to dedicate yourself to only the Lord, but we are instructed to come back together again or else the enemy will enter into the relationship and divide.

It is important to note, but we don’t have time to get into all of it today – that Paul often spoke of him not taking a wife as he did not burn with the desire to do so – it is evident the Lord used others to compliment him and ease his loneliness in a most precious way.  Which is the main reason we are even having this talk today – within the gathering together of Jesus’s Body, one to another we can live a very complete and fulfilled life.  Thank You Lord Jesus.  But for me and many of you as well, it is like we have a knowing inside that the Father did create us to compliment a partner in life – no two molds are the same, all are created differently for the fulfillment of greatest measured purposed on Earth.  It is the Father that places that desire within each of us, to be joined or be alone – one is not more highly esteemed than the other, just different.  My mom always told me there is a lid for every pot… just don’t boil over while in the process.  I do believe that – I do believe we are how the Father designed us before the fall – I just think we struggle with settling for something not that special, either giving up altogether or trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole., so we are always searching – never finding.

So don’t think it strange and don’t let anyone shame you for longing for, praying for and desiring to be a half of two, instead of incomplete as one.  Like I said God answered that question Himself at the very beginning by giving Adam an Eve and when He did so – He said it is not good for man to be alone.  Before the fall, like I said everything was perfect – there was no sin to separate God from Adam and the same is true for our eternal state of being.  Sin separates us not only from God, but from one another too.  When we sin against one we love – separation occurs by our own hand.  So in this beginning picture we see God and Adam communing together in the cool of the day and even with Eve too later on before they sinned – they had pleasure in one another and with the Father and the Father was pleased, they were pleased.  It is beautiful really.  So we see here it is possible to be in full surrender, obedience and purpose to the Lord and be one with another and you can also see you can be one with the Father and be alone and still have lack like Adam was before Eve.  Humans are created to be interactive and joined for complete fulfillment.

Like I said, unfortunately, we’ve looked for love in many wrong places, settling for wrong partners and friends, instead of waiting on God to deliver to us who He chose for us to be yoked with in Him.  Did you notice before how after every single thing the Father created He declared it was good?  He saw Adam and said this is not good… So He created Eve out of Adam and then declared it was good.  Have we just convinced ourselves that God changed His mind from the beginning?  Or do we just convince ourselves to bring comfort to ourselves on why things haven’t worked out?  Lately, the Holy Spirit has really been convicting me that if I truly desire to be surrendered and obedient I am not to pick and choose what portions of His word I want to come into alignment and agreement on in my own life, based on what I desire to agree with – He’s showing me either I embrace the whole truth or none of it and as all this is unfolding I am seeing the desires He placed within me – that it is those I am to hope for no matter what.  So I pray this encourages many of you as well.

Again, before sin entered the World, God declared it is not good to be alone, so He custom designed a female for the only male human existing on Earth at the time – all the animals already had counterparts, but remember He also placed within them a desire for one another, they already had a desire for the Lord – He joined them together, so that is truly three becoming one – a cord not easily broken.  Some might say it was for procreation to populate the Earth, but that is only the fruit of man not being alone, it is not the purpose of it, by what is written in God’s word.

Isolation was never created or called good – humans do that…  Relationship, human interactions with one another and with the Lord were His design from the beginning – it was His plan for humanity from the start and until the enemy began to lure Eve away, while Adam was distracted and then he weakened to the point of letting her convince him of going against what the Father said – 2 being 1 in the Lord was perfect, not shameful.  If they had not spent time apart, it is likely the serpent would not have been able to even get to Eve.  So as the love of many is growing colder in this World, relationships are severing all over the place and the enemy is at work in the process to redesign a masterpiece God already called good.  Lucifer divides in order to conquer and the Lord unites in order to strengthen and believe it or not, it seems as if the enemy is winning – thankfully he is already defeated and God will win this and all battles and by our reliance on Him, we too will overcome all things.

These life principals found in Ecclesiastes 4 that we are getting ready to read reveal a precious word portrait of the Father’s design of His family’s love one to another here on Earth.  Family in of itself is all about relational interactions – whether it be disheartening or dysfunctional or even frustrating at times… Love always remains between family and we remain loyal – family, real family is loyal to one another.  My brother Tommy John who is a few years younger than me and we used to fight like cats and dogs…  Today he is my very best friend, not because we haven’t ever been through any struggles – but quite the opposite really – we stick by one another, loyal and with love because many times, one another is all we have.  He is the other half of my 2 I guess you could say, proven by time he is always there for me – no matter what, just as I am him.  But as zealous as we are at love, we have the same zealousness for mercy, forgiveness, irritation – lol… like he hates it when I chew on the phone, just little things like that and when he corrects me – he’s usually right, but no one tell him that – I always have it coming and you know why he can correct me?  Because, we have relationship – he is there when I am down to comfort me – day or night and he is there to celebrate with me in the good times too.  Never correct someone more often than you love on them, not ever.  Anyway, I know this sort of love is possible, because I have experienced it – the problem is, sadly it is very rare.

Okay, back to our study…  We know lucifer isolated Eve in order she heard only him so he could coax her into disobedience.  And just to add to the 2 is better than 1…  Sadly, Adam left Eve’s side or she left his and they both were placed into a vulnerable situation.  You know the Garden is just so very telling of many things in the unveiling of truth and for today’s study, it is so important for us to see how the enemy can seduce the weaker one or even the stronger one without the covering of another.  And when we join ranks of agreement with the enemy through the uncovering, blame sets in, just as it did with Adam who blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent…. Not staying joined allowed the enemy to break the cord binding together, although not easily broken, it was severed and since both fell, neither could pick the other one up.  It makes me sad to think about really… What breaks that cord?  When you do not cherish the bond and nurture and care for it by partaking in love together.

Moving onto Ecclesiastes 4:8-16:

There is one alone, and there is not a second; yea, he hath neither child nor brother: yet is there no end of all his labour; neither is his eye satisfied with riches; neither saith he, For whom do I labour, and bereave my soul of good? This is also vanity, yea, it is a sore travail.

This is a mindset of the lonely – convincing themselves they don’t need anybody, even though our Father told us it is not good to be alone, these are the ones who protect themselves usually from past betrayals and hurts, who have slowly slipped into pride declaring I don’t want anyone close to me.  They become unyielding to others, will not listen to council and refuse comfort – sadly it is a sore and painful travail for them their whole lives.

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.

Two have a greater measurement of rewards for their work for the Lord as 2 can accomplish much more for Him than just one can.

10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

Every human falls at times and requires and longs for another to come along beside them and help them to stand, it is a God given gift – a back and forth sharing in a relationship of taking and receiving.  Sadly those who only learn to take are left with the void of what it means to give and those who only give are just as void, cut off from receiving love as well.  When we refuse to be yielded to help by insuring we stand alone, we suffer more unnecessarily, because we have not allowed anyone close enough to help us up when we fall.  The Word tells us we often cannot get up without someone else’s help in addition to the Lord’s and when we pick ourselves up, we lack the comfort required to be made whole again.

11 Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?

We can grow very cold inside without human interactions and intimacy with others.  Receiving love through a vessel which contains the love of Jesus keeps us warm during the coldest of trials.  Love is transferable between two of God’s creation – to receive and to return is equally important for balance in our lives.  If we remained guarded and alone, we may be warmed for a moment, but it is fleeting at best.  Love is relational, just as our relationship with Jesus is.

12 And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

We need one another to overcome the enemy who pursues us day and night, to steal, kill and destroy us.  Without a covering to walk with us on Earth, the enemy can prevail in our lives in ways he otherwise would not.  A threefold strand represents you, another and of course our Lord – so that we are able to withstand (not be moved to falling permanently) assaults, but rather overcome them all and grow.  Through trials as we grow, walking together, we grow as one too!

13 Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished.

Here we are shown the purpose of being childlike rather than a secluded ruler, isolated and alone.

So we will get back to this in a moment, but first I want to touch on some places in the New Testament that compliments what we just read in the Old, knowing many carnal minds are thinking I have Jesus, I need no one else.  We still have a command to be together with others in such a communing way and have a command in essence to divinely serve those who are lonely, in which togetherness in the Lord is the remedy.  We – the church – with Jesus first of course, is the cure for such loneliness and oh how so many are lonely in this World right now, even those who are following Christ, many are lonely, needing comfort and love by demonstration, not just words.  All the disciples were blessed to know Jesus personally, but when He sent them out – even they went out 2 by 2, not to mention how the animals entered the Ark.  When we simply just give lip service to others regarding our love, it is void of sustaining fruit.

The reason I often hang on the demonstration part is because over the course of my life, I’ve often been told by many they love me, over and over and yet – their actions reflected otherwise.  Being older and wiser now – I am not moved so much by words of flattery, seeing I was laden with sin and drawn to that type, but Jesus set me free and I can see clearly now to my own worth and when someone does not mean what they say and say what they mean, that is it not purposed for me to cleave. Yay!

In the Family of God, the Ecclesia, the Church Body of Christ we are to partake in much together – relational, with one another, celebrating being an actual Child of God –

Romans 12              says to REJOICE with one another

Galatians 5             says to SERVE one another and CARRY one another’s burdens

Ephesians 4            says to FORGIVE one another

1 Thessalonians 4    says to COMFORT one another

1 Thessalonians 5    says to ENCOURAGE one another

1 Peter 4                says to OFFER HOSPITALITY to one another

James 5                 says to PRAY for one another

And the list is endless really, we are to mourn when others mourn, feed, clothe, visit them, give them our cloak for covering, actually… If someone comes to us in need and they are a part of the family of God, we are not to withhold our hand from them.  Again… relational and purposed actions and deeds.

So what does this look like exactly?  Because there truly are many rewards we receive right here and now from our obedience to the Father.  These are not suggestions, but rather principals that our real brothers and sisters are to abide by, as well as us, and if we do not follow our Lord’s commands we can be in danger at times and things don’t always go well for us, do they?

Reviewing Ecclesiastes 4 –

  • Verse 8 spoke of how difficult it is when we attempt to just go it alone.  I think the word was “sore travail.”
  • Verse 9 reveals how much more strength and encouragement we will have when given Godly assignments when shared by two, rather than just one doing all the labors, causing weariness.  There are natural and spiritual blessings that come upon 2 doing a quick work, like a faster turnaround, when there are doubled efforts of – hands, feet, eyes, heart, minds, etc… the work is completed quicker and in fullness.
  • Verse 10 explains how when 2 are walking along, 1 falls and is too hurt to get up, the other one can lift you up, even to face danger ahead or carry one another to safety.  Sometimes we need another’s perspective in our time of pain, they often can see things we cannot.  Plus, we all need that 1 who will not walk away no matter what and yet loves us enough to tell us the hard truths, not just what we want to hear.  It also says in the Word, that if one is entangled in sin, you who are more spiritual, help that person up, help them to stand tall and keep walking on the straight and narrow path.  You must, you must have a close relationship with someone first or they will not receive what you are saying – again 2 is better than 1 for this command.
  • Verse 11 shows us how providing support, comfort and nurturing is so warming to a hopeless heart when all seems lost.  That sort of love is extremely comforting as a display of our Father on Earth through one of His vessels.  It also displays our willingness to be humble, bend down to assist another, even to the point of touching what may be unclean to most – because that is what love does.  Love gives of your time to another, it is a display of affection, placing one above yourself which makes them feel worthy enough to even be loved.

When it comes to love cherishing another – perception is everything, otherwise it is cold and work based.  We are commanded to love, but love cannot be commanded void of demonstration.  We often make the mistake of loving others the way we desire to be loved, but pure love doesn’t seek its own way, it seeks to embrace the heart of the other person so they experience our embrace. 

  • This King Solomon, we read about being so very wise, paid a heavy price, pretending he could go it alone, not needing love as he had the approval of the masses by his charm, intellect, position, speech and appealing appearance.  He was alone by his own vanity of choosing self-reliance.  Solomon had lost his purpose somewhere along the way, eventually only to find himself alone on an emotional island.  He said, paraphrasing here, how there is nothing better than a faithful friend, speaking of how he went out searching for one and found none – only many who needed one – had finally decided he needed another, but none was found – just more of those who needed him.  He had receive the reward of the admiration he sought for, but he was longing and empty inside, having no one to share his life’s journey with – all the up’s and down’s – he finally figured out when it was too late… how lonely life at the top can truly be.
  • So there are many dangers to going it alone – like this King who was isolated, he refused to be willing to receive advice or wisdom from others, he would not receive assistance, comfort or help and what is the saddest part of this whole story – his heart grew so cold he no longer could receive love, he stopped searching for it.  This is what happens if we place ourselves on the throne of our hearts – we won’t let love in any longer. 

So there is a moral to this story and there is a purpose to it as well, which I will share in a moment.

I just want to remind us all – some pearls of wisdom –

To have a friend you must be one.

To be loved you must love.

We always get back to the exact measurement of what we give away and when you continually push people away, one day they will eventually just stay gone.  Yet, those who partake in the feast of love with you, will never leave your side.

Our joy is made full, not by receiving love, but by giving all our love away so that when it returns back to us, we are kept warm in the heart as it takes two – one cannot keep their own heart warm.  There is one to give and another to receive, Jesus is the love we exchange.

I mentioned there was a purpose in all this, besides the obvious, of course.

ROF Ministries is getting ready to launch ROFCONNECT…  I spoke a little bit about it a couple months ago and some of you sent your email address in and you do group emails occasionally, which is fabulous, btw.

I said after the new year, Lord willing we would launch ROFCONNECT and start plowing the ground and see if it is what you all, those we love and serve benefits you in anyway.  Remember our vision is to “heal hearts His way…” So this is just another outreach we are going to try and approach it somewhat patterned after the Prison Ministry. 

We firmly believe no one should feel left out, alone, sad and hopeless – so if the Lord allows, we have a heart’s desire to be used by Him to assist others to connect.  Whether that be in a group or 2 by 2, that is up to you and up to the Lord.  We are going to move slowly, prayerfully and with fluidity by the Holy Spirit in this assignment.  The Lord recently laid upon my heart just how much His Body and children are going to need one another to stand firm and in balance and that love in action is the key.

So here is how it will work…  Nikki is my assistant with this little outreach.  She has a new email specifically for ROF which is:  NIKKIROFCONNECT@GMAIL.COM

All you have to do is email her and for now all who join will receive continual weekly encouragements and I strongly encourage you all to write each other within the group often – words of encouragement and be open to share in your daily struggles, so without chains we may love and comfort one another.  As we move forward, we will seek the Lord’s guidance on matching people up 2 by 2 or you all may even do that yourselves.  If we do that… don’t laugh, but it goes with a dream I had years ago called – “matched by heaven…”  I used to joke I would run a dating service through the Holy Spirit’s guidance with strict adherence to Godly principals.  Although, males and females are encouraged to join ROFCONNECT, it is not, not a dating service… and believe me, I will know if any sneaky ones try to make it that…  With that being said – I still believe… every pot has a lid and may the Lord have His way in this, it is for you all and for His glory.  So if you are interested being on the ground floor of this new endeavor just email Nikki and we’ll see what happens!  I honestly have no expectations whatsoever.

Lastly, the Lord really convicted me last week…  Saying, my church keeps preaching about loving their enemies and my own children do not display love to one another.  He reminded me how charity starts at home and how we are not to withhold our hands from our own flesh…  Why?  Because when we do this preaching to the choir sort of thing and we are not walking it out one to another – we are no better than the hypocrites, saying one thing and doing another.  We are similar to those religious ones who pass by a stranger fallen down in need to get to church, to declare our holiness before all men.

We must check our own hearts to see, am I a clanging cymbal or sounding brass?

In closing, lets read it as a reminder of how important demonstrating love is to the Father, no matter our gift, assignment or calling…  love is what He desires to spread more than anything else.  Remember?   We are known by our charity, demonstrations of love – not our wisdom, teachings, fancy prayers, ministries, revelations, dreams/visions, declarations, but by our charity – which is all that we discussed today in how we authentically embrace one another.

1 Corinthians 13

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;

Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.

For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Ring of Fire Broadcast Transcript ~

Saintly Instructions For Abiding – Colossians Study

January 18, 2021


Colossians is a word from the Lord to the faithful saints who love one another, who’s hope is in Heaven and keep the truthful words as the Gospel, which is to witness and strive for Jesus’s ways while here on Earth.

They bring forth fruit by their actions, knowing the grace of God and love by the Spirit. They know God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding and walk worthy of the Lord by desiring to please Him, showing only good works which others glorify Him for and are continually growing in their knowledge of Him, more than knowledge of anything else.

They are strengthened in might according to His glorious power, having patience and longsuffering with continued joy – giving all thanks to the Father by partaking in light as Saints in His inheritance.  They have been delivered from all darkness, being translated into the Kingdom that Jesus rules over, as He redeemed them by His blood, through repentance and forgiveness of sins.  As Jesus was the firstborn of many, they are too partakers of the invisible God.

The particular Saints believe it is through Him all things were created, that are in Heaven and Earth – visible and invisible, including thrones, dominions, principalities and powers – all things were created by Him and especially for Him and that He is before all things and by Him all things exist. 

They also know He is the head of the body, called the church as He alone is the beginning, as a firstborn from the dead so that in all things He might come first.  It pleased the Father that in Jesus all fullness shall dwell.  He made peace through the blood on the cross so that only by Him are all things reconciled unto Himself – whether in Heaven or on Earth.

He said that we have been alienated and enemies in our own minds at times, doing wicked things and works – but after receiving Jesus we are no longer that person in our actions, because our minds have been changed.  Because He died in the flesh, He is able to present us holy and unblameable and unreprovable in His sight – we are changed in the mind so our actions reflect His and are holy and pure. 

If we continue grounded in the faith and settled and are not moved away from the Gospel of following in Jesus’s footsteps and ways – all that we have heard about Him, which was preached to every creature under heaven – it is assured we shall remain in Him. 

Ministers for Jesus do rejoice in their sufferings for the body, suffering afflictions of Christ in our flesh for His body’s sake, who is the church.  We are made ministers according to God’s plan in order to fulfill the word of God.  We not only speak of it, we walk it out.

There is a mystery which was hidden from ages and generations – but that mystery is not hidden from His saints – as God makes known what the riches of the glory of this mystery specifically to us.  This mystery is actually Jesus abiding within us individually, our Lord, the hope of all glory. 

He is who we preach, warning everyone who will listen – teaching all who are wise so that we may present all perfect in Christ Jesus – belonging to Him, eternally.  We labor and strive according to His working in others, just as He works in us in a mighty way.


We as His ministers carry a great conflict for the body, whether we’ve met face to face or not in that all hearts might be comforted, are knit together as one in love, rich with the full assurance of understanding and acknowledging the mystery of God, the Father and of Jesus – in whom all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hid, only in them is where true and pure knowledge is found.

So we warn all – take heed that any man may beguile you with enticing words, we are together and one in the Spirit, regardless if fellowshipping in the flesh.  We have joy looking upon Godly order, steadfastness and your faith in Jesus.  Just as you say you have received Jesus, you must also walk in His ways, rooted and built up in Him, establishing your faith – just as you have been taught, being abounding with thanksgiving.

Beward – lest any man spoil you by their philosophy, vain deceit or any traditions supported by man – who considers the ways of the World rather than considering Jesus Christ foremost, as it is in Him you may dwell in the fullness of the Body of Christ because it is in Him you are complete.  Jesus is the Head of His body over all principalities and powers.

You have a circumcision inwardly made without human hands, in which you now put off the body of flesh and the sins which corrupt, through seeking to follow Jesus’s ways.  Your old self was buried with Him and now you are risen with Him through your faith that Jesus is your Savior by the operation of God upon you, who also raised Jesus from the dead, you have been raised.

You were dead in your sins, revealed by the uncircumcision of your flesh ways, but He quickened you together with Him and forgave you of all your transgressions.  He blotted out all that was being held against us, that which is contrary to a child of God – He removed it all and nailed it to the cross.  He spoiled the plans of principalities and powers by making a show of them openly, while triumphing over them at the same time.

Let no one judge you in what you eat or what you drink or in respect of holydays, the new moon or even what they deem as the Sabbath days – which when they do is just a shadow of that which is to come later on.

Let no man beguile you either of your reward through volunteering for humility, the worshipping of angels, discussing things he has not really seen – which describes those who are vainly puffed up by their fleshly minds.  For they do not hold up Jesus as head of His body – who gives nourishment through ministering, being knit together in Him – the body increases with the increased knowledge of God – which is the only way of truthful knowledge.

Because if we are dead already with Jesus, then we are also dead to entertaining the rudiments of the World.  Even though we live in it and are subject to its ordinances (rules), consisting of directives to touch not, taste not, handle not – including all things we may perish from using – why simply follow the commandments and doctrines of men?  They direct only to show their own wisdom and humility while neglecting the body of Christ, not being honorable to satisfy their own fleshly ways.


But if you are one who is risen with Christ, you are also one who seeks only those things which are above – which is where Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father.  So from this day forward, set your affection on things above, not on things on Earth.  Because you are dead to sin, your life is hidden in Jesus so that when Jesus appears, who is our life – He is appearing through us in glory.  Therefore, mortify – which means to destroy – your members on Earth who display – fornication, uncleanness, unhealthy/excessive affection, evil impulses, idolatry and coveting what others have – because of these things the wrath of God will come upon His own children because they are so disobedient in these sinful ways.

Although, it is true – you used to be like this, because you too walked as a disobedient child – but now being hid in Jesus – you walk in His ways, putting off all anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication that is still coming out of your mouth.

Do not lie to one another as if you have put away how you used to be, but how you act is the truth of how you really are – rather, put on the new man, which is renewed in the knowledge after the image of Him that created Him – knowing Jesus is what is most important – all are equal to be hid in Him, if they chose to do so.

Put on as His elect ones who are holy and beloved, much mercy, kindness, humbleness of the mind, meekness and longsuffering – as you forbear one another, forgiving one another continually.  If you do have a disagreement with someone, forgive, just as Jesus forgave you.  And above all else, stay in a constant state of affectionate and brotherly love by have an attachment to one another – which is the bond of perfectness for the body of Christ.

Let the peace of God rule in your heart, as you are one body in Him, so be thankful.  Let the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom as you teach one another – and also as you admonish, which is gently warning someone through encouraging advice – using psalms, spiritual songs to edify the Lord through the grace you have in your own heart.

And may whatever you do, every single thing – whether in word or action – do all of it in the Name of the Lord Jesus, giving all thanks to Him and the Father too.

Wives submit to the leading of your husband, not trying to rule over them as if you know better how to guard your household, loving Jesus through them, loving them is just like how you love Jesus.

Husbands, love your wives, never being bitter towards them. Just love them, as Jesus loves and cares and is attentive to His church.

Children you must obey your parents in all things in order to find yourself pleasing the Lord.

Fathers do not provoke your children to anger, which will only in turn frustrate and discourage them to want to just give up.

Servants obey those who are over you in the flesh, not just when they are looking, nor as being a man pleaser – but with singleness of the heart, fearing not man but God alone.

And in all things you do – do it with your whole heart as you were doing it to the Lord Himself, not unto men, because you must know what you do to others you are doing to the Lord to receive the reward of your inheritance since you serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  But he that does wrong, shall receive the wrong which he has done, no matter who he is because God is not a respecter of persons – He treats all the same.


Masters who rule over servants, always give to them that which is just and equal, knowing we too have a Master in Heaven – may we replicate Him while leading others continually.

Continue in prayer and be watchful, always with thanksgiving.  Pray for us that God will continue to open a door to us by His mouth to speak about the mystery of Christ Jesus, for all His servants are truly in bonds to Him so that He manifests within us when we speak – so it isn’t us speaking, only Him.

May you walk in wisdom towards those that are without and may you be right on time when assisting them.  Let your speech always be with gracefulness, seasoned with salt – not to much, not to little, but accepted and good to ingest of, pertaining to the Word and may you know fully how to answer everyone’s questions by the Spirit and truth.

So before anyone totally discounts this Word by discounting themselves as a leader, lets stop for just a moment and consider if Jesus lets us off the hook really that easy.  Because the truth is anyone who says they are a Christian is anointed, qualified and called to lead others, many places in the Bible this is called being a servant – as one who is being transformed into the Image of Christ, a vessel in which He abides and works through, led by the Holy Spirit which also resides to guide and direct us individually – a true disciple in Him, leads others.  In fact, if we are really a Christian, everyone who comes in contact with us daily, should walk away from an encounter with Him through us.  So if you say, I am a Christian, what should follow is – and I love _______, fill in the blank.  It might be comforting others, loving other, sharing the Word with others, praying for them when they are sick, teaching them about Jesus and His ways, etc…  Being a Christian means Christ follower and in that, just as Paul spoke – others are going to look to us as examples on how to follow Jesus.  The title of Christian is not a given pronouncement like Mr. or Mrs. or Doctor before your name, it is a way of life. 

Even the disciples who spent time continually in Jesus’s presence while on Earth had a difficult time embracing this truth and there is more than one account when they argued amongst themselves – so much so, they even split up over disputes, betraying one another or not feeling as if they were on the same page all the time.  Can you imagine, in the upper room as they gathered in the presence of the Lord Jesus before He was to go to the cross, they were arguing in front of Him about who among them is the greatest?  Its in Luke 22, lets read a little about what happened.

This was right after satan entered into Judas for the ordained betrayment of all time – Jesus had told them that the hand of the one who will betray Him is with Him at the table that very moment, Jesus told them it was already determined He be betrayed, but that a woe would come upon the weakened vessel who did the betraying.  The same is true in our lives as well, many do betray us and it is allowed for God’s purpose and ours, but those who do so will suffer great woes.  Immediately after Jesus stated this, the disciples get into an argument about which of them would do such a thing, which then turned into a boasting of self that stirred up much strife over which of them should be counted as the greatest.  Which it seems Peter was the worst and due to his pride ended up denying the Lord Jesus three times, after proclaiming he was willing to go to prison and death with Jesus.  As the story goes, pride always comes before a fall – a woe granted in that satan may sift us as wheat to purify us from our own ego and pride.  And right after that – Jesus command they and us pray we enter not into temptation… then as Jesus went to pray in preparation for what was to come – all the disciples fell asleep – none stayed awake to pray with Him – Jesus told them sleeping was equal to falling into temptation.  And lets not forget, Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss – which is so profound and spiritually eye opening, isn’t it?  It is not those we meet on the street who can betray us of the heart is it?  Nope, it is those closest to us that can do the most damage.  The fact it was mentioned Judas betrayed with a kiss is very telling and a teaching in of itself for another time.

So lets read the word and see how Jesus responded to this silly dispute.

Luke 22:25-30

25 And He said to them, “The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and those who exercise authority over them are called ‘benefactors.’ 26 But not so among you; on the contrary, he who is greatest among you, let him be as the younger, and he who governs as he who serves. 27 For who is greater, he who sits at the table, or he who serves? Is it not he who sits at the table? Yet I am among you as the One who serves.

He is telling us here that we were created to follow and lead others and those who are the World look up to are benefactors.  But that is not for us now, not now that we are within the Body of Christ – instead we exist for His pleasure, to do His will, to imitate Him as the young is greatest among us and to govern – you must serve others.  So He asked them who they perceive as greater?  The one who sits at the table or the one who serves those who are sitting?  Jesus said it is the ones who are sitting at the table to receive that are the greatest and that He is the One among who serves them.  I believe we can all agree Jesus in our opinion, we would consider the greatest of all, but He served, didn’t He? 

The reason many feel worthless and feeble in the mind is because before you were saved you were sitting at the table to receive and you surrendered your heart to Jesus in a most precious way and guess what you are still doing?  Being served, rather than transitioning over into being a servant – you are still, after all this time, taking and taking when you should be leading, loving, comforting, encouraging and leading others with your time, talent or treasure.  Jesus told us to make disciples of all men – to be fishers of men, but so many in the church have fallen asleep, tired and too lazy to stay awake and alert as the Body of Christ, serving and praying until Jesus comes.

Okay, lets apply the Word we learned today ~

  • The Lord never changes and He is continually resisting the proud, they get sifted by satan, purified in the process in order they stand in Him as His hands and feet, rid of self glory.
  • When the Lord resists the proud, He also releases to the meek, activating them and giving them charge to be salt and light on the Earth.
  • One quick way to recognize those who are self-elevating are those who boast on themselves or glorify themselves in how holy they are because of their own deeds.  They are also quick to point out the faults of others, blind to their own awareness – yet obvious to all.  These are called faultfinders – they ignore the plank (blinding fault of theirs) and yet see the miniscule speck of fault in others.  And by the way – the plank is actually ego which makes them blind to humility and they cannot perceive their own weaknesses.
  • Jesus must be revealed to us before He is revealed through us, keeping in mind Jesus is love.  An empty glass has nothing to poor out… but self I guess.  When Jesus’s love is revealed to us, He pours in then we can pour Him out to others so that all we say and do is done with love.
  • Speaking a truth is not the same as an accusation.  Jesus called some  vipers, the disciples also often spoke the truth of who was before them – idolaters, thieves, murderers, prostitutes and so forth, but the key here was for redemption, not a death sentence and remember… accusations rarely speak the truth, usually contain an element of false embellishment or flat out lie.  This is meat, not milk and your baby flesh likely wants to resist it – but it is time the church grow up, time is just too short.  Sadly, we cannot even teach on this subject fully, there is too much resistance, even right now many do not want the fullness of the Scriptures, preferring to have their ears tickled by what they already perceive as truth to themselves, rather than grow by the nourishing word.
  • Speaking the truth about someone in love is not judging them, proclaiming a sentence of death by consequence over them for that sin is judgement.  But can we hear these words?  Or do we prefer to hear smooth words of mixture?  We’ve all fallen short of representing the Lord’s glory haven’t we?  Best to just confess it to overcome it – comforting and loving one another for the purity of His body, than to just keep hidden all that which is soon to be brought before all through the light so very soon.  Jesus is coming soon – are we ready?  I mean truly ready? Or when satan comes, will he find something still within us to cling on to that we hidden deep inside?  I saw satan fall like lighting – have you all?  He has already been defeated, it is my prayer we embrace Jesus fully and surrender our whole hearts to Him and be none of reputation here on Earth and like I say all the time, those with nothing to hide, hide nothing.
  • When we are hidden in Christ, we lay down our reputation so His is witnessed to others.  Those who are joined to the Lord are one with Him and He is displayed through us by the characteristics we display to others.  This is called integrity – remember, a part from Him we can do nothing but display ourselves.  The problem with many in the church today is it portrays the image of self, not Jesus.
  • Jesus was betrayed and broken in the heart and scarred more than anyone in history and yet He loved extravagantly, never to forsake us or others.  He is always calling us unto Himself and is trustworthy to guide us through the pains of this life.  He sits with us when we are weak, He carries us until we are able to walk upright again and all we have to do is reach for Him, He is there.  It may take all of what we are to do so, but in return we get all of Him.
  • When we attempt to do the will of God by our own might or power we wear ourselves out in the process quickly and begin to take things by force, it is then our burdens become very heavy.  We then flounder as Jesus no longer infuses us with His peace, but instead we are leaning on our own understanding, rather than trusting Him for the outcome.
  • We dwell in the Father’s house, which is where Jesus dwells – Jesus within us and us within Jesus.  This oneness is unique to anything found on Earth and we are joined together through Him and are at rest from our own works to make things happen, especially joining to those we are unequally yoked with.
  • As Jesus works in us inwardly, His works come through us outwardly so that it is evident Jesus as author and finisher is prominent in our lives.  We no longer do His work, we are His work.
  • Jesus as the master builder is building His people together, while the enemy is being used to tear down all that which is not found solely in Him.
  • As Jesus is revealing Himself more and more through us, religion is being shaken, as are those who are religious and contain the doctrines of men.
  • A worker of iniquity is right in his own eyes only and against anyone who is against the revealing of that iniquity so that they gravitate to those who flatter them with their lips.
  • We are only usable in the Kingdom of God to the measurement we no longer exist in what work we are doing for Him, as we have one COLLECTIVE purpose – Christ in you, individually and collectively.
  • Jesus is shattering all the faith words spoken to us and over us by man, so that only His word remains within us.  It is by faith we can do all things because it is not us doing it, but Jesus is performing His purposed will through us.
  • One day we will see that everything we deal with daily is His love on display through us and our faith is increased as our eyes are opened to see spiritually that the bad which happened to us actually worked together for our own good.
  • If you were the only person on Earth, Jesus would still do and would of still done everything the same – that is just how important you are to Him.
  • Being in God’s presence is the only fruitful place to be, being in obedience is also the safest place on Earth, no matter what is falling down around you.  So whether that is the viper’s den, lion’s den, ICU, jail, etc…  whatever trial you may be in at the moment is a starting place to surrender as we are just now learning what it means to abide and remain hidden in Him.  He is breaking off of us to be content with outside influences so that we are content only with Him residing within our hearts.
  • Never forget, we are safe and secure in His hands.  But do we believe it?  Do we understand Jesus was safe in His Father’s hands when He was anointed, put on trial, scourged and slayed?  Do we embrace or resist the Father’s sovereign plan, trusting Him no matter what situations we face?  Are we ready to relinquish all control and attempts to try to alter the Father’s divine plan or do we, like Judas take matters into our own hands for self-gain?
  • Remember – being a Christ follower, a true follower who imitates His ways, mannerisms, integrity and love – is not for the faint hearted.  It is actually the hardest thing you will do while on this Earth journey, requiring we lay our own lives down fully, to never pick them up again and settle it in our hearts to not be like one of those who told Jesus to come down off the cross of suffering to save His own life.
  • Encourage yourself believing – to live is Christ, to die is gain.  Dying to self, dying in the natural is really no biggie if you know where you are going.
  • As prisoners in this World, where you can barely breath since it no longer has anything of worth to offer us, we understand that death to self is the only way out and is where true freedom rings.

So as the Bride is making herself ready – it is my prayer we stop being that runaway bride, who avoids all things unseen and rise up as His Beloved, it is surely time.

With all the uncertainty in the World and especially our Nation at the moment, I am so very grateful Jesus is drawing us into Himself, as He calls us with His love. 

Fatherless, Orphans, Strangers & Widows ~

FATHERLESS/ORPHANS, STRANGERS & WIDOWS ~  Basically those who have been abandoned, having only the Lord to rely on as their source.  Although, it is true people may come and go throughout different points and times in our lives for a season, none have remained permanently. 

In order to make sense of all this and especially for those of us who are sensitive of the heart and rather than seeing clearly that something is fragmented within the other person – we have a tendency to take this upon ourselves, looking inward and saying – there must be something wrong with me, am I unlovable?  We are a very rare collection of people from that respect – One of our greatest qualities is we love deeply and fully – and this is something others will not understand unless they suffer it as well. 

When you give your all, when you love wholeheartedly and deeply – you suffer loss fully and wholeheartedly.  I can always tell who gets this and who doesn’t by how they interact with others.  It is very eye opening to just observe.  Most people love only on the surface, so they have no placement or are not familiar with loving others fully.  They may try to convey they are the same or even give in such a way – but they don’t… And how do we know?  By how easily they walk away…  Those who are abandoned, do not abandon – not ever in the heart – because they do not desire to inflict that sort of pain upon another, which is why we often remain in a holding pattern, longing, after others have separated from us.

Jesus understood this pain of the heart – which is why He in turn said – He would never leave us or forsake us, He too was abandoned, betrayed and left alone by those who He called His friends.  I was thinking about in the Garden how He was in view of what He would have to endure, asking just one disciple to stay away and comfort Him and pray with Him – but they all fell asleep.  We too have been in that same position at times, haven’t we?  Surrounded by those who say they are there for us – but when it is time for demonstration – they aren’t. 

So for a few – chosen by the Father – to be His child in such a precious way, just like Jesus – He becomes our only true source emotionally, physically, mentally – just all the way around.  There is really such a beautiful ending to this sacrifice we make in the natural which fuses us to Jesus, Who sticks closer than a brother, so that when abandoned He rises up as our only source of happiness, joy and hope.

Our Father takes great notice when we care for the least of these, the “strangers, fatherless, orphans & widows.”  There is one example after another when He pointed out in His word just how righteous someone is who tends to this select group and it is mentioned over and over in the Word, which tells us just how important this is to Him.

So I pulled out several Scriptures, to clarify this priority of the Father to His family – but I am finding who really comes to the comfort of the fatherless, orphans, strangers and widows are just that — the fatherless, orphans, strangers and widows.  We know Job was counted righteous because of the love he showed to this particular group and in turn become just like them, abandoned by all who said they would stick with him.

Because the Lord’s Words are so comforting, giving us placement in our identities, I am going to read several of the Scriptures which mentions us – as they portray the truth we may not matter to many, but to our Father in Heaven – we matter the most.

Exodus 22:22 

Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child.

Deut 10:18

He doth execute the judgment of the fatherless and widow, and loveth the stranger, in giving him food and raiment.

Stranger – foreigner in the World, misfit, the least of these

Deut 24:21

When thou gatherest the grapes of thy vineyard, thou shalt not glean it afterward: it shall be for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow.

The Father always makes provision for us who have been abandoned

Deut 26:12

When thou hast made an end of tithing all the tithes of thine increase the third year, which is the year of tithing, and hast given it unto the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, that they may eat within thy gates, and be filled;

Job 6:27         

Yea, ye overwhelm the fatherless, and ye dig a pit for your friend.

Job 22:9

Thou hast sent widows away empty, and the arms of the fatherless have been broken.

Job 29:12

Because I delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had none to help him.

Psa 10:18

To judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may no more oppress.

Psa 68:5

A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.

Psa 82:3

Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.

Psa 146:9

The LORD preserveth the strangers; he relieveth the fatherless and widow: but the way of the wicked he turneth upside down.

Isa 1:17

Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

Jer 5:28

They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge.

Jer 7:6

If ye oppress not the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, and shed not innocent blood in this place, neither walk after other gods to your hurt:

Look at this —- oppressing the stranger, fatherless and widow is equaled with shedding innocent blood

Jer 22:3

Thus saith the LORD; Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor: and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.

Jer 49:11

Leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve them alive; and let thy widows trust in me.

Ezek 22:7

In thee have they set light by father and mother: in the midst of thee have they dealt by oppression with the stranger: in thee have they vexed the fatherless and the widow.

Vexed – mistreat, treat violently

Zech 7:10

And oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor; and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart.

Mal 3:5

And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the LORD of hosts.

James 1:27

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

I often refer to us as “Messiah’s misfits” and it is time to grow…  to grow into the truth of us.  From being a spiritual orphans to sons and daughters of the Most High God and Father.  John 14:18 tells us – He will not leave us orphans and in Revelation He promises that one day in a time to come – all will know He loved us.  Mathew 17:11 promises us that Elijah will come in the last days and restore all things – which includes us.  We are being restored, while the World turns and people go on about their own lives – The Father’s spirit is pouring out upon us, turning our hearts towards Himself and we are being separated out – and being drawn unto Him.  There is a crown of life promised to those that simply just love Him.  James 1:26 & 27 – reveals a great mystery…

If any man among you seems to be religious and does not bridle his tongue, but deceives his own heart (about himself) this man’s religion is in vain (about himself).  Pure religion (untainted by ego) and undefiled (no mixture) before God the Father is this – to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep himself unspotted from the World.  VISIT – not just lip service, this type of love is an action word – it is walking out the principals of love via demonstration of love.  It is a knowing that what we do for the least of these – we are actually doing to Jesus – and once our eyes are open, we tread very lightly, but fully understanding we are in reality loving Jesus through others being the recipient of shared and complimented love where they is one source – HIM.

Once we grasp this kingdom way – we will never seek nor entertain tainted and false love again, which is counterfeit, producing no good fruit.  We go from looking for love in all the wrong places to only allowing into us love which the Father ordains is permitted for our goodness and growth.  And it is okay if you aren’t quite there yet – this is all about growth, not perfection.  Are we growing?  That is the question which we need to be asking.  And both have fruit which help us determine if we are embracing the identity of being an orphan or a child of God.

Let’s go over some of these tell-tell signs to assist us in measuring our growth or if we have become somewhat stagnant or stuck in place.  Obviously, I have already reviewed this list and if I am honest discovered I seem to gravitate at times to embracing being an orphan and not a child of God.  As I go over this – you might want to take a mental note of just which mindset you see yourself agreeing with.

WORKSHEET by Johnny Long – which I altered a bit and helped give me strength and clarity on just what is truth and what is a figment of my own mind.

Applying what we’ve learned, pearls ~

  • Our spirit knows the truth of us, but our minds do not grasp Spiritual truths continually.  In our spirit we know we are a child of God but in our minds/hearts we believe we are orphans.  Whatever truth we cling to and believe – that is what we will walk out daily.  An orphan identity is bondage, which a child of God is freedom to be you.
  • Fatherless, orphan, stranger, widow in Greek all means the same thing pretty much – UNCOVERED & UNPROTECTED.
  • When we feel abandoned we will often believe we are failing on every level, but the truth is – we may be failing on every level but God’s – since only He knows the truth of us and our hearts, every tear we’ve cried and every struggle we could barely get through.  And although man judged outwardly – only our Lord knows our obstacles, our weaknesses and desperation to overcome them and how our soul seeks to be pleasing to Him.
  • An orphaned soul knows the Father as ruler only, not understanding He disciplines His own children for our good – not because He is mean and enjoys causing us pain.
  • Abba means Father/Daddy – it is intimate and personal — our hearts cry out “Abba Father…” continually and He is always attuned to our cries.
  •  It seems we all have a common thread, which is – those who were appointed to love and care and cherish us didn’t, especially during our formative years, meaning when we were young.  We are often not loved unconditionally, just the way we are and those who say they love us continually raise the bar – equaling our performance to their demonstration of love – this is an unholy alliance, not replicating the Father’s love towards us, but confuses our souls to become fragmented.  And since some love is better than none, we are groomed to carry this way into adulthood.
  • Many will compete with others for loving attention, isolate themselves, become paranoid and jumpy, have depression, hopelessness, suffer from anxiety and people pleasing, show lack of boundaries, overcompensate, become fearful of love, distant and easily offended or defensive.
  • I want to encourage you to cry out to the Father as much as you need to – today and as you grow, especially when we are at the end of our rope and all we have left are tears which flow outwardly from a shattered heart.
  • As lawlessness increases as a result of the love of many running cold, so is the after effect of people not feeling loved – the two go hand in hand.
  • There is a special group of us who were abandoned and/or abused by our natural fathers, which place us into a particular position of not understanding the love of our Heavenly Father.  Knowing our own father, who we could see did not engage with us, makes it harder to comprehend a Father we cannot see would love us any differently.  We can be that change agent in the lives of many – especially our brothers in the Lord – even Paul called himself a Spiritual Father, saying we have many teachers, but not enough fathers, which conveys to us this problem is not something new in our society but was prevalent in Jesus’s time as well.
  • One major issue Jesus had with those He was among was that the men often put their wives away and abandoned their children, which tells us this is nothing new – so keep in mind all those who have done so and not owned the error of their ways will face our Heavenly Father one day and give answer to Him.
  • It is a real truth our Heavenly Father immediately accepts us, which is why we must love the truth and not make the mistake of comparing Him to our natural father.  We often get it backwards thinking if so and so does not love us like Jesus loves the church – He doesn’t either.  Jesus already set the command in place and it reflects on those who do not to a greater degree than it reflects on us not being lovable.
  • The Word tells us our Heavenly Father desires to gather us under His wings as little chicks – meaning He desires to protect, nurture and comfort us – to sustain us to life everlasting.
  • Every single person at some point has suffered loss – but if we forget that, we may in turn think the person we are dealing with is who we meet today, not really seeing the truth of them and that they have walls up with a smile on their face, but rest assured the truth is always revealed, soon or later.  One can only maintain a falsity for so long.
  • Religious people are often plagued with an orphan spirit and unaware of it’s influence over them.  They often compete with one another, are insecure and try to prove themselves worthy of their calling – I’ve heard them even boast on their own humility, which are all signs that person is not sure of just Who they belong to.  In the Kingdom of God – when we know who we are and who’s we are – we are settled in quiet peace, calm, knowing we are each on our own path with Jesus.
  • Those being influenced will frequently secretly take advantage of others, appearing pious openly and need a lot of attention to make up for their lack of worthiness.
  • Isolation is a big red flag we are influenced by this orphan identity – when you deep down you do not feel you belong in God’s family, which is often the residue of not being accepted by your own family.  Psalm 61 speaks to this affliction in the soul saying – you gravitate to a mindset of doing it all on your own, frequently withdrawing, hiding from others, being overly dependent, mistrusting of people still trying to prove yourself as being needed.
  • The Father did not create us to live in a vacuum and said from the beginning two is better than one.  The enemy tries to keep us from embracing the Father and His family, the brethren and it is only orphans who say they need no one as a shield of protection.  The Body of Christ is just that – a living and activated Spiritual body, which compliments one another and all parts are necessary for functionality and growth.
  • In the wilderness we often become delusional thinking we need no one, in isolation.  Fear and insecurity rules over the days of the wilderness and we become very unsure of our placement in the family of God – feeling vulnerable, uncovered, unprotected – so we tend to cover ourselves and hunker down in protective mode.  We become wretched, naked and blind without realizing it.
  • When we have a deep desire to be needed it reveals our weakness for wanting constant reassurance that we are okay.  The truth is the Father doesn’t need us, He loves us and if we get into a mindset where we think He needs us, those we are appointed to love suffer – you will be constantly seeking many to fill your needy tank.
  • If we need accolades from others every time we do something for the Lord – we are not doing it for Him.
  • Those who need constant reassurance are just trying to prove themselves – but we are commanded to be pleasing to One, our Father in Heaven.  What is amazing about Him is we get credit for attempting to please Him through His safety, acceptance and love for even trying to obey since He accepts us just as we are – while men seek proof, He knows our intentions.
  • Humans generally love us by how we measure up to what pleases them and often withhold love if we are not measuring up to their demands – our Father is totally opposite of humans in this way.
  • Humans will sometimes walk away or reject us when we do not do what they want us to do – but here is the beauty of our Father – He pulls us closer for instruction when we not obedient or misstep.  We need to just accept this truth as a first step… We have no father on Earth and no one on Earth will or can love us like Jesus – this is a timely word for the season we are currently in. 
  • Orphans often are plagued to perform, feeling rejected and therefore must continually make themselves in disposable to others.  They do not see they already add value, but will work constantly to overcompensate and be recognized as valued.  They constantly feel driven to gain identity in work and expect the same diligence from others or view them as weak.  Note:  If you are surrounded by someone like this for very long and if you do not share in their demands to perform they will cast you down and then away, forgetting we all have a special gift to complement, not compete.
  • Orphans have an ingrained mistrust of others, being fearful they will be punished at anytime they make a mistake.  Our Father’s love is undeserved and unearned, the same is true for His favor upon us as His children.
  • To overcome this identity and grow into the full knowledge of the truth as a child of God we must realize our minds are still carnal in many ways still.  We must get bare before the Lord authentically and confess our fears and faults – crying Abba Father – it is amazing but truly weakness is our entrance to join fully with Him, He actually seeks out those who need Him in such a precious way.
  • We also need to stay in the Word to nourish our souls back to health – this helps our hearts and eyes to be opened to defeat all the lies the enemy whispers to us on a daily basis and the negative self talk we have with ourselves on a regular basis.  Oh and a side note – you do believe what you say by the way or you wouldn’t say it – whether that be about ourselves or others.  A trap we often get into is speaking ill of ourselves to others so they comfort our flesh or carnal souls – when we should be taking all of this to the Father, knowing He alone can set us free and deliver us from these lies.
  • Humility places us into perfect position to receive the Father’s blessing – He offers it continually, but we often reject it.  His love will never grow cold, He will never leave us as others do and He actually loves us even more than we love ourselves.  You do realize you love yourself, correct?  You bathe, clothe, feed, warm/cool yourself – you tend to and nurture yourself – which are all demonstrations of love.  Well, our Father wants to do all this and more because we are His children.
  • When His peace settles into our hearts, wounds are healed, worry dissipates, wholeness takes place and we finally grow into a place where He is all that matters, because to Him we matter the most.
  • In our weakness He rises up strong within us.  All things we can do when all things we desire to do originate in Him and we simply cannot lose.
  • In His wholeness we are covered unto completion – all that is missing is returned and He fills in the gaps of our hearts.  It is through this heart change and we go from having a heart that is full of holes to a Holy heart sustained by Him alone.
  • By His grace we get continual do-overs and second chances – He is not a 1 strike and you’re out Father – as we seek Him more and more we receive the gift of the unction to repent, which equals how we go and sin no more – it is not so much we lose the sin, but rather we shed off the desire to do that sin.  It is not by might but by surrender that grace abounds so willful sin doesn’t.  It is so important to understand none of us could even repent without His help – we wouldn’t know right from wrong without His guidance.
  • It is His protection which enables us to trust Him during difficulties and He is so very patient, giving us opportunities daily, over and over to learn to lean on Him.
  • When we live for the World and those in it – we can easily become hopeless, but when we live for the Lord we are filled with everlasting joy.
  • His blessing and promise is to keep us continually, to not lose us as He shines His face upon us daily.
  • As a reminder, it is not necessary we go around constantly telling everyone about our hardships in life – they cannot do one thing to remedy our brokenness – keep in mind the Lord comes to our aid and He already knows all about what we’ve gone through and the heartbreaks we’ve faced.  We need to be satisfied and at rest knowing under His covering he will trouble those who trouble you.
  • Our Lord has amazing qualities built within Himself to satisfy all our shortcomings and needs.

HE IS our –



Abiding comfort

Loving presence


Prince of Peace

Banner against our enemies



Father and Husband

So I know it has been a long time since I spoke – and I am sorry for that…  If I told you everything that has been going on, you wouldn’t even believe it – but it has given me so much time for the Lord to cultivate more mercy and compassion within my heart for those who are hurting as I do sometimes. 

One major thing that opened my eyes in this study was how off I was in my identity and that although many of these horrific things did happen to me – they do not define my nature – where my soul originated from and will return to again – my first Estate, our Heavenly Home.

Lately it is all I can do to keep up with emails, keep the prison ministry intact and do two things – Not deny His Name and Keep His word, just like it was written in Revelation –

Revelation 3:8-12

I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

So during this time of year, we can sometimes just walk around like a shell – going through the motions, feeling like an outcast as we put on our best holiday faces, pretend to be joyful, praying others do not notice…  It is like our flesh is engaged and our souls have checked out.  I see now why the Lord placed a delay on our study about the orphan identity – it was purposed for such a time as this.  I realize many of you have no one, while others have many, but they do not “belong”…  those we are placed amidst are not always our people.  And just like this World is not our home, they are not our everlasting family.  It is almost as if we have to let the Lord shut those doors, in order we enter into His rest completely.  Jesus said – He will not leave us orphans, instead He will welcome us into His family as a child of God.  It is my prayer that you fully embrace just how the Lord is guiding you to separate completely from all that which He did not appoint or ordain for your life – knowing He is guiding us and preparing us to not have to endure the hour of temptation like the rest of those who occupy Earth.  Is it painful?  Oh yes, indeed it is.  Do we stay in a weakened state from this point forward?  Could be…  But remember this – one day all will know just how loved we actually were by Him and if all you can do at the moment is just those two little things in verse 8 – which are not denying Him and keeping His word then that is really all you can do and Jesus knows what little strength we would be in during these days. 

Surrender is a beautiful thing and a burden to bear.  From the outsider’s point of view it looks like you are falling away, but to our Lord Jesus you are falling into Him.  You are a child of God, growing each day into fullness of the Name of Jesus, like a voice crying out in the wilderness – nameless, faceless, stripped bare before Him – this is the process of taking His Name, we decrease and He increases within us and it is purposeful. 

You are not a doormat and soon it will be your time to speak and shine.  Again – the Father Himself is particularly fond of the strangers, widows, orphans and fatherless.  All of this is purposed so we stop doing things out of our own strength and surrender fully to Him.  He doesn’t need us – He loves us. 

I pray this teaching has been both an encouragement and a blessing if even in only the smallest of ways.  Those of you with such precious shattered hearts are on full display in the placement of a harsh and merciless world.  You shine like the son, drawing those who are hurting unto yourself as Jesus resides within.  Only Jesus can heal what others break – so I encourage you to continually seek His embrace.

I pray you have a blessed day in Him.


Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick ~

I had an epiphany…  And I can’t wait to share it with you all.  You remember that verse in Proverbs 13:12 which says – Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life?  Well, this is just amazing…  For one thing, I never really noticed the second part of this verse before – where it says once what you hoped for arrives it comes like a tree of life – I am paraphrasing here.  For some reason I always stopped at – Hope deferred makes the heart sick.  Ugh… that hopeless feeling – I am sure all of you are fully aware of that dark cloud, aren’t you?  If not, well….  I don’t know what to say… lol  But anyway, I must admit I am sadly familiar with its lonely embrace. 

Anyway – Hope deferred or rather – delayed or seized from us, removed – can make our hearts sick.  Well that was a true eye-opener to me.  I got the delayed part – but stick with me for a bit here – because it also means a hope seized away and removed from us…  I just love how comforting clarity in the Lord’s words are to us, don’t you?  This surely explains a lot – doesn’t it?  When we have hope in something and it is taken away or removed from us, it does make our hearts sick at times, right?

Moving on – Heartsickness…  The heart in this reference is the soul of a person, our inner man – our conscience – where our emotions and passions and even courage resides – it is actually what makes you, you… the unique part of us which defines and sets us apart from all others – outside of the flesh body.  We may lose these flesh bodies, but our souls remain – just like the ones who cry out from under the alter in Revelation, saying how long oh Lord…  The same is true for us.

But anyway – those souls crying out were “sick” or rather – grieved, weak, sorrowful, wounded – just as we are at times.

But guess how this is defined in Hebrew?  It is the same as a woman in travail with birthpains… wow…  Now how amazing is this? But it gets better – it also means to be polished and made smooth!  Here all along I thought this was something I experienced that was severely wrong with me… well there is, but that is beside the point lol

So this just goes to show how important it is that we feast upon the Word with the Holy Spirit’s eye opening revelations which enlighten our hearts, healing and comforting them.

But wait – there is more…  so when our desires marry the Lord’s desires then our heart is healed unto wholeness, but when our desires do not align with His perfect will for our lives – it is removed and yes it is painful but if left in place, we would not be whole. 

Sooooo…. Do you ever feel like you are compromised?  Which is actually how all this started for me…  I was feeling greatly compromised – then the Lord started showing me just how much I have compromised from what I know to be some of my greatest heart desires – sort of like of giving in, to get along and it happens so gradually over time – one day you look in the mirror and don’t even recognize the face staring back at you anymore. 

Jesus tells us to be unmovable… to be grounded and uncompromised in Him.  And I totally get that…  but sometimes we forget just “who” is the savior and that we are not.  We forget that He gave of Himself so all could receive life everlasting – that He is poured out like a drink offering to all… We forget to let Him be God and that we are not and somewhere along the way – we give pieces of ourselves away, like little pearls so much so we become fragmented in the soul and we cast the goodness of us away to those who do not cherish us or appreciate us and in turn will trample those fragments to traces of dust. 

So there are some things you just “know” internally, like since you were little – those dreams of innocence, remember?  Before the World told you what you couldn’t do or be or how you envisioned your life to be.  Those desires placed within our hearts by the Father for His glory and purpose flowing through us.  Before the heart pain and rejection…  When you believed you were fearfully and wonderfully made and the sky was the limit.  When you dreamed of doing what you loved and loved God while doing it…  So dream with me a little – it’s safe here to do so.  Maybe you saw yourself as a fireman or police officer or in the military because He placed within you to protect others and keep order as a peacemaker.  Or maybe you wanted to be a doctor or a nurse because He placed healing in your hands, anointed with mercy and compassion.  Or maybe you desired to be a farmer or truck driver as one who fed others and gave them provision.  Or a teacher – to instruct others so their life be one of growth.  The list is endless really and as for me I always wanted to be a wife and mother – one who nurtures and cares for little ones and growing one in every way, training them and getting them ready to fly on their own, to take what I imparted into them and build upon it, doing greater things than me and with that, it is almost as if I am created to submit to and support a Godly man, in order his life be just a little bit easier because I am in it.

So now that I got your attention – can you see how the enemy has tried to redefine your heart’s desire or steal it or taint it or even that out of desperation, manipulation, force or just how it all played out – we’ve gotten away from embracing that we were born for such a time as this…  As we cling to what we’ve been told over the spoken words breathed into us by our Lord – we’ve lost ourselves a little bit or a lot, because you already know I am a hot mess…  We’ve become fragmented and our hearts are sick – very sick at times.  Our hopes have been deferred most often because they really were not our hopes, instead we were settling for many things the Father did not have in store for our lives. 

Let’s bring this full circle – lets complete the full verse…  it says – when the desire comes, it is like a tree of life.  When we return to that innocence, letting go of all the people pleasing, which we can’t maintain anyway and all the labels of what appears right in other’s eyes and simply just be who God created us to be with that very desire He placed within us we shall be strengthened once again.  It seems like we’ve all chased after a lot of counterfeits haven’t we?  And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jesus is our true and everlasting Tree of Life and is spoken of in Genesis once eaten of we will live forever.  Seems to me like we’ve eaten enough mixture of good and evil for long enough and that its time to just be YOU. 

In Revelation 2, the Church of Ephesus had works and labor and patience and could not bear them which are evil, they tried those who were false apostles only to discover they were liars and they had not fainted but guess what they left?  Their first love…  they no longer loved what they were doing.  They were given a command to go back and do the first works (hint: what they knew was placed within them) – Oh I pray you are getting this – they were told to repent and if they overcome they were granted permission to eat of the tree of life.  Thank You Lord for Your nourishing word of truth.

The Word certainly has much to say on this whole tree of life subject, I was a little shocked to find out just how much Scripture is so relevant for us.  Let’s go over some of them ~~

Revelation 22:14-15

Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.

Proverbs 15:4

A soothing tongue is a tree of life,

But perversion in it crushes the spirit.

Proverbs 11:30

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life,

And he who is wise wins souls.

Genesis 3:24

So He drove the man out; and at the east of the garden of Eden He stationed the cherubim and the flaming sword which turned every direction to guard the way to the tree of life.

John 1:4

In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.


Remember, Jesus is coming to bring fire upon the Earth wishing it was already kindled…

So let’s tie this all together, okay?

We eat of Jesus, the Tree of Life – He builds us, ignites us and keeps kindling our fire, when our hope is not deferred or quenched by outside forces we become what we partake of – HIM and we too become trees of life with fruit others may be blessed to partake of for their own building up, fire kindling as a living thing on Earth.

When we lose our desire – our first love, we start to wax and wane and our fire isn’t kindled and our lamps start to go out. 

I know most of you thought this Scripture in Revelation 2:4 was referencing Jesus, but it isn’t – no, not at all.  It reads – Nevertheless, (speaking of works here) I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.  It goes on to say – Remember from whence you’ve fallen and repent and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

They fell away from doing what they loved, it is almost as if they were no longer being authentic, sincere, true in the heart. 

Even this teaching today deals with our being adopted as a child of God – our identity as being raised up in pureness of who we were created to be in the Kingdom of God. 

So I say, dream with the Lord, I am praying He stir up within you a renewed hope in just who you are, before others told you it was wrong…  You were created with a purpose and whatever that purpose is you will not feel complete and whole until you embrace the truth of yourself, void of compromise. 

It is usually the hardest task that is the most rewarding and almost everything we do for the Lord requires two key elements – patience and love.

Now I realize this is meat – not milk.  It goes without saying… We are not talking about having pleasure in unrighteous things or being drawn away by lustful desires, motivated by selfish gain or monetary rewards or status or things like that.  We barely brushed on the subject of pleasure in righteousness and this truth is deep, void of flesh. 

Psalm 37:4 tells us that when we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart.  This embracing truth establishes in His ways and His will for our lives.  When we place Him as our centric focus – He removes all desire which does not align with His plan, which is perfect, for our lives, just as He orchestrates our steps in life.  In order for our hope to be restored He must become our hope.  A real issue in the church today is that we believe we must lose all things to follow Him – but that is not what He conveyed.  Instead He instructed us to surrender to Him and put away all things temporal and of this World.  Our hopes, dreams and passions founded in Him will come into fruition in which He alone gets the glory, as He is a God of the impossible, making all things new.

So with the new year upon us – this is a great time to reflect back on our lives and take inventory on just what we have compromised on within ourselves and let them all go.  It is also the perfect time to get truthful with ourselves regarding what is holding us back, making our hearts sick and hopeless and let it all go.  It is never too late for a Spiritual evolving or rebirth – a time for growth.  Many of us have been weighed down by demands that the Lord never intended to be put upon us.  We’ve compromised in ways He did not call us too – mainly ourselves and our true nature.  For the Lord to use us as His hands and feet, we must be purged from all mixture and counterfeit residue, walking in Spirit and truth whole-heartedly. 

I want to encourage you to dream with God again and open your eyes to see nothing is impossible with Him when we believe.  Believe in yourself and how you can do all things with Him as He strengthens you.  It seems like we have been apart from Him long enough, trying to muddle through each day, doing it our way haven’t we?  Our Father longs to give us the desires of our hearts and just because they are delayed does not mean we should lose hope or give up on those desires.  It is my prayer we will continually seek first His Kingdom, so that all things pertaining to it may be added unto us. 

In His Love ~


The HAMAN Story from the Book of Esther ~ Broadcast Transcript of November 9, 2020 with Angela

Good morning blessings family – thank you for joining me on today’s ROF Ministry broadcast.  It certainly is going to be something we need to really take to heart today.  And all we are going to share today is found within the Book of Esther.  I know many of you want to study this whole book and Lord willing I would be honored and happy to do so, should the Lord lead us that way.  But, for today, we are going to learn about Haman, the villain within the study of Esther. 

I feel like it has been forever and a day since we’ve been able to gather together and study the Bible like this – I continue to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of your love, support and prayers, I am without words honestly.  I can testify to the truth that the Lord is with us and only seeks to do good towards us and no matter what never forsakes us – in this trial Jesus’s presence and peace has been with us each step of the way and even in my fearful moments, He was there to remind me it is all going to be alright.  We are on the mend here, just taking it one day at a time and learning to lean on and trust the Lord when you need Him most.

Alright, we better get started – I hope some of you were able to read the Book of Esther or at least portions of it in preparation for today’s study.  You will see as this unfolds – how no weapon formed against us or the plans of God will be allowed to prosper and how remaining silent is not always the will of God, plus many other pearls of wisdom in this timely study, with all that is going on in this carnal World.  One thing I learned in this study is… We often just hide away, expecting the Lord to do all the work in bringing down the plots and plans of the enemy and yet… Esther was anointed, called, prepared and eventually filled to speak forth truth to reveal what was done in secret.  Did you know some carry this Esther anointing today?  Some of you listening to me right now know, you are in preparation for a date with the divine in which….  You will know the time is at hand and if you perish, you perish – but you must proclaim the Words of the Lord.  Those who like to hide their darkness, will not receive what we learn today and will likely try to convince you it is ungodly to expose darkness at work.  In truth, as we will learn today – exposing darkness without first being purified and prepared, just as Esther was and also how Mordechai was called is what is forbidden.  But I don’t want to spoil the lesson here, let’s get started!  We will eventually study more about Esther herself – who resembles the Bride of Christ, but first we are going to take a look at Haman – I can’t say I’ve ever really done a study solely on Haman before – he usually is just glossed over, but we are going to see today how the Lord uses evil for divine appointments of those who He chooses…

Who was Haman the Agagite in the Bible?

Haman is the ultimate betrayer in the book of Esther and an evil man who tried to annihilate the Jewish people. The story begins with a beautiful young Jewish girl named Hadassah, an orphan who had been raised by her cousin, Mordecai. The Jews had been living in exile in Persia, and, when King Xerxes (also known as King Ahasuerus) banished his queen – ordering her death, as she refused to come before him during a drunken feast so he could show her off, which at that time was viewed as unfaithfulness – but that’s a whole other story… So the king decided to choose another queen, Hadassah was taken into his harem, requiring months of preparations before she could even approach the King. She was eventually chosen as the next queen, and her name was changed to the more Persian-sounding Esther.  There is a whole lot more to this story – but that is the jest of the story.  Many believe – me included – that the Book of Esther portrays the end time Bride, of which many of us are included within today.  So this Book has always been close to my heart.  Esther represents the purity of the Bride and what is valuable to Jesus – not founded in riches of gold.  Esther prior to being chosen went through a long and rigorous purifying process, just like we do.  Lord willing, soon we will study the Book of Esther, getter to know her more intimately, as many of you have requested we do so.

But for today’s discussion, we are going to focus on Haman – because in truth we are surrounded by Haman’s all over the place or may even have an element resembling his nature within us, as one who plots and plans in their crafty ways our demise and you will see at the end of the story – how nothing slipped by our Lord and how He intervened and turned all the schemes that Haman had devised right back on his own head.  Reaping and sowing has never been so evident, as it is in the Book of Esther.

Haman is first mentioned in Esther 3:1: “After these things King Ahasuerus promoted Haman the Agagite, the son of Hammedatha, and advanced him and set his throne above all the officials who were with him.” Haman had become one of King Xerxes’ chief advisers, but power went to his head. It is often that we are most blinded by those we deeply care for, so much so we cannot see they are joined with us for selfish gain and not the purity of the heart.  When everyone began to kneel and pay him homage – honor by bowing down to him, he noticed that Mordecai, Esther’s adoptive father, did not bow. Mordecai, being a Jew, knew God’s command about bowing to anyone but the Lord (Exodus 20:4–5). So Mordecai quietly remained standing when all others bowed to Haman as though he were a god. This infuriated the arrogant Haman (Esther 3:5).  We see this a lot today – you become an outcast when you refuse to worship a man – which is what paying homage to actually means.

Since the king had entrusted Haman with much and trusted him – he gave ear to his counsel in that, Haman went to the king to suggest an evil plan that would destroy Mordecai and the entire Jewish race, which Haman characterized as rebellious rabble-rousers – it was a false accusation, of course (Esther 3:68). The king, not knowing Haman’s true motives – was blinded to see the actual darkness within Haman, signed a proclamation that on a certain future day the Persian people could rise up, kill their Jewish neighbors, and take their possessions (Esther 3:13). The Jews would not be allowed to defend themselves. In this way, Haman was sure he would get his revenge against Mordecai.  We must be very careful who we take counsel from, many are used today for plots of evil and we cannot even see it.  If you sense someone is manipulating your thoughts in anyway – then seek the Lord on how to proceed.

When Mordecai learned of the king’s edict, he was grief-stricken and sent word immediately to his adopted daughter, Queen Esther, pleading for her help – believing Esther was currently residing in the king’s palace via a divine appointment from the Father. Esther was fearful of going in to the king without having first been summoned – because doing so in those days carried the consequence of death, but, drawing strength from Mordecai’s words, being obedient to his Godly wisdom, she made her famous statement, “… I will go to the king, though it is against the law, and if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:16). She asked all of the Jewish exiles to fast for her for three days prior.  Esther is a beautiful example of the fortitude even the weakest of vessels have, to lay your life down to the point of death, should it be required and how obedience is better than sacrifice.  We, especially women, have been taught that silence is golden – but in this account we learn, the Father does at times rise women to speak up in a mighty darkness shattering way.

Queen Esther requested a meeting with the king, which he granted (Esther 5:1–2). She then invited him and Haman to a feast she was giving. The king was delighted with the invitation, and so was Haman, who boasted to his wife and friends about how important he was (Esther 5:11–12). Pride always comes before a fall…  At the banquet, Esther requested that the king and Haman attend another banquet the next night. Haman was “joyful and glad of heart” on his way home (Esther 5:9), yet the very sight of righteous Mordecai refusing to bow filled him again with murderous rage – see how the battlefield is truly in the mind? At his wife’s suggestion, Haman erected giant gallows, 75 feet tall, upon which to execute Mordecai – see more hidden darkness and plots and plans here?  But remember – God sees all things and even knows the intentions of other’s hearts who seek to harm us.  Now you recall the edict he tricked the king into signing, right?  To eliminate all the Jews, remember… The king was not even aware his wife Esther, who he dearly loved was also of Jewish decent, but Haman sure did.  Haman knew she too would be slaughtered and did not care – this is a prime example of what ego can do to a person, giving no regard for others, only self.  Side note:  An edict such as this one, was similar to an oath and could not be retracted – not even by the King himself.  Talk about being in an impossible situation, needing God’s intervention – this truly was one of those times, wasn’t it?
Continuing on…  But God, in His sovereign workings within the hearts of men, arranged for the king to have insomnia that night (Esther 6:1). King Xerxes called for his record books to be read to him, and he learned that Mordecai had once exposed an assassination plot against him, years prior, but no one told him – it was custom in those days to honor someone openly who did such a gesture. See you just never know how the Father is going to reward those things we’ve done in secret even years ago and use them to activate His presence in our lives today. 

Here comes my favorite part… The king realized he had never honored the man who saved his life. As he pondered how to rectify this oversight, Haman strode into the room, intending at that moment to ask the king’s permission to hang Mordecai on the gallows he had constructed. But get this – Instead, the king asked Haman, “What should be done to the man whom the king delights to honor?” (Esther 6:6).

Arrogant & narcissistic Haman, who believes the World revolves around his desires, was thinking the king was referring to him, and here is how he answered, “For the man whom the king delights to honor, let royal robes be brought, which the king has worn, and the horse that the king has ridden, and on whose head a royal crown is set. And let the robes and the horse be handed over to one of the king’s most noble officials. Let them dress the man whom the king delights to honor, and let them lead him on the horse through the square of the city, proclaiming before him: ‘Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delights to honor.'” (Esther 6:7–9). Haman could hardly contain his excitement, imagining himself honored in such a way – the Bible calls this a vain imagination.  See what happens when we desire to be the center of attention, full of envy and self?  And see how the Lord intervenes when we sin in such a way.

“‘Excellent!’ the king said to Haman. ‘Quick! Take the robes and my horse, and do just as you have said for Mordecai the Jew, who sits at the gate of the palace. Leave out nothing you have suggested!'” (Esther 6:10, NLT). So Haman had no choice but to obey the King and to lead the man he hated on the king’s own horse, honoring him through the streets. Haman went home in disgrace, with bitterness, rage and jealousy filling his heart. Haman was livid Mordechai would not bow to him and look… He ended up having to bow to Mordechai – see our Father rights every wrong doesn’t He?

Just then, his servants told him it was time for Esther’s banquet.

This would be the second banquet, the king was so pleased with his gracious and beautiful wife that he asked her what she would like, even up to half of his kingdom (Esther 7:2). Then Esther told him of Haman’s evil plot to destroy her people. Pointing to him, she said, “This wicked Haman is our adversary and our enemy!” (Esther 7:6, NLT).

The king was so enraged that he went outside to cool down. While he was gone, Haman, in fear for his life, fell at Esther’s feet, begging for mercy – talk about tables turning. The king walked back in and saw Haman clawing at the queen as his mind was totally given over to jealousy (similar to how our Lord is a jealous God), and his fury reached its peak – which by the way is what we are currently waiting for when Jesus, our Beloved shows up on our behalf. “Will he even assault the queen in my presence, in my own house?” he exclaimed and Haman was ordered to be executed at once (Esther 7:8). The guards rushed in and hauled Haman to the very gallows he had constructed for Mordecai (Esther 7:10). There he was executed.

Again… he ended up being killed by the very weapon he had devised to use against God’s people.  Can you hear me?  Please take this to heart.  When anyone plots to harm one of God’s children, the debt you have to pay, may be delayed but is not canceled unless we, in truth of the heart, humbly feel sorry and repent, pleading for mercy, seeking reconciliation.  If you do not understand anything else from today’s message – please take hold of this truth. Those who touch me – or touch you – either in deed or word or thought are messing with the apple of God’s eye and it not only tempts Him to intervene, once He does it is very fearful to fall into the hands of our Lord when angered.  I see this as a very serious warning to some.  When we do not take matters into our own hands, God takes over, remember that.

Then Mordecai helped the king write another proclamation that would allow the Jews to congregate and defend themselves against any aggressors (Esther 8). The Jews were victorious. Esther was given Haman’s estate, and Mordecai was promoted to Haman’s position as chief adviser to King Xerxes. Haman’s fate is an example of poetic justice and divine retribution. What Haman designed for evil God used for good in the lives of people who trusted in Him (Genesis 50:20) and put it all woven into His documented word as a precious promise and pearl for His Bride.

And by our hearts – let’s just say… They lived happily ever after!

So that’s the story, but I think the Lord is directing us to study just a little more deeper into Haman – his characteristics and what drove him as a weakness to fall in such a horrible snare to do wickedness against his own by trickery and deceit, those who reside within his occupied kingdom. 

The book of Esther several times points out that Haman was an Agagite—This is significant because, centuries earlier, King Saul had been commanded to destroy all the Amalekites (1 Samuel 15:1–3). Saul disobeyed and in complete disobedience allowed some of Agag’s descendants to survive. Haman the Agagite and his attempted genocide of the Jews serve as reminders of the importance of obeying God completely and to not take matters into our own hands due to our carnal nature.

Who were the Amalekites?  They were longtime enemies of God’s people.  When we associate with people who desire to harm others, we cannot deny it shapes our core identity – like spirits, minds and hearts collect together – it is like the gang which gathered together with one common target – to kill Jesus.  It is this mob mentality we are witnessing today.  There most certainly are remnants of the evil Amalekites among us today INSIDE THE CHURCH.  Did you know ministries are actually formed on one sole basis – a commonality of heart, mind, soul and spirit?  Which is why many will gather with one commonality – they are against a particular group.  Some of you all gather the same way… I actually watch you run to these dens of iniquity, I say nothing but I certainly pray a lot.  Michael and I recently had this discussion and its going on and yet many are blind to it, Lord help us.  Some actually gather under the pretense of being against others behind the scenes – while chatting with you at a love feast in the chatroom.  Lord have mercy.  And one day…  God is going to rise some of us to actually speak up, revealing the truth in His appointed time, all throughout the World.

Okay, let’s take the Word – making it active and apply it into our own lives today, as Haman is set for an example to us who took accuser of the brethren to a whole new level – into plotting and planning the demise of God’s chosen…  So today we are going to take a look at four key attributes Haman had, which are contrary to the nature of our Lord and therefore, should not be found in us either.

What drove Haman?  He wanted to be HONORED… He wanted all eyes on him, he was so overtaken with attention seeking desires, he would do anything to be noticed, embraced and honored.  And just like he got so angry when Mordechai would not bow to him when he demanded attention – we also see this happening in the church today.  Need I say more?  Okay I will… Haman was filled with wrath – so he started picking up his phone, going to chatrooms and sending emails, forming mobs against others… lol…. Well not really, but you get my drift?  When we feed another person’s ego, who wants too much attention – we are bowing down to their ego demands… ouch… sorry about that one, but it is truth and some of you all see it every day.  We are creating monsters in a sense when we do this – we are to put down our childish ways, not feed them and if you stop embracing their demons – well brace for the fury of hell to be unleashed upon you.  Have you ever tried telling a 16 year old no, when you let them have their way for the prior 15 years?  Well, its something like that…Please remember – these Haman’s are inside the kingdom rubbing elbows with us and will be until God does the revealing of what is being hidden.

In Esther 3:5. we see the first lesson from Haman’s story:

When Haman saw that Mordecai did not bow or pay him homage, Haman was filled with wrath.

What does that word “wrath” mean?  Burning anger!

How does this apply to us?

Haman’s heart was POISONED with burning anger when Mordecai didn’t show him any honor by bowing to him.

But what about us?

When people don’t show us honor or recognition or attention for what we do or say or needs we have–whether it’s at church, at school, at home, at work, wherever–do we allow our hearts to be POISONED by NEGATIVE FEELINGS? Maybe, like Haman, we allow our hearts to be poisoned with burning anger.
Or perhaps with the poison of jealousy.
Or the poison of sadness.
Or maybe we allow our hearts to be poisoned with discouragement.

Many right now are poisoned in the heart because we do not all agree on everything.  Not being able to hear the point of another is a huge red flag.  I call those who are unruly and unteachable… set to be beaten with many stripes.

Whatever the case may be, Paul wrote in the book of Colossians that we shouldn’t be copying this trait that Haman had, and allow ourselves to be poisoned with negative emotions.  And how do you know these negative emotions have a grip on you?  You cannot refrain from spreading them to others via words or attitudes.  Those who do this bounce around from gathering to gathering continually – seeking to be lifted up by others.  If they won’t get honor and attention one place – they will leave and seek it somewhere else.  As they enter, they have not shaken the dust off – which is the residue of complaint of where they were before, as there is always something wrong with them and always something wrong with everyone else.  They seek a mob to join with who they have a commonality with to be against others, not for them.

Side note:  We are to love others as we love ourselves, which is quite telling by the way – people who condemn others are one of two things usually – either they are so full of pride they only see the faults of others and measure everyone according to their own walks or they continually condemn themselves and therefore do not love themselves much and are on the ready to love you the same way – by condemning you all in the name of love in words… But we know the Lord told us to love in word and deed. Amen.

Haman Had Mood Swings

Haman had a huge issue with being controlled by his emotional desires
In Esther 5:9 we see another flaw we can learn from Haman’s life:

So Haman went out that day joyful and with a glad heart; but when Haman saw Mordecai in the king’s gate, and that he did not stand or tremble before him, he was filled with indignation against Mordecai.

We see here Haman all happy when Esther just invites him and the king to her banquet. But the minute he sees Mordecai, he allows the sight of Mordecai to poison and destroy the joyful happiness in him.

How many of us do the same exact thing?  Happy one moment, then hopeless the next all due to circumstances we cannot control.  We may even be in a good mood until so-and-so shows up.  I am so thankful the Lord showed me the error of my ways in this, I must admit it is still a struggle at times…

There are times we do act like Haman and allow the joyful happiness in our hearts as God’s children, to become POISONED and DESTROYED by one or all three of the following:

  • We see or are forced to interact with someone we dislike (similar to what happened to Haman)
  • A trial hits
  • Someone insults us, doesn’t agree with us or falsely accuses us

And honestly, the list goes on and on! How many of us allow the joyful happiness we as Christians have the blessed privilege to experience in our hearts and souls to be POISONED AND WRECKED by feelings of anger, sadness, doubt, envy, jealousy, or discouragement? Are you or I acting like Haman and allowing our FEELINGS to CONTROL US rather than FAITH IN GOD? Are we allowing our emotions to dominate us and our desires instead of allowing God to be in control?  Quite often we let the enemy steal our joy in such a way, forgetting all things are purposed and planned according to what God has ordained for the betterment of our lives in relationship to Him, knowing He gives and takes away and our Father knows what’s best for us as His child.

Haman Planted The Wrong Field

Haman spent his time sowing the field of self with a bitter heart of intention–and he reaped the bitterest consequence- the demise he planned for another captured actually him – resembling of why lucifer fell – due to ego and pride.

If we look at our hearts as a field of harvest – we will see whatever is inside the truth of us is coming out by words and actions.  Our words cannot hide what we do and what we do or don’t do reveals that which is not said.  When we want to be “as God” setting ourselves up to be God, soon to follow is a desire to be worshiped as God… the higher we climb the harder the fall.  Rebellion is the most nasty thing which can remain in our hearts, purge us Lord.

Are we good this morning?  It just seems like every single message the Lord gives us right now proves out how short time is for us to make ourselves ready as His Bride and sometimes I honestly feel bad for even sharing what He corrects me with to you all.  Because I continually pray to Him, Lord please do not let me deceive myself into thinking I am more pure or faultless than I ought to… This is what comes out. 

Now for the final lesson from Haman’s flaw-filled life – He reaped death in the same manner of which he had intentions towards another.

We will focus in on Esther 7, verses 9 to 10:

Now Harbonah, one of the eunuchs, said to the king, “Look! The gallows, fifty cubits high, which Haman made for Mordecai, who spoke good on the king’s behalf, is standing at the house of Haman.”
Then the king said, “Hang him on it!”
So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the king’s wrath subsided.

Because Haman was planting the poisonous seeds of pride, anger, deceitfulness, craftiness, selfish desire and attention with wrath in himself, he harvested the ultimate consequence:  Death in the same manner he plotted to take down the children of God.

Many years after the events of the book of Esther took place, Paul wrote these words to the church in Galatia found in Galatians 6:8 –

If you plant in the field of your natural desires, from it you will gather the harvest of death; if you plant in the field of the Spirit, from the Spirit you will gather the harvest of eternal life.

Just like Haman planted and cultivated the field of his narcissistic pride and emotional desires, and harvested the weeds of death, the same exact thing could happen to US which is why we are to keep watch over and guard our own hearts.  It is so imperative we are mindful continually of the type of fields we are both planting and nurturing – tending to and fostering to grow.  There are fields of positive spiritual character for growth or–like Haman–are we planting and cultivating the field of selfish and carnal desires, especially in our view of others. 

At times we may think we are praying FOR someone when we actually are praying ABOUT someone.  Do we approach God’s Throne with accusations like the enemy – full of reproach and complaints or do we genuinely and of the heart of Jesus lift them up to Him in a lovingly prayerful way?  He really convicted me on this one – as I reflected back on my own prayer life He showed me at times, even with my own children, I have approached Him with a list of complaints as if He does not know even deeper than I all that they have done against Him in rebellion.  I pray this touches your heart as well, to consider just how we are praying for others.  Are we praying for our unsaved loved ones in a prideful way, looking down upon them, while lifting ourselves up?  Again, He severely corrected me regarding praying ABOUT someone rather than for them.  What a gift repentance actually is from our Lord, when He places a conviction upon our hearts causing them to change.

So back to Haman… and especially back to God’s plan which supersedes all weapons formed by our enemy.

Esther 2:22 speaks how God always reveals what evil does in darkness.  Here is how it reads – But Mordechai found out about the plot and told Queen Esther, who in turn reported it to the king, giving credit to Mordechai.  That day – rebellion was revealed, along with the plots to harm God’s chosen people.  I just love how when you read the Bible, specifically the Book of Esther, the Holy Spirit ushers us into the Word so deeply it is like we become eyewitnesses to what was, what is and what shall be.  We know the Holy Spirit breathes life and power into Scripture, causing Biblical figures to leap to their feet and come alive as role models for us to learn from.

Esther resembles us, the Bride of Christ, as a lavish recipient of the favor of the Lord upon her.  She had Christ-like people skills, manners, compliance, surrender and especially her modesty and humility.  That same favor is offered to us, when we lay our lives down for the purpose of Jesus.  By our simple willingness to release our self-wills and follow God’s instructions we are placed into perfect reception for the indwelling of the Lord inside us as His Bride and Body.  Impatient and self-promoting people who are disobedient, fortifying their wills, don’t win favor this way – it is those who respect authority, who are not insulted by instruction, who practice the art of truly listening and who follow through by doing what they have committed to do are equally yoked with Jesus, their Bridegroom.  People who resist following an earthly authority’s instructions, backbite/gossip and minimizing behind the superior’s back, aren’t apt to follow God’s commands either – they still have much rebellion within, unwilling to yield to others and even the Lord.  When we do not like being told what to do by others, resisting at every turn – we also tend to resist God when He is giving instructions.  I realize taking instructions can seem like an unattractive way to win favor, but as fortitude is formed, it becomes second nature to comply at the leading of the Spirit, rather than seeking to prove a point – choosing the excellence of Christ is to represent Him in every way possible.  It is the Kingdom mindset to place all others ahead of yourself.  In God’s Kingdom, the least are the greatest, don’t forget that.

It was because of Mordechai’s position, not necessarily himself, that placed him as a target by Haman.  He was one of the officials as a government employee – often sitting at the king’s gate as the eyes and ears of what was happening in the king’s kingdom.  It was pretty ironic that a Jew was placed by the Father in such a position and he would be the one chosen – yet hidden from – the king to jump to his defense.  The Lord really corrected me a lot in this study about how the World is not evil, people are and that He is always in charge and sovereign, no if’s and’s or but’s… In Esther we see a clash of light – Mordechai and darkness – Haman.  Mordechai was steadfast, trustworthy, wise, hidden and overlooked.  Haman was prideful, full of anger/hate, self-seeking, wealthy and very crafty. 

It is during the last days, the enemy can most easily wear out the saints – the more we fear the more weary we get and the less we obey.  When we fear the Lord, we walk securely in obedience fearlessly about what man or evil can do to us.  Remember, the knee will bow to something – it might as well be to the truth.  Amen.

There is really even so much more we can glean from this life story of Haman, but for now I think we will stop right here.  Remember, offense was not given any placement within Esther or Mordechai – they just simply sought the Lord when faced with adversity.  Haman on the other hand, walked around continually in offense – so this seems like a real wake up call to me, wouldn’t you agree?

A day is coming when the least shall rise up and speak, darkness shall be revealed by truth – which by the way is how the Lord is going to reveal all hidden darkness, it is with pure truth – He is a just God… He is just… do you hear that in your spirit?  JUST should cause your spirit to leap, even if only a little.

If He is just – If He is for justice and He abides within us – then we too shall be for justice.  Did you know the Lord actually requires this of us?  Micah 6:8 says —

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

Justice, Mercy, Humility —- and this is what is required of us, I cannot wait to study this more!

Lastly, before I go…  We need to have a little talk soon about “The Orphan Spirit” which has been plaguing many of us… I should probably call it ORPHAN IDENTITY… All of us who have been abandoned, betrayed and not loved by those who said they did or were in placed positions within our lives to do so and didn’t, were certainly placed within a special sphere to receive love from the Father, Who’s love is authentic and pure.  I always like to give you all a hint into what the Lord is doing in my personal life with the intent I will share it with you when He released me to do so.  So there you have it – Justice through us upon all and the purposed identity of an orphan.  It is a work in progress, just like we are.

Again, thank you all for joining me today – it is my prayer that in all we do and say Jesus alone is glorified.  May we continue to decrease, in that He may increase, in our lives and throughout the whole World.

Thank you for your support and love and prayers.  I am slowly getting back into answering your daily emails and appreciate your patience while I do so.  I am continually wrapping each of you in my love and prayers and thank the Lord for the presence of you in my life always.  Don’t forget that we don’t know fully what tomorrow holds, but we know Who holds all of our tomorrows.

Love and Bless each of you – have a very joyfully blessed day!

Slow To Anger ~ Broadcast Transcript with Angela

Slow To Anger ~ October 1, 2020

Good Morning Blessings to each of you today – thank you for joining me for today’s ROF Ministries broadcast!  I certainly pray you are at peace today and staying firming placed upon the narrow path, which leads us to Jesus in His righteous ways.  I was thinking about how the broad way is a more external pathway, while the narrow way is internal and of the heart surrendered fully to Jesus.  Outwardly, our wills and ways lead us, inwardly His will and ways lead us.  You can easily tell now who is being led by the flesh with one easy to spot key — how they react to their surroundings and those around them or what they see or hear.  So with that – “react” is our word of the day, that we are going to measure ourselves by.  Just how are we “reacting” to all that is going on around us, especially other people? 

I didn’t watch the debate the other night, but what little bit I did observe, it was a disaster – a prime example of how not to react to someone or something.  It’s pitiful really… Lord help them.  Offense, accusation, interrupting, showing disgust, false shaming statements, being boastful on self, prideful, etc… Are all examples of how a child of God does not react by walking in Spirit and truth.  I am finding myself perplexed on how anyone who truly loves Jesus could uphold such behavior?

And if it’s not bad enough…  We have those who say they are Christians, displaying more characteristics of the World than Jesus all by how they react.  So today is going to be another truth hitting measuring rod and mirror into the Word to see just how we measure up according to the commands of Jesus in His likeness.  You all ready?

Love never fails, unless we do.  As long as we are walking in love – love covers all shortcomings and prevails.  For contention or strife to set in, we must surrender to it, becoming a spokesperson for it to have it’s way – losing patience equals losing graceful responses.  So the same is true for anger…  We must give placement to anger for anger to override love.  We all get irritated at times, but it is our reaction to the irritating which sets us on the course in the direction we shall go, anger or love… To be angry and sin not is – we sense anger and irritation seeking to influence us and we choose love instead.  All these conniption fits we’ve thrown, have to go.  It is time to put away all childish ways and grow… Grow in love, that is.  To check ourselves as to how often we actually do walk in the purity of love is to really consider in truth – how often we get angry?  Is it daily? Hourly? Weekly? Or when we don’t get our way?  Whatever the case may be – we must be honest with ourselves and mainly with Jesus – Just how often are we upset and angry?  This is no time to be in denial – time is too short for any of that.  Oh and for all of those who are passive aggressive, yet still angry – that counts.  Passive aggressive anger is for all those pouters out there, who may have an occasional hissy fit but on a regular basis withdraw and withhold love.  Not everyone who is angry lashes out and gives people a cussin… lol

Okay so now that we have that settled – all are included in today’s study, because all get angry sometimes.  We are going to start out today in James 1 –

19 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

20 For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

  • We are to be faster to hear someone than we are to speak to or about them
  • And in this – He basically just said our anger/wrath is founded in self-righteousness, not God’s

So we are going to sidestep just a moment and talk for a moment about how to respond to a reproach in a fearless and Lord seeking way.

It is true – words from others do hurt our hearts at times.  Let’s take a look at a portion of

1 Peter 3 –

Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous:

Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.

10 For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:

11 Let him eschew evil, and do good; let him seek peace, and ensue it.

12 For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

13 And who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good?

14 But and if ye suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled;

15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

16 Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.

17 For it is better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing.

So here we are… We at times are slandered, reproached, reviled and yet… If we remain in righteousness we protect our conscience from being seared in many ways and the Lord is sanctified within our hearts so that we do not repay evil for evil and then they will fall directly into the hands of the Lord and He will deal directly with them.  And I so love the last verse… What an uplifting verse that is – since we all suffer at times, He encourages us that it is so much better to suffer for well doing than because of our own evil actions.  Wow – thank You Lord.

When we fearlessly in Jesus, respond or not – to slander or reproach or they who reviles against us – there is so much growth fruit produced and love prevails!

It becomes a – teaching moment, purging moment, growth moment in love, blessings in suffering for the sake of Jesus (carrying our cross daily), an opportunity to whole-heartedly in faithfulness choose Jesus.  Adversity also exposes who our enemies are in truth – when we may otherwise be blinded, it exposes when someone we thought were close to us are intentionally coming against us and exposes deficiency in our own walks.  So it is truly revealing how with the Lord’s hand placed upon us – He works all things together for our own good, since we are being called according to His purpose and plan.  He promises not to leave us ignorant to the enemies devices, but often we reject His wisdom, don’t we?

When we respond without fear, without railing accusations in return or defending of self we are then in right position to see clearly by the Spirit and consider the source – the accuser – the one who the enemy is using to be his vessel of usage to actually be – the accuser of the brethren, who throw his wielded fiery darts.  By refusing to engage and participate – we are not returning evil for evil and not engaging with evil in anyway. 

  • Remember – you do not have to respond to an accusation whatsoever.
  • The enemy wants us to be provoked in order we stoop to his level in putting someone to an open shame.
  • Our flesh always wants to save face and justify itself – but remember, Jesus gave no placement to the devil by responding.  Giving an answer not only makes us surrender to evil by permission to rule over us it also deflects Jesus as the focal point in our lives.
  • When we are preoccupied with explaining ourselves to vessels of iniquity it empowers them and remember they will never be satisfied with the answer we give anyway – it is a trap.
  • The whole game he is playing here is to get us ensnared into who is right and who is wrong so that we too become a vessel participating in and with the spirit of accusation.
  • When we keep a good conscience before the Lord, it does not become seared, in which we no longer see a need to repent for wicked ways and instead justify iniquity within ourselves.
  • Scripture tells us truth is always revealed and when we bow out of the entangled web of infighting the Word tells us “God will reveal the truth about you and those accusing you will be ashamed”… If we disengaged completely, the Lord takes over, so we should have some comfort in His ways which are perfect.  This is what it looks like to be one after God’s heart.
  • Sparring with others only robs us of our peace and trying to defend ourselves against faultfinders only fuels their fiery darts.  If you explain one situation, they will find another to rail against you with and it becomes a cycle of hate. So it is a lose-lose situation for all involved and heartbreaking for those on the sidelines, who feel compelled to take a side. 
  • When we are unruly, we are unteachable and not willing to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Unteachable people have hearts which are very far away from God, evident by how they react and treat those who are opposing them.

Many honor Him with their lips but their hearts are far from Him – be not deceived, listen you all…. Every single thing right now is about sowing and reaping, it is almost as if the reapers are here… just sayin…  God is not mocked, mocked by pretending to walk in love outwardly, while inwardly you are laced with sin, especially fuming in anger.

Listen, the religious know all about the rules, traditions and even Scripture – but guess what?  They do not know the nature of our Father – Our Father in Heaven, Who sows mercy, grace and love continually upon His children.  Our Father who disciplines His own children because He loves us.  Our Father who allowed all the sins of the World to come upon His Son in order that we be saved.  Our Father Who is just and merciful and full of lovingkindness towards us.

Hey – some of you all need to stop blaming the devil for what our Father is allowing in your lives to draw you back into His loving arms.  Just because a momma saves her child from pulling the boiling pot of water off the stove does not mean that same child doesn’t have blisters on his hands from touching it to begin with.  Some of you all, look at those blisters you have – they will heal in time, but are you ready to stop touching that stove yet?  Reaping and sowing…. Don’t cry about being gossiped about when you talk about others at every turn – which is totally different than being persecuted for your faith by the way.  How you react and respond is everything of who you really are…  I heard an amazing message yesterday about how we like to appear all holy and then get a phone call and we are all ears to hear the faults of another – a gossiper always wants the whole story, often chasing after the one offended and this happens all the time in the chatroom… Again, we cannot mock God, He knows full well the intentions of our hearts.  I am glad Michael shut the chatroom down at night and during unproductive times – as a matter of fact, I asked him to do this three years ago.  When you have people gathering to get the dirt on others to spread gossip – then its becoming a place where unholy alliances gather.  I think you all call yourself “lurkers” – which I’ve never liked that word.  You do realize the opposite of the lurker is the prey you are spying on, right?  Lurkers are nosey if the only reason they are there is to see what others are talking about – that isn’t “serving” the Lord, how about you go lurk at the Salvation Army and feed the homeless?  Or walk your city block and pray for the members of each house on your street?  There are so many opportunities to spread the Gospel of peace in this dark World.  But gathering information on others is not on God’s to do list, that’s for sure.  Okay, that’s my rant for the day… When we are about the Father’s business, we are busy not busybodies.

So back to our study…  We are to be slow to anger, because our Father is slow to anger.  Love puts the others first by demonstrating charity (giving of self) to them.  Charity actually is:  LOVE IN ACTION, deeds – not simply words.  We have many that gather with us at our feasts of charity who do not gather to share in Jesus’s love – they want to take what is offered, yet they lack “charity” – they lack giving, only seeking to receive and these spots, as the Word calls them – they can suck the life right out of a person, if we are not careful.  And they bounce around from place to place because discontentment resides within – they are never at peace and never happy in one place for too long – as fault gatherers they stay until where they are a fault is found, then in a huff they leave – looking for the next best thing.  It is chaos, division from within – they bring it in, because it resides within them and yet… since it follows them everywhere they go – there is no peace.

Agape Love – is what the brethren of Jesus’s body share one to another and it is pure and it is rare.  Agape or rather affectionate love shows goodwill (giving natures), tenderness (very gentle), benevolence (healing of the heart), kindness (mercy) and helps others within the body to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  When gathering with 2 or more together at an agape feast there is a fostering for growth of mutual love and exchange of love – given and received, it replicates being equally yoked to love, Himself.  Love is tangible – it is not some made up concept.  God is love – you can sense Him, embrace Him, walk in Him and most importantly abide in His Love.

A beautiful display of this sort of love is found in the bible in a way you may not have considered it to be so before…  At the celebration of the Lord’s supper we found poor Christians mingling together with the wealthy, all partaking of the same food provided and we are taught in Scripture, the rich gladly provided for the food they partook of.  Jesus says all come to Him – none are counted out to feast upon His love and share it one to another.  Provocation of any kind is at enmity with love and is bordering hatred.

We learn from His word that love is not easily provoked in 1 Corinthians 13:5 – which is a beautiful description of love shared among believers – each more greatly concerned with the wellbeing of the others than they are for themselves.  Love is what we do when living inside the Kingdom, because our identity is love, Himself.  By demonstrating goodwill to one another it is the highest form of sacrifice in love we can offer unto Jesus.  By loving others, we actually are loving Him to a higher degree.  It is Him loving through us and it is rare and it is precious.

We display His love by –

  • Sharing in the sufferings of others, because He does
  • Never inflicting pain on others, either verbally or physically, because He didn’t
  • To sincerely be for the life and not the death of everyone, because Jesus is

I say all this to hopefully and prayerfully prompt us all to realize in truth the only heart we have a hand in changing is our own.  If things are a mess, and nowadays they certainly are – when we change, it automatically fortifies a change in others.  And when we fully surrender to the ways of Jesus – it may take some time, but truly only 3 things remain – faith, hope and love and anything outside of those things, roll right off our flesh, no longer provoking us to respond.  This is the nature of fellowship with other believers.  One obstacle many are facing right now – and I did too years ago, so I get it – is we’ve joined to fellowship with those the Lord did not place us with out of our own strong freewill – we’ve talked about this a lot, but anyone or anything that is above Jesus in our lives is being severed.  It is not that we cannot be with others as much as whoever we place above Him, well now – He is severing ties all over the place and saying Hey come and see, this is your mother, father, brother, sister…  We have chosen in the past to be unequally yoked with many and now sits in our heart a complaint as if the Lord is requiring too much of us.  We’ve all done this by the way, the Lord is calling us to acknowledge our part and confess to Him how we’ve errored off the path to righteousness.

The Lord told us we can attain – tongues, prophecy, understand all the mysteries of God, have knowledge, all the faith possible, we can sell everything and feed the poor with the money we gain, we can even reach the point of death and if we do not have LOVE void of self-concerns, then we have nothing.  That is surely a sobering statement isn’t it?

Charity suffers with others for as long as someone else suffers.  It also is kind, never envies others, never boasts or is not prideful, it does not behave inappropriately or seek selfish gain, is not easily provoked/offended, never considers for one moment to do evil upon another, is not happy when someone is caught in iniquity, it never lies and is always rejoicing in the truth, it conceals the shortcomings of others – rather than putting them to an open shame and never, ever betrays as it is always displaying fidelity towards others.  Love never fails or falls away, it hopes and trusts in the Lord to make a way and it endures all things by remaining calm when mistreated.  PURE LOVE TRUSTS THE LORD, knowing He is sovereignly protecting, guiding and teaching in the truth we are being kept within the shadows of His love.

Wow – that is quite sobering, isn’t it?  Seems we all have some purifying left within our hearts, don’t we?  There is a great falling away right now that we are witnessing at the moment and it is increasing at an alarming rate every single day.  We are studying this to insure we do not fall into it’s smothering grasp and be carried away by offense.

The Lord instructs us how love never fails – love never falls away, people fall away from love, but love always remains.  Prophecies may cease, mans words shall be erased, knowledge will vanish because we only know in part/which is mixture.  Mixture is being emptied out of our hearts in that which is perfect may come and reside within. 

Jesus tells us to rid ourselves of all mixture, childish ways – to contain the purity of – speech, understanding and thoughts.  As we grow into spiritual maturity all childish ways are done away with and are actually rejected by us personally/tossed into the sea of forgetfulness – which is part of the schism in the Body right now.  Some are full on with Jesus and others still prefer to play around, leaning on their own carnal understanding.  When we look into the mirror of His word, in the reflection of self we see mixture – a little bit of Jesus and a little bit of us – which is called “seeing darkly in the mirror” or seeing in part.  As we mature we know HIM as He knows us – through the eyes of LOVE, we are known to Him and all.  In this process of cleansing we become cleansed, empty of self and pure and when that happens, again – what remains?  FAITH IN JESUS, HOPE IN JESUS & LOVE IN JESUS – we have then been purged of the World’s carnal influence, self-seeking ways, our old natures and all rebellion – against God and others.  Jesus said – if you love Me you will do as I say….  We evolve into beings who are obedient to one voice – we hear one voice and we follow it… HIS.

The Lord speaks quite harshly on “idle words”… these words are fruitless, dead and not profitable for life.  Cursing others, self or God forbid, even the Lord… Any word not profitable for FAITH, HOPE OR LOVE is an idle word.  Only the children of perdition as spoken of in Hebrews 10 use such idle words.  Mathew 26 says they have taken the broad way to destruction and are set to destroy others.  They may say destructive and disruptive things or give opinions, they are full of misery and oppose others at every turn.  We are to be for life, they are for death.  We display the nature of the Father, Who seeks life for all, they deny His nature and will often prepare a mind list of why you must die – counting faults, rather than digging for treasure hidden within someone.  The Word tells us they sadly will be excluded from the Kingdom of God and it is evident this severing is occurring right now.  Romans 9 tells us they are vessels of wrath because they have their minds on flesh or Earthly things, found in Philippians 3, they are ungodly as written in 2 Peter 3 and because they embrace death, search for it and point it out in others… they are wallowing in the Book of death – their names are not recorded in the Book of Life or else they have been blotted out – by their choosing of their own rebellious ways, unteachable – which is mentioned in Revelation 17.  It is so sad, but they have the mark of the beast upon their hearts – what they worship, they bow down to and it is self-ego.  They love self, way more than they love the truth and therefore are so compromised the beastly animalistic ways have set up inside them, as found in 2 Thessalonians 2 states – they mystery of iniquity is fully at work within their hearts, recognizable by their pride, ego and worship of self.  It is very sad to me, but on that day when Jesus returns – they will view Him as their enemy, although they may have worshiped Him with their mouths, their hearts are far from Him, so He will say, depart from Me, I never knew you.  He will say to them, your works were evil in power, signs, lying wonders, mesmerizing masses to deceive and beguile because when I really appeared before you – I was hungry, but you gave Me no food, when I was thirsty you gave me no drink and so forth… Because what you do unto the least of these, You did unto Me… Love, consoles and suffers long.  The wicked shall be revealed at the brightness of His coming, consumed by Him and destroyed – but do you know why?  His light always destroys by overtaking and overshadowing darkness.  So if we still have mixture within us when He appears, guess what happens?  We are set for consumption and destroyed.  Now remember, this is only for those who did not receive the love of the truth when it was offered – we can choose whether to receive or deny His love and His truth and His ways.  The Lord knows who is and is not truly seeking Him with all they are and who just says it for show – those pretending are sent a strong delusion so that they believe a lie because they have pleasure in doing unrighteous acts – too many to name – it is not that we all don’t make mistakes, it is the denying our shortcomings – which is a form of rebellion – that gets us into trouble.  I’ve known actual people who not only lie, they begin to believe the lie they told to the point they are delusional in their thinking so much so they want to argue their way out of getting caught, by trying to convince you that you are crazy.  The Word tells us the devil is the father of all liars.  This is no time to be excusing our sinful ways – lets just admit our fallen nature and keep praying and seeking the Lord to come to us in our time of weakness so that we are granted that gift of repentance and walk as children of light.  Not one of us is guaranteed to even wake up tomorrow – time is too short to be snagged on pride, we’ve all fallen short of His glorious ways – it doesn’t matter so much how we’ve fallen short, but rather that we whole-heartedly seek Him for reconciliation.

I was reading in 2 Thessalonians 3 – which is so timely for right now!  We surely need the Father’s assistance to sustain us within the World we live at the moment.  All over the place people are so very cunning and crafty – embracing you with their words of love and stabbing you in the back when you aren’t looking or aware they are around.  So I was praying this Scripture to the Lord and asking for Him to deliver us from unreasonable and wicked people who portray themselves as having faith and love in Jesus but do not.  I was asking Him to keep us from evil continually and direct our hearts to love Him and others and to patiently wait for Jesus.  May He divinely help us to withdraw ourselves from those who are disorderly, unruly, rebellious and refuse to submit to God’s authority or others He placed over them.  May He pour out His spirit of conviction upon those who are deviants, busybodies and unrepentant, showing them mercy to turn from their wicked ways before it is too late.  Amen.

This is all in 2 Thessalonians – I am simply interceding in agreement with what the Lord already wrote. 

I need to remind us how in verse 11 it says, it is useless to the Body to be inquisitive about other people’s private business or to busy yourself with what someone is doing, being nosey or too pre-occupied yourself with what (Michael) I mean – others are doing. Lololol    Sorry, I just had to throw that in there…  I know people who actually lose sleep watching for Michael… that’s just crazy, I don’t even do that myself, which by the way, makes Michael very uncomfortable – that I know for a fact.

I was thinking about how in verse 13 He tells us not to grow weary in doing good – our own labors wear us out don’t they?  It seems Jesus pours into us and pours out through us, but when we “do good works” it can get exhausting.  When we are doing good with Jesus, rather than by ourselves – we are strengthened in Him – to live uprightly, being righteous in our thoughts and actions, obedient, surrendered to Jesus and disciplined… Which actually strengthens us and it is the easier, calmer way to live.

He goes on in verse 14 to tell us – those who do not obey Him we are to not keep company with them.  Which actually means to associate with, mingle, entertain, be intimate with so that they become ashamed (in order to repent) – this is not saying we shun them, but rather DO NOT ENGAGE OR ENTERTAIN what they are doing – we do not participate in it.  Now a couple things about this – one is, if we share in the same sin as them we will overlook their disobedience because we do not want to change ourselves and somehow we convince ourselves if another is doing it, it is irrelevant.  Sinners just love someone they can sin with equally.  Some people take great offense at this Scripture because they are seeing it through their mindseye, but this is totally for the betterment of the other person – not for saving yourself – when you disengage in the disobedient behaviors of another it is so they make a course correction in their life, it is also how you passively can redirect someone without preaching to them.  Remember, this is about them, not you.

Let’s say you have someone who calls you and every time they do – they always work their way around to a topic of complaint or finding faults in others.  You hang on the phone, not injecting, just listening – but you don’t speak up either.  By doing nothing, you are telling them without saying – what they are doing is acceptable in your presence… We are to avoid such darkness, not go along with it by being silent.  Instead, as led by the Holy Spirit we can tell them we are happy to talk to them about anything but gossip, complaints or faults in others and when they start in – we say, sorry I need to go now.  If we do this on a consistent basis, eventually that door for the enemy to enter into your conversations will be closed and hopefully, this person will realize and be ashamed enough to repent.  If they refuse to stop, then you do not have to keep taking their phone calls, in hopes they will reflect on their own disobedience.  Saying nothing is not doing them a favor.  Often when we take a stand of boldness in the Lord – they will lash out and cut you off and that is okay, that is their freewill and an excellent time for us to intercede and pray for them continually.

We are told in verse 15 to not count this person as an enemy, but love them enough as a brother or sister for that matter to admonish them.  And of course, we do these things with a heart of love for them – don’t admonish anyone you do not have a close inner relationship with – but an intimate one of the heart.  Admonish sounds so much harsher than it actually is – because people walk around already in offense.  Admonish in Greek simply means to:  warn, caution or gently correct.  Remember – rules without relationship breeds rebellion.  If you do not have a relationship with someone, don’t try to instill a rule on them – love always is the key or else they will rebel. 

Recently, I had someone I have no relationship with try to put the smack down on me and it even made me rebel against them – meaning reject what they were faultfinding about as it wasn’t grounded in love, I thought who are you to tell me – I don’t even know you and you certainly do not know me, obviously or you would have never have done what you did….  Lol  so see, none of us want to be admonished by someone who does not love us first.  And listen closely, do not be deceived – PEOPLE PERCEIVE WHETHER LOVE IS AUTHENTIC OR NOT – words mean hardly anything – love is a presence you carry that others discern.

I should point out here – that not everyone is empty enough of self yet to actually admonish anyone.  If we are not empty of self and go around admonishing people – well, the Lord will remove His covering hand for a time and the enemy will tear you to shreds – I learned this the hard way, so please take it from me, you don’t want to go there.

We cannot have anger, strife, envy, competition, pride, disobedience, self-willed power and such within us or what we reveal or unleash upon another will come back to us multiplied AND the Lord allows this reaping so we become more wise in what we sow.  Believe me, I’ve been beaten with many stripes…

The Lord commands us to not be a stumbling block to someone by embracing or entertaining their sinful practices, we do not condone disobedience in another, but rather surrender to the Lord ourselves and Him alone, in that He may use us if He so desires. 

The truth is we are all a mixed bag of souls at the moment and what you look for in others, you will surely find.  Sometimes it may be harder to dig deep inside someone to see the hidden treasures – but they are surely there – seeds of faith, hope and love, just beginning to blossom to life.  If we are looking for faults, mistakes, sin, evil and such within others – we will surely find that too.  But Jesus called us to water seeds already sown in that the Father may give increase to that seed.  Most often, even the worst of the bullies on Earth respond to a little sprinkling of love.  They soften even just a little and it really fills you with joy.  The call the Lord placed on my heart for us all for today is… RESPOND ONLY IN LOVE TO LOVE.  We do not even need to respond to the negative of another, just give attention to the positive – if only it is fleeting – look for opportunities to draw out the good treasure of another, no matter how sparse it may be.  This is called edifying another!

So how we respond to others is everything!  That is the takeaway from today’s study.  If someone is spewing evil and we respond with good – guess what remains?  The good in us remains intact.  If someone is full of anger and we respond in peace – the peace within us shall remain.  Help us Lord not to fuel the fire raging in others, but instead by the living water of love to extinguish all that which torments and rages those we love so dearly.  Amen.

A good place to start for many of us is to just stop responding all together.  To do nothing in response to anger before learning how to respond appropriately.  I call it – don’t get down and dirty rolling in the mud with someone – just refraining is a step in the right direction.

Thank you all so much for joining me today.  I pray today’s life lesson makes your life just a little easier to handle in this tumultuous World we are living in.  Please keep clinging to that which is good – Jesus, no matter what!  Love and Bless you so very much!

Restoring Wounded Relationships ~ Instructions with Angela, Broadcast Transcript from September 23, 2020

Good Morning Blessings sweet family – How are you all holding up?  I am so joyfully blessed you joined us for today’s ROF Ministries Broadcast.  I am not gonna lie…  My body is just so very extremely wore out – and maybe that isn’t a bad thing… For some unknown reason on Friday I just got this overwhelming urge to do a deep purging and cleaning of my garage, which led to my shed, which led to my storage room in the basement.  I took a ton of things we no longer use or need to the Goodwill, made three trips actually – filling every space in my car I could each time.  My soul is so happy to pass on what we do not have need of – but my lower back is paying the cost… lol  This so reminded me of how the Lord is purging us as well in so many ways – which can be painful, like my back and yet produces the ultimate joy within us to be cleared of all the junk in our lives.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so they say…  Well today my body feels like a piece of junk.  Lolol

Let’s get started right away – you all ready?  First I want to thank each one of you who sent me such precious and heart touching emails – in so many ways, your life’s journeys, joys and struggles mirrors my own and I find the Lord’s hand in our lives amazing!  I pretty much got all your emails answered, except for a couple, I believe so anyway.  It was interesting, I did notice a trend in your email flood – I am gonna share it and possibly later we can talk about it more…  The majority of you felt personally responsible, heartsick and at a loss of direction and hope – as if you let the Lord and your loved one down – because they are not on the same page as you Spiritually.  We do really need to address this as a family – but first I think we should get into our study and hopefully, some of your questions will be answered and your eyes and hearts will be opened just a little more to see by the Spirit in truth.  Oh and your hearts are precious by the way – it is evident you truly do care for those who the Lord placed in your lives, even if they have betrayed or separated from you, either emotionally, physically or both.

The other day we laid the precepts for today’s study on RESTORING WOUNDED RELATIONSHIPS and we don’t really have time to review all we discussed unfortunately.  Hopefully, you were here with us or had time to listen to the archive, so that today we can hit the ground running.  Speaking of running – we are running a race aren’t we?  And Jesus is our prize – so let’s keep moving towards Him, keeping our eyes on the Prize at all times. 

Just as a reminder, today we are checking all hopelessness, feelings of regret, pride, highmindedness and the “I can’t’s…” at the door.  Oh and the butts too – lets leave them behind this morning.  Our Lord on High is Mighty and able to do exceeding above all things we can even dream to ask Him for – He is in the continual miraculous state of operation – and the truth is not so much of IF HE CAN, BUT RATHER ARE WE WILLING.  I did get some emails of excuses “why” you cannot seek restoration the Jesus Way – and I giggled because some of you forgot how far you had fallen, didn’t you?  You remember?  You were also that 1 dirty and lost little sheep that Jesus had to leave the 99 for and go get – wandering out there in the World, doing naughty things and denying Jesus by your actions – you and me, we both had a heart which was very far away from Him.  Your invitation today, should you choose to accept it is – Will you join with Jesus – His way, to go after that one lost sheep you say you love?  Will you lay down everything for the sake of that one and simply seek Jesus for the next steps.  And if so – then lets get busy and discover more about us and quite possibly why those who have a conflict with us, actually do.

Heavenly Father – We ask that You would teach us more today on how to restore back to those we’ve drifted from and care deeply about, by the precepts of Your Perfect Son Jesus, Who is the only example we are to follow here on Earth.  We come humbly before You this day in full faith and belief that You are not only easing us into repentance in a most loving way – but also preparing the hearts of those we long to reconnect with, in that we can put the past behind us and start fresh and new.  So continue to open the eyes of our hearts Lord – it is on Your solid ground we stand, believing nothing is too great for You, believing You are the God of the impossible and of fullness of restoration in all things.  Grow us continually in Your love, so that we are a blessing to those who are in need and hurting.  Thank You Lord for Your constant and abiding presence.  We love You Lord with all that we are.  Amen.

So I am pretty sure I suggested you all read Mathew 5 to prepare for today, which just happens to be one of my favorite chapters in the Bible – since I love hearing Jesus speak to us through the Beatitudes.  It seems with all the harshness surrounding us and love running cold in many and such – Mathew 5 is like water in a dry desert for a parched soul like ours.  We touched a lot on this chapter the other day and since you hopefully read it and it is very long – to save time I am not going to read the whole thing today, be I will pull out portions to discuss as we go along.

Mathew 5 is an excellent measuring rod for us personally – helping us to see what we yet need to go to the Lord to help us on to overcome in the flesh by the Spirit and to be purged of – it also helps us to reflect more and see more easily the part we are potentially playing in the process of this severed relationship in need of a touch from the Lord for full restoration.  We always need to make sure to not assume we didn’t hurt someone when they say we did and we also should not gloss over the fact if someone is hurt and comes to us – it is our duty to drop everything and make all attempts to make amends with them. 

  • When LOVE ABOUNDS – perception is everything – so if someone is not sensing love flowing from us – it matters not so much what we say – but if they perceive love
  • God’s highest goal for us as His children, when we belong to Him is that OUR LOVE ABOUND – we go the extra mile, in this sense – even if we were wronged, we would go to the person who is troubled and hurt
  • Remember now – in our study, this is regarding meaningful relationships in our lives – the inner circle, where you shared of the heart one to another and some hurt on both or either side has pulled you apart.  A good example is how Jesus frequently pulled His disciples aside from the masses to commune, pray, teach, eat and rest with.  Even Jesus had those He was closer to than others, yet He loved all.
  • Just to review – our attempt for restoration is love and the other person – it is not to make someone agree with us or not pointing out sides or faults or who is holy and who is not – if you are in this place – then you are not pained enough in the heart to do whatever it takes to “win” your brother or sister back into your life.  This is not a “my way or the highway moment” this is “the Jesus way…”  for restoring what was lost – and He is the centric lead in this miracle joining. 
  • Love abounding is loving when you disagree – to love the Jesus way you do not have to agree with someone’s lifestyle or choices – to love like Jesus is to love EVERYONE in their potential as a child of God.  And if we have the Holy Spirit abiding within – we should grieve as He does when we are not at peace whenever possible with all.  This is not about trying to get someone to see your point of view, trying to get everyone to approve of, be happy with or love you – when love abounds – it is not about you – it is about them.
  • There is something that takes place before someone betrays another – and it is in the Word, it is… offense.  Offense is the pathway to betrayal.  So here is another reason we need to guard our hearts from walking in offense, because when offended we walk a path to betray.
  • And like we learned last week – it is imperative we approach this person in private.  Those who state something negatively openly to confront someone want to win the fight due to rebellion within them.  But, those who go to the person privately, seek to win their brother or sister back into their life.
  • This study is not about dealing with a “fault-finder” – because that will take another study and Jesus did not entertain those who find faults with others continually.  When you try to resolve an issue with someone who seeks fault within you at every turn – they will simply find another fault to lay to your charge.  Lord willing we can study that at a later date.

Today we are going to focus on – What to do when a real relationship we were in was wounded, especially when a clear injustice was done against one or both parties.

I say the relationship was wounded – because no matter what happened or who you are – when love is lost, even if you wanted the separation it causes heartache – unless, I suppose you are emotionally compromised, heartless or self-seeking – and do not have the capacity to value true relationships.  Thankfully, that is not any of you joining me today!

  • Jesus said – Blessed are the peacemakers – think about this…  Jesus honors you and is with you in the process of reconciliation – He is for restoration so much so, He died so that we could be reconciled back to the Father, so like I said the other day – He takes this very seriously and so should we.
  • Jesus will be with us every step of the way towards reconciling – He will help you to reconcile – just you taking the initiative is you displaying the beatitude attribute of peacemaking, whether they receive it or not – guess what Jesus said?  You are blessed, so there is definitely a release for blessing in just attempting to reconcile with another and having a heart to make amends.
  • The Word even tells us, we will be called children of God by people, which is very rare these days – with all the turmoil going on, families abandoning and betraying one another, love is shallow – as most seek self-gratification and when you cannot be used any longer – you are tossed away.  So just look at you, even entertaining a step in action for reconciliation makes you stand out in many ways – especially humility, tenderness and love. 
  • Being a peacemaker is not the way of the World or many self-proclaimed Christians.  Jesus said we are known by our love – so trying to reach out to someone who wants nothing to do with you – reveals you are being motivated and moved by the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth – wow!
  • Side note – there are many workers of iniquity that do not know Jesus’s heart and therefore, they do not know you.  And we cannot be fooled by their words ABOUT Jesus – as they do have many words at times.  It is evident by their actions whether they actually know Him and to Know Him is to love Him and those He dearly loves, you love, as well.
  • It takes time, energy and value to encourage another to walk in love – So don’t give up!

WHEN SOMEONE YOU HAVE BEEN IN A MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH HAS HURT YOU DEEPLY and some time has passed – so you’ve processed through the negative emotions with Jesus’s help, you looked inwardly for what you could have done differently, you’ve humbled yourself and repented, you’ve apologized and asked forgiveness for any vengeful thoughts – you are more at peace, washed clean by the Lord Jesus in heart, mind and soul – your purity has been restored, in the Lord’s eyes, you are innocent and yet – your heart still aches.  You know partially why?  Peacemakers always have an ache in their hearts because there is no peace continually on Earth yet.  You have a genuine love and concern for the Spiritual wellbeing of others – so much so you frequently get yourself into some compromising positions, don’t you?  Hey, I get it…  story of my life too!  So once the Lord has suffered with you through the purging process of all vengeance – rest assured your heart will be drawn to that person for reconciliation – it is the Jesus way!  And if you discern that person is hurting, at that point, all your pain doesn’t matter – what does matter is that they are troubled – which concerns you more than what they did to hurt you.  You are then at the point of being mercy motivated where you are more concerned about them than you are yourself.  When love abounds – you will walk through fire, if you have to in order to help the one who wandered off onto dangerous ground, drowning in a sea of resentment.

  • When you love like this – you desire is to help them however you can by pulling the thorn of pain out of their heart, as an act of love – whether you caused them pain or not doesn’t matter anymore – all that matters is they no longer have pain of the heart – this is when it is so happy to love, by the way.
  • Quick to listen, slow to speak – that’s what the Lord says, especially in this sort of time of reaching out – If we are open to hear them, we often will discover our part in their pain and suffering – patiently listening, without justifying yourself or making excuses, opens the door to reasoning together with them – yes, together and guess what you are doing?  Excelling in love!

And whether they notice this or not is the not issue here, because Jesus sees and is delighted to see us loving like Him.

Jesus told us there are so many sacrifices we can do to glorify Him while here on Earth – however, He tells us to stop and halt all of it if we are in need of restoration with someone, that we are to drop everything and go to that person who is hurt by our words or deeds – to run to them as fast as we can and do our part in making amends and then come back to sacrifice for Me.  Jesus impressed upon us an urgency to resolve the conflict and to even wait to worship Him until the attempt is made for reconciliation which conveys to us that even peacemaking is a form of worshiping Jesus and I never really considered that before until now – that peacemaking is just as valuable to Him in servitude to His kingdom in that it is an obedience before sacrifice moment expressed through tithing – a giving of yourself to another who is in pain.

  • When we honor one another in a most humbling and precious way – we are also honoring Jesus to fortify the unity of the family of God – displaying a loyalty and commitment to Him and one another – like a faithfulness unmated here on Earth.  When we acknowledge our own shortcomings, asking for forgiveness we grow in love – individually and together.  Remember, what we do unto others, we actually are doing unto Jesus.
  • The great fellowship of the trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, models for us how to relate to one another.  Just as 2 Corinthians 5:19 states the whole point of the Gospel is – God reconciling us to Himself as He is the Head of the family – under Him – caring for one another as the treasures of Heaven.

We read James 3 last week and studied how we should reflect and identify what actually does offend another person, in that a woe does not come upon us personally for hurting someone to the point they are offended.  As a reminder, it does not say the offended person has a woe – but the one who offends does.  James 3 also talks about the covering we receive from Jesus when we are offended and hurt by someone inside the Body of Christ.  It is self inside us – which hurts when we are targeted – therefore, we do play a role in our own offense by how respond when injured in the heart.  And that right there is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.  Do we lash out?  Fight back?  Hold a grudge?  Become bitter?  All which are not the attributes of Jesus – to lay our lives down, releases Him to intervene but also requires we take no vengeance upon ourselves – because He said, vengeance is mine – we do not repay evil with evil, but rather with good.

Some of us feel as if we have targets on our backs, because we do – some of us are very naïve and trusting – especially with those inside the church.  The truth is, there are many within the church being used as agents of satan seeking to devour us and will use the most crafty ways to inject us with their poison in order we become bitter and enraged, not letting the Lord be Lord in dealing with them.  The Lord desires us to call out to Him in our time of need, He actually commands it so that all that is hidden in darkness is revealed as He shines a light to reveal the truth of another.

  • We should not become a victim so much we are actual agents/protectors of our wounds.  This is evident when we respond ungodly to the situation by participating in the offense – then we too have blood on our hands.
  • The injustice against us causes pain and anxiety but should never cause bitterness or retaliation.  If we are not submissive to the Holy Spirit pain will rush upon us like a flood.
  • It is a good idea not to fixate on the injustice done – but rather focus on our response to be Christ-like, trusting in Jesus to comfort us and bind up wounds to heal our hearts so that the outcome is purposed in the kingdom, not dividing it.
  • The fruit of doing things Jesus’s way guards our hearts so that we glean wisdom to learn from our mistakes and not be taken into a similar snare again in the future – we become wiser to the tactics of the enemy waged against us – don’t forget he wants us to corrupt ourselves and not be triumphant. 

Galatians 5 tells us – If we bite and devour one another verbally we will consume each other – this is through slander, arguments, defending of self, accusations, seductions, etc… To be consumed means your attention and focus is captivated by the wrong doing, rather than overcoming all things through Jesus.

James 4 instructs us to avoid at all costs debates and conflicts, which frees the wounded heart.  Anyone who walks with Jesus does not enjoy or participate in such sensual activities anyway – so it should be a welcomed relief we are told to avoid them.  We also are not to cast our pearls (wisdom) before swine or they will take them and use them against us.  So let’s be real careful who we share what with, the enemy is totally prowling about right now, especially inside religious environments.

There are 2 types of wisdom –

NATURAL                                           &                                    HEAVENLY

Self                                          perspective                                God

Chaos & Disorder                        results                            Peace & Righteousness

Agreement w/darkness            response                  Agreement w/life laid down

SELF WISDOM contains ~

Self-seeking, jealousy, selfish ambition, arrogant, lies against the truth, carnal, denial we personally contribute to our own bitterness, blame shifting – all which the Lord is purging out of us so that we have a Heavenly mindset when faced with opposition in order to rest in the resolve of Him.

When we come into agreement with God, we walk as He walked, our lives are laid down in patience, love, gentleness – and what comes forth, what is both said and done – they are equal – walk matches talk and what we produce are good deeds – the evidence of that which is hoped for – Heavenly wisdom.

We either have strife in the heart or peace in the heart and what is inward, flows outward.  Being hurt is not a green light to become bitter, but a yellow one to yield to the Lord.  When we cling to bitterness it will take root and grow – we must be intentional in plucking it out continually and it begins with owning our own part in the disconnect we have with others.  Our inheritance is – to love others who do not like us or persecute us or turn away from us because we are just like our Father and Jesus is the first of many brethren, and hopefully the more we observe Him we become more like Him.  Or at least that’s the goal anyway.  Shaking the dust off totally is ridding ourselves of all residue from the harm another caused and believe it or not – leaving a village does explain certain times it is best to not engage with someone, by the Lord’s leading – if doing so is corrupting you or them.

Quarrels among us are fueled by something…  You all know what fuels a fight, rather than quenches it?  Anger – but do you know why?  Wrong expectations of others and desires which are not in God’s will.  So the Lord is purging us quickly because for way to long many of us have ended up on conflict with many people over time.  Some of these wrong desires are:  Envy, jealousy, desired to be loved/admired/worshiped, coveting – wanting what others have, etc… Anytime we are outside of the will of what God desires for us – anguish of the heart is cultivated.  Can we just admit we need the Lord to get us out of these situations we got ourselves into and then repent for complaining we are in them?  Because that is really what needs to happen for full release.  Yet, I am hesitant to even say this because I am the guiltiest of all for this pitfall.

So the whole story is… How we are treated (we cannot control) and how we respond (we can control) –

An injustice was done – then we got stuck – in self-seeking perceptions – self is always a snare.

This is not to say we cannot have pain – but rather what do we do with it when it comes?  We should be giving it to Jesus rather than holding onto it for dear life – being betrayed is not our identity – Jesus is and He was betrayed with a kiss, so it is simple – so shall we be and have been.  The closer you are to someone the deeper the pain they can inflict, because we let our heart guards down, believing they would never hurt us.  But, they did, didn’t they?  The test is – What do we do with the betrayal after it occurs?

Bitterness only has a hold on us, when we cling to it – waiting and waiting for the person to reflect and come to us trying to make amends – honestly, that may never happen – even the waiting can rule over us if we are fixated on another’s heart change.  We must do more than forgive – actually that is the easy part – we must view ourselves in truth that the pain of what occurred inflicted our souls so much we’ve become one with that heartache.  Only Jesus can change a heart and our prayer needs to be He start with us personally.  He is setting us up with wisdom because regarding betrayal by the ones we love – has barely even began to happen.  He is teaching us to cling to Him – not one who is not of us, not our hardships, not this life or anything or anyone we hold dear – just to Him.

Until the heart changes – we are not in the truth, instead we lie against it.  Victims boasting of wrongs (me guilty again) is a form of arrogance – thinking ourselves to be higher than we ought to.  IF and I am saying IF here because I am seeing I have lack in this – so IF, you really want a relationship restored you must own your part of it crumbling as the first step.  We say we want things resolved, but do we?  I am seeing a resistance in us to go all the way – to abound in love to fortify that which was lost – quite often.

Earthly/carnal/sensual thinking – embraces the negative emotions during conflicts. While residue from our past hurts cultivates confusion.  When we are willing to take an honest look at ourselves we can see into own our behaviors which do harm others.  Unfulfilled expectations prove out that which was not in God’s will for our lives and lets just admit it now – we joined ourselves with many from being loved starved and are now paying the price.  Our lack prompts us to want more of a someone than they are willing to give, we may desire to be desired, seek comfort or honor, love, to be served and easily become a taker – while those with a servant’s heart came to serve – not be served, are givers clothed in humility, are their brother’s keeper seeking opportunities to pour love outward by cultivating healthy relationships.  Most people are a mixture of both right now, but the more whole we are becoming – healed in the heart – we are moving into a place of conforming to Jesus and His ways by the fullness of His loving embrace that satisfies a longing heart.  The Lord is gently guiding us to a place of contentment whether we are in plenty or in want here on Earth, just as it is in Heaven and it is painful and glorious at the same time.

This morning the Lord was speaking to me in Scripture – He does that a lot with me, but anyway – He started telling me about me – and this pertains to you, as well.  He said – now you see through a glass dimly, but when you look into My face you will no longer know only part of the story – but all will be revealed for it is then you will know and be known just as I am…  (1 Corinthians 13:12) and I said okay Lord – He then said, don’t you want to know how you are known?  And I said yes, of course and He said LOVE…  Love is how I know you and it is love which makes Me known to you and it is love by which you shall be known.  How amazing is that?  Our identity is LOVE and until we understanding how fully we are loved, we wander around outside of the identity of who we really are – to be known as He is, is love.  You all probably already knew that – but I wanted to share, because it totally blessed my heart and quite possibly may help someone else to be known as they are known – by His love.

You know this study has stirred up some past wounds in my own life which I prefer to not even look at – I am sure you all can relate.  We prefer to just leave things as they are, don’t we?  Yet, the Lord is drawing us even more unto Himself and revealing to us all the ways in which He comforts us and sometimes He points to times in our lives where we were so hopeless or low in spirit that He was there, remaining a constant life preserving influence to sustain us through it all.

Okay, let’s keep moving, we are getting almost to the end of this study.  The Lord presses upon us how indicative our responses are to the truth of us – He wants us to be gentle, fair. Reflective, considerate, generous when approaching someone who has harmed us in some way – keeping in mind we too have weak moments of our own.  Those closest to us – unravel and reveal our shortcomings, don’t they?  When dealing with someone, it is important we humble ourselves, admitting we too are not perfect – and just as Jesus told us – a soft answer, defusing anger – humility cultivates peace in every situation.  Harsh answers fails us and fail the process towards reconciliation, revealing the contention still remaining in ourselves and others.  If things go down this road – we should stop the conversation, seek the Lord, reflect on Him and rejoin another time.

Again, the key to restoring is…. Be willing to yield – listen and hear… Don’t just hear the person, listen to them of the heart.  The Lord told us to be eager to listen and slow to speak.  We can hear every word someone says and not listen to their heartcries.  Being slow to speak is actually being yielded – a lot of people just listen – not concentrating on what is being said, only hearing enough to come back with their side in a manipulative, convincing way – we are to be open hearted, teachable – we can even ask questions to learn more of the person, rather than justifying of self when it is our turn to speak.  Ask the person to teach you – how you hurt them from their stand point.  We should be easily persuaded to recognize our own faults – because isn’t that what we are hoping the other person will be like?  Why do we think we are exempt?  Our willingness to hear and listen reveals just how eager we are to rejoin to the person in love. 

To listen is to:  set up a rebuttal in the mind, defines who is a right fighter, is focused on forcing the other person to change and defends self.

To hear is to:  talk straight to the heart of the other person and receive their point of view, to explore ways we may come together in agreement, to allow God to use you to be the change inside the relationship and to find a starting place of moving forward in love and forgiveness.

When we have internal opposition and conflict which is unresolved we are closeminded, combative, resistant, thinking highly of ourselves without faults, refusing to put ourselves in another person’s shoes – lack of compassion, mercy and love.

The Lord tells us to be full of mercy – to be generous with His love poured out to all – but it really says something about us when we treat a stranger with more mercy than a loved one, doesn’t it?

We can be extremely merciful in love and not trust someone – remembering love covers a multitude of sins, ours and theirs.  You can love someone and not trust them.

We are to be kind to our enemies who are not in a repentant state of mind – not to promote them or qualify what they are doing, but to simply be generous in our love towards them.

It is okay to agree to disagree – no one has to be right for love to prevail and both can be wrong and love can still prevail – which is how we are to have peace with all men.

This may irritate some people – but we do not have to agree with someone to forgive them.  Forgiving is simply saying in the heart – we all fall short of the glory, so I am letting you off the hook for your mistakes.

Pray to Jesus and ask Him to assist you to return to the first love with this person – the first love is when you overlooked many things prior to their flesh irritating yours.  When familiarity sets in so does offense.

And lastly on this particular portion – Everyone’s perceptions, everyone’s – are clouded by an element of self.  Remember mercy triumphs over judgment and because our hearts are liberated in Jesus, the healing process is standing ready to begin at any moment once we surrender to Him – as a role model of His ways, it will open the door for others to be mercy motivated as well.  Mercy wins every single time.  We become victorious regardless of the outcome, when we show mercy to others as mercy given to them is mercy we receive back from the Lord – so it is a bottomless gift to all who desire to attain it.

Once a relationship is restored – we must do our part to honor, protect and keep it by the purity and integrity of our Lord by word, deed and follow through.  Our heart’s intentions are not enough – it is through integrity we keep our word to both the Lord and others we value to keep in our lives.  At times we may fail – in which we should own it, apologize and try to do better next time.  The more we yield to the Holy Spirit and are yielded to others, the more rare it should be we do not keep our word and miracles blossom up all over the place, especially when those we love are hurting – integrity is an attribute of Jesus Himself.  Integrity waters a relationship to grow in love.

After all this we studied today – I am quite amazed at how easy conflict resolution actually is.  What is not easy is letting go of all pride, in order we surrender to the Holy Spirit and walk the talk.  All we have to do is remove self out of the equation…  Which is much harder than I initially thought.  It seems we are often much easier on ourselves than we are on other people – now that’s truth right there, isn’t it?  Can you see how often we scrutinize the walk of others, while desiring everyone cut us a lot of slack?  Yikes… These double standards are not good at all – so thankful the Lord is giving us time to repent. 

You see this a lot in ministry – leaders being ultra loving and patient with the flock and severely harsh and demanding on family.  I myself have to be very, very conscientious of this – using the inmates for example, look at all the mercy and love I give to them and yet…  my own children I hold to a much higher standard and demand.

This is hypocrisy really, Lord help us to be genuine, honest and sincere in our love one to another showing no partiality knowing we all fall short at times and it is not productive to deny it is so by appearing to be loving and kind openly before a crowd, while privately or around those closest to us – we are unmerciful and unkind.  Help us Lord to worship You in spirit and in truth and not be disingenuous in our interactions so that what inspires us we do for show.  Cleanse and purify our hearts Lord and help us through Your strength as we lay our lives down for the glory of You.  We thank You Lord for Your instructions on how to be more like You in faith, hope and love for the restoration of all that is fragmented in our lives.  We trust You to lead and guide us for what steps You desire we take next as You go before us to mend that which is fragmented in the relationships we value the most.  Prepare our hearts Lord and theirs so that we can make amends and become one in You in a most precious timely way.  In Jesus’s Precious and Holy Name we pray.  Amen.

Thank you all so very much for joining me in this teaching – it was a little overwhelming to the heart at times but it also gave us much blessing and hope that where love is – expect miracles and great things to come to pass for our Lord is truly the overseer of the impossible.

Please keep our inmates in your prayers and ROF Ministries as well.  We appreciate your loving dedication and faithful support and are so humbled by your giving, making it possible for us to do what we do for the Lord!

Do you all wonder why we have these topics?  You do understand that Jesus is going to marry His Bride, not His church – right?  He will marry His kind, those He is equally yoked with- when His Bride has made herself ready – ready by fully surrendering, washing our garments through repentance – purity as we are hidden in Him.  All throughout Scripture it talks about brides – but if you want to see a picture of the Bride in Scripture – read the Beatitudes in Mathew 5.  Handmaidens tend to the preparation of the Bride – the invitation has already gone out, our time of preparation is rapidly coming to a close.  So this is why we have been studying the topics the Lord desires us to have clarity on – so we are known as He is known… through the eyes of love in that we adopt Jesus’s ways, no longer seeking our own, as a wife fully submits to her husband – so will we. 

So we are blessed when all kinds of evil people are against us and when we are excluded at every turn – so was our Groom, Jesus – but what He cares more about is – Do we respond as He would in each situation?  Are we a like-minded equally yoked couple – Jesus and you and me?

We know Him well enough to follow in His footsteps by now – Don’t we?  What did Jesus do when people attacked Him?  He gave it all to the Father, displayed love to them and waited however long it required for the Father to vindicate Him.  What happens when we release this to the Father – bitterness has no seed to grow from and take root to grow within us.  There is only unity surrounding Jesus and so…  let it be so within us as well.