The Ways of Royalty ~ HONOR

Broadcast Transcript ~ May 10, 2020

The Ways of Royalty ~ HONOR ~ May 10, 2020

Good Morning and God Bless each of you today.  Thank you for joining me on todays’ ROF Ministries broadcast as we talk about “honor.”  In light of the fact a couple weeks ago was Mother’s Day, which will tie into our teaching today, we are going to study more about “honoring” not just mothers, but one another as well and most importantly our Father in Heaven.

But first…  Do we know who we belong to?  Jesus is the King of all Kings.  Amen.  And only because of HIM are we seen just as He is…  ROYALTY – He paid His life for us to be ransomed – Jesus calls us His reward for His laying down of His life – not because we are great, but rather because He is.  This word Royalty has been so overused and misconstrued by doctrines of men to edify and puff up, which is not at all what we are going after today.  As a matter of fact in God’s Kingdom, his children and cloaked in Humility with a grateful heart of thanksgiving void of entitlement.

So we are going to study a bit…  The Ways of Royalty by Scripture, not assumptions.

1Peter 2:9-10 says ~

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; for you once were not a people, but now you are the people of God; you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

Only because of our Father being so merciful towards us do we enter into His Kingdom.  It is nothing of us, all of Him, so that no man can boast.  If we do not have that point in fullness, we cannot proceed any further because when we go over “honor” today, if we don’t lose any sense of entitlement our study today will offend us.

Because our Father showed us mercy, we received His mercy – which is why we too should be merciful to every single person who crosses our path.  Or in human terms…  Give them the benefit of the doubt, not assuming the worst of others.

Today’s topic is all about “honoring” others – And we are going to shatter some myths today and the first one is:  You do not have to agree with someone or even like them to honor them. 

Jesus honored others and especially His Father perfectly.  Like always, He is our Heavenly and perfect example to follow.  Jesus honored even the least of these, the sinners, prisoners, prostitutes, the sick and the lame.

First let’s explore what “honor” even means Biblically. 

Romans 12:10

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another;

It seems we talk a lot about love, don’t we?  It also seems our actions fall way short of our mouths at times, don’t they?  We go around honoring people with our lips – but our hearts are far from them when we accuse, betray, slay them, become a fault finder, etc…  We may LOVE but do we HONOR one another, even giving preference to them over ourselves?  That is the real question.  I love the word honor because it goes hand in hand with being loyal.  If we say we love someone and yet speak against them, lie or cheat them,  or even deceive them, in truth we do not love them.  And like I always say… Love is an action word.  Honor is love in action to prove and test if what we are saying to one another is actually a façade or authentic in nature.

Honor in Greek means –

Seeing the value in something

Seeing something as being priceless

Did you know Jesus honored us with His blood to purchase us with for the sake of redemption?  You, me, all of us are so valuable to Jesus He paid a very costly price for us – His blood.

1 Corinthians 6:20 says ~

For you are bought with a price (same root word as honor in Greek) – therefore, glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

We truly are no longer our own, are we?  And we are to use both our bodies and our spirits to glorify the Lord.  And yes, even our bodies.

Oh I found something very interesting I want to share quick while studying about honor…  Remember when Ananias held back a portion of the “price’ and lied to the Holy Spirit?  Would you believe the word “price” here is the same word as “honor?”  Amazing…  Dishonoring the Holy Spirit in such a way brings death, if only partly – which is the amount Ananias and Sephira held back.

Honoring others is costly, we pay a price… Ourselves, just like Jesus did, by the laying down of our egos to let love prevail in a moment of time.

When we truly believe the Lord Jesus sees all are honorable enough to die for, if we truly love then we too will honor others, counting no one out with accusations and assaults and assumptions or anything which brings them shame. 

Many people tell me they love me and I turn around and get attacked or accused and my head starts spinning…  You all know what I mean?  I know this happens to us all and its increasing.  Your brother and sister may say they love you then turn right around and slap you on the cheek.  In the past week this has happened to me numerous times, so the grace of the our Lord has to step in because honestly, I desire to have nothing more to do with those who cause me pain – but Jesus keeps telling me mercy given is mercy received and we need a lot of mercy don’t we?  Because truthfully, we have done the very same thing at times. 

Honoring someone is to cherish them to the point, you place them above yourself, considering their shortcomings.  When doing this we may be silent when we really want to speak or speak when we prefer to be silent, we may choose not to repay evil with evil, assist when we prefer to retreat, extend grace when we would like to correct and instruct – honoring another means – it is not about you, it is about the other person.  And it is also the washing of the feet Jesus left as an example – remember, He even washed Judas’s feet, knowing he was the betrayer in the group.

Godly mothers would be an awesome example we could think of here on Earth to compare with love in action by modeling honor and since it is Mother’s Day, we will do just that… Obviously, you have a mother or at least had one – so we all have this one common thread today!

They say a female is the closest to death when delivering a child.  I say go three months tending to sporadic sleep of a newborn every two hours and you feel close to death.  Maybe childbirth is so painful to brace you for all that pain which is coming for the rest of your life?  Lol…  I don’t know, but until you scraped vomit off shag carpet with a spoon or wiped butts for years that were not your own or found disgusting things under a teenagers mattress or had this tiny extension of you grow up and only to say I hate you or finally get your plate fixed finally to sit down at the dinner table and when everyone else is done…  Actually, the list is endless.  I’ve said this before… But children teach us how to love unconditionally unlike anyone else on this planet can.  The Lord said nothing can separate us as His children from His love, the same is true for mothers.  So even if you have no children, you were one… So take some time to reflect and honor the Father for those in your life right now, He appointed to you, which good or bad was by His design.  And remember… Kids don’t come with an instruction book, most Mom’s did the very best they could with what they were dealt in life at any given time.

I’ve noticed with familiarity… Honor often goes right out the window.  When you honor someone, you show them respect and treat them with dignity.  However, over the course of time the more comfortable we get with someone we often let our guards down and the truth of us is revealed.  I’ve observed this in chat for example over the course of many years.  People may come and go but their patterned traits remain the same.  When someone is new to the group they tread very lightly and honor people and are so happy to love, then overtime, they get familiar with the house and one another and even myself – and then the truth of who they really are is revealed and honor goes out the window.  Then strife comes in, not because it just randomly showed up, but because the vessels who contain strife are no longer restraining who they are…  Familiarity has set in, as they honored people with their lips but their hearts were far from them. 

My own house has a no excuse rule and I enforce it in order that love remain.  I do not allow a bad mood, sickness, pressures of life, etc…  to take precedence over love here.  If you get sick and lash out at others here in my home, there will be a consequence.  The reason I do this is because – if the accusation and assault was not in you, it would not come out when you are sick.  The same is true in all things negative.  Again, if pressure comes and you blame, then blame is in you, otherwise it would not present itself.  All will be without excuse one day – best to practice that right now.

When one is offended, one cannot walk honorable one to another.  I cannot honor someone when I am offended at them, it is impossible.  I was thinking about how often I miss the mark in honoring my own mother and how her phone calls just to even check on me and kids I so often take for granted.  And how it trickles down sometimes from her, to me, to my kids.  Well someone needs to make a change and since we can only change ourselves, lets start with us, okay?

Let’s talk specifically about The Ways of Royalty ~ HONOR.

  • The Lord is restoring honor in the church He is building Himself because He is honorable and when moving in His presence, so are we.
  • Honor and loyalty does not mean we are in agreement with someone’s words, actions, beliefs, etc… Daniel for example honored King Nebcaneezer but he did not bow down and come into agreement with him as a leader.  He honored him without submitting to the evil practices he enforced.
  • Upon being saved we go from sinner to saint – old creature to new – entering into the Royal Priesthood with a desire for excellency from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light.  Remember, even if no one else can see the transformation, Jesus can.
  • We become heirs as adopted children into the royal family of Father God, so now when we cry, its to Abba Father – we are then Princes and Princesses.
  • In a Holy Nation no one is a pauper – all are children of God – there are no levels any longer, all are saved, so envy, jealousy, strife has no placement when in truth all are being perfected and equal with God – cohabiters with Him.  Co – meaning equal to one another when communing in His Kingdom.
  • To restore honor inside us – He is teaching us how royalty behaves by our actions, words, thoughts – as we become set apart from the Worldly ways of the old nature.
  • People in the Kingdom of God – behave out of love, honor, truth and respect one to another.  They surrender first to the Lord in Godly order and then one another.
  • Trust is increased when we honor others – to whom much is given, much is expected and as a man thinketh so is he/she— If we don’t think of ourselves as royalty, we will behave as beasts.
  • Royalty is spirit led, not flesh led – revealed by what are we doing with our freewill we have been granted, which defines the truth of us and our identity.
  • Are we disputing and railing against others?  We are in the midst of many who are rebellious, slanderers, liars, argumentative, deceitful and provoking, who do not submit to authority – Godly authority…  We can still honor them without condoning their behavior.
  • In the Kingdom we do not honor someone because they deserve it – we honor others because we do – because it is our nature to do so.
  • Royalty walks in honor – because we have received fully Who Jesus is by surrendering us so He is revealed.
  • The commandments have be written on our hearts…  Guess what’s there?  Honor.  So we can’t separate from it and when we do – conviction comes.
  • Honoring others infuses us with wellness and a long life where rivers flow away all chaos and strife surrounding us.
  • When the enemy approaches we make a decision to honor or to defame – Such as someone who disagrees with you, someone who seeks other practices or opinions.  If we honor them we will not challenge them, mistreat them, bicker with, slay or shun just to preserve our own reputation.  Royalty walks on top of water and doesn’t roll around in the mud with the swine.
  • Our reputation reflects the truth of us by how we treat those who oppose us when no one is looking except the Lord.  Although, those who are dishonorable do not mind putting others to an open shame.
  • Royalty honors all – so if I am honorable, I treat others with honor.
  • When David cut King Saul’s garment, he felt guilty not because Saul was good, but because David was and he stooped down to evil’s level.  God appointed Saul King and anointed him to be the ruler of the day.  Since David was royalty he was above repaying evil with evil.
  • We only love someone in truth to the point we honor them, otherwise it is flesh love only to benefit self.
  • When we sow honor into others – what we reap is God bestowing honor upon us… this is called favor.
  • Equality in the Kingdom of Heaven looks nothing like equality on Earth, which is earned based on works.
  • In the Kingdom, everyone has a voice, but not everyone has a say.  Only ones speaking by the Spirit are heard by those who are full of the Spirit.  In order to be heard, we must have honor in place for our audience – whether that be one or 200 plus people.
  • The Lord’s Prayer is the perfect prayer because it prays the Lord’s will be done, coming into agreement with the truth that His will shall be done regardless of man’s weak intentions.  Note:  His will is already being done, but are we honoring Him while it is being done or still seeking our wills?
  • We honor God by realizing it isn’t about us but it is all about everyone else.  Sometimes we don’t know how to love God and forget He tells us to love Him by loving those who do use us, curse us, persecute us, etc… – If you can imagine yourself just looking through that person directly into Jesus’s eyes and loving Him through them it helps a lot.
  • It is an honor to love the unlovable knowing they are the vessels on our paths to actually do good to Jesus.
  • Sometimes honor requires we give away our seat at the table so another may be served.
  • 1 Peter tells us to HONOR ALL people, no exclusions.  It often requires we remain silent, are courteous by treating others as a guest in our presence, remove our shoes out of respect, display grace through manners, being kind and generous…  BECAUSE OF YOUR IDENTITY – not because they are worthy necessarily but because you are honorable like your Father.
  • Men who are honorable often – open doors for females, cherish them, are attentive, cover and protect, do honest work and know how to give and receive love and forgiveness.
  • Women who are honorable often – show respect, do not interrupt, create strife or stir up contention, do not seek attention, care for others and know how to give and receive love and forgiveness.

I just went over a few examples out of the Bible for Godly men/women.  The list could be much longer of course.

Lastly, HONOR ~

  • Sees the value of someone even when they are full of darkness, just like Jesus did us – love floods all darkness with light.  Love always hopes!
  • Gives no answer to verbal assaults, securely knowing Jesus is the authority over us as He is the King of Kings.
  • Is present within the servant, freeing the slave.
  • Submits to authority trusting God is ruling and reigning in every situation.
  • Cries with those who mourn and celebrates with those who are joyful, giving no placement to envy and strife and competition.
  • Washes the feet of others with a servant’s heart, in other words – cleanses others with a loving heart.
  • Doesn’t compete with those they are meant to feed or vie for a higher position.
  • Makes a place with all children of God.
  • Is granted by favor from God and not demanded or awarded by entitlement and cannot be earned.
  • Gives to others not based on their need but with a grateful heart.

As I was reviewing this list I saw just how much I had fallen short in honoring others and even myself.  Sometimes when people are hard on us we start to believe we are getting just what we deserve.  And when we believe such a lie, we forget our placement as royalty, handing ourselves over to be sifted as wheat.  Humility and honor serve as a barrier in which the enemy cannot penetrate.  Again, honor just is… It is given, never earned.

Some people are so full of themselves they cannot serve anyone but self, while others are so empty they keep serving others to fill up themselves.  Neither one is a royal mindset.  We cannot give to anyone what we don’t have and the only thing we have to offer to honor and love others is Jesus.

Think of a time when you thought you had done all you could to love someone and yet it wasn’t enough to mend all the fences and heal all the hurts.  Consider that quite possibly you were leaving honor completely out of the mix… I saw a facebook post last night which said “Do not let pride keep something broken that your heart wants mended.” 

When we check out of honor we check into pride and sometimes the cost is high.  We may lose the very thing which we love and gain nothing but ourselves.

Now in keeping with honor, as a family we need to discuss something relevant to those who visit chat and yet can be applied to your own households as well.  We will use chat as an example for something that we all can implement in our own homes creating a peaceful, loving home in which honor has placement one to another fostering an environment where others really want to be and enjoy each other.

It goes along with honoring others… and I need to share something, it will step on some toes, so get ready…  Did you know that “elder” simply means someone who came before you?  When someone goes before us they have more wisdom in life experiences than we do – if they have a surrendered heart after God’s heart, they know the ropes, paid a price in life lessons we haven’t paid yet and can share it with us – elders are wiser due to some lumps they received.  Elders also have tended to others in ways maybe we haven’t which is why they are qualified to manage “the house.”  This is Godly order.  Say in your own homes, your five year old doesn’t rule your home does he?  If so, then it probably is full of chaos.  I know my teenagers will occasionally try to set the precedence of my house, but I don’t tolerate it because I don’t like confusion.  As the elder here, I am to lead and teach and SERVE them by instruction and correction and they as children as to learn by training so when they depart they know which way to go.  Well, the same is true in God’s Kingdom, there are elders – the ones who have more spiritual maturity through experience… they have gone before, been present longer as caregivers and overseers.  And not to worry, because as all of us age spiritually so we too will have the same placement through purging, to be qualified to lead.  This is all Biblical by the way, for example it says in Titus 2 ~

Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.

We sure don’t want the word of God reviled do we?

You know, I see this happening all the time in chat and hopefully most of you listened to Michael’s broadcast last week, as what I am about to share will compliment what he delivered.  We have those who are fairly new challenging those who have come before them and it is heartbreaking and worse yet, apologies are always laced with an excuse if given at all.  Such as I was sick, had a bad day, etc…  Listen, we have such a short time here to repent and be presentable before the Lord and remove all that is not acceptable before Him.  How can we say we love others and not honor them, seeing them priceless and of a greater importance than ourselves.  There is so much partiality within us yet.  To honor a leader and yet have strife with one he sets over his household is just wrong and I am sorry if this bothers you, but it is truth.  Sometimes I watch chat and think my teenagers are in there going around challenging authority, I say this in love… refrain from speaking rather than bringing in disorder into any house.  No fit throwing, slander, backbiting, jealously or envy is going to derail the vision given to Michael or even myself – as elders have been appointed already because they came before you and if you adhere to this Godly order things would go very well with you all. When we just accept and honor what has already been set for close to nine years now love would prevail and it would feel like home in many ways.  And just to remind you…  those who are elders now, were new just like you at the beginning.  In the same way your children were toddlers turned teenagers to adults…  What you entrust them with changed, didn’t it?  So just like that…  elders now were like toddlers before, I was like a toddler, Michael was like a toddler – but listen, the Lord always qualifies the called first and I promise you how we look like entering into the fire looks completely different than when we come out.

There is a Scripture I need to read, hopefully it will encourage you all a little –

Luke 14 – and it is speaking directly to guests, who were invited into a place

Then the host who invited both of you will come and tell you, ‘Give this man your seat.’ And in humiliation, you will have to take the last place. 10But when you are invited, go and sit in the last place, so that your host will come and tell you, ‘Friend, move up to a better place.’ Then you will be honored in front of everyone at the table with you. 11For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”…

Look at this, even the word “honored” is here in this Scripture.  Guess who gets honored first?  Those who show honor to others – and believe me, that does not go unnoticed, not at all.  As a matter of fact, I see the least as great – that is who sticks out to us the most, not the ones bickering with strife and contention…. But the quiet ones who contain love and honor and respect.  The ones who do not lash out with emails hidden in secret or constantly calling one another on the phone to complain, but those that are the same every place their footsteps carry them – so to you all I just want to say with my whole heart I honor you openly today.  And thankfully we have many of those who do not challenge others, if I were you all who struggle in this area, I would pick one of them and just observe their interactions for a bit.  I sometimes feel like they get sort of lost in the mix, but are so faithful, kind, gentle with peace.

Please forgive me if that offended anyone, but it really shouldn’t offend us in anyway.  We are all growing in the Lord in leaps and bounds and this is part of it – sometimes when we study the word it instructs, corrects, mends, comforts – but no matter what – it grows us!  We should never compare ourselves to one another for the Potter knows exactly how to take unformed clay, molding it continually, painting it with beautiful colors and design and place it into the fire for perfection.  He is building a masterpiece – YOU!  Something that makes the process shorter is – to be honest with ourselves about ourselves, no fault and no blame, just laying at His feet, resting that He will do a complete work within us.  And personally, I love unrefined vessels, who just love others as they are – no competition, no lifting up self or defending or blame…  Just one who like me may be a hot mess, but sees pricelessness in the making.

It dawned on me the other day…  Many are not aware of the vision given, nor the instruction which went with it and that makes me feel bad, like we dropped the ball somehow on that one.  Think of your own homes and family, you have a vision for it, you contain by opening and closing doors of what you permit to enter and what you do not.  You are the keeper of that home, as are elders within a church body.  For example, I know some Jesus loving people who have such beautiful hearts and yet they let their teenage children smoke weed in their homes.  Now I know myself and my home if my kids tried something like that all hell would break loose, literally, as I am the keeper of my own home.  Homes are to be a safe haven, a place where you feel loved and secure – the keeper of the home gets to decide what is permitted to enter based on matched integrity and command given.  When the Lord gave us the vision, He showed us that very thing – similar to an Ark, a womb, a safe place —  What He also gave us was how many people are hurting, living a life in chaos, fearful, many in danger and walking close to the edge.  But the most important part was – they needed a safe haven, a place to run too and be comforted and loved by Jesus through us, similar to a revolving door…. It was then we went to work and it is also why at the top of chat it says – be Holy in all manner of conversation.  I feel at times we have gotten weary in doing good to a degree, not upholding the vision or the standard decreed by the Lord.  We knew He told us to build it and they will come, we also know He said for me to set the table and Michael would serve the food, among other things.  But, if you do not remember anything else, please remember this one thing – In order for you each to have a peaceful place to call home, you must do your due diligence to keep it Holy – as if Jesus Himself was there, because He is.  If you wouldn’t suggest He watch something, don’t share it, if a baby would kill themselves with it, keep it to yourself and so forth.  May we all be agreed to honor the Lord in what He has blessed us with and entreat it and one another with honor, respect and love.  We prayed and prayed…. Just one place Lord away from the darkness and the World,  an escape for those who are hurting to come and cry and be comforted.  So I just shared with you part of the vision.  I have found people usually conform or leave over time and both is okay.  Just a couple more things – When Michael says, “Just be yourself…”  I know you all quote that a lot – he does not mean come on in and smoke some weed passing it around to others, no not at all.  What he does mean is this…  Be who you were before the World told you who not to be, vulernable – come as you are and lay your burdens down, cry, ask for prayer, say you need comfort, be vulnerable – where it is safe.  It is our prayer you will find this to be in that place and that you will have a secure place to be yourself, be vulnerable with humility and actually come together to love, encourage and support one another to honor each other always. 

You want to share news, videos, conspiracies, debates and bounce them off one another by all means, please do so – no one is ruling over another one here – you will find tons and tons of chatrooms which do that very thing, but before you enter into the holy place, please shake the dust off your feet. Any residue of offense – check that at the door too, unite together in the love of Jesus and speak to one another with songs of edification.  We have so many the Lord wants to release to us…  the delay is us, not Him.

One last thing – the Lord really convicted me on this recently, how we can honor one another better – I know I have fallen short of even honoring others in my life, I thank Jesus for showing me the error of my ways – so that the change in me can be implemented today, knowing we have no power to change others, only ourselves.  

It was pretty miraculous really, but last week after I finished studying about honor the Father’s Heart Ministry team released an amazing confirmation that I want to share with you:

Russ May 12, 2020

The Father says today, there is a commandment with promise. Honor your father and mother in the Lord and it will be well with you and you will live long on the earth. To honor brings blessing within My family. The fathers in My family are instructed to nurture and admonish but not to provoke their children to wrath. Children, obey your parents for this is right, for the children in My family are called to be pleasers of God and not pleasers of men. For any good thing they do, the same they shall receive of Me. In your place of service to Me let there be singleness of heart in the spirit of unity.

Who are my parents you ask? Who are my children? Who are my brothers and my sisters? Are we not all of the same family? There is one Father of all and also fathers and mothers of the faith and many children. To you children, honor your fathers in the faith, the ones who nurture and admonish you in the Lord, honor them with the honor they are due as loving and obedient children lifting up holy hands without wrath or doubt, without anger or argument. To you fathers and mothers, let your words be seasoned with love and patience, for your words carry much weight in the Spirit. Let your nurture be greater than your admonition and let your directives be of greater glory and reflect heaven’s atmosphere of joy and peace.

So Wow – right??? 

Let’s keep praying we too will have a servant’s heart, which doesn’t demand to be served but always seeks ways to serve – honoring all others, not to rule over anyone – that is Jesus’s job as He is the head of the Body, we just simply compliment one another, following His direction, instruction and example.

Some of us are just waiting at the moment…  Waiting for many to learn to love in truth, not just with lips.  Believing that Jesus is authoring and finishing us all, none are perfect, no not one.  It with a grateful heart we see ALL needed saving, especially ourselves.  May we stop forgetting just how far we had fallen too. 

Again, an Elder is someone who has gone before us into the Lord’s presence carrying the residue of Him.  The Bible says, a little child will lead them… So here we have discovered a great mystery haven’t we?  A child of God is clothed with humility to serve from the least to the greatest seeking no placement except for placement in the Kingdom, complimenting one another with honor, words of comfort and encouragement, forgiveness, lifting up, mercy, peace and grace.  In so many ways we all are elders, meaning we came before – but sadly if we are so threatened by those who came before us, challenging them at every turn – we will miss the opportunity to be an elder to those who are coming after us in that the Lord cannot use as His servant and purpose for His will to be done.

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and merciful Father, we come to You with hearts bowed down in thanksgiving for sending us Your Son as an example to save.  And today as we reflect upon ways to honor one another we keep our eyes focused on the ways of Jesus and how He honored those the World called not worthy.  Lord it is with a humble heart we repent and ask You to forgive us of times we stirred up strife or caused divisions in pride.  Help us Father to see Your established Kingdom has principals that only bring sorrow when we rebel against them.  We thank You for Your mercy as we learn how to be royalty for the glory of Your Name.  As we continually hunger and thirst for righteousness You are always there replenishing us each day.  Help us to mindful of others, forgiving and forgetting what harm has been caused so that when we enter any dwelling our feet at shod with peace, coming in Your Name only.  Lord I ask You to purge us of all that which brings contention into our homes, lives, workplaces or anywhere else we may venture in this World.  You are moving us from glory to glory and for the work You are doing in each of us we thank You and honor You in Your perfect ways.  May we be vessels which are usable and profitable for Your Kingdom and when we appear may others see Jesus in us only.  Lord I lift up those who are walking daily in offense and ask You to show them Your love and that they matter to You.  Lord cover their hearts with Your healing hands binding all wounds of the past, casting them into the sea of forgetfulness so they remember them no more.  Thank You Jesus for leading us, guiding us and teaching us how royalty is in Your World so we do not falter in our own.  In Jesus’s Name I pray.  Amen.

The Virus of Iniquity ~ Broadcast Transcript from March 29, 2020

Good Morning & God Bless each of you.  Thank you for gathering together with me and one another for this Ring of Fire Broadcast.  I thank the Lord for this opportunity to fellowship with you all and I humbly ask Jesus to join us this morning.  We certainly need Him right now more than ever don’t we, as we drift along on the stormy seas of life.  I thank Him for continually keeping us under the shadowed protection of His wings in which we are seen when we need to be seen and hidden in plain sight through His mighty authority.  It seems with each passing day we are given more opportunities to trust fully in Him – so all things are purposeful for our Spiritual growth and ever increasing faith. 

I pray each of you feel very loved, because you are.  I realize with all that is going on at times you may question His full and attentive love – I know I have myself.  Which is why it is so important we listen closely to His still small voice and tune out the carnal voices of the World, which seem to be growing louder and louder each day.  It is a good time to thank Him for all that He has done already in our lives.  For this reason, cling to that which is good, maybe even remember some situation in the past He was your rescue in your time of need as a reminder He will also bring us through this time.  His love is unfailing and He is that one constant in our lives we can depend on until the end of our journey.  Men may fail us, loved ones may walk away and friends we hold dear may drift apart from us – but Jesus is always here, by our side and is never to depart from us, no matter the stormy seas we are on, He calms the tides of our lives.

I am still soberly awake.  Are you?  Seems like we needed a little sober jarring didn’t we?  This is certainly no time to be playing around and as He reminded me today… A word He gave me so many years ago – this is no time to be playing church.  Soberness and fear of the Lord go hand in hand.  We do not need any more convincing Lord, do we family?  He has our full attention – Guide us Lord, help us each day to walk in your example… Lead us, we will follow You.

I find it utterly disturbing the World is seemingly more sober than the church to some degree at the moment.  We have idols just like the World does and it shows.  And sometimes that idol is where you least expect it – self.  Spiritually I see this coronavirus a particular way the Father is pleading with His people – sort of like a “forced fast” from worldly or canal ways.  And yes… Even His children, each one of us are still struggling with our “canal minds.” 

Anything we entertain more than the Lord, reveals just how much our canal minds still crave knowledge of good and evil – While the Lord is truly all we need to thrive spiritually.  But the flesh craves those things of flesh to fulfill it desires, so we are tempted constantly to partake of worldly flesh things to satisfy what our flesh desires. 

Those of you who are faithfully in thought and deed serving Jesus, containing His peace which surpasses all human understanding are targets right now.  I just want to remind us, His grace is sufficient for us in that we do not succumb to offense. 

Someone said the other day… People perish for lack of knowledge… ugh… twisting Scripture irritates me sometimes.  For the record – this has nothing to do with worldly knowledge or for the sake of the season – knowledge about Coronavirus.  We better read it in the Word, so that we can quickly and fully surrender to the Lord’s ways, which are not ours.  Thankfully, He left us with His instruction in His Word.

Hosea 4 ~

Hear the word of the Lord,
You children of Israel,
For the Lord brings a charge[a] against the inhabitants of the land:

“There is no truth or mercy
Or knowledge of God in the land.

(Evidenced by these behaviors)
By swearing and lying,
Killing and stealing and committing adultery,
They break all restraint,
With bloodshed [b]upon bloodshed.
Therefore the land will mourn;
And everyone who dwells there will waste away
With the beasts of the field
And the birds of the air;
Even the fish of the sea will be taken away.

“Now let no man contend, or rebuke another;

(when you do not know God, you sprinkle strife & contention every place)
For your people are like those who contend with the priest.
Therefore you shall stumble in the day;
The prophet also shall stumble with you in the night;

(when you do not know God, you stumble)
And I will destroy your mother.
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
(when you do not know God, it destroys you)

Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you from being priest for Me;

(when you reject knowing God, He will not allow you to be His messenger and keep you from ministering to people – they will reject your message)
Because you have forgotten the law of your God,

(because so many are seeking knowledge from news, youtube, social media, etc…  they are no longer seeking to know God and see what He declares as truth – ultimately this results in a denying of His Sovereignty)
I also will forget your children.

“The more they increased,
The more they sinned against Me;

(self-righteousness – remember God opposes the proud, under the New Covenant where we are now – we should be decreasing, not increasing and puffed up)
I[c] will change [d]their glory into shame.
They eat up the sin of My people;
They set their [e]heart on their iniquity.
And it shall be: like people, like priest.
So I will punish them for their ways,
And [f]reward them for their deeds.
10 For they shall eat, but not have enough;
They shall commit harlotry, but not increase;
Because they have ceased obeying the Lord.

(Just to recap…  No knowledge of God is why people perish, hearts set on iniquity stop obeying the Lord and contention is spreading like wildfire)

Today we are going to talk a lot more about being a worker of iniquity…  Because although most everyone is gravitating towards being physically ready each day for what we are facing…  In my Spirit I am constantly reminded just how crucial it is we be Spiritually ready at any given moment.

You all know right…  That every single man out there – inside the church and outside are simply giving perceptions of what is coming upon the Earth.  This goes for all of us – even those who are being shown things by the Lord and many are not – but anyway – the Lord reminded me that NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR HOUR of His coming HOWEVER, one indication of His return is… Ready?  FELLOW SERVANTS beating up one another…  In a blink, the Father could shut this whole mess down – no matter what preacher, prophet or seer said – Poof, in an instant we could all be standing before our Father in a blink of an eye.

AGAIN… THERE IS NOT ONE MORE THING THAT HAS TO HAPPEN FOR JESUS TO RETURN – NOT ONE – You know when that changed?  As soon as He ascended up to Heaven with the Father.  Remember, no man is promised tomorrow – today is the day of salvation.  I pray we are worthy to stand before Him and I pray we are able to escape all these things coming upon the Earth – just as is written in the Word.  But while He tarries and we wait…  I pray we find ourselves seeking to fully surrender to Him every day we remain on this journey on Earth.  It is getting easier to surrender to Him isn’t it?  Many of the temptations we once faced as humans have been removed, thank You Lord.

So before we get fully into our study today, I just have one more thing to share from 1 Peter 4.  For some it is quite new to them to be persecuted for their faith in Jesus or sharing a pearl or posting Scripture or anything which glorifies God.  Key word here… glorifies God.  If what you are sharing gives glory to His Name, chances are you will be persecuted.  So why do we even question it?  He told us this so that when it happens the attack would not sway us one way or another…  Again… IT IS TO BE EXPECTED.  It is my prayer He remove the complaint within our hearts when this happens all together.  I sure know I have much more purging to undergo and I desire to have a grateful heart put in place of my heart of complaint. 

Let’s read 1 Peter 4 to strengthen and nourish us to follow in Jesus’s example another day ~

Therefore, since Christ suffered [a]for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind, for he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin, that he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh for the lusts of men, but for the will of GodFor we have spent enough of our past [b]lifetime in doing the will of the Gentiles—when we walked in lewdness, lusts, drunkenness, revelries, drinking parties, and abominable idolatries. In regard to these, they think it strange that you do not run with them in the same flood of dissipation, speaking evil of you. They will give an account to Him who is ready to judge the living and the dead. For this reason the gospel was preached also to those who are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.

Serving for God’s Glory

But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayersAnd above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.” Be hospitable to one another without grumbling. 10 As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 11 If anyone speaks, let him speak as the [c]oracles of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God supplies, that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and the [d]dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Suffering for God’s Glory

12 Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you13 but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy. 14 If you are [e]reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. [f]On their part He is blasphemed, but on your part He is glorified. (WHEN YOU VERBALLY ATTACK SOMEONE YOU BLASPHEMY THE LORD) 1But let none of you suffer as a murderer, a thief, an evildoer, or as a [g]busybody in other people’s matters(We suffer when we do these things)16 Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in this [h]matter.

17 For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first(I sure hope no one things this is something they can wait on because it is a future event – actually it is a law of reaping what you’ve sown – now) what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God? 18 Now

“If the righteous one is scarcely saved,
Where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

19 Therefore let those who suffer according to the will of God commit their souls to Him in doing good, as to a faithful Creator.

Now this is an excellent reminder to pay closer attention to what we say, than what is said to us right now.  I call this a timely word of instruction from the Lord.  We often test what we hear by the Holy Spirit – but in this we need to make sure we are testing what we say by the Holy Spirit – to stop and think before we speak, displaying the fruit of self-control.

Before anything gets spoken or even typed in the case of a chatroom – we need to ask ourselves first –

  • Is it true?
  • Is it necessary to repeat or say?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is what I am about to say going to lift another up or bring them down?
  • Is it a demonstration of mercy and love?

If we get into this habit of holding onto our words with restraint – we will get into way less tangled webs.  Every day I am getting complaints of those who are offended and yet they cannot see their own parts they played in the contentions and strife.  So please keep in mind, to follow the example of Jesus means to often bridle your tongues and fingers for that matter.

This gives perfect Segway into part of our study today on being a worker of iniquity.  Which is something I know none of us desire to be.  The Lord really pressed upon me that you all are overfed with what is coming upon the Earth and that we must remain steadfast and fixated on continually studying the Word, because all we need to make it through each day has already been given.  And He directly told me –

Mathew 6:33 –

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

So see…  We really have nothing to fear, nothing at all, so long as we are continually seeking Him – being still and knowing He is God, following in Jesus’s footsteps and using words only when necessary.

One of my greatest fears is to hear – Depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.  Only because those He says this to, did much for the glory of His Name.  They prophesied, cast out devils and did many wonderful works.

Let’s read it in the Word, Mathew 7:

21 Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Did you see what they did not do?  They did not do the will of the Father – they did works which were out of disobedience.  Yikes, that is really scary.

It is also why He focuses so much on being obedient before sacrifice and is also why we have studied so much about fully surrendering to the Lord, seeking obedience above all else and letting go of all desires we personally have in that our only desire is Jesus.  If you remember we learned once when Jesus is our only desire we are in unity with Him so our desires are the same and then and only then, does He give us the desires of our hearts.  We get Him on the Throne of our hearts, then all things are added unto us – like building blocks one upon another when Jesus is our foundation.

This Scripture is alarming because it proves we can do many, many works for the Lord and if we are not in obedience to Him while we do them, we are in jeopardy.  Some do not take this seriously and some it offends – but some of us desire the sincere milk of the Word, like this.  This particular Scripture is simple and easy to understand.  I like simple and easy, don’t you?

I started pondering what is the will of the Father, just to go a little deeper…  Guess where He led me?  I bet you can’t guess… lol…  I will give you a hint…  It has nothing to do with works, doing this or doing that or isn’t knowledge based or hard to attain or understand…  He led me directly to… ready?  The Lord’s Prayer… Weird, I know right?

He told me to pray in unity with Me, you need to pray just as My Son prayed…  I am settled now in my heart, if it was good enough for Jesus and if He stressed this prayer as He taught His very own disciples how to pray…  It is plentiful for us to today! 

Shall we pray it together before we even take another step today?  I think so.

Guess where the Lord’s Prayer is in the Bible?  Believe it or not, it is in Mathew 6, the chapter right before the Scripture we just read…  Interesting isn’t it?  And believe me, I did not orchestrate it that way for today, He did.

Let’s pray, it is in Mathew 6:9-13

9… Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.

Amazing… So I really started to think upon this prayer and how it really is a prayer of full surrender to the Father in everything…  First it glories Him, then it declares His Kingdom will is being done here on Earth just as it is in Heaven and then it shows reliance on Him for daily sustenance – spiritual and physical, it speaks of repentance for the forgiveness of sins and recognizes as we forgive others our sins are forgiven as well, it speaks that His hand prevents us from being led into our own temptation to sin and do evil things and then it ends with the same beginning declaring He alone has kingdom rule and power and glory and it is forever.

The Lord’s prayer seems more personal and beautiful to me than it ever has.  I can now see how often in the past I prayed it out of memory and not of the heart.  Lord forgive me.

Which goes to show, I really believe I have been such a worker of iniquity and hypocrite – in need of much purging and am thankful for it and even though it hurts the flesh it saves the soul.  In these days some are still deceiving themselves while some of us are just now realizing how in lack we have always been.  We’ve been sinners in need of a Savior and yet… thought we already were, but we were still playing around like an unchanged old creature.  We thought we could be saved on a prayer, only to realize Jesus does not indwell a vessel until it is emptied out through purging and repentance.

God is good all the time and we are not.  We may be good some of the time – but He is always good and He never changes.  It is so exciting how He is revealing more and more of Himself to us lately!

Remember when we used to worry we were a tare?  Or maybe some of you still do…  And that is okay, it is part of your process of repentance.  Before we go any further on that…  He is pressing me to share a little bit about the delusion that one can enter into Heaven’s gates without repenting. 

Here’s the Scripture – Acts 17:

30 Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent31 because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained.

Or – At the beginning of Luke 13 – He speaks twice about repentance:

There were present at that season some who told Him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had [a]mingled with their sacrifices. And Jesus answered and said to them, “Do you suppose that these Galileans were worse sinners than all other Galileans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish. Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse sinners than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

Do you know what these people were doing in this Scripture?  They were judging those who sinned differently than them…  thinking others were worse off and more lost than they were.  Jesus was pointing out to them – it is YOU who need to repent.  And this too is something I have been very guilty of myself.

Envy is one of the most devastating sins there is.  Envy, jealousy, backbiting, gossiping together against others…  accusatory text messages are one of the biggest ego centric actions I have witnessed as of late… Only because it takes way less guts to type something than it does to confront someone face to face…. We often forget there is a Heavenly record of every idle word – spoken by us, including that which is typed… refusal to submit to authority, is going to bring much destruction upon our heads – unless of course, we repent.  And just in case we need a reminder – to repent means, to turn away from and stop doing and if I may add that often means no longer associating with someone so you do not sin anymore – then do it… Because that is a “lead me not into temptation moment” found within the Lord’s prayer.  My experience has usually been, if you are truly changed – by the heart, not fake… those who enjoyed your company before will reject you – so be ready in the heart and mind to go all the way with Jesus – count the cost now, as many who are departing from the faith, will depart from us and they usually are noisy when they leave.  But we hold our peace.  Amen.

A surrendered heart is a submissive heart that is led solely by the Holy Spirit.  I am the first one to admit I used to have trouble submitting to authority, so I get it.  I was like that when President Obama was in office for a long time until I got so many spankings from the Father my pants were on fire.  And that is just one example of the type of carnal Christian rebellion I truly was in – and I was delusional at the time too, thinking myself to be something I was not.  Ugh… I lacked one very important component to Kingdom living… humility.  At that time I had sort of a false humility, believing I had all the answers… Like I would state proudly I was humble… sheesh… that makes me sick to think about now.  I always had to have the last word too, lacking any self-control, foolish child indeed… lol 

There was the old me and now is the new me.  The old me tried to rule over things sometimes with the ministry (and if you all tell him I confessed this – I will deny it, lol just kidding), I would not only make suggestions in a forceful way, I never held in my opinion.  Now this was years ago, not now.  Since that time, I do not question how Michael runs COT in such a way and I trust the Father will lead him much better than I could.  There are times he may seek my wisdom on things or confirmation or things like that…  So when invited I share.  Every once in awhile the Holy Spirit will give me something to place before Michael, but the convincing part now belongs to Jesus, not me.  And he does the same with ROF…. Its called respect and honor blended with love.

Can I be honest please?  Women need to know their place as nurturers and teachers to those who are youthful in their Spiritual walks (this is Biblical btw) but we must quench our desire to rule over man at all costs.  I am stepping lightly here… But we need to be purged of opinions and until we are able to – hold our peace more often.  Otherwise, we can easily become whiney and like a dripping faucet, as spoken of in the Old Testament… simply put – irritating to those around us.  An example would be – openly stating a complaint how someone is overseeing their appointed assignment.  I’ve actually witnessed females who are out of line with Godly order do this in both COT and Pastor Paul’s chatrooms over the course of years.  It is quite revealing just how much rebellion we still have within us, when we refuse to submit to those in authority the Lord has placed over us – should we choose to dine at a particular table – we really should have manners.  I have a caution for all those females who send emails of complaints continually to Michael or myself…  Let’s be sober in the mind, learning to be more submissive in nature to the leading of the Holy Spirit as a lady of grace who gently reflects the loving nature of Jesus.  As a living example of Him, may we act like a guest in the home when fellowshipping together, so that those who are watching have a positive influence to follow.  I just cannot even fathom entering as a guest into Pastor Paul’s fellowship with contentious complaints on how he is running his own household.  Actually, I would be quite embarrassed to do so, because even if I cannot see it within – everyone else can see I have many complaints within my heart.

I am sure the Father is also doing a mighty saving work with our brothers as well.  Since I cannot speak as a male to a male it is really out of place for me to address them, unless I am giving direct insight to how ladies perceive or feel about things – but don’t worry ladies, the Lord is purifying His whole church, men included… It is not only us who need a little course correction!  …. I will say this because it is written to males directly…  Men need to be loving females more like Jesus loves the church. 

You see… If we are not humble… It hinders everything!  And if we are humble…  It releases everything!  When we humble ourselves, and pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked carnal ways… It is then our Father hears us from Heaven to forgive our sins and heal us.  (2Chronicles 7:14)

Humility is the fruit to repentance, which saves us from doing works of iniquity.  Thank You Lord.

If I may… Can I release some weights and chains that have gotten very burdensome off of you ladies today?  Wives, Sisters it is not your job to be a pastor to our husbands or brothers… To be a Godly compliment in the walk of those you cherish the most, does not require we rule over someone or lead them to follow in our footsteps but rather to be an example of the love of Jesus in their lives, to encourage, foster hope and strengthen them in truth for the call the Lord has placed upon them.  May we always remember to pray for them most of all, so that the One Who is able hears the cries of our hearts and sets many to flight on their behalf.

Now I realize that seemed like an awful lot of bad news doesn’t it?  But if you will, with me, consider it a trumpet call to repent.  A revealing of the truth of us, so that we can be set free and walk according to the ways of Jesus, as our living example.  There is no condemnation in this whatsoever, because Jesus always makes a way of escape to the sin which so easily ensnares us.  Repentance is a beautiful and loving piece to our journey here on Earth.  The Father points these things out to us in His merciful love, for our benefit so we are not lost and wandering like a disobedient wayward child.  He is pulling us closer to Him all the time, purging us along the way, as we draw near to God, He draws near to us.

And remember…  Like we have been discussing for months now…  As a new creature in Christ, we are being purged of all the old creature habits – and today our focus is on the iniquity which still remains.

I know none of us gathered today want to go where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth – the place reserved only for the hypocrites, therefore, He is revealing to perfect us and definitely not to condemn us.

It is our job alone to turn from our wicked ways, everyone can choose not to, He forces no one.  But it is our own actions which reflect the truth of us – better to know this now, than regret it later.  Amen?  It is with a humble and grateful heart we can praise His Name for removing all iniquity from us to prepare us inwardly for the dwelling of Jesus within.  He is not doing this because He despises us, but because He loves us.  I pray you grasp this truth.  Don’t let that devil convince you otherwise, this truth is edifying to your walk, not condemning your walk.

Jesus never leaves us in the same condition He found us in – thankfully.  As things which do not align with His ways are revealed so that we have a choice to make regarding repenting – to wash our robes white – remember, the Bride makes herself ready.  It certainly feels as if we need more time, doesn’t it?

So many are preparing in the natural right now for what is happening, while I feel like my focus has to be on being spiritually ready above all else.  So much so, I am finding it a little difficult to focus on much in the natural.  But knowing I have children who depend on me, I know I need to be a little more responsible in that area, so I am trying to do what I can.  Many of you are very similar to me facing financial limitations to prepare – but rest assured, Jesus will not leave us, no matter what – He is our Provision for our health, security, finances, food, water, everything is upheld by His hand as we welcome Him into our Homes to abide.  He truly is the one constant in our lives we can depend on.  Amen.  So I encourage you to talk to Him, tell Him what is troubling you – He already knows.  I realize many have a tendency to go right to another person first – I’ve done that too – but truly if you desire that peace which surpasses all understanding it is only Jesus that can fill us with His calmness during these troubled times.  When we really see that Jesus is all we need, we won’t be so shaken when He is all we have.

We are blessed to finally be made aware now that we cannot save ourselves and to stop being a runaway bride and simply throw our hands up and surrender our self-will to His – that was simply exhausting wasn’t it?  We also no longer have our eyes fixated on the sins of others like we used to and wow, that is a good thing too isn’t it – so the real work of wholeness can truly begin?  Stones are being put down, hearts are turning away from evil and loving the Lord, we are clinging more to what is good than ever before and truly, beyond a shadow of doubt moving from glory to glory in HIM. 

I truly pray this message was received in the way in which it was given, with a humbled and grateful heart which points to Jesus as the only way to salvation, as He does all things in love.  The Bible tells us how quickly the Lord forgives our confessed sins and how blessed we are that we can go before Him in such an open and honest way.  If we can truly and whole-heartedly believe in faith without seeing that every single thing we are dealing with at the moment is God at work in our lives to deliver us fully from those mindsets that have held us captive for so very long…  We will be just fine.  We are all going to be okay in His capable hands.

So, with that I guess you could call it a wrap for today! 

I thank you for joining me and I also thank you for lifting ROF Ministries and myself up in prayer, for your love and/or financial support, should the Lord lead you to do so – in that we continue to be sent forth to be a blessing of hope to those the World has rejected, by healing hearts His way.

As always, your prayers keep us covered and your support keeps us reaching the multitudes.  Should the Lord place it upon your heart to give financially, you may do so by visiting our website at:, not only will those we serve be blessed – with your love seeds, your joy shall be made full in Him. 

We always welcome more members to our Prison Ministry Outreach Team, so if you are interested please email me at: – which is the same email for prayer requests or if I can personally be of assistance to you in anyway. 

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and merciful Father, it is with great awe and gratitude we come before You this day to celebrate new beginnings of hope found in Your Only Begotten Son, Jesus.  We first bow before You in our hearts asking You to forgive us for taking for granted or mis-using the Gift of His sacrifice in ways that were for selfish-gain.  We thank You mostly for the gift of repentance which draws us into full submissive unity with You as Jesus washes out every spot or blemish which does not reflect His Image.  Lord we not only ask You for forgiveness we praise You for so willingly offering it, knowing we are not worthy to receive You and yet You welcome us anyway.  Thank You Father for continuing to open our eyes even more to the full understanding and knowledge of Your truth.  We love Your truth Lord, we love You Lord more and more each day as You are the one Who our soul longs for every moment of every day.  Thank You for receiving us just as we are into Your opened and loving arms and cleansing us, making us whole. 

We also pray today that You would wipe every tear from the eyes of those who are suffering, that You would draw them near unto You and be their comfort and guide.  We lift up our loved ones to You Lord and ask You to protect them and keep them safe during the trials coming upon the whole World.  We thank You Lord for the blessing of children, help us to train them better to walk in Your precepts and give us strength to say no on their behalf.  We pray in unity for our Nation and the leaders and inhabitants who live here Father.  We pray they see Your Sovereign majesty is upon all which concerns them and we thank You with all that we are that Your will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Amen.

Life Saving Shaking ~ Broadcast Transcript from April 17, 2020

Good Morning and HAPPY late RESURRECTION DAY to each of you!  Thank you for joining me today on this ROF Ministries Broadcast and what a beautiful day it is to believe in faith this is the day the Lord has made and we shall be glad and rejoice in it, where every day is resurrection day around here.  Amen?  Thankfully, as a child of God we do not need to wait for a particular day or hour to fall on our knees in worship, do we?  For that I am most grateful, aren’t you?  Thank You Jesus – we give You all praise and glory and honor for the magnificent work on the cross which You are solidifying within our hearts and minds, renewing us each and every day.

AL righty then…  Shall we get started?  We have so much go discuss today!  I pray you are blessed, because you surely are highly favored and loved, by me of course, but more importantly by our Father in Heaven, Who sent love down in the word made flesh, His firstborn Son, Jesus.  And Jesus had many siblings didn’t He?  That is YOU!  And me – we are His spiritual family on Earth, just as it is in Heaven.  The Word tells us Jesus was the first of many brethren and my oh my, we are so thankful to be able to worship Him each and every day for only He is worthy to be praised and honored and glorified!  We love You Lord Jesus, with all that we are.

For the first time in a very long time…  I don’t know what to ramble about today… lol…  I know right?  Isn’t that funny?  I’ve been journaling for days now, since we last met and I kept looking for a common thread to all the Lord was showing me in His word.  I must admit – I see no common link here…  Except HIM of course – Jesus is our link in all we seek and love. Amen.  I would say let’s wing it today – but I am so not good at things unplanned…  We will just start at the beginning and see how He leads us to fellowship together and how all this unfolds today.

It seems very appropriate to start with…  the last three words Jesus spoke here on Earth.  Do you all remember what He said?  He said – IT IS FINISHED.  Oh this is gonna be good…  Because I bet you’ve never seen this Scripture this way before.  I know I sure hadn’t until Friday night when He led me to look up that familiar scripture.  Let’s read it:

John 19:30 –

When Jesus therefore HAD RECEIVED THE VINEGAR, he said, IT IS FINISHED: and he bowed his head and gave up the ghost.

We are going to come back to that, but first…  What was finished?  What do those three words mean to you?

  • Suffering
  • Pain & Destruction
  • Torment & Sin
  • Betrayal
  • Accusation & the enemy’s influence
  • Physical beatings
  • Shame
  • Being forsaken – abandonment

Jesus had just gone through some of the worst 24 hours of His life…  And all of that was directed at Him, but remember He also took on all our sins, as well, if you can possibly imagine that.  I cannot.

Let’s read what happened right before Jesus said IT IS FINISHED, again.

John 19:30 –

When Jesus therefore HAD RECEIVED THE VINEGAR, he said, IT IS FINISHED: and he bowed his head and gave up the ghost.

Vinegar is a bitter wine – and Jesus received it into Himself

All that bitterness He received into Himself, saying it is finished and then He died on the cross.

Bitterness always proceeds death.  Bitterness is like poison to the body, BUT, this is a HUGE revelation here…  When Jesus said it was finished, it means all that bitterness which tries to torment us day and night was put to death with Him on the cross and cannot be resurrected unless of course, we bring it back to life in our hearts and minds.  By Jesus taking it inside Himself, He becomes the bearer of all bitterness which attempts to have control over us and we are set free in Him.

Bitterness leads to drunkenness…  Being not sober in the mind – not thinking straight, double-minded and when drunk we do weird things, don’t we, like imagining things and accusing others?

But Jesus is our way of escape out of all that torment and yet…  We do not know Him intimately enough to drink only from Him – our well of everlasting life.  When He is not on the throne of our hearts, it shows, because we want everything and everyone else to complete us and make us whole.  Some of us have yet to approach that cross due to fear, let alone lay down all our burdens at His feet. 

Every single sin can be traced back to one thing – FEAR.  Which is why we need His perfect love to cast out all fear.  Love cannot be taught, love is a knowing, deep inside the heart and soul.  We hold onto sinful old creature ways out of fear.  And until we fear not what man can do to us, but only our Father…  Our lives are gonna be a little topsy-turvy, drunkenness. 

I repent for really asking the Lord to do more for me when He already did it all.  I feel really sorrowful how I would murmur and complain in my heart and mind about what I do not have, when He already gave me everything.  I had a “vinegar” heart for a very long time and to be honest… I didn’t care that Jesus said my old life was finished…  I wanted what I wanted and how I wanted it – Lord forgive me again.  Bitterness is like quicksand and will pull us under if we do not purposely step out of the snare of its grip. 

Our Lord is so amazing that He is not asking us to do anything to be saved, knowing it is already ready finished – He simply is asking us to RECEIVE HIM.  Will we receive Him or not?  We make excuse after excuse, like I will, but not today – today I am miserable, naked and blind… But tomorrow, yes Lord I will receive You.  We really, really say these things in our hearts don’t we?  I am as guilty as the thief on the cross next to Jesus…  As Jesus suffered and died for us to GIVE US LIFE and we say, No… I prefer to lay on my deathbed and deny Your Name over picking up my diseased comfort and walk to the healing waters of You.  Forgive us Lord.  Some of you get what I am saying and if you are carrying people around, when they actually should be walking themselves to Jesus and if they are capable of walking at all… Then you are doing them a complete disservice of hindrance to comfort them with a lie.  Jesus died for all, not some, but for all who seek Him – it isn’t hard to seek Jesus, not at all.  People just say those words to manipulate you – a child barely learning to walk can find Jesus, everything that has breath can praise Him, the grass bows before Him… Anyone who seeks Him, shall find Him. Period.

Again… bitterness proceeds death.  It did for Jesus as an example for what it will do to us.  Everyone must choose eternal life or death for themselves.  Please hear me on this – but if someone prefers death over life, it is NOT because Jesus did not do all He could to draw them to Himself.  He even leaves the 99 to go after the 1.  I really feel like people get saved in spite of us, not because of us quite often.  We often are so fearful of a little pain when the old creature dies that we will keep reviving that old nature in others, interfering and delaying their rebirthing process.  I pray the Lord continue to instruct us more in His ways and commands and raise us up to be workers during this end time harvest.  Was that too harsh?  I am sorry if I offended anyone, but Jesus truly finished all sin upon the cross for us – the problem is we just don’t believe it in our minds and our hearts deceive us to thinking repentance died when He rose from the dead three days later.  Actually, quite the opposite is true.  The new creature walks continually in repentance – otherwise, it would not be a new creature.  Make sense?

I think we’ve done the mixture (vinegar) thing long enough… Don’t you?

Pure, true and good fruit looks just like Jesus – we do produce fruit by the way – which are things that manifest at our hands, good or bad, by our wills, thoughts, actions, minds, hearts…  Anything we say or do that does not look just like what Jesus said or did is profane or bad fruit.  We often feel withered and weak when we are seeking an outside source to replenish us.

Jesus will never, ever be IN MIXTURE… Jesus vomits the lukewarm out… MIXTURE, vinegar – what HE RECEIVED INTO HIMSELF… oh boy… My heart is beating fast… You all with me?  We read earlier it was the mixture of VINEGAR (bitter wine & water) He received INTO HIMSELF then died on the cross…  Fast forward to Revelation and guess what Jesus vomits out of His mouth??? The lukewarm – mixture – hot/cold or bitter wine… those who are drunk on bitterness…  ugh… You all with me?  He took it in on the cross and will spew it out at His coming… This is huge!

Lukewarm are SHOWING CHRIST TO OTHERS but not LIVING AS CHRIST authentically. Hot and cold is being on fire for Him one minute and lethargic the next.

Some might say… they are doing outward works and uttering Him with their lips (false prophets, teachers, preachers, followers, witnesses, performing miracles), but their hearts are far from Him.  But enough about that – today is the day of Salvation for us all – to seek Him with our whole hearts, with all that we are – knowing that is enough.  He wants to break those chains in our minds that speak to us in opposition to His word, casting down all imaginations.  There is no condemnation in Jesus – He is for life, those other thoughts are just weeds sown into us by the enemy that things are still left undone… When Jesus said, it is finished.  It is a web of lies in our minds which tell us we must rise to meet Jesus by performance when He said we must bow before Him in humility.

He created us as vessels for Him to dwell in, not for works either.  Once He indwells within us His works follow, like a shadow.  The works do not announce Jesus is among us, they follow us after He is revealed.  Remember the shadow of the apostles healed?  Like I have said before – a shadow does not have a voice, it just is…  Man forces things, Jesus just is…  It is only fresh waters which heal, in which Jesus is the only source.  We do not have to make something happen, like water it flows but is not forceful and remember… Wells don’t chase people down – wells are constantly in the same place and people come to them to drink.

Jesus is so very kind and loving, desiring none perish – I mean none – not even the worst of all the sinners on Earth does He want to perish.  We need to lose that fear that He needs us to save others, which is works based.  He does use us to plant seeds of truth, grow others and comfort others, but the saving belongs solely to Him, because victory belongs to only Him – not ourselves, a part from Him – what can we really do anyway?  Jesus is that well of never ending fresh water which flows out continually and freely to all who desire to partake of Him and when we abide in Him, He pours out through us too.  To prosper as our souls prosper simply means, Jesus is established on the throne of our hearts so that out of our hearts flows Him.  We decrease in that He may increase and yielding to Him is a requirement of prospering.  If rebellion still remains within us it will serve as an obstacle to yielding completely to Him, we will not decrease as we should and continually be wrestling with ourselves, our flesh man and even God.  Remember our study on Jacob?  Until Jacob fully surrendered he was not blessed.  To be blessed resembled communing with the Lord, being naturally supernatural.

Remember the 2 trees in the Garden?  I am sure you all are tired of me talking about them…  Adam and Eve were given only 1 command, just one – which was to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  One simple command.  The other Tree was the Tree of Life = Jesus, of which flows waters of everlasting life.  The Father knew that knowing of evil would destroy one’s innocence – He also knew it was not a requirement to know of evil to follow the Lord.  That one simple command to keep their eyes closed to darkness – where everything was permissible, they didn’t even know they were naked, because at that time everything was pure.  They say curiosity kills that cat, well that day it killed all humanity, over just their disobedience, innocence was tainted.  We lose our innocence each and every time we partake in knowledge of evil, the mixture resembles lukewarm, don’t you agree?  Good mixed with evil has impurities in it, just like hot mixed with cold is a mixture.  And this is exactly what spots and blemishes our garments.  Anyone thirsty for righteousness drinks what?  Righteous waters gleaned from only the Tree of Life.  And remember… to the pure, all things are pure – one must have darkness within them to seek and see darkness.  We can partake of something with our eyes and ears, not just our mouth.

We know lucifer is the father of all liars.  When anyone partakes of his fruit of knowledge… guess who manifests in and through that person?  Him.  Just like when we partake of Jesus, we abide with Him through our decrease so that He manifests through us.  Don’t forget there are two types of vessels… One key indicator of just who is manifesting is who is being glorified.  Lucifer feeds the ego so that one boasts on themselves.  Jesus feeds the Spirit and we then boast on the Lord.  Again, there are vessels of honor and dishonor – depending on which kingdom you abide in, that is who you present to others.

The lukewarm right now are in the Valley of Decision, just like we spoke about last week.  During this shaking right now it is forcing a choice upon all those who haven’t made one yet.  We are either for Him or against Him and right now it is quite revealing who is who by manifested actions, no matter the words they speak.  Darkness is being uncovered by the Light and many are found naked.  Once revealed openly one can either find some fig leaves to cover yourself and hide from the Lamb or else be covered by the blood of Lamb on the doorposts of our hearts.  Everything which is hidden will be revealed in the coming days because the darker the World gets, the brighter the lights of Jesus shine.  It might be a good idea to get in placement to hide ourselves under the shadow of the almighty until this indignation passes.

Next…  Let’s talk a little about this “shaking…”  Because more is on the way and it is growing in intensity.  When the Heavens shake first, like an echo it will reach Earth and the lands respond.  There is a word He gave me in which He called what is happening – The Saving Shaking.  He is saving souls all over the place and if we get our focus off what evil is doing we shall see spiritually the fruit the Lord is ripening.

It is our merciful Father pleading with all the inhabitants of the Earth as He shakes things a bit to awaken the masses to bow a knee and repent.  Shaking cultivates an authentic and intimate relationship with Jesus to be free in the Spirit through the circumcision of the heart to repent.  I am sure you can see it now, can’t you?  It has been a very long time since people were so free and open to prayer and calling upon the Name of the Lord…  Which is just enough – that is all He asks, that His people humble themselves, pray and seek His face…  And it is happening – more people are humbling themselves and openly seeking Him since I can ever remember.  So if you look at the bigger picture right now, I would say the fruit of the Children of God are popping up all over the place.  It often takes the direst of circumstances for a heart to cry Abba Father in truth, sadly.

All superficial devices are being revealed, sheep’s clothing is being stripped from wolves, wells without water are being dried up and laid bare so people do not drink from them anymore, our own works are coming down, people are returning to their first love Jesus having sole dependence on Him and His children are now beginning to honor Him with their hearts and lips and if not remain silent.

Jesus is here to take back what is rightfully His own and it is only going to get increasingly more intense from here on out because He does not relent.  Jesus’s ultimate plan from the beginning of time was to save lost souls and with these winds of change His presence is getting bolder and bolder.  He is gathering His people unto Himself – it sort of resembles a birthing of unity in the Spirit of those who worship Him in the love of the truth.  We know His remnant will rise, although many of us have been hidden in ashes for a bit.  Those who do fall away will do so mainly because they look to another to be saved, for explanation or solutions, while seeking to save their own lives, refusing to repent from wicked ways and pride.  And those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes have faith and hope that He is our only salvation.  We fear no death, knowing to die is gain and how much better it is be present with the Lord than to be in this body of flesh.

The lost church will increasingly fall into a pit with the enemy, keeping their eyes on one another – for answers and accusations until they devour and consume each other by finger pointing and a lustful desire to be right they will eventually consume one another.  They will conform to man who gives instruction over conforming to Christ and His set exampled ways, because they are used to an instant blessing, rather than the patience of the Saints.  The Father will again decree the tables of the money changers in His church to be overturned.  Those ministries who partake in mixture right now and are first are soon to be last while the Father ushers in His remnant for the Harvesting of His own seed.

It is time to kiss the Son, lest He manifest in anger.  It is for our good that every single thing which is of a higher priority than Jesus is being shaken down, so that He has His rightful place on the Throne of our hearts.  We are at a crossroads unmatched at the moment…  a T in the road so to speak… 

First came the trembling and shaking to reveal the crossroads… We can go down one of two ways…

The Narrow Way which leads to life everlasting or the Broadway which leads to destruction.

The awesome part about this shaking is the wakeup call for those who blindly were heading down towards the broad way by wandering off the straight and narrow way – Wow, its amazing just how loving and merciful our Father is, He sent us His precious Son to give us life and all we have to do is receive Him.

Anytime someone begins to imagine a “vain” thing… they immediately begin to rebel against the Lord, they wrestle internally against flesh and Spirit. 

Remember when we learned:

Who you bow down to is who you worship

Who you worship is who you love

Who you love reveals the Kingdom you belong to.

Whether you are from lucifer’s kingdom or God’s you follow this same chain of command

Now remember… lucifer is the most subtle of all the beasts, he is very tricky and since he cannot corrupt us, he tricks us into corrupting ourselves.  The Who in this pattern we just spoke about is self/ego, because that is the fruit he produces… Remember?  He fell because he desired to be as god… I just want us to be clear here… Bowing down to yourself and desires is a form of self-worship and most certainly is the broad way.

BROADWAY –                                               NARROW WAY –

Saves flesh                                                   Saves your soul

Tares – burned up         HARVEST        Wheat – gathered together

Serves Self                                                   Serves Jesus

Each and every shaking we experience in this life is a real blessing of mercy and grace upon us, helping us to humble ourselves and seek His face.

This is so amazing – Thank You Lord for breaking off the mindsets set as chains upon us as we seek You.

Just for clarification – There is an extreme difference in CORRECTION vs CONDEMNATION and many are unaware, walking around in offense.  We may talk more about this at a later date, but correction is actually being led by the Good Shephard Jesus and is a rightful blessing of the children of God.  Condemnation says – nothing you do is good enough… well, duh – nothing we do is good enough, to save us.  You see how the enemy speaks a lie into our minds that is truth, but laden with accusation?  If offense was not present, we would receive that truth just as it was stated…  But offense which is always based in pride (fruit of the enemy) pushes us to come into agreement with his lies about us and because we hide ourselves in shame the offense has the intensity it needs to catch fire.  Freely given, freely received without offense… None is righteous, we need His.  If you are offended, then you are under condemnation still trying to pry yourself out of death by works and earn your way to Jesus.

The Father corrects His children and to His children who seek to be pleasing that is a beautiful embracing process of pure love.  The gift He is offering is repentance and that too is beautiful.  Repentance simply means admitting your shortcomings before the One who already knows them with a humble and contrite heart.  You see why we avoid it?  It is not we care for Him to know we still have spots and blemishes of sin, He sees everything we do and knows every thought but we are washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb….  We still have a prideful piece within us which seeks to save our own lives and we do not like to admit we cannot do something on our own… If the enemy can trick us that we are being condemned – we won’t even try to seek Jesus the only one who can save our souls.

We certainly are that TEMPLE made not by human hands with walls and such, Jesus is the door guarding His house, so today of all days it is a great reminder to keep JESUS at the center of everything in our lives.

Shaking is the Season we are in at the moment – Then being weighed in the balance through the choices we make to rebel against God or repent before Him – Kingdom fruit is witnessed by others – God’s Kingdom or lucifer’s – it depends on who you serve (Jesus or self).

Now please listen closely for just a minute —- The magnitude or force of shaking you personally feel is the exact measurement of rebellion which still remains in you.

Rebellion meaning, trusting man or self over God when tribulations come upon us like waves.

Please, please remember – the Father is doing this for us, not against us! 

Why?  So that when everything is shaken, only that which remains in us is JESUS, unmovable and eventually unshakeable – so that we abide continually in HIS KINGDOM.

What falls off?  Self!

Shaking rises up the Bride to awaken and heed her Bridegroom’s call.  She hears His voice above all others, she follows Him wherever He goes so that He becomes her strength and finds utter and complete JOY IN HIM above all else…  He is taking an adulterous Bride, purifying her, formulating her to be equally yoked with Him, faithful and ready to be JOINED FOR MARRIAGE at the consummation.  My guess is – if we all really knew what was truly awaiting before us we would be jumping for joy in the shaking and asking for more and a quickening.  Now I am getting excited… lolol

Repeat after me:  Jesus is for me, not against me.  I am a child of God, He watches over me continually.

Remember this next time someone who says they believe in Jesus approaches with you a complaint in their heart – remember this if I complain to you, comfort one another with these words – which are truth to override all the whispered lies of the enemy.

Really quick, let’s just point out some manna words out of Psalm 46 –

  • The Lord is our refuge and our strength
  • He is purging all hypocrisy out of us for our good
  • There are times the Lord ordains us to rest by ceasing from our own labors
  • When our hearts are one with Jesus we do His works not our own in order to be pleasing in His sight
  • As His ambassadors and witnesses we point only to Jesus and His Kingdom
  • And we remember just how much our actions do reflect the truth of us so that we repent when it is time to repent and press on when He leads us to forget that which is behind us – our old nature.

You see… It already is finished…  Time for us to stop resurrecting that old man and run to Jesus to free us so we are indeed free, not just talking about freedom, but walking in the freedom He has set before us.

Once we were sinners, but now… turned Saint, no longer desiring to sin – repenting as soon as we do, it surely is finished.

A sinner sins and feels no remorse or need to repent.  A saint sins and immediately goes to the Savior for forgiveness.  If your conscience is seared and you can lie, steal, slander, commit adultery, murder, rule over others, just to name a few and not feel some sort of guilt – drop everything and run to Jesus before it is too late.  Jesus finished for us all desire to sin, we are already free, we just need to believe it.  The wages of sin is death and that is exactly what Jesus defeated on the cross.

Okay… Well here we are at the end of today’s broadcast.  I pray it blesses you as you walk faithfully hand in hand each day with Jesus.

Before I go, lets pray the Lord’s Prayer together as one body of believers, the same and yet different and uniquely created and formed by His majestic hands.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name, 
thy kingdom come, 
thy will be done, 
on earth as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day our daily bread. 
And forgive us our trespasses, 
as we forgive those
who trespass against us. 

And lead us not into temptation, 
but deliver us from evil. 

For thine is the kingdom, 
and the power, and the glory, 
for ever and ever. Amen.

Like always, I cannot thank those of you enough who have supported ROF Ministries by covering prayers, words of encouragement or financial blessings.  No matter the gift you have, many of you do not hold back and I cannot praise the Lord enough for each of you.  Please feel free to contact me at or visit for updates, prayer requests and/or to sow into our ministry, as we keep on healing hearts His way together in the unity of love for the glory of only His Name.

Let No Man Deceive You ~ Broadcast Transcript for April 5, 2020

Good Morning and God Bless each of you – thank you for joining me today on this ROF Ministries Broadcast.  I am most honored and happy you are here with me today!  How are you all holding up?  You doing okay surrounded by the madness of the World?  Days are really starting to blend together aren’t they?  Hard to believe we have only been abiding in the chaos for three weeks…  It seems more like three years to me.  As we continue to keep our eyes fixated on Jesus, we will not sink into the chaos of the World, just as He promised we wouldn’t.  Remember Peter?  He only started to sink when walking on water to get to Jesus when He looked down, taking His eyes off of Jesus.  Spiritually speaking, the same is true for us.

I kept going back and forth trying to see where the Lord would lead me for today.  I was torn between the magnificent story of Esther – which honestly is what I wanted to share with you all today during our time together.  But, the Lord kept pressing me with another topic and since this is all about Him – it’s His choice, not mine.  I always seem to gravitate to wanting to talk about pleasant things – of which the Book of Esther is, being near and dear to my heart.  As He leads we will follow and today the foundation of His message is…  Let No Man Deceive You.  I feel like this is going to be a hard message for some and for that reason I am going to apologize in advance for any offense today’s broadcast may cause.  Please remember, to test all things humans say, including me, by what is already written in the Word.

So here we go – Let no man deceive you…

And we will get to that Scripture eventually, but first we are going to read what happens if we let a man deceive us, even if just a little bit.  But first, a burden even comes with knowing it is up to us to some degree if we actually do let a man deceive us.  Without us even knowing we can even desire to be deceived.  Tickled ears gravitate to those who tickle them… 

What is that saying…  It is better to be hurt with the truth, than comforted with a lie.

Sadly, I too have chosen lying comfort over truth at times, not guarding my heart like I should of, which can really be crushing, but a necessity nonetheless for the perfection of the saints and the indwelling of wisdom oil.

If we gravitate to a lie just because it feels good we will not be blessed.  Let’s read that in –

Psalm 1:1
Blessed (happy) is the man that…

Walks (wanders) not in the counsel (receive advice) of the ungodly (morally wicked)

Nor stands (abides – ordain) in the way (walk with) of sinners (one who offends)

Nor sits (dwells) in the seat (assembly) of the scornful (mocker, teacher, leader who is boastful and in contempt)

In more common words…

Happy is the one who does not wander by receiving advice from those who are morally wicked, or abides and walks with one who offends others, or dwells in the assembly with anyone who talks arrogantly, leading others to be boastfully in contempt.

Those who do this the Father will deal with them directly, which you can read for yourself, Psalm 1 isn’t very long actually.

The Lord also called them:  fault finders, accusers of the brethren, contentious, blind guides, betwitchers, deceivers and the like.  There is really no reason for me to go over all that again and again…  But what I do want to discuss a little is the fact many have actually convinced themselves every Scripture, sermon, correction and call for repentance is about everyone else but them…  You know why?  They foolishly believe the Bridegroom has delayed His coming…  So they harm their fellow servants, giving no thought to their own actions and if anyone points it out – they say they are the victim or mock the ones they have injured by the shedding of innocent blood.  Somehow, someway the enemy has blinded us to seeking the path of repentance by a plank in our own eyes, seeing only the speck in others.

Let’s go read Mathew 24 a bit, because you are not going to believe this – this teaching is about servants – some are good and some are bad – truly, I never saw this word like this before – I will read it then we can talk more about it…

Mathew 24:45-51

45 “Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his master made ruler over his household, to give them food (spiritually feeding the flock the Word) [i]in due season? 46 Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing (working while its day or the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few). 47 Assuredly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all his goods (priceless vessels, sheep). 48 But if that evil servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying [j]his coming,’ 49 and begins to beat his fellow servants, and to eat and drink (fellowship) with the drunkards (those who shed innocent blood/murder – even with their lips), 50 the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him and at an hour that he is not aware of, 51 and will cut him in two (scourge/beat with many stripes) and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites (reap what he sowed). There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth (severe anger).

I want to cry…  I really do – I always knew instinctively there were two types of people inside the church – those who hurt others and don’t blink an eye and those who would never, ever intentionally hurt another person.  I say intentionally because we all have inadvertently hurt people, but some intentionally hurt others, just like we read, giving no thought of their own actions because they do not lay it to heart the harm they have caused.

Just to recap – So all the servants here are feeding the flock, spiritually.  But an evil servant says in his own heart that Jesus (master) is not coming soon – he will harm his fellow servants and fellowship with those who are not sober in the ways of the Lord and then Jesus will come on a day when he is not looking for Him to come and he will not be aware of Jesus coming and his appointment with be with the hypocrites rather than with Jesus… where they are angry. (weeping and gnashing of teeth means devouring someone in anger)

You all… In the Scripture right before that it says no man knows the day or hour Jesus is coming… They are doubting HE IS COMING  – to keep this in context, a message is unfolding and right intermingled in all this the Lord gave us a pearl… they are doubting 2 will be taken and one left!

Right before that it says…  The sun is darkened, the moon won’t give its light, stars fall as the powers of Heaven are shaken… BUT GET THIS… then THE SIGN OF JESUS WILL APPEAR IN THE HEAVENLIES EVERYONE ON EARTH WILL MOURN… THEY WILL SEE THE SON OF MAN (JESUS) COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN WITH POWER AND GREAT GLORY.  I know you know this Scripture, but please bear with me…  He will send His angels sounding like a trumpet and THEY WILL GATHER HIS ELECT from HEAVEN AND EARTH. Who will mourn?  Those who are still on Earth during that time.


Okay, I need to calm down, breathe a moment…  Let me relay the story as it is written by paraphrasing it to place some light upon the darkness verse by verse…  You see this why we cannot take Scripture out of context or pull parts of it out for vain satisfaction.  With the Lord’s help I am just simply trying to unravel the web of deceit we have gotten into at times because we received wicked advice from men – letting man deceive us, rather than reading the Word for ourselves and letting the Holy Spirit guide us into all truth.

It is right after Chapter 24 in Mathew 25 again the Lord shows us the 2 portions of the church virgins – half wise and half unwise… half shut out and half entering into the bridal chamber with Him.  Again… another dividing/separation.  Later on in 25 again He says… He puts the sheep on His right hand and the goats on the left.  Separation again.  You see the trend here?  Jesus appearing and separating His own, calling those who are His to “come out from among them…” 

Lastly, Mathew 10 tells us plainly – keep in mind this is all spiritual first which manifests in the natural– Jesus did not say He comes to bring peace now to Earth (He already did that at His birth – that is another story) but that those who do not deny Him before men carry Him as a sword within which will cause those who do not receive Him the same way you do to be against you.  This is no different than surrendering to the Lord, resist the enemy and he will flee from you.  Unfortunately and heartbreaking at times I must confess, when the enemy flees from us he often takes the human vessel he is indwelling with him if they are willing to go away.  Sometimes that abandonment and rejection we feel in our flesh is nothing more than a separation the Lord brought into our lives to keep us hidden within Him.  He told us unless two be agreed they cannot walk together and He also warned us about being unequally yoked with unbelievers…  I truly believe in my heart of hearts, there is a divine separation occurring right now and they is absolutely nothing we can do to intervene or stop it.  You remember how the Father turned Pharaoh’s heart cold towards the Israelites?  Same is happening to many of us at the moment, as hearts are waxing colder and colder by the moment.

If I may suggest, pray and ask the Lord to cancel out every word spoken by men and even myself or anyone else except the Holy Spirit, get in your quiet place and read Mathew 10 and 24 and 25 and let the Holy Spirit bring the Word alive for you and feed your soul directly the nourishment of this life sustaining Word so your eyes are opened to the only real truth without the filters of anybody but Him.  When we read freely the Scripture just flows so easily a child could understand it.

So far we learned about the Spiritual Law of Separation that is a constant before, is and shall be.

We also learned the enemy wants us focused on anything and everything but one thing – which is the return of Jesus by convincing us He has delayed His coming and don’t forget, many will say He already came, which is another deception.

Next we are going to talk about another trick he pulls to get us to question THE PROMISE OF JESUS’S COMING.

2 Peter 3 –

In verse 1 he says this Scripture is written to STIR UP YOUR PURE MINDS – which means untainted by falsehoods.  He goes on to say in verse 3 KNOW THIS FIRST – in the last days there shall be scoffers (which just happens to mean FALSE TEACHER, mocker or like Psalms 1 said scornful) walking in their own lusts (fleshly ways – unwise virgins, goats, like we just read a minute ago) and this is what they will say… Where is the promise of His coming???

  • They will mock you if you are looking for Jesus to come to get His Bride
  • The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night to them – they will be shocked when He appears because either they believe He already came or is delayed.

Verse 11 and 12 tells us – to be holy in all manner of conversation (not a mocker) and to LOOK FOR AND HASTEN (eagerly await) THE COMING OF THE DAY OF THE LORD GOD.

  • He says the beloved do watch for His return diligently, so we are found in Him in peace without spot and blameless.  (remember the virgins in Revelation – they are blameless too) what spots our garments?? Believing He is not coming! Why? If you are not expecting Him, you do not repent!!!

I am sorry I have to finish this real quick… but you can read it yourself in 2 Peter 3 too!

  • He goes on to say to His beloved… Seeing you know these things beware or you too shall be led away with the error of the wicked and fall from your own steadfastness (firm stability of the mind) or rather “drunkenness.”
  • Those who are SOBER are watching for JESUS TO RETURN, knowing it could be any day at any hour – taking not one moment for granted!

I really am hesitant even discussing those being caught up in the air to meet Him when He comes in the clouds, the enemy has tainted it so much to create strife it sucks the joy of the moment out of many of us to even bring it up.  If you desire you are more than welcome to read it fully just as it was written in 1Thessalonians 4 – but real quick I want to read what it says right after that verse…  Ready?


Vs. 17 says – 17 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.


Therefore, today I am comforting you with these very words…  Jesus is coming!  I don’t know when of course, but believe me, He most certainly is coming and He is coming in the clouds and every eye will see Him and we are most certainly supposed to be eagerly awaiting His arrival and with longing looking for Him to arrive all the time!  We’ve stopped comforting one another with these words haven’t we?  Lord forgive us.

It is only thieves who shall see Him as a thief in the night!  It is only them who should dread the day of the Lord, not His Beloved – to us He is returning, to us it shall be a homecoming like no other!  When the Bible speaks of the day of the Lord being of darkness and not light in Amos and other places He is speaking to the hypocrites – if you read the full story He always, always separates out His own before He brings destruction down, always.  Right before this particular Scripture in Amos 5 it says “the Lord God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant…”  His fury is against who?  Hypocrites.  Not the Beloved.  We must always rightly divide the word so it reflects the full intent of the message delivered in that it is received in fullness of truth.

Sooooo if I were the enemy – which thankfully and glory to Jesus Alone, I am not…  This is what I would do and by the way, I am only sharing this because the Lord is making me share it.  I guess you could say this is something I was shown years ago and never shared openly anyway…  Probably best I saved it for such a time as this…  Evidently, it is a timely word, exclusively taken out of the Bible.


  • I would lead many astray by mixing deceit with words of truth.
  • I would come in the flesh saying, Jesus is Lord, because unlike many I recognize the Son of Man Who is purposed to save sinners from eternal death.
  • I would also say, wars are coming to get your eyes off the truth that Jesus is soon to arrive.
  • I would entice you to fixate on distractions like famines and earthquakes.
  • I would afflict you by offense to cause you pain, kill some of you and turn others against you because you follow Jesus
  • I would mock you so much you would start to fear the Day of the Lord rather than long for it.
  • I would sow distrust among the flock, creating suspicion in the minds of people so that people abandon and betray each other to insure they hate one another and perish.  Offense would be my weapon of choice.
  • I would anoint and rise up false prophets to speak to the flock, leading many astray, as they appear to be godly and yet in the heart they deny the power thereof.
  • I would cause many to pretend to follow God’s laws so when the truth is revealed their love would grow cold one to another.
  • I would cause masses of people to hate holiness by exerting extreme affliction and pressure, so they refuse to pick up their cross daily to follow Jesus’s ways.
  • I would present and rise up false examples of Jesus as those who appear to speak like Him by even performing miracles which amaze you so that if it were possible, I could deceive the elect and the ones He has chosen for Himself.
  • I would lure you into secret rooms because you believe Jesus is there too.
  • I would replicate the Days of Noah through sowing vengeance to confuse your minds so that you are drunk with the ways of vengeance – instead of watching for the Lord’s appearing, until you are overtaken with paranoia and so fixed on self you believe others are against you when they are not.
  • I would distract you and convince you that I know the day or hour of His return, so that you do not believe it will come suddenly, insuring you are the one who is left behind.
  • I would convince you there is no need to guard yourself because I am not real or nor seeking to harm you, as I kiss you with partial truths while you ingest my poisonous fruit.
  • I would purpose you to be gratified with works so that you refuse the day of rest set forth by the Creator Himself, in order to wear out the saints of the Most High God.
  • I would convince you in the mind that you do know the timing of the Lord’s return so that you believe you have time to get ready, delaying the command to repent.
  • I would indwell evil servants to feed the flock information to satisfy their hunger, so that they are controlled by me, no longer hungering and thirsting for righteousness.
  • I would sprinkle within your gatherings those who are like actors on a stage playing a role of following Jesus to mesmerize you so you do not recognize the signs of Jesus’s return, as I tempt you with the fruit of knowledge.
  • I would convince you – to not expect Jesus’s return at any moment, that He is not coming in the clouds and that you are not meeting Him in the air and defer your hope, so you look downward to my kingdom, rather than seeing it is manifesting at hand.
  • I would convince you – to trust yourself, setting yourself to be as gods over the Lord on High.
  • I would plant seeds of doubt in your mind to trick you into believing the Word has been tampered with and not God inspired intently breathing the breath of life into your dry bones.
  • I would convince you above all things…  Seek to save your own life, so you deny the only true Savior there really is, Jesus the only Begotten Son of God, because when I am finished with you – you will indeed call evil good and good evil.
  • I would make you paranoid, fearful and weak to devour and sift you so that you avoid the preciousness of humility, boastful and proud.
  • When I am your father, you will become a liar just like me, but worst of all…  You will lie to yourself.

That was a lot and it actually makes me a little nauseous to think about.  The Lord sometimes has me add to this list but I promise you – every single word I just shared is Scripture based.  Others have asked me to share this, I just never felt like the timing was right until today.

Again… I cannot stress this enough if you only remember a couple things from today –

1 – Jesus is coming no matter if anyone believes it or not – He is and He is coming for both those who have gone before us by death of the flesh and those who are still remaining on Earth on that day!

2 – That day will be both great and terrible for all… Depending on which side you stand – to His right as a sheep it shall be great or to those on His left as a goat it shall be terrible.

Lastly, remember the Scripture which says… Let God be true and every man a liar, I must warn us all to take this very, very seriously with a sober mind…  Before we go around minimizing “liars” I need to remind us just who the father of a liar is… lucifer.  Although we all have lied, I pray we also have repented for that lie which places us into the category of the redeemed and forgiven of such sin.  All will be without excuse on that day – time is very short to be playing the part of a Christian.  If you have harmed anyone, especially the least of these and you feel any sort of sorrowful conviction, go to that person, acknowledge your wrong, ask forgiveness in that your Father in Heaven will see to it you are covered in the Blood of Jesus while His indignation passes upon the whole Earth.  Jesus instructed us to go back to the person we have harmed to mend what was broken so that peace and love rule in our hearts and minds, establishing peace with all men whenever possible.  If we are truly reconciled with Jesus we should go to extremes – I mean extremes to reconcile with one another because that day is rapidly approaching.

No one knows the day or hour Jesus will come, but with all that is going on in the World that moment could come for each one of us within the next few minutes.  It is my prayer we do not take this call lightly because the Lord isn’t.

Oh boy today’s message was an extremely difficult one Spiritually to press through and deliver.

He gave me more to share out of 1 Thessalonians 5 and even about hypocrites, but I think I will save that for another day given the fact it feels as if I have overwhelmed you with some pretty eye opening truths today. 

As an encouragement – please do not fear anything man can do to you or sicknesses or abandonment or sufferings – Jesus has His own well-kept, hidden abiding in Himself.

Just two more Scriptures before I go – out of Luke 21

25 “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; 26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

34 “But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with [h]carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. 35 For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may [i]be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

  • Jesus always makes a way of escape – He is our escape when we become a new creature in Christ
  • It is possible to be counted worthy to escape all these things coming to pass, hidden in Him as long as we are not caught up in the ways of the World, we will be caught up together with Him.
  • For some of us that is before the day of the Lord and for others it is when He appears – Regardless, we must be watchful and ready to go when He calls us – God has not appointed the children of light to His wrath.  Jesus is our ark of safety and today is a call to enter in.

May we let no man deceive us, as we search the word out for ourselves in that we recognize lies mixed in with truth so that we study to show ourselves approved unto One – God Himself.

So with all this…  Remember there is a Crown of Righteousness reserved for only those who LOVE HIS APPEARING.

It reads like this:

2 Timothy 4:8

Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

Knowing Jesus – was, is and is yet to come.  He is appearing each day – manifesting, working, healing, loving, forgiving…  But in this particular Scripture it says ON THAT DAY!  A special reward is set for those WHO LOVE HIS APPEARING ON THAT DAY.

Thank You Lord. Your words speak truth we as humans cannot.

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and merciful Father.  Thank You for loving us enough to speak the truth into us so that we believe not one lie or whisper which does not resonate with Your purity.  We humbly ask for Your forgiveness for times we entertained assumptions or suggestions which did not align with Your word, as we collectively are asking You to cleanse us from any mixture of truth or seeds of manipulation placed within our minds or hearts.  We also Lord ask You to forgive us for being lazy, seeking out man to speak to us rather than for studying the Word ourselves, letting the Holy Spirit be our guide.  We ask Lord that You would release the Holy Spirit to fall upon us giving us a repentant heart so that only love would abide which prompts us to make amends with those we have caused pain or hurt towards.  We are broken, hurt and often not the sure example of Jesus as we should be and therefore are most grateful for Your loving patience and mercy which is new upon us each morning.  We ask You to commune with us daily, walk with us, heal our hearts Lord Jesus, make us whole so that we seek only You to fill us to overflowing.  We also pray for those who do not know You yet, may they abide with You one day Lord just as we do, we thank You for drawing them unto Your glorious self, washing them clean and making them whole, just as You are us.  Father I ask for You to comfort those who are sick with this coronavirus as You breathe life everlasting into their souls in that they look to You for their hope.  Whether they live in this flesh another day or go Home to be with You Lord, I know Your will is being done for the glory of Your Name.  I am nothing but a speck Lord, nor do I have anything figured out regarding Your perfect ways – so I pray Let Your will be done in this virus situation and may we fully surrender to Your will no matter what obstacles are set before us.  I thank You Lord for those who are working each day in the midst of this crisis – infuse them with Your strength, placing a holy shield of protection around them and those they love.  May Your light and healing, work through their hands as they care for the sick.  We are pleading with You Lord to embrace those who are feeling alone, meet them right where they are with Your loving embrace, giving them peace which is unexplainable, joy that is everlasting and comfort which never leaves their side.  Help us Lord to forgive one another, do only good to one another and not only speak of love, but demonstrate it.  In Jesus’s most precious name I pray.  Amen.

Like always, I cannot thank those of you enough who have supported ROF Ministries by covering prayers, words of encouragement or financial blessings.  No matter the gift you have, many of you do not hold back and I cannot praise the Lord enough for each of you.  For now the prison ministry is still going strong and we will keep visiting inmates through letter writing for as long as the Lord keeps the doors opened.  If you all could, please pray for our inmates during this virus spread, they are not able to eat or get the medical care like we do on the outside.  Many are scared, needing a divine touch from Jesus in the heart and body.  Please feel free to contact me at or visit for updates, prayer requests and/or to sow into our ministry, as we keep on healing hearts His way together in the unity of love for the glory of the Lord.

Shelter In Place ~ Broadcast Transcript from April 19, 2020

JESUS – He was and is and is to come, Beginning and the end, Author and Finisher of our faith

IT IS FINISHED…  Complete and total wholeness in Him while we are on this journey here on Earth – we are not alone.  He was with us, He is with us and He will be with us.  He was with us at the beginning and He walks with us until the end.  He is authoring our steps and He is perfecting us until we are finished in our faith walk.

In this process, Jesus is revealing Himself to each one of us in a most beautiful and intimate way so rest assured ALL His creation (including you & me) will one final moment in time come into the full knowledge of the truth… Of HIM, Jesus, the truth, the way and the life.  But for now we are living souls crying out to be delivered from the old creature into the new.


His Kingdom shall not end.  Jesus is in us as that unshakable Kingdom.  As most of us are aware, everything outward is being shaken at the moment unlike what we are commonly used to – some it caught a little off guard and others, not so much – We are in a sort of birthing process in which HE REMAINS INWARDLY, while through shaking OUTWARD APPEARANCES fall off, unless they set the same example Jesus did while walking the Earth as the Word made flesh. 

We too are being raised up incorruptible, so that we walk as He walked, spoke as He spoke, do what He did… Jesus is the only way to the Father, we follow this most precious lamb wherever He goes. 

Sooo exciting – to actually rule and reign with Jesus on Earth!  Aren’t you excited?  What if I told you we are in that process right now?  Beginning with:  Ruling and Reigning with Jesus inwardly to manifest Him outwardly – oh this is so amazing!  We always thought that verse was in future tense didn’t we?  When actually it goes hand in hand with us decreasing and Him increasing within us – dying to self to the point, it is no longer I who live, but Him who lives through me or you, of course…  How do we rule and reign on Earth with Jesus?  Surrender everything to Him, everything. 

For those who are a little frantic at the moment over the going’s on in the World – rest in HIM, seeking Jesus continually – I always feel bad because some of you all have to grow up fast, which some of us have had years of disciplined love at the Father’s hands.  The first thing He usually does is start breaking off all outward influences on our lives, in order to help us serve One Master – our Lord and King.  Since time is so short, the shaking is gaining intensity to remove things quicker.  So for those who are babes or holding onto rebellious ways and such – and have been ruling and reigning with Him OUTWARDLY, this shaking is going to cause you to be a little frantic at times.  But no fear – Jesus knows perfectly what He is doing and will not lose one of His own, ever.  And believe me, as a runaway bride, if He could have lost anyone, it would have been me.  And one of these days – just trust me in this – you will learn to not only not despise the chastisement of the Lord, but long for and love it.  The fullness of the Father’s love includes embracing and instruction – but it takes precepts to accept both.  So hang in there – He is building a masterpiece – YOU!

Our refining is supposed to be more precious than gold, right?  He is burning all rebellion out of us and for some it feels like they are being smothered to death (Oh how I remember those days… thinking He honestly had forsaken me, yep – I convinced myself He had completely rejected me on more than one occasion).  For others, the refining is a way lesser degree (which I think because the process has been much longer for many of us – we have been in the fire a very long time) regardless the end result is the same – A precious and fine vessel.  Regardless, inside the fire (Jesus is with us) so we all feel the purging process – the degree of pressure correlates to just how much faith one has vs. rebellion.

Please do not think I am minimizing this process and saying it is easy, because it is not – but eventually you just get to point where you are at the end of your rope/being end of yourself, realizing just how clueless you are and suddenly you say to yourself…  Lord You alone are God and I am not, you shake your head, sigh, cry and finally let go of all the things you religiously thought you knew, practices you kept, advice you gave and all the opinions of man and you come to the conclusion… I’ve come to far to deny Him now, then you surrender in a free fall, thinking sometimes you will surely die this time.  But you don’t, you get back up and you dust yourself off and you realize – Hey, I have less ashes, dirt and dust on me this time than I did the last time…  So you shake it off and keep walking in His joy – until the next time you fall…  Every follower of Jesus falls, it is what you do after that fall that counts…  Victor or victim?  And really… That is a whole study on its own and involves what “kind” you are of… Caught up in rebellion or caught up in Jesus.  We may have to discuss that one day – when offense is at a minimum.

Have you noticed how this Shaking season we are in is perfectly orchestrated to pull us away individually to be with Jesus?  Before we admit we relied pretty heavily on one another didn’t we?  But right now it seems Jesus is showing up in a new way, a pressing way and when this happens we rely mostly on Him, don’t we?  Like when the chips are all down we know instinctively who we can count on and it isn’t humanity.  It kind of reminds me of us being pulled into the Bridal Chamber, spiritually speaking.  Often the Lord removes those who we place as a go between – between Himself and us.  Jesus is truly the only mediator we need between us and the Father.  In order we see this truth – He removes those who we go to first in our time of need outside of Himself.

Those of us currently in this state are discovering a beautiful simplicity and purity within the abiding in Jesus found only when we are sincerely devoted to Him. 

  • Our struggles really increase when Jesus is not enough for us inwardly, even though we may try to cover it up with a smile or scripture.
  • His love does not relent, therefore one day we will finally accept fullness/wholeness is only found in Him.
  • Counterfeits in our lives and the World for that matter are being plucked up – it is almost as if they are losing “access” to us – I for one am grateful, its been a long time coming.  Jesus as our hedge of protection is literally causing the enemy to flee and we need not do anything but surrender to Him.
  • You will find there are some people you just “know” and “click” with and others flee in your presence.  Who you gather with are your kind – being of one spirit and mind. 
  • We are binding with those creatures who’s spirit are the same “kind” as us…  I can’t really share all about that today – but this is very important to the Father and is in Genesis if you want to study it more on your own. 
  • Jesus as Lord tolerates NO MIXTURE
  • He purifies the mixture out of us so our actions do not deny Him before men while our mouths confess Him as Lord.
  • To die is gain, only when Jesus is our reward.  Hey, you all remember when we used to think Heaven was our reward?  I am just using that as an example of the difference between outward and inward devotion to Him.  Outward we had our eyes on Heaven, Inward we have them on Jesus.  But we gotta give Him glory – He did all this work within us, thank You Lord and some of us are not so easy to train up, are we?
  • To die is gain when it is no longer I who lives to work, but it is He who does works within me first then I may do works to glory only Him.  Again – it is outward vs inward – He flows OUT from within us so the change of us starts inwardly where no eye can see.
  • Hard Truth Alert – The old hasn’t passed away for many because it got them what they wanted in the past.  Many right now are so full of mixture they need a lot of prayer, tough love and correction followed by instruction by some firm and elder believers who are not moved emotionally.  They are playing on the edge with fire… walking continually in offense.
  • The Father’s shaking is so merciful to secure us, right prior to His indignation passing over the whole Earth.  Never, ever forget He is for us, not against us!
  • Please note:  Before the enemy can seed our minds – he has to know it first, which explains why he competes with the Lord for our attention.

All righty… I really have to share a deep concern of mine and I thank you all for listening and praying and whatever else the Lord would lead you to do is great, as well.  Lord I ask that You would speak through me to deliver precisely the message to the little flock You showed me as You prepared their ears and hearts to hear in Spirit and truth before I even came on air.  Amen.  You all ready?

Okay, here we go…  Although I am speaking to a few for a moment, I believe this message is for all who have those they deeply love and are sent to guard and watch over.  After all that is what Shepherds do – whether you are a shepherd over many or just one, if you have the Father’s heart at all – you present a covering over the ones you deeply love – including your family.  Paul and some other disciples spoke of this sort of love in 1Thessalonians Chapter 2 if you would like to read the full story.  But for today, I am just going to share verses 7 and 8:

But we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherishes her children.  So being affectionately desirous of you, we were willing to have imparted unto you, not the gospel of God only, but also our own souls, because you were dear to us.

This sort of love supersedes natural love, it is on a higher spiritual plane and though it may bless the natural, it does not end naturally.  These are they of your own “kind.”  And for me, well that is some of you – the little naïve ones, the hurt and broken, most often love starved who need nursed back to health with love itself.  To those looking in, this sounds crazy, but to those who receive in such a way (you know who you are) please find rest in the truth the Lord did this because if you did not love me in such a way – you could not receive the Lord’s guidance and instruction, leaving you very vulnerable in the midst of wolves who are in sheep’s clothing.  When a sheep has a broken leg, it needs protection until ready to join the flock and be about its own, day and night lest a wolf could devour it.  I realize I am handing over many stones right now to be used against me…  But hey, that’s okay, no worries it is going to be well worth it in the end.  You see, in order to receive from someone you must first find commonality with them – something familiar to what they have walked out in measurement to what you, yourself are experiencing.  Then you must love them enough to hear the truth of what is being shared.  If these two factors are not present, one will quickly fall into a place of rebelling against that person sent and store up a quiver full of fiery darts to use against that messenger, speaking whispers to lure the little ones away so they are confused and scattered.  I have no clue why people do this – but some actually listen to someone just in order to discount everything which is being said. 

The Word tells us – How can they hear unless one be sent?  Anyone who is saved, is qualified, called, then sent out, if they have a willing heart to surrender to Jesus are sent.  Many of you are walking in this very assignment every day and you may not even know it. 

I will warn you – You become someone’s instant enemy when they confess something to you and they don’t want to change, or rather repent so they scatted bitter seeds among the flock.

As for me…  Well, I know you all very well by the Holy Spirit, like Paul, my heart is turned towards you in a most loving embrace, doing all I can for the sake of love, in that you are strengthened in the Lord.

Here is the Scripture I really take to heart striving to the best of my ability in complete surrender to Jesus in Titus 2 and is excellent for some of you as well, because you share in this heartcry – which says:

An older (ONE WHO PRESIDES OVER AN ASSEMBLY/AMBASSADOR/SET APART ONE) woman should be reverent (BEHAVE AS AN EXAMPLE OF HOLINESS) in the way they should live, not slander (FALSELY ACCUSE) others, be of a sober mind and teach only which is good (WHICH IS ACTUALY PHILLIPPIANS 4:8 —  Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.).  We also should urge (TEACH) those who are females younger in the faith to be sober, love their husbands and children – to be self-controlled and pure – to be busy (KEEPER) in their homes, be kind and surrendered to Jesus so that no one maligns (BLASPHEMIES) the Word of God.

Now for some of you – that was a lightbulb moment and you smiled…  You have a knowing of pieces of your purpose here on Earth and yet no Scripture to match it with…  Well there you go – Your heart’s desire written in the Word unfolded today.  To be this sort of female was transcribed within the Spiritual DNA of God’s Daughters.  I wonder why we separate from our initially ordained purpose?  Oh well, it doesn’t matter – what does matter is the Lord is purging us from everything that does not align with how we were fearfully and wonderfully made.

Real quick…  In case you are having trouble relating to what I am saying…  If you have children or even a pet – if you saw someone or something coming towards that child or pet to devour it – would you do nothing?  Well I know most, if not all of you would place yourself between the threat and that child or pet.  You would prefer you be torn to shreds than the predator snatch them up.  So for a moment…  I am standing in that gap and now that I have your attention…  let’s go to Jude, because the Word can explain the threat much better than I.

Vs 12 – there are spots at your love feasts…  and when they feast with you, they only care about feeding themselves.

Spots = people who by their conduct damage others morally or wreck them with confusion

Love Feasts = gathering places to fellowship in affection, goodwill, brotherly/sisterly love

***Please do not ever think that because your intentions are pure, others are as well

Some people actually come to fellowship where there is love to only take something from others, not caring if they hurt others or cause confusion and most often they are not even aware the enemy is using them.  Don’t forget that!

In Jude it tells us they “crept in unaware…”  however, sometimes the Lord will show us either by revelation or possibly divine intervention or even experience behind the scenes with that person that they are truly misleading others in a most crafty way.

Let’s go over some of their “fruit…”  I call it revealing fruit, because they may appear to present themselves in love – but one of their signatures is most always they play a victim, just needing someone to talk to, their actions are quite the opposite secretly, yet at times they cannot hold back the truth of themselves and in Jude we can see listed some of that truth:

  • They may take advantage of your grace to exploit you for selfish gain without shame
  • Full of lust, fornication
  • They deny Jesus – often by appearing He is too weak to be enough to save them
  • Are seeking revenge from what happened in their past
  • They target those who are not like them or rather their “kind” – strange flesh
  • Dream up ways to harm others or advantage themselves
  • Despise authority and Godly order, in rebellion, unteachable
  • Speak evil of those who know the truth of them or elders in the church
  • If they do not know something they automatically conclude it is not truth and speak evil against it because they only see naturally and actually corrupt themselves.
  • They have gone the way of Cain – meaning they have a murderous spirit and think – Am I my brother’s keeper?  In other words, they only look out for themselves.
  • Rebellious
  • Greedy – scheming for sympathy and money
  • They have no fear of God
  • They do not have life because they refuse to partake of Jesus – who is life, rather looking to men to satisfy their desires and needs
  • They go to and fro repeating the same patterns
  • They have no fruit, will experience the second death when plucked up by the roots – because they are not grounded in Christ
  • They will be proven by the Saints when they come with Jesus to execute judgment of all their ungodly deeds their “hard” speeches (meaning: what they said to offend or hurt someone, their harshness towards others, tendencies to be violent and deceit)
  • They go around raging, speaking about their own shame – yet accusing others for their wrong doings.
  • They murmur and complain always, instead of counting blessings
  • They speak words to flatter others to inflate someone’s ego for gain – they only do this to benefit themselves and will often gravitate to leaders openly, while slaying them in secret
  • They mock others (complain, find fault, make fun of) because they want what they want and will do anything to get it
  • They isolate and separate themselves, laying wait to prey upon the innocent, lurking and pop up out of nowhere
  • They are sensual (alluring to draw you in) and you may even believe they have the Holy Spirit within them, but they don’t
  • They have a pattern – With words of flattery and service they try to get close to leaders, lying in wait to harm and gain advantage over the little flock who are naïve to their devices

Ugh… That was a lot – and all of it is out of Jude.

Let’s not be like them, okay?  Because their future is eternal death. 

So right now this very moment – We have two types of people among us… Some of you are like wow, thank You Lord for this revelation or confirmation (if you already are aware of this Scripture by the Spirit) and then others are offended.  It seems every single time we gather together at least a few people will wonder why I am talking about them?  I am always shocked, because that is an admission of guilt on their part –knowing the Scripture corrects us all, doesn’t it?  And none are perfected yet, right?  And truthfully, if we hold the candle of what I just read, all of us are guilty of some, if not all of it, at some point and time.  Repentance is such a free gift, thank You Lord.  Scripture corrects, it does not offend, nor is it purposed to do so… If the truth offends us, we are not walking in it.

I have a method to my madness here… As one being sent to warn a few of my gathered little ones, those ones I cherish and they cherish me…  Please be on guard, there are wolves among you – please keep emailing me like you do with concerns, so we can seek the Lord together to insure Jesus is Your guiding example in all your steps. 

It pains me at times to see you all being lured in and entangled with a known wolf.  I see you sometimes getting so close to the edge it takes my breath away… I pray and miraculously it seems Jesus intervenes on your behalf, then I can breathe again. 

The Lord led me to read something to you, it is a familiar story you will recognize right away when I tell you the title – The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  When the Lord gave me this in prayer, I was shocked at how relevant it is – I haven’t read this in over forty years.  It is relevant today while you are watching youtube, watching the news, in various chatrooms – even if they are a love feast, in skype, attending supposed Christian Conferences and wherever you wander to engage with a mixture of people.  He did send us out as sheep among wolves – don’t forget that.

Let’s read this story – you are going to be amazed.

***The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Just to review the parable of this story ~

Often when we are idle and thirsty for love we will seek inappropriate attention and when people surround us – we will gloat in joy they paid attention to us, which only feeds attention seeking ways in others.  We also will sit in a place of rebellion and plug our ears to authority or Elders as they instruct us with wisdom for our own sakes.  When they are upset by our foolish and childish ways we may grin that we got under their skin, which is rebellious craftiness.  In our minds we are constantly planning our next attempt for attention.  After a period of time of tempting God, our covering hand of protection is lifted in that we learn a valuable lesson.  Keeping in mind our words go out to perform, not returning void – if we sow lies, in turn we will reap those same lies upon us – where the exact lie we told will manifest in our own lives.  The Father will allow us to be isolated, removed and vulnerable when the lie we told arrives at our own doorstep, so we can reflect on the harm our stories caused upon others.  We may feel rejected, however, it our childish schemes which are rejected, not us personally.  So a time will come in which we will need those we have lied to in such a way and they will not be there – then the Lord sends someone to comfort us in truth because truth always exposes a lie.  We must remember lies break trust and nobody believes a liar, even when they tell the truth… Just like the serpent did not technically lie to Eve, he was of the wrong source – leading many astray.

You all… don’t you listen to lucifer’s speech believing you can be saved without repentance.  And just like satan entered into Peter preventing Jesus from going to the cross – satan has entered that vessel to sway you asleep into drunkenness mixture. 

John 8 tells us clearly about those who speak opposing themselves and the Lord:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

Before we wrap it up for today, the Lord led me to share with you Acts 3:

19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

To be converted – SAVED – one must repent and our Father is a God of order in such a precious way.  We recognize our sin, confess it, Jesus delivers us from hungering for that sin so that we may turn away from it and not do it again – CONVERTED – from the old creature nature to the new creature and THEN OUR SINS ARE BLOTTED OUT…  In other words, the more we seek Jesus, the less we have that desire to sin – but we must seek Him with our whole hearts in truth and believe me – the fruit is the proof.

When our consciences are seared we don’t even feel guilty or when we love darkness more than light we will make excuses – here is one – Jesus covers me in His blood and mercy (all the while we are thinking – I can do sinful things and it will be okay)  No it is not okay, nor will it be.  It is time to wake up church and have a sober mind.  Stop drinking in the mixture preached by man and study to show ourselves approved before God – read His word, gaining the strength to overcome all things in HIM.

I guarantee us all, if we truly believed Jesus was coming tonight…  We would be so busy repenting we wouldn’t have time to do or say anything to anybody between now and the next ten hours.  Our issue is – we really, really believe He has delayed His coming.  But what if?  He is taking roll call right now?  We don’t know when the time of the Gentiles will close – do we?  He certainly caught the Israelites off guard, didn’t He?  Let that not be any of us.  Please pray about and consider He is marking foreheads with His seal in preparation for His day of wrath.

Sadly, it is likely the ones who need to hear this won’t and those who do not need to hear it are already checking their hearts…  It is just the way it goes.

You can always tell who is seeking to be Holy as their Father in Heaven is Holy – humility and lack of accusation and if they accuse anyone it is themselves.  I know it is impossible offenses not come – but Lord help us to overcome being offended by Your written words.

Do we know what the FIRST COMMANDMENT is? 

Jesus said it is the first commandment and great commandment…  To LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL THY HEART, ALL THY SOUL AND ALL THY MIND.

Well, with all this shaking going on, bringing down idols we are being pressed into a corner to do just that very thing, aren’t we?  This command given by our Father is one in which we no longer serve idols or self, placing anything above Him in our lives.  The first commandment is orienting us away from our idols so that what we won’t turn away from, gets removed…. It is the same way in which the Lord is there in our time of need.  We need Him don’t we more than anything or anyone? 

The Father is surely pleading with His people via manifestations upon the Earth to turn from our wicked sinful ways.

He gave me something I am going to share before I go…  Because I kept hearing the Lord say in my spirit, “I am the storm…”  This is how He is revealing truth of humanity as He is manifesting…

WINDS – The Holy Spirit is blowing and moving upon the Earth

FIRE – People consuming one another

FLOOD – Self-righteousness and pride is being exposed

VOLCANOES – Anger is erupting all over

HAIL – People stoning one another

EARTHQUAKES – Our faith is being shaken

DROUGHTS – Famines in the land for the hunger of the word of God

SICKNESS – Spiritual conditions of souls on Earth

PESTELANCES LIKE GRASSHOPPERS – Reflects how the enemy is devouring the inhabitants of the Earth

So what’s to come – lawlessness?  Why is this happening? 

Are you ready for the falling away?  Can you see the falling away?  Those who have spiritual eyes to see can see it unfolding clear as day…

What is unfolding…  2Thessalonians 2 ~

For the [d]mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only [e]He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.

Please do not look for a MAN OF LAWLESSNESS…  it says MYSTERY of lawlessness, doesn’t it?  It is a mystery because it is within each of us.  We are enduring an internal battle of Spirit vs Old Creature.  I am just going to have to leave this at that for now.

So if we take a step back to take in the beauty of all our Father in Heaven is doing at the moment it is with a grateful heart we can praise Him each and every day – If we look to the forest in awe, saying that is Him and get our eyes off of the tree of self, we will praise Him in this storm and rise above it in a most whole hearted way celebrating with Him in the truth knees that have not bowed to Him before are doing so – lips who have not called out to Him to heal are discovering He is mighty to save.  And we too are learning the greater depths of the truth He will never leave us or forsake us.  In this shaking, we are worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth – many of us for the first time are bowing before Him fully!

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and merciful Father, You are the great I am, You are One Who we can always run to and count on in our time of need.  And Father we need You now in ways we never imagined.  Strengthen these dead bones to rise, to be borne of a great witness and testimony to Your mighty Name.  Fortify within us Lord a new and renewed truth and hope in You.  Give us Spiritual eyes to see that You are for us and not against as You overwhelm us with Your love in that we may go forth as witnesses which overshadow others in faith, hope and love.  As You pour in, may we pour out the purity of Your love in whole heartedness, no longer tainted with mixture.  We thank You Lord for breaking every stronghold over our minds and hearts and for the idols we’ve held so near and dear to us to be removed.  Forgive us for times we have participated in entertainment, calling it Holy or sought gain of any kind by taking your Name in vain.  As others point to us as the mighty ones – may we continually point to only You.  Deliver us Lord from every wile of the enemy which seeks to influence or taint us in anyway while we surrender to the shield of faith that only Jesus provides.  Above all else Lord make us instruments of Your peace as You send us forth into a lost and dying World.  Lure us Father with Your love and keep us hidden discretely within that love, knowing it is perfect and casts away all fear.  Sanctify our minds Holy Father in that we no longer invite in weeds of knowledge which so easily ensnare us into distractions.  We surrender all our desires and wills to the completion of You until we are One, just as Jesus prayed we say Yes Lord, have Your perfect way within us.  We ask all this in Jesus’s most precious and Heavenly Name.  Amen.

Thank you all so very much for joining me today!  I thank the Lord for keeping you all centered on Him and protected at each moment while He sends you forth each day.

It is with a grateful heart I honor those of you who support ROF Ministries, whether that be in prayer, words of encouragement, writing inmates or financially.  If you are led to come along beside us, healing hearts His way, please contact me at or go to where you can post a prayer request or send a donation via paypal or through the mail.  Believe me, we could not do this without you all assisting us, however the Lord leads.

Finishing Strong ~ Broadcast Transcript from April 26, 2020

Good Morning Blessings to each of you today!  It is my prayer that Jesus join us, as we join together to seek Him, worship Him and gather in love to support and encourage one another.  We have so much to go over today!  The Holy Spirit is really guiding and revealing so much to us lately isn’t He?  We most certainly are highly favored and blessed.

Because we have much to discuss today, we are going to get right into our study.  Today may seem kind of random, but I am going to do my best to not jump all over the place – but then again, you know me and my rambles.  We will just let the Spirit lead us, trusting it will all shake out in the end.  Amen?

Before we begin, I would like to read a poem one of my inmates recently wrote.  Some of you may have seen it already, because I did upload it to the ROF website.  It is titled:  Stand Up, by – Isaiah Nunez

I am serious when I say many of these inmates bless us way more than I feel like we are blessing them.  Another inmate, who I send all broadcast transcripts too shared something just incredibly revealing this week about something the Lord showed him while He was studying his Bible.  He was telling me how when Jesus was at such a weakened state from fasting and praying for 40 days and nights and the enemy took Him up on a mountain, tempting Him to perform miracles to feed Himself and offering Him this World as His Kingdom to rule.  I am sure you all are familiar to this Bible story – but anyway, Scottie told me the Lord showed him the IMPORTANCE OF THAT MESSAGE WAS for us to follow in Jesus’s footsteps and through obedience lay down our own freewill – that just totally blew me away.  What a timely word!

I also get a lot of questions and one really stuck out to me to share with you all today.  An inmate asked me if a husband or wife can be saved if the other one is?  I found that to be just an amazingly awesome question!  Let’s read it in the Word!

1 Corinthians 7

12 But to the rest I, not the Lord, say: If any brother has a wife who does not believe, and she is willing to live with him, let him not divorce her. 13 And a woman who has a husband who does not believe, if he is willing to live with her, let her not divorce him. 14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband; otherwise your children would be unclean, but now they are holy. 15 But if the unbeliever departs, let him depart; a brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases. But God has called us to peace16 For how do you know, O wife, whether you will save your husband? Or how do you know, O husband, whether you will save your wife?

  • Notice how this is speaking of marriage of course – but abiding together produces something… sanctification
  • Sanctification means – to purify and there is nothing like marriage to purge you of impurities is there?  Well, except having kids, that will certainly do it!
  • And how God called us to peace so if an unbeliever departs, let them
  • We are not to hold or trap people in relationships with us, which is bondage
  • We also as believers are not to leave, but if the other one leaves us, we let them go
  • Now there is exception to this do not forget:  unfaithfulness, which comes in many forms, such as:  sexual fornication with others – even in the mind – reminds me of pornography, abuse – physical or emotional, safety reasons, not providing for the family, neglecting one another’s needs, even emotionally, etc…  Just someone’s presence in the home does not make them a “faithful” marriage partner, being engaged in the relationship does.
  • This Scripture is speaking to ONE INSTANCE… being unequally yoked – a believer and non-believer.  In other words… If one got saved and one wasn’t yet – and they treat you in faithfulness, just because they do not believe is no reason to leave, because THROUGH PURIFYING the Lord may use you to save the unbeliever.

So, I just thought that was such an excellent question and I wanted to share it with you all, because usually if one has it – so do others.  Real quick, I must add – Jesus can do anything and is totally into doing the impossible, just surrender to Him, He will always guide and lead us on His chosen path for our lives.  And remember, you do not have to divorce someone just because you do not live together.  Remember Jesus said it is okay for two to separate for an agreed time with plans to reconcile, or come back together.  As always, everything I am sharing is given by the Word for instruction – but only Jesus can guide you on the straight and narrow path as obedience is key.

You know there is one commonality we all have at this very moment, especially – which is we all have something the Lord is working on us to overcome.  Knowing all things are possible with Jesus, it seems He has perfectly orchestrated obstacles in our lives which require we learn to lean on and trust Him ways we haven’t before.  As we are being rooted and grounded in His love, our eyes are being opened to His sovereignty and this is something to be most grateful for in a most precious way.

Just a couple reminders from the Word about this very position we are placed in:

Revelation 3 –

19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

21 To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Now I just took this excerpt out of the messages to us, the church.  Each church was given an assignment to overcome the World in some way.  You can read about this in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 and maybe soon we will study this together.  Just so we understand – the Lord is purging the world out of His church right now, out of us as His members of His Body because we are in the World not of it. 

1 John 4 & 5 says –

4 – Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the World.

5 – Who is it that overcomes the World except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

One last Scripture…

Hebrews 12:1-3

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

Witnesses – those who are watching us continually, observing our lives each day – we are often an example to them that with Jesus it is possible to not be overcome with evil and instead overcome evil with good.  (Romans 12:21)

May we finish this race strong and not give up, but keep our eyes fully fixated on the Prize – Jesus.

This is a wonderful encouragement to check our intentions and actions, asking Jesus to guide us continually to be an example of Him right here on Earth – people are watching, we can’t take that lightly.  May it be with excellence we strive to represent God’s Kingdom as His child.

Finishing strong… Not giving up and not giving in – to the World, people, temptation, sickness, the enemy, our own pride or emotions or anything that is not replicating Heaven on Earth.  We can do all things in Christ, Who strengthens us day by day, moment by moment and fortifies us through every fiery trial.

FINISHING STRONG is…  Seeking God’s will and then… APPLYING HIS WILL INTO OUR LIVES through completely surrendering our own will by coming into agreement with His, void of complaint.

To finish strong requires we apply what He instructs through His Word, not how human’s instruct – but God.  If you are feeling anemic and weak each day – it is a good guess you are not reading His word and APPLYING it to your life.  We should be reading His Word as if it was written only to us, individually – personally let Him nourish you and even better in every circumstance pray and ask Jesus to show to you exactly how He would react.  There is no better example than Him we can follow. 

Quite often I will get emails that Jesus isn’t talking to them or they can’t hear Him and I always ask if they are reading their instruction manual – the Bible – inevitably they say no.  I tell them His Word is Him speaking to them and yet they refuse to listen.  Over time of reading His word, He will begin to speak His word back to you in that still small voice.  As a matter of fact, Jesus quotes Scripture to me a lot in my heart, now that I am thinking about it.  I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink – so the saying goes.

When adversity strikes – overcomers give it to Jesus and trust Him for the outcome and rest in the truth He will get us where we need to be, on time, every time.  Please learn from my mistakes – I have gotten myself in a lot of hot water taking counsel from men, when I should have focused more the Word and Jesus to save me out of messes, I looked to others and honestly, in many ways I am still paying for it – literally.  Have you ever wanted to believe someone so much that you did?  Well, that has been me, practically my whole life.  Thankfully, our sins are washed clean as snow when we call upon the Name of the Lord. We have much to be grateful for, don’t we?  He often allows falls so we lean upon Him the most.

What is beautiful is that the Father has already placed within us a desire for His word – this is because we belong to Him.  We need His truth to survive here, there is no doubt.  We get confused, dazed and are not sober or rather delusional anytime we have pleasure in unrighteousness so the Lord pulls us out often through suffering so we are not sent a strong delusion, having pleasure in the unrighteous ways of the World, no longer believing the truth. 

In 2 Thessalonians we are told specifically about Jesus being THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE.  May we continually seek to receive Him as truth, believe His truth and finishing strong on the path which is the narrow way few find.  I praise the Father for drawing us unto Jesus.  Remember, blessed are those who believe without seeing.  Thank You Lord Jesus.

Okay, switching gears here…

BLAMING OTHERS is woven into humanity from the fall.  It is in me and in you.  Let that truth sink in for a moment because NO ONE is exempt and NO ONE has fully conquered this sin nature fully yet.

Just a couple disclaimers before we discuss this topic.

1 – I am going to use me as an example of how not to be and I am going to use my marriage to do so – but in that I pray the Lord does not allow Aaron to hear this message because he gets really upset when I use him on air in anyway.

2 – I cannot speak of anything evil that happens to a child before the age of accountability since it is still a mystery to me, meaning the Father has not fully revealed the truth to me of why this happens.  Man has tried over and over to explain it in various ways, but much of what they say does not resonate within me as the truth.  And you know what?  I am okay with that – I do not need to know everything, some things are just that – the Father’s ways and our ways are not His and therefore we do not know them all.  I call this believing without sight, trusting Him, He knows what He will permit and what He will not to mold and fashion us into His very image.

Here we go…  Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent, directly after the fall.  And all throughout our lives we have made mistakes and rather than taking ownership and repent, we run from the road that leads to life and deliverance screeching blame all the way.  Most of what we experience as pain each day is due to our own rebellion in some way coming back to us.  There are consequences to our own self-willed choices – which is how we learn to go and sin no more. 

What is startling to me is how many people call themselves a follower of Jesus and blame everyone else for the hurt they are feeling, but I totally get it, I was the same way.  It is a dangerous ground because when you blame others, you are one step away from blaming God and remember it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.  Blaming others and blaming Him does make Him angry.

In order to protect the sanctity of marriage, there are many things which transpired that were horrible, many actions against me and if I told you all the details you would likely cry.  You would also definitely think I was a victim, which in many ways I was.  Now none of this would be a shock to Aaron in anyway – I’ve already apologized to him long ago after the Lord pointed out I had blood on my hands as well – and the death was a marriage.  It was my own willful disobedience that placed me into harm’s way in the arms of a man who God did not choose for me, but I had chosen. Being a compromised soul, made me vulnerable to be placed in a compromised position.  And once the Lord showed me my part, I had no one to blame but myself.  Accountability is an important tool the Father uses to draw us into His arms.

I made a huge mistake…  So let’s use me as an example of how not to be, okay?  I am sharing this because after crying for years really, feeling like a victim and such one day the Lord woke me up with the truth, saying…  What I join together, you cannot separate – the issue I have with you is that you joined you together.  Now I have to tell you – that was certainly a stunning wake up call to repent.  Prior to that moment, I was delusional thinking I was a complete and total victim (which in many ways I was) but the point He was showing me was rebellion removes His covering for a hard lesson to be learned.  He then took me way back to the times when Aaron and I were dating and He showed me I had numerous and I mean numerous red flags (warnings from Him) that I ignored when I should have only needed one.  He started to show me a very ugly side of myself, a longing for another to take His place on my heart throne because it was easy and satisfying and the Father wound I had still from being deserted at five years old.  And because I had all this brokenness, you know what I did?  I was relentlessly pursuing a well without everlasting water – which made me vulnerable to many evil entities afflicting me.  The truth is – I knew in my heart Aaron was not ready for marriage, I even knew it was not of the Lord and yet – I wanted what I wanted and nothing would stop it – my mind was fixated on that happy home I had envisioned, so I pressured him into marrying me and him being weak-willed went along with it all in words – but in actions it was obvious he did not want to be married and I ignored them all.

Needless to say – the Father made me confess this to Aaron a few years ago and finally healing came and forgiveness and wholeness on my part.  He was finally released.  Peace was restored.  But I owe the Father all the glory in this – and I thank Him for His patience and mercy with me that a little bit way too late was enough.

Repentance is actually taking up your bed and walking… Which leads to healing.  But if we stay in a constant place of blaming others – we will never be healed in the soul.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not speak to someone or get an email from someone that they are not blaming someone for the problems or hurt in their lives.  And I mean, every day.  So I figure misery loves company right?  Lol  But seriously, please know you are not alone in this process of overcoming and also, that I fully understand your pain – but it really it is time to pick up your bed and walk – stop blaming others and ask the Lord to show you your part in your sufferings.  I hope this isn’t too harsh?  But if I would have never sought the Lord like this, I too would be blaming and crying and so very upset that the perfect little family I had framed in my head was stolen from me, even to this day.  I was really sick in the soul, mind and heart and I could not perceive until the Lord revealed it.

If we take just one tiny step towards Jesus, He is there.  If we seek Him with our whole hearts in truth, remaining teachable and open, rather than rebellious – He is so very mighty to save every single time.  I shared all this to hopefully just encourage even one person to look within and to dare be purged of all weights holding you down.  Sometimes the very thing we need to overcome the World is the part of ourselves which are still operating like it.  And that was me.  The Father trains His own children in the way that we should go – part of that training is judging our own hearts and intentions and when we are victims ask ourselves – What doors did my freewill open to make me vulnerable to the serpent’s tongue? 

Often when we look back we think what an emotional wreck we were and yet the Lord prevailed in saving us out of that mess.  Chances are in six months from now we will look back and say the same, which is why I try never to judge an unformed vessel, because I am one too.

~~~Freely we have been given, freely we receive.  Amen.

Mathew 10 –

And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

  • Preach
  • Heal
  • Cleanse
  • Raise the dead
  • Cast out devils

You have been given these powers freely, give them out to others freely.

Okay that’s all… Thank You Lord.  Lololol  – I wish… truly oh how I wish the Lord released me from saying what He has been pressing me to share on this one. Ugh…

My heart has been grieving for days and I am in constant prayer seeking the Lord’s intervention before it is too late.  Before a dream I had comes fully into fruition.  I believe I was shown something about a particular pastor to intercede on his behalf and he doesn’t even know me really.  But lately the pressure from the Holy Spirit has been so forceful and how all this is unfolding it is a warning for many.

I had a dream years ago and LayLay may know more about the details of when that was – she seems to be the keeper of my dreams.  Sometimes she will remind me of a dream I had that I’ve already forgotten and she amazes me every time.

Anyway, in my dream this well-known pastor was sitting at a desk with his head in his hands weeping uncontrollably.  He was in such grief because he could not retrieve all the books and videos he had made back – from profit from the ministry he had been freely given by the Lord.  He had even tried, wore himself out physically calling people and asking them to return his books but in defeat he sat crying at his desk knowing there was no way to retrieve all the materials that were floating around out there full of vain words, words that were God’s that he sold to others for lucre – money and the worst part is he had sensationalized much of what he was given adding to what the Lord instructed him to do.  My heart is breaking just seeing this pain in his heart – he truly was inconsolable.  Prior to that moment for him, the Lord had sent many to warn him, in which he refused to listen and he would block them or call them attacks and try to cast them off as devils, but in fact they were messengers sent forth by God to warn him of the end of himself if he did not repent and turn back to God for the freely given assignment the Lord had for him.  The Lord also showed me it was due to a lack he felt internally that prompted him to be famous since at a young age he was counted out.  Fame had gripped his poor soul and he was enjoying the bright lights and wealth it brought to be honored by man.  The Lord told me, he was… “selling the drama.”  And my dream ended but the ache in my heart has not.

Please note – it is not that I do not want to warn this man, it is just that I already know he will not listen.  As a matter of fact he is entwined with others who will not listen either and what is breaking my heart at the moment, others are being drawn into his situation – it is an unholy alliance.  So I pray continually for the Lord to intervene as only He can.  I have discreetly tried to warn a few – but they will not hear me and sometimes it is so overwhelming my heart physically hurts.

So I thought today maybe if I share, maybe some good can come out of this by the Father’s hand through a teaching and maybe the pain in my heart will alleviate a little.

We are not to take the Lord’s Name in vain – which actually means – to use it for selfish gain.  Whether that be financially, to boast in ourselves, to become an idol in someone’s eyes, to manipulate or seduce others, to entertain others – in other words to use God, to come in His Name saying He is Lord for our own benefit. 

Here is the Scripture:

2 Timothy 3 –

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as their’s also was.

Now, please understand I am only sharing this because the Lord pressed me too.  The reason is, He gave me a warning that He is getting ready to overturn the tables within the ministries of those who are using His Name in vain for selfish gain and when He does – the sheep are going to be dreadfully heartbroken, shocked, having a deep pain of the heart.  Part of my calling has always been to prepare the way of the Lord’s appearing in a situation or someone’s life by preparing His people to alleviate what pain they may go through and walk them through that journey of pain so they arrive whole and healed on the other side.  Something like softening the blow and comfort when it comes.

There is a call going out to those “who sell the drama” is the word He gave me – for them to seek His face and turn away from such wickedness because judgement always starts in the house of the Lord and it is going to come in like a flood and thief to many.

He never showed me the end of that pastor as the dream ended – but I certainly still can feel the deep anguish of this man’s soul.

Again…  In order this not contain anything of me, I want to wrap this up by reading His words again:

Mathew 10 –

And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

  • Preach
  • Heal
  • Cleanse
  • Raise the dead
  • Cast out devils

You have been given these powers freely, give them out to others freely.  Knowing we all are surrounded by witnesses this is a good lesson for all of us.

If this is something you share in the heart with me on, would you please take just a few moments each day to intercede for those being tempted in such a way, in prayer asking the Father to be merciful to them, to draw them away unto Himself quickly before it is too late?

It is a very difficult task at times to be called to walk by faith and not sight.  I understand the financial fear of taking nothing and going forward but the Lord has a way of keeping us totally dependent on Him and He often does this by removing the very thing which would bring security outside of Him.  Just please pray for all those who have a calling upon their lives and for one another, no matter how great or how small so that the Lord is merciful in His corrective instructor.  And for those of you who listen to anyone to compliment your walk with Jesus, just remember we are all human and Jesus is the Only Source and Way to everlasting life.  We are mere humanity and pale into comparison to Him – you need not have anyone besides Him in your life to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. 

I realize the Bible speaks a lot about prophets, teachers, pastors, etc…  Especially, in the Old Testament, but truthfully much of that was put aside to some degree now that we can actually have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within us – with Him we should need no other instruction or guidance from the mediator of man.  Of course it is a blessing to fellowship with one another, learn from and comfort on another – I am most grateful for these times with you all, I really am.  But, the truth is, if I vanished today or if your favorite prophet or pastor vanished today – please know you will be okay with just you and God.  I am speaking to myself here as well, encouraging hopefully your souls as I encourage my own.

Every single thing the Father does with us is so beautiful and loving.  Especially repentance.  I think we sometimes get fearful of that word repent.  But think of it this way – Repentance is like the kiss of our Father upon our souls which prepares the way for the Lord to have His way with us, to protect us from harm by Jesus establishing His rightful ownership for the price He paid to insure that we are no longer our own and we definitely have been purchased out of the World.  He does this so that we hear His voice and not harden our hearts to it.  By the convicting voice of the Holy Spirit we are saved from the condemning voices that flow from the pit and are fully rescued being saved by grace.  As we yield to Jesus in a most precious way we escape by Him making a way out of the enemy’s grasp.

2 Chronicles 16:9 tells us to cleave to Jesus with a singleness of heart.

And that truly is what our heart’s desire and need actually is.

The more we come to “see and know” God the more wisdom of His ways we glean and eventually we understand love and discipline are not in opposition to one another, but rather perfectly compliment one another to work all things together for our good because we fall in love with the fullness of Who He is as Abba Father.  He is Abba Father to us, His children, which is why we cry out for Him continually and even our cries bring Him much pleasure.

Being a parent many of you know the fullness of joy that comes from comforting a crying child.  To have that inconsolable child melt into your arms of comfort and be calm and satisfied is unexplainable by words – and that family, is the source of our Father.  We could just sing of His praises forever, couldn’t we?  And we shall!

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and merciful Father – You are the one Who made the stars and you named each of one of them.  You formed the seas and the mountains and You watch over us with singing.  Nothing is too impossible for You as You are majestic in all Your ways.  We first want to humbly thank You for this precious gathering today.  We praise You for divinely sealing us in Your love and mercy, especially to one another Lord.  May all that we do and say reflect the excellency of You and when it doesn’t convict and teach us Lord the deeper ways of Who You are so that we go forth as examples of Your Kingdom here on Earth.  Forgive us Father for our rebellion at times when we resist repentance.  Open our eyes to the ways we have been disobedient so we may be granted the opportunity to go and sin no more.  Close our eyes to the shortcomings of others Father, forging a trust within us that they of a different fold You will go get them too and bring them close to Jesus by Your Sovereign hand and will.  We release all those who have trespassed against us and we say bless them Lord as You surround them in Your saving love.  Specifically, Father for those who are using Your word or mighty Name for gain – we ask You to humble them Father to their knees with a repentant heart.  I also ask You intervene quickly and divinely before they take one more step towards the ledge of pride and ego, in order they are not totally lost, dazed and confused.  And Father I do not say this just for them, but for me too and all those listening.  Make us instruments of Your peace for the glory of only You.  May we too be a living sacrifice just like Jesus was for Your glory today and forevermore.  Amen.

Well, I thank you all for joining me today – what an amazing time of blessing we had!  I absolutely love spending time with you all and with Jesus.

Just a couple housekeeping things –

For those of you who have my phone number – Could you do me a favor and please not text or call me between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm unless it is a real emergency?  Due to the nature of my family’s needs, I do not put my phone on disturb when resting and I am extremely busy and never know for sure when I can sleep for a little bit.  Sometimes I fall asleep early and get up at 4 am to work or vice versa and I am one if my phone wakes me up I cannot go back to sleep, even if I only had three hours of sleep – I just can’t do it.  I am juggling several balls in the air at the moment, hardly having a moment to think – not a complaint, just a request for mercy and patience is all.  Keep emailing me, just know I answer every single email so there at times is often a short delay.  But I do read each one to make sure there is no crisis, however, sometimes I have to prioritize what order I answer them in.  Thank You very much!

And text messages…  Wow you all really like to text don’t you?  Lol  Well, I don’t.  lol… I prefer an email so I can pray and respond fully.  The other thing about text messages for me is I may get ten at once or over the course of a couple hours or even in the middle of the night and I lose some in the flood.  So please do not be offended if I miss one or if I answer with just a heart or couple words because I find it very difficult to keep up sometimes.  To me texting is an afterthought… It takes less effort really and can be patronizing sometimes and as you all know – I am really not into technology that much.

Lastly, videos…  You all are so very kind to think of me –you truly are and I am so humbled by your love.  But, sometimes I get upward of 5 or more videos sent to me in a day and if I watched every one of them, I couldn’t get anything else done.  I appreciate the fact you think of me – but please understand and please, please do not be offended if I cannot watch all of what you send.  And the same is true with books, there is just not enough time in the day to accomplish all I want to accomplish and remember…  I am still homeschooling two teenagers over here every day, which is a chore in of itself.

We know this too shall pass.  Amen.

So far so good on the inmate letter writing still – the Lord is keeping that door open, Estelle Unit was shut down for a couple weeks which explains the delay some of you are having at the moment with getting letters back from inmates.  This is only temporary – thank you so much for visiting the prisons with me!

Lastly, like always I want to honor those who come along beside me with ROF ministries with prayer, encouragement, finances and especially your love.  You are an intricate piece to us healing hearts His way and I appreciate you more than you know.  Should you have a prayer request, question or something to share please email me at:  Markedbyheaven7@gmail. Com or visit our website at for updates, to post a prayer request or ways to donate to our assignment for the glory of the Lord.

Always know you are loved, by me but most importantly by our Lord, keep close to Him and there is no possible way you won’t finish strong!  God Bless You all!


Transcript From RING OF FIRE Broadcast ~ March 7, 2020

Today I need to apologize in advance because lately I have been in an extreme mental state of soberness.  Partly due to understanding the gravity of all that is going on in the World around us and partly because many do not understand the severity of that which is to come.  Where my concern lies is not with the World per se… but rather with those in it who are still cutting up, lacking the fear of the Lord and in their careless ways are mocking God.  So today I am sober for that reason, today I am speaking to us about us and pleading that we turn from our wicked ways and repent before the Lord starts His judgment in His own household.  Many like to fool themselves that judgement will start in the World, however, it doesn’t… it starts inside the church.  And if we are not sober right now, this moment, then a time of sifting is going to catch us off guard so suddenly, many will be shaken awake into soberness.  It’s truly rare I get a warning message like this one He gave me today.  Today’s message he titled:  SOBER.  That is all He said to me… just SOBER.  Usually He gives me eloquent words for titles, but today is not like all the others, today is a call to stand SOBER.  You all ready?

Lord Jesus please walk with us today hand in hand.  Our hearts and ears are open to You and we thank You for being the perfect example we are to follow.  Collectively we surrender this teaching to You, along with ourselves.  Have Your way in us Lord, especially today.  Amen

WISDOM…  Which is oil by the way, you know… the oil in the virgin’s lamps is wisdom.  No time to go over all that today.  WISDOM…  Every single person has some amount of wisdom – some more, others less, but WISDOM is granted nonetheless. 

It took a precious letter from my inmate friend, Van Edgar to open my eyes up to an amazing revelatory truth about wisdom.  He was talking to me about Solomon and how he had so much wisdom, that many envied all the wisdom he had.  Then all of a sudden a revelation came to me…  WISDOM everyone wants to attain more and more of it – but that is not what is important…  What is important is HOW WE APPLY THE WISDOM WE HAVE.  Wisdom is gained by suffering and as a result we learn what is allowed and good or bad and harmful in our lives.  King Solomon had much wisdom, however, he did not apply it correctly in his life and was practically a crazy man obsessed with power and women – just as Van Edgar explained to me in his letter. 

So we can know good from evil and yet still choose to do evil…  Therefore, we can have wisdom and yet not apply it.  Being sober minded means…  Applying the wisdom to our lives continually while learning from our mistakes and actually going and sinning no more.  And this is how— we take our oil out to go meet our Bridegroom!  Yayyyyy!  It is all making so much more sense now – trimming the wicks is repentance and now He gave us this pearl to match it with…  Apply what we have learned from past mistakes so we do not repeat them…  Wisdom

Okay… that was the good news… lol…  Well it’s all good news, but today we are focused on being SOBERMINDED.  I just wanted to let you down easy with a pearl.  lol

I really want to talk about drunkenness, but the Lord told me we have done that enough and we already know what is right or wrong, even if we choose to ignore it, we know.  Having a Momma’s heart, I always want to get down on my knees and explain what someone is doing in opposition to Jesus and explain why it will hurt them and to please stop so they do not hurt anymore.  He won’t let me do that today…  He says you already know.  Just like I already know when I am disobedient.  We know, don’t we?

The Father is pleading with His people who have rejected Him.  As a matter of fact, all struggles work together for our good in such a way.  He’s doing this constantly behind the scenes and always has, but for some reason we get really nervous when it manifests openly like it has lately.  Staying sober minded in understanding He is Sovereign – which will keep us from drifting into a place of compromise where if we are not pulled from that place, we will eventually curse the Lord for what He is bringing upon the Earth, so that hearts cry out and knees bow down in worship to Him.  If I would be so bold to say… In such a way – coronavirus is a blessing, not a curse.  And since we serve such a merciful Father, even His judgments as laced with an element of love.  He is seeking to save souls, while we believe if He isn’t saving our physical bodies He is rejecting us, but in truth He is receiving us.  Man’s hearts will fail them, but ours will not because He is preparing them for Jesus to abide within us on the throne of our hearts in a most beautiful way.

Tatum shared a beautiful pearl of wisdom the Father laid upon her heart with the COT Family the other day and I am going to share it with you all since many of you missed it…

I Just Wanted To Flow In The Spirit About What THE LORD Has Laid Upon My Heart. Because I Keep Noticing Something, Not Only Out In The Community, But Also In The Body Of CHRIST. That Ever Since There Has Been An Uptick In This Virus, That It Spiritually Is Revealing Something About People. Well A Virus Makes People Sick & Not Well. This Also Is What I’m Noticing In Many Spiritually, Where Their Minds Aren’t Well Or Sober. And I’ve Notice It Spread Like A Virus From One Believer To Another. Where Things In Their Thought Process Seem Chaotic, Paranoid & No Clarity, Like Drunk In One’s Chaotic Thought Process, Where Justifying Things Also Just Don’t Make Sense. And So I’m Led To Pray, Because I Also Keep Hearing The Word, “Repentance” & “Get Your House In Order Immediately”. I’ve Realized A Serious Truth, That No One Can Save Me But JESUS Of Nazareth Can. And That Now Are Truly Sober Times Needed To Be Alert For When Our Time Could Be Up & To Stand Before JESUS, Before JESUS Returns. And This Truly Is My Hope For ALL Of Us. I Can’t Shake It Off, But Rest In HIM. GOD Bless You All, Thank You For Letting Me Share

  • Thankfully He is removing all fear of man from within us at the moment.  Sheep have a tendency to be skittish and due to betrayal and pain, we too are skittish to some degree.  However, Jesus is an awesome Shepherd and we follow Him wherever He goes – WE GROW WHEN THE WORDS OF GOD MEAN MORE TO US THAN THE WORDS OF MAN.
  • Right after we finished our teachings on rejection the Lord spoke to me in my heart saying…  You have focused so much on how you were rejected – Have you considered the ways in which you rejected Me?  So after much soul searching I discovered the unmeasurable ways I have rejected the Lord on every level.  This gave me much time to reflect and repent and also to become more sober in the mind.  My eyes were opened to the truth it is not so much I do not know how not to do evil, but rather I choose not to do good.

So let’s talk for a moment about… REJECTING GOD

This may hurt the flesh a little I must warn you – because the flesh naturally opposes surrendering fully to the Lord in every way so we wrestle with it instead of dying to it.  He reminded me how He sends no one to hell, they choose to go there and many are experiencing a living hell right now in their minds.

As He opens our ears and the scales fall off, our hearts will embrace His truth.  When we are still primarily in rebellion we get offended and mad at anything that sears the flesh.

REBELLION is – self-will, wanting things our own way, as disobedient children and we often surround ourselves with others who will join with us to take up our cause and come into agreement with the sin we both share. 

FALLING AWAY is – rejecting God and His moral ways and is becoming more hard to hide now because so many reject the victory over sin found in Jesus.

THE RESULT is – The Lord removing His hand of protection from us when we are in rebellion.  Just like Jesus told Peter – be sober, wake up… Don’t you know the enemy desires you?  And later, He explained the enemy may sift you as wheat.  Remember Job?  The enemy was granted permission to destroy all fleshly, carnal things in his life and steal them.  The only safe place to be is surrendered to the Lord fully, as He is our only protection from fiery darts in that they do not prosper against us.

Currently the Father is pleading with His people by allowing pressures of all kinds of flesh trials to remove all which is not of Him from us.  There are countless times recorded in the Bible where He removed His hand of protection to get a rebellious people to seek and embrace Him.  By denying the full truth of the Gospel, we are tempting God in a way we surely do not want to out of ignorance.

If we do not take captive our own thoughts, our own thoughts will take captive of us.  We are at a point in time Spiritually speaking it is very dangerous to play with fire just to tickle our ears.  We cannot just gloss over what we perceive is bad in the Bible and drink only what is pleasing to the eyes.  If we love Him, all is good and all is beneficial for Spiritual growth.

SEEKING…  It is all about seeking…  For everyone who does not SEEK to surrender all – including self plans, wills, desires, etc… to the Lord fully is a rebellious child and discipline will follow.  Now notice I said SEEK, because the Father knows the intentions of our hearts and tries them.  We may fool ourselves or even one another – but He cannot be fooled in such a way.  He knows, He certainly does know us more intimately than we know ourselves.

The truth is – not only do many refuse to seek to surrender to Him they are opposed to it.  And as a result, they despise His correction.  Which is sad really, because correction really means – Let me correct your course you are on.  It is really non-threatening and very simple. 

Hebrews 12:6 says…

Who the Lord loves, He disciplines and He chastises every son whom He receives.

Chastises means – a calamity sent by God, a spanking to devour or decrease the flesh

Now I understand many of us have been harmed times over by a strong hand which strikes by man.  But please do not compare at all what man has done to God, Himself.  Take captive those thoughts which bring our Father down to the fallen nature of man – so that you learn to love His discipline, not run away from it.

Godly fear is healthy and preserves us in many ways.  We must have a godly fear or we will keep too much rebellion within us.  Godly fear keeps us firmly on the straight and narrow path and insures we do not get a seared conscience in which we will call evil good and good evil.  Remember – the fear of the Lord is only the beginning of wisdom (knowing right from wrong) because it places us into a position of receiving the gift of repentance which delivers us from excusing our sin to going and sinning no more.

Proverbs 3: 11 says…

His children do not reject His discipline or hate it when he rebukes us.

His children know – all He has towards us is love and that He is really infusing His promise to keep us covered and protected, even if at times, it is from ourselves.  I don’t know about you all… But I don’t trust me, do you trust you?  It really helps to know that the Father is so loving and Sovereign He won’t let us corrupt ourselves to the point we perish.  I should have been a lost cause a long time ago… But He intervened.

Finally, Revelation 3:19 is a beautiful promise of love…

Those I love I rebuke and discipline so be zealous and repent.

REBUKE means…  Conviction of the Holy Spirit as darkness is exposed by the light – basically feeling guilty for doing something wrong  – the Lord loves us so much He will allow guilt to come upon us so we know when to ask for forgiveness and not call evil good or hide our sin… this is true deliverance.

ZEALOUS means…  Burn with a desire for and to pursue constantly

How amazing is that?  Let’s read it now in layman’s terms…

Those I love I convict with the Holy Spirit to reveal all darkness by My light and I discipline you so that you burn with a desire for and pursue constantly to repent from all darkness that influences you.

See… Now it isn’t so scary is it?  Now with Spiritual eyes we can see, His discipline is nothing more than a loving Father keeping guard and watch over us because He loves us so very much.  When we remove the heavy hammer of man we begin to receive all that is written, just as it was written in love as love.

Discipline in loving context takes on a whole different meaning and His perfect love casts all fear away from us.  Discipline also is the birthing word for DISCIPLE…

Discipline teaches accountability, accountability teaches good from evil, knowing good from evil teaches repentance and repentance teaches us how to follow in Jesus’s footsteps.  Jesus’s ways keep us on the straight and narrow path which leads us to life everlasting, rather than the broad way which leads to destruction.  One of the most crucial mistakes we can make is not finding the narrow eternal path because we refuse to accept, let alone love the discipline of the Lord.  Again, discipline is instruction and guidance done in a perfectly loving way.

All have sinned just as it says in Romans 3 – But do you know why we keep sinning?  The answer is in verse 18 – There is no fear of God before their eyes.

We all know what fear means – but listen, it also means to revere one’s husband… I found that interesting.  I am pretty sure all our preconceived notions about the Lord are pretty much worthless at this point.  The more I learn the less I know.  All powerful is about all I can say right now.  He isn’t coming as a Lamb this time…  He is coming like a lion – so sober up.  We can pray we are worthy to stand before Him all we want, but right now, truthfully I don’t even know what that looks like to be worthy in such a way, I feel much more worthless than worthy, thankfully it says pray we are worthy – that we can do.

The Father created us all perfectly and He wove into us the freewill to make our own choices in a most beautiful way.  With that comes some responsibility… And a lot of accountability.  But knowing He is a very good Father, He gives us many opportunities to choose good over evil.  For example, every single action we take here on Earth contains the fruit of consequences.  Sometimes good or sometimes bad, but a reaction/fruit is always produced in what we say or do.  Just as His words go out to perform – so do ours or like how one pebble thrown into a lake creates ripples…  So do our actions. 

Remember, when we choose the action, we choose the consequence and as little children learn to walk… often stumbling and falling, bumping their heads and touching hot stoves – so do we.  This is how we often learn to lean on Him through pain.  But on the flip side of that is a heart of brotherly and sisterly love, one to another which produces good fruit… Very good fruit indeed.  For example, when we walk in forgiveness and mercy one to another, we are at peace with one another in a most Heavenly Kingdom way.

The Lord has led an example for us to follow, to not always take the easy way out.  Remember, before He could rise from the dead, He walked the path to crucifixion…  Therefore, we too must die to self, the old nature to be risen and born again a new creature in Christ.  Unfortunately, this process is delayed when we refuse to yield and surrender and choose the sinful ways of death.  And worse is when we deny we even have sin still in us.  Jesus came and called all sinners to repentance.  We cannot say one thing and do another.  Jesus said in Luke 13:3 – Unless you repent you will perish.  It is true some will enter in another way, but only to be eventually thrown out.  We do not want this to be us.

Just to review why Jesus came?  Our answer is found in the Word in Luke 5:32 and it reads as follows:

He came not to call the righteous, but to call sinners to repent.

There is a hint here – Jesus is only calling those who are willing to be disciplined, corrected and purged of anything and everything that cannot enter into His Kingdom.  This Scripture tells us He did not call the righteous – it is because those who think they are already saved are not looking for a Savior.

So there is really something very beautiful about repentance – it is nothing to be shy about or it is not condemning whatsoever, it is a calling forth to be cleansed, healed and made whole.  Jesus is not harsh like man – He is love and all He does is loving in nature.  Man has twisted what the Lord calls beautiful, especially repentance.

You see the enemy does not want us to be made whole, because he keeps tricking us to corrupt ourselves and he knows if we allow shame to separate us further from Jesus we will live a miserable life.

We need to practice every day reading the words of Jesus so what He taught is sealed in our hearts and minds to block out the whispers of condemnation from the enemy.  Just as he told the truth and whispered to Eve, he does the same with us.  And yes, I did say he told the truth… When he said you will not surely die – and she didn’t die physically but spiritually.  In the same way he attempts to lure us away from Jesus, Who is the Way, Truth and Life.  In the Bible when it speaks about those “who love not the truth…”  It is speaks of Jesus, our First love and it doesn’t say… who knows the truth, but LOVES THE TRUTH.  You see, you can KNOW about all the Scriptures like a righteous person – but unless YOU LOVE THE TRUTH Jesus will not know you and say depart from Me you worker of iniquity.  I’m sorry, I know that sounds really hurtful, but remember everyone is given a chance to repent, everyone.  Life or death is the consequence to that action.

As we work out our salvation daily, we see the importance to live a changed life, as Jesus changes us from the inside out… that is the fruits of our labors, so to speak or consequence to surrendering all to Him and this is a good consequence by the way.  He came to give us life and life abundantly and when we follow His ways that is exactly what we will have – an abundant life.

Remember – the Lord only expects your very best.  Whatever you have to offer however small it may be… that is the best to Him.  When you get out of carnal thinking, what Jesus desires is not riches or gold – He has all that anyway… He desires you and you giving yourself to Him is of highest value on Earth, it is eternal – you are priceless like this to Him.

We do not want to reject the Father by rejecting His discipline.  It is very unsafe to live a life like that, we can really get hurt.  Can you imagine a toddler running on train tracks – we would panic wouldn’t we?  Well, the Father wants us to have abundance in His Son Jesus our eternal reward to be content here on Earth in plenty and want.  Many of the precepts He has given us are truly for our good, to keep us safe from heartbreak and fragmentation of the soul.

We are all being transformed by the renewing of our minds, going from carnal mindsets to Christlike in nature – before you know it, you will see you think differently, talk differently, want to do different things than before and soon, as you look back – Jesus changed your whole life, little by little one step at a time.  The renewing of the mind is pivotal in our process to being transformed into a new creature.

I bet you are curious what a non-carnal mind ponders?  Dreams about? Has curiosity about and so forth…

I will let the Word tell you, it is found in Philippians 4 ~

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.


A mind that isn’t carnal THINKS ALWAYS ON THESE THINGS ~


MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!  Here is the clincher of a life lesson of the upmost importance…. Ready?

Jesus said —- THE THINGS YOU HAVE LEARNED I DO – YOU DO, WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD I DO – YOU DO & WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN ME DO, YOU DO…  Sounds familiar like… following the Lamb wherever He goes, doesn’t it?

So that the God of peace shall be with you or another way of saying it… YOU WILL LIVE IN PEACE.

JESUS IS OUR BEST EXAMPLE, because HE ONLY DID WHAT HE SAW HIS FATHER IN HEAVEN DOING!  Can you imagine how much we would struggle without Jesus to follow as an Example??? Now you know why some of you are simply starved to know Him and know about Him in a more intimate way.  As we let go of the carnal mind – what we would think upon is just not valuable or filling to us anymore… It is almost like many of us have lost a taste for anything that is not good for us Spiritually.  Remember, there is only one way to the Father – it is through Jesus.

Can you believe it?  We are finally no longer eating from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil… Because Jesus the Tree of Life is all we crave, knowing it is all that satisfies and fills us.

I am doing my best to paint a beautiful picture for you of the truth of the Father’s discipline no longer tainted by the religious who use force to get one to convert.  Because that does in no way replicate the Father’s ways.  His discipline is nothing to fear, but rather embrace – it is not absent of love because it is His love, His guided love to keep us safely pulled close to Him so we do not stray and get hurt or injured in anyway.  To be in total awe and fear of the Lord means to recognize His majesty and all powerful ways to which none can compare.

An example may help…  For those who are parents.  Remember a time when your child was struggling with something or maybe got caught doing something that could bring them much harm.  As their parent, you pleaded with them in love, you patiently never let go as you set consequences in place so they would understand the gravity of their actions – but all this you did in love, because you knew if they could just get past this – brighter days would come, they would remember how painful it was to be in that place of danger and would truly never turn to that thing again.  Love never left you and you spoke to them until it clicked, then one day they realized and began to weep, they were truly sorry and then… You fully embraced them and your heart rejoiced with gladness for them.  Months passed you saw them grow out of that mess, you were front and center to a changed life and how pivotal it was that you stood your ground and you were finally able to see the fruit of your labor of love towards them.  Now… that is how the Father looks to us – with those same loving eyes and guided hand.  He is for you – not against you in this same way.  So please… Do not mix the heavy burdens that others who even call themselves Christians place upon you because they too are laden with sins, which may be different than yours… if the truth was known, they deserve the very stones they throw at you turned on themselves.

With all this being said – it is time to stand up and be accountable to the Lord and take responsibility for our own actions, no longer denying them.  Consequences that do come will come if we do not repent from our ways of old in order to teach us how to walk in the new.

So no more blaming the devil all the time, like he made us do something.  He doesn’t have that kind of power over us anyway.  When we have Jesus living and abiding inside us we are unshakable, which is why we are all being purged of iniquity at the moment.  The Lord is really going deep this time!

  • He’s establishing within us His eternal Kingdom
  • As He is filling us with the Holy Spirit – it most certainly does require a displacement of self
  • He’s making us inwardly ready so that when all is shaken there is nothing left so that in Him we are able to stand and be worthy to stand before Him – unshakable
  • The method by which He is doing this is not important – the outcome is

Take the coronavirus for example… Those who seek to save their lives are in a panic, some of us see God pleading with people in order to save a life for all eternity.  It is all how you look at it… Carnally or Spiritually. Sadly others stuck in vengeance are declaring – you are gonna get it.

Psalm 91 is a good place to start daily, these are not words just to read or proclaim but are faith filled words to believe!

The Father is doing only one work with us all – He is conforming us into the Image of His Son.

He uses many means to create the same end result, depending on what is required to get us over to the other side individually.  We are becoming a Bride made ready for her Bridegroom.  However, in order to be made ready we must be emptied of everything and anything which does not reflect the example of Jesus.  We wash our own robes white which leads us to the truth, we do play a part in our own Salvation.

The Father is not looking for righteousness, sacrifice or works…  He is looking for obedience, a surrendered heart He can mold, that is sensitive and broken that needs made whole.  There is no possible way to be obedient unless surrendered and you cannot surrender without being broken and empty of self.  Some of us are walking around in tears feeling empty like it is a bad thing – which is the very thing that Jesus is excited about because to Him that is a vessel that He can fill and occupy.

Either we rule and reign with Him fully or not at all.  If we are not fully surrendered to Him we are divided.  When we are divided, so are our:  thoughts, actions, intentions, hearts, perceptions, everything is divided or screened through carnality to some degree.

A divided house (person) cannot stand.  Jesus wants to flow freely through us – He wants to have His way in and through us – this goes hand in hand and is not divided, but whole.  Will you be made whole?  If so, you must be emptied first.  He does not put new wine into an old wineskin.

What God does not initiate He does not anoint, so we are sifted, disciplined, purged and guided in that we walk as obedient children so that all we say and do is precisely what our Father in Heaven wills to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven through us.

So you see why it is so important we be sober right now?  A sober mind is a mind fixated on one thing – Jesus.  A sober mind is a single mind so that we live like nothing else matters… Nothing.  And then and only then – all things will be added to us.  Remember… Emptied out, so that new can be put in.  He pours into us, we pour Him out to others and we become a well that never runs dry.

So I pray this message blessed you today, I also pray that you no longer fear the Lord’s loving discipline but learn to desire His covering hand of correction.

Before I go I want to thank all of you who do support ROF Ministry by time, talent or treasure.  Your prayers cover us and your support enable us to keep healing hearts His way.  Any prayer requests or ministry needs can be emailed to me at: or if you wish to support ROF with a love gift you can go directly to our website at and click the donate link.

You all are just too precious for words…  Never ever forget you are loved with an everlasting, a deep and drawing love that is a rarity to experience.  It is not found anywhere here on Earth, nor can it be compared to natural love in anyway.  My prayer is that we all begin to experience this priceless gift of love to the fullest as we begin to release knowing about the Lord and are transformed into knowing Him.

Thank you for joining me today, love and bless each of you very much!

Angela ~ Ring of Fire Ministries

Afflictions Of The Soul ~

The Pain that just won’t go away…

Transcript from broadcast February 26, 2020

Good Morning and God Bless each of you – Thank you for joining me on today’s ROF Ministry broadcast as we continue to journey on in our study of Genesis 32 and understanding of rejection in that we are fully delivered from all afflictions and residue, becoming a New Creature in Christ.

I give all glory, honor and praise for what He has done, is doing and will do in our lives.  While we are here on Earth, we are sojourning with Jesus on this divinely orchestrated and anointed path called the narrow way.  The Word teaches us few find this path because it is so narrow – meaning pressing and restricted.  I would say this narrow path is not for the faint at heart – no not at all.  It requires we lay down our lives for the sake of Him, no longer seeking to save our lives we realize we lose our lives only to find Him abiding fully in ours.  It is beautiful and it is taxing, it is freedom and yet being a prisoner for Him and it is so very rewarding – when He is our reward.

This narrow way not a path we can take anyone else with us on.  It is you and me and Jesus alone.  It can get quite lonely at times, I’m not gonna lie.  You also will see others getting away with many things, having fun, living a carnal life (even though they may say they are Christians) and yet you cannot escape or rather get away with anything.  There’s no turning back now… lol…  Time to just roll with it!  I guess that is another reason He tells us to “forget the former things…”  It can grieve your heart a little to glance backward, instead of forward to the promises of our Lord Jesus.

Many right now are on the bridge of being chosen, just as you were – so they will need your comfort, assistance and encouragement to keep crossing over to the other side because Jesus is calling them forth.  Many of you have been anointed for that very purpose, as a matter of fact, you will comfort those with the same words by which you were comforted since He choose you to journey as a forerunner before those who will come behind you.  Honestly, it is very rewarding and exhausting to the flesh at the same time.  But remember, when we pour out – Jesus pours more new wine right into us, like refreshing waters and we are renewed day by day.

Just to recap a bit…  Last week we read a portion of Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestled with himself and the Lord surely taught us well.  We ended just where we will begin today discussing “afflictions of the soul.”

The reason being… If we cling to rejection we’ve suffered by replaying it over and over, speaking in the ways of a victim and refusing to be healed and made whole…  We have very un-Christlike personality traits and bleed on or rather spew words out of our unclean hearts Jesus would never say.  A fractured soul is a hurting soul and it is all connected to our minds.  We are to renew our minds each day, casting down imaginations which are contrary to our Faith in Jesus, having the mind of Christ – for real!  Not by words, but by truth.

You all ready to talk about “Soul Afflictions?”  Or rather…. Characteristic personality traits which do not represent the example of Jesus because as a New Creature – in Him we move and HAVE OUR BEING.

An Afflicted Soul may:

  • Be overly timid or fearful
  • Easily provoked to anger
  • Quickly offended and overly sensitive thinking everyone is against them
  • Haughty in spirit – thinking themselves to know everything about everything, having all the answers
  • Abrasive, harsh, cold or even indifference
  • People pleasers over pleasing God
  • Attention seekers or seeking approval by people they know
  • Seductive or lustful – openly or hidden – God sees all
  • Insincere or dishonest – who often lie to manipulate or seduce others – and this is not always sexually btw

We just described what it looks like to be in a church and yet still being ruled by flesh instead of the Spirit.  It is obvious here that the spirits of the flesh are in complete enmity with the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

This is not how our Father formed us in His image – but rather, how the World conformed us to its image and we all know who is the ruler of the World… lucifer.

The absolute truth is – our history does not determine our destiny – our destiny was set in place when we were fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of all things, Himself.  He knew us then and He knows us now and right now in this moment we are learning to know of Him again. 

The old creature will often get stuck in a mindset of pining after or cursing what was – our history.  While the new creature inside us being reborn has an undeniable thirst for Jesus, to know Him deeply and to be conformed to His Image…  You see the cycle?

At birth we come forth into the World in the Image of Jesus, the World taints us and tries to force us to conform to it – but it is permissible so that we make an honest choice to follow Jesus in truth, as He is the only way to the Father.  The Father does not desire us to worship Him by command, but through only a heart of devoted love.  Through trials, those who are His children instinctively know to call out to their Father and upon doing so – He embraces us with open arms.  It is through the trials of this life His love unto us is forged, perfected and sustained – an unbreakable covenant bond is sealed… the end result is?  We return to our first love Jesus, joined to Him in ways unimaginable and unexplainable really – as you can tell I am struggling very much to articulate this… But eventually being one with Him we return to our first estate (Spiritual condition) – a New Creature in His Image.  This is our Spiritual Life Cycle, if you will.

So in this process, day in and day out, we wrestle to overcome all things which are NOT permissible or profitable in the Kingdom of Heaven.  We can only overcome all things through Jesus, Who gives us strength to conquer all darkness because He really is a consuming fire, burning away all the dross (unfruitful parts) of our existence on Earth as Godly children.

And sadly…  Part of that process is “suffering the affliction of rejection..”  Just like Jacob was rejected by his Earthly father and suffered watching his brother be given preference over himself – so have most of us.  We have been rejected by our own families and those we love deeply too, just like Jacob – I call that friendly fire and it sears the heart the most.

Did you know all rejection is not created equal? 

  • Those we value the most can hurt us the most
  • Those we trust and believe their words are sincere, so we let our guards down – can shatter your heart to pieces in a second
  • The closer we have let someone into our shared lives and truths of us – they have the greatest impact to hurt our hearts the most.

Rejection from them always stings much more than from a stranger.  Right?

  • We respond differently and can be tormented deeply from rejection at the hands of someone we have been most vulnerable with.

For example – If a thief on the street stole your purse, you would not take it personally.  But if your confidant and friend stole the same from you, it would likely devastate you.  Because trust was broken.

We often feel like an outcast not because the World doesn’t want us, but because the ones who said they loved us didn’t or the ones who were appointed by the Father to love us abandoned us instead.

You know Jacob was an outcast too, he had to leave his home prematurely at a young age and he really did quite well outwardly…  He married, had children, etc… And yet inside he was still an “orphan.”  Jacob accomplished all the successes a productive man would attain, however…  he too had the residue of lingering rejection from a wound of long ago and it festered within Jacob, robbing him of contentment.  So later on in life in an attempt to reconcile with Esau, his brother, Jacob came up with a plan…  You know what I mean right?  One of those scenarios we play out in our heads which give the perfect ending to a perfect nightmare…  Some of you all know what I am talking about… lol  Jacob, admittedly had no idea how this would go and since he did not consult the Lord on this, he truly was alone.  So he sent his family away and he sent a gift offering to Esau to go before his attempt to reconcile – this is people pleasing at its finest right here.

In order to prepare Jacob set himself in a place of aloneness and he wrestled… 


  • There are times God uses isolation for our transformation – he often used Elijah in the same way
  • Other times, He will orchestrate alone time with just Him to do a deep spiritual healing work, where we are separated and silenced through some sort of crisis or sickness.

There are times when we are so distracted by the noise of our own plans, the Lord uses something swift to surrender us securely to Himself.  We may even wrestle with Him in the process – but He always wins and never tires.  I’ve noticed a trend we sometimes have… We will call good evil sometimes when the Father is trying to get our attention.  We become devil blamers, like he is roaring around not under the subjection to the Almighty – Lord forgive us.  I must ask you to ask yourself…  Can anything override the covering Sovereignty of the Lord on High?  I used to think my freewill could override Him, but lately He has been showing me quite the contrary… For example, if I started to corrupt myself so much I would be eternally lost – He would take me Home to Heaven with Him, He showed me how nothing can pull us out of His hands – not life or death or angels or principalities – NOT ANYTHING… So just rest in that truth, believe it and walk it out in Faith.

Can you ever remember a time where you called something a curse of evil and then over time it proved to actually be a blessing in disguise?  Or even vice versa… We sometimes will call something good and over time it proved to be evil…  Hindsight truly is 20/20 – well, so is patiently waiting for the Lord to prove all things – because, when God shows up – He often does not look like Himself if our eyesight is not yet healed.  What we think is a curse, could in turn be a blessing but quite often – too many times to count – what we thought was a blessing was actually intended for our demise.  Even the disciples thought Jesus was a ghost one fearful moment in time… Fear skews our vision big time.

If we are not healed… the Lord can show up to protect us and we cast Him away like the enemy.  You all with me on this?  He gives and He takes away and BOTH are purposed to keep us as His child protected and untainted.

Sometimes God shows up opening doors but sometimes He shows up closing them and that is Him too!  How many of you looking back are saying Praise You Lord for closing that door I had propped open for twenty years stiff necked and bullheaded?  It is because when we look back, we no longer see in part, but in fullness.  Here’s the clincher…  The wrestling comes when we still want, what we want!  And after we are done wrestling with ourselves – guess who we wrestle with?  God Himself… Can I get an Amen?  Because some of us are gonna be set free today!  I for one am done trying to author and finish myself!

Aren’t we so very tired of letting man define our worth?  When we place such power into the hands of another we often feel abandoned and weighed in the balance by them.  What I mean is…  Say the payout you are looking to receive is “attention” and if you are not getting enough attention from someone – you feel abandoned because in your mind you feel unworthy of their love.  We would not feel abandoned like this anymore if we believed this one thing, it would be a wholeness moment for us all:  When we understand the Lord opens doors and He closes doors of entry into and out of our lives for others, we will richly be are peace.  Jesus stands at the gates as to what or who can and cannot enter into our lives.  The same power which raised Jesus from the dead is living and active inside us because the no one has authority over us other than that which is granted by the Father.  If we need sifted, then he must gain access to us by the Lord Himself.  Just because the enemy desires us, does not mean he can attain us.  And just because he can sift us, does not mean he can devour us.

We have truly been wrestling with the old nature of ourselves way too much and it is also why we have grown very weary.  Remember, Jesus told us to forget what is behind us and press on towards the higher calling.

Knowing God is a good gatekeeper all the time, we understand the same God that shows up to open doors, closes them too – see…. We have never been abandoned at all and one day we are going to be ever so grateful for His hand of protection upon us – no matter who or what exits our lives.  Oftentimes, the Lord has shown the enemy to the exit and because of our own desires we are clinging onto him with all our might.

Jesus loves us enough to refuse to allow us to corrupt ourselves with wrong choices.  In doing so, He often removes options of death influencing us by His sovereign hand of intervention by closing doors and remember it is a thankful heart that clings to Jesus in plenty and in want.

As a reminder, if we have a soul affliction of unresolved rejection within us, we will not see God working in our lives when an answer to a prayer is no.  Our Father is a good, good Father and therefore saying no is a good, good gift, even if we cannot perceive it as such because we truly are as little children.

Using Jacob again as an example, taken from Genesis 32 verse 28 says, Jacob wrestled with a man (human) and with God and was overcome…  We know from preceding scripture Jacob was alone.  Jacob was the only human present that night.

What is God showing us to glean in this Biblical account?

  • Could it be the person Jacob was wrestling with was himself?  His own flesh?  His old nature?  How often is it we too war by the Spirit against the flesh in such a way?
  • God is pulling us towards our future destiny by severing our connection to our past.  He is doing this by killing our flesh while drawing us into the likeness of Jesus.  He does not want us to self sabotage His mighty work by refusing to stay an unchanged wineskin.
  • Remember in this passage Jacob was indeed in a battle and the one he was wrestling with said to him – let me go and Jacob said, I will not until you bless me.  Jacob was having a mind battle at this time.  What he was really saying here was – I will wrestle until I win or overcome and it went on for hours – Jacob had already made up his mind he would not stop fighting by the Spirit until no flesh was saved or rather, until the past was buried.
  • And don’t forget… Jacob suffered a wound when wrestling that night.  It was a painful process, dying to self always is.
  • We know Jacob was living a successful and productive life – likely admired by most – however, he still was riddled with past hurts.  Jacob’s request was not to GET SOMETHING but rather to BECOME SOMETHING.  He is a demonstration of us:  A new creature being formed into the image of a mighty God who is seeking first the Kingdom of God so that all things will be added…  All things which are profitable – which requires a purging of those things which we have allowed to remain permissible in our lives and yet they do not reflect the example of Jesus.
  • All you deed workers out there…. Listen to me a second, we know wisdom tells us we can be overachievers in everything – knocking ourselves out, even in ministering and serving others – but there is no such thing as enough work to fill and heal an afflicted and wounded soul.  This type of soullessness is a bottomless pit which can never be satisfied and filled – it is why the Lord does not put new wine into an old wineskin.
  • The truth is… there are many things we just cannot do on our own – but we sure wrestle with it, don’t we?  We sure try!  Emptiness and deep wounds cannot be filled by works done by us or to us in anyway in the natural – it is only eternal spiritual works at the hand of Jesus that can stop a bleeding heart.
  • The Lord uses our rejection to place us on path to commune with Him.  Rejection in this life can shape us into something less than so that God’s hand will be received by us to shape us into who we were appointed to be – formed into the image of His Son Jesus.

The Lord gives us tools, many tools to use and assist us in our overcoming process so that when He sends us out with wisdom by His spirit we may comfort others just like we were comforted.  Therefore, there are a few keys we need to understand regarding overcoming the rejection in the soul.

  • Rejection by others is their vision of you – It is not your true value.  Quite often the issue is not us but that the other person is spiritually blind.
  • Rejection is sometimes perceived by us due to our own spiritual blindness, as well.
  • We were fearfully and wonderfully made, created in His Image – priceless and valuable.  Just because people can’t see value in us or we do not see value in ourselves doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
  • Please hear me on this one…  The only one who can assign value to something is the one who created it because others can only RECOGNIZE the value of a thing – they cannot determine it.
  • It takes eyesight to recognize something, doesn’t it?  We need to embrace what the Father says about one another and ourselves – and no longer see with flesh eyes which are faulty in nature.  Again, the vessel is not faulty – eyesight is unless it is spiritual in nature.
  • The Father makes all things new – this is me and you and all His children, we are in a process – it is time to stop judging before the time of perfection, one another and ourselves.  Some of us are way harder on ourselves than we are other people.  The grace that is sufficient and the mercy which is given is not just for others, but for ourselves as well.
  • The Lord is fully aware of His hand upon us and only He knows the end result of His guiding, remember He is not slack concerning His promises towards us so He sees us in a different light than people see us or we see ourselves.  He sees a complete and finished work, knowing the end from the beginning.  Please understand, most of His work is internal anyway and can only be seen by the Spiritual eye.  He has a plan and vision for you – He sees the result of that plan, where others look externally for the fruit of His labors, He sees the inward fruit.
  • When we keep handing ourselves over to people to assign value to us we have handed over to others a responsibility that can only be assigned to God and we become compromised in nature.  Like I said, only our Creator knows the plans for our lives of being a living soul, whatever we contain and what we are called to do and even all that we are capable of – the meaning and timing of all things pertaining to us belongs to His charge.  What He says goes and it is final.
  • We should not absorb other people’s issues as our own.  Jesus took on the sins of the World, we do not have to.  So as a reminder, rejection is often a result of other’s issues and not ours.  Jesus warned us time and again about making assessments of others without assessing ourselves first.  Once we remove the plank (which is ego) out of our own eye it is then we can see clearly the shortcomings of another.  Frequently, people do reject us because of their own plank, not our splinter because of their own self, pride and ego when they think themselves to be higher than they ought to.  They will overcompensate for their insecurity by focusing on our lack – again, rejection is often not our issue, but theirs.  People pleasers need to let go of the tireless striving to please an unquenched unfulfilled soul which can be satisfied by Jesus Himself.
  • Rejection frequently propels us into God’s direction when you are not of this World, those still in the World are naturally going to reject you.  But what is beautiful, when this happens you find yourself firmly implanted inside the church, no longer an onlooker into it.  When God does shut it’s door, we may perceive it as rejection when in truth it is His protection.
  • In this process the Lord is breaking us from all entitlement mindsets – like He owes us anything.  He doesn’t owe us anything, because He already gave us everything – found solely in His Son Jesus

Who is our reward.

  • There are times we are convinced God exists for us – which is a self-centered, wrestling with the flesh mindset.  The truth is we exist for God’s good pleasure, just as Jesus did, which is a spiritual mindset way of thinking based in a surrendered Christ centered life of walking by the Spirit.  In all situations we are either being led by spirit or flesh and “who” we are focused on in any given moment is the testing point.  Is it Jesus or self and others?  We don’t matter – He does and if walking by Spirit, Jesus matters more than others in our lives and it shows.  But just who is willing to take that stand, knowing in doing so rejection will come upon you like a flood?  You know the Scripture that says… Stand therefore and pray you are worthy to stand before the Son of Man…  This is what it means to stand – it does not mean to fight in the flesh or spirit, but to stand up in truth and faith, placing Jesus as number one, no matter the cost.
  • It requires us to have doors closed at times through rejection to fully grasp how far and wide and deep is the Father’s love towards us as His children.  As we mature and grow, what we used to call unfair we call God at work in our lives and give Him the praise He deserves.
  • It settles our hearts to know we are in a fight we cannot lose…  And why?  Jesus has already won and the victory is ours in Him.  God often moves us from assignment to assignment by closing doors, just like He does when opening them.  Some of us resist change so much it requires a closed door for us to move anywhere, doesn’t it?
  • Rest and trust in the truth that the Lord places us at the right place at the right time every single time.  We may cry for a few nights, but joy always comes in the morning!

Speaking of closing doors, I feel totally released now at this moment to finally put this “rejection” teaching to rest.  He has taught me much and I pray you also benefited from all He showed us the past few weeks.  I am most curious where He will take us next?  So far, He hasn’t laid anything upon my heart for us to study next, but He will, He always does.

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and glorious Father, I am just overwhelmed by Your love today and every day.  You are the breath and life which sustains us each day and without You we would flounder and perish.  Lately, it seems as if not a moment goes by we are not calling out to You to save us and yet, You are mighty and faithful to save every single time.  We come before Your presence today and say Lord, I cannot do anything a part from You, come abide within us from this day forward.  We repent from questioning you and placing way too much value of others into our lives.  When all is said and done, it will be me and You Jesus and I thank You for giving us an opportunity to make things right before Your eyes.  Thank You Lord for teaching us Your ways and Your truthful intentions towards us as you place the seal of God upon our foreheads and cleanse us of all thoughts which contaminate our souls.  We promise to do our best to refrain from the value to be seen by the eyes of men and to diligently seek Your Kingdom perspective concerning ourselves and others.  Help us to surrender perfectly to Your will each day in peace, without wrestling with our old natures of flesh.  Deliver us oh Lord from all evil, starting with self.  Purge us from all mentalities of works so that we authentically worship You in spirit and in truth.  Help us see ourselves just as You see us covered in the humility of Jesus.  We humbly come before this day Lord with a grateful heart saying may Your will be done in our lives on Earth as it is in Heaven.  In Jesus’s Precious and life giving Name we pray.  Amen.

So I humbly thank you all for joining me today.  Each of you have blessed my life beyond imagination and I pray for, love you and am grateful to serve Jesus with you each day.

I ask that you continue to lift up ROF Ministries and myself in prayer, love and financial support, should the Lord lead you to do so in order that we are sent forth to be a blessing to those the World has rejected by healing hearts His way.  Your prayers keep us covered and your support keeps us going out to the multitudes.  Should the Lord place it upon your heart to give, you may do so by going to and click on the donation button, not only will we be blessed to continue in the Lord’s work – with your love seeds your joy shall be made full in Him.  If you are so led to join with us in visiting the prisons through joining the Prison Ministry Outreach Team, please email me at:  You can also email me anytime at the same address to share or request prayer.

So that is all I have for today.  Thank you for fellowshipping with me and one another today.

Love and Bless each of you.

Wrestling With The Residue Of Rejection ~

Transcript from broadcast February 19, 2020

Good Morning Blessings to you all and thank you for joining me today on Ring of Fire Ministries.  What a joyful blessing it is to fellowship with you all today.  It is so good to see each of you and I am thankful the Lord got us through another week!  So we are one more week closer to going Home — yayyyy!

Last week we talked about Rejection and how sensitive we are to it, often stemming from our upbringings.  I hope it blessed you like it did me and that we can just rest in the truth of our Lord Jesus, trusting Him to reveal, deliver and make us complete and whole in Him.  I had mentioned how much the Lord shared with us last week, which was a precept of what we are going to study today – and it is this portion I am most excited for knowing when we study different characters in the Bible we see a unique commonality which brings hope for us – if there was hope for them and the Lord brought them all the way through it is a promised guarantee He will do the same for us.

I was thinking the other day how we are created in His image, being fearfully and wonderfully made and just how precious each one of you truly are to our Father.  I was also thinking about how innocent we all were at birth, trusting, unseasoned by the World – not tried by fire yet or anything like that.  We weren’t skeptical yet, were we?  Some of us lost that innocence way early, while others had more love filled youth so the pains of humanity were delayed a bit.  Regardless, all have experienced some sort of rejection.  When we are formed in His image, I was thinking about how it is way more difficult to “keep that imagine” untarnished when the harshness of life bristles your heart over and over again.  As I was praying the Lord said to me…  It is very true you were created in My image, but whether or not you keep my image depends on your own freewill. 

So here we are again…  Seems like we cannot escape this season of surrender we are currently in – this surrendering is giving up our desires and wills in exchange for His – to keep His image intact, we lose our image and then it dawned on me… Image is the root word of “imagination.”  And where is imaginations conceived?  In the mind.  So it makes perfect sense He is cleansing our minds of all corrupt thinking in order we, as new creatures think just like Him, meaning we contain the mind of Christ.

The words, mind of Christ, get thrown around so much it seems almost common, sort of watered down and familiar.  But if we really think about it…  Our minds are very opposite of Jesus’s in so many ways.  This is a truth we should not take lightly as if we have already reached that goal… Because in truth we haven’t.  It is funny how short we fall in trying to judge ourselves rightly.  In the Bible it actually gives a command that we are to judge ourselves…  Which is a precursor to repentance. 

Repentance is not very politically correct in the manmade church these days…  Sadly, the modernized church of today surrenders to ego and self so frequently the very word repentance bristles the masses.  And every message we hear, we often have names and faces of others who need to hear it – as we discount the word – especially the written word was written for us – not the World.  Soon we are going to be talking more about the Mind of Christ, but I felt led today to just set the groundwork for the future study, Lord willing.  Romans 12:2 Tells us so very clearly to not conform to the World but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and THEN we can test and approve what God’s will is because His will is good and pleasing and perfect.  If our mind is sick and not healed, we cannot think correctly in so many ways and so our lives look out of kilter or off and in chaos. 

I am so very excited to share with you a portion of Jacob’s life, found in Genesis 32 today!  All the rejection Jacob suffered was overseen by the Lord, Himself, just as ours is.  And I hope you will see how similar what Jacob went through so did Paul and many others and you and even me.  The beautiful part about the Bible is that we get to see the end and the beginning – which is quite different from our own lives.  So hold tight knowing our Father changes not and He is One Who does know our end as He orchestrated our beginning as well. 

Old things have no power over the new creature any longer, thankfully.  We sometimes get so caught up in all the details that we overcomplicate the simplicity of walking hand in hand on this journey called life abiding with Jesus the whole way through.  There are way too many words sometimes… like we are over processed with methods that work and don’t work, what instructions others give, corrections and even edifications…  I call all these “religious tricks of the trade…”  These are very very noisy to those who are extremely sensitive in the Spirit, like we are.

The Lord gave me a beautiful Psalm yesterday… I am going to share it if that’s okay with you?  It is simplistic and embracing.

You can read the whole Chapter, it is short… Psalm 15 –

David starts out asking…  Who will abide in You Lord?

And then he gives answer, as follows…  Those who’s daily walk is based in integrity, does righteous works and speaks the truth in his heart – being open and honest when talking – one who does not backbite – talking bad about others, one who does nothing to harm others and never seeks vengeance,  Vile people who practice such things will be condemned but those who fear the Lord will be honored.  He goes on to tell us the importance of keeping our word to others, even if it hurts us to do so and that we are not to change, going back and forth, but stand firm, innocent and true.  This Psalm goes on to say we are to give to the poor and needy, specifically widows and the weak and that it is not to be repaid when giving.  This Psalm ends with those who follow this example shall never be moved. 

Real quick…  Can you see Jesus in this Psalm?  Jesus walked always with integrity, He was righteous and always spoke truthfully, He was open to share His heart, He never was a backbiter even when accused or sought to be killed He sought no vengeance, He had reverential fear towards the Father, Jesus kept His word always, even when it hurt Him to do so physically, He gave to the poor and needy and He embraced females which was forbidden in those days, He comforted the weak and gave all of Himself to tend to everyone else, never expecting to be repaid.  Jesus never wavered and when we abide in Him, we will not waiver either. 

I shared this today for one reason only – Jesus is the only example we are to follow.  No matter who says what… If you cannot picture in your mind or know in your heart that He also would do or say it… Do not proceed any further.  Just stop, take a moment and rest in Him, inviting Him in to lead and guide, always in everything we say or do or think even.  Remember, we are to think upon things which are lovely, true, of good report, etc…  HE SAYS TO THINK ONLY UPON THESE THINGS… He actually used the word… ONLY.  Quite often the reason we do not have the mind of Christ it is because what we are placing into our minds ourselves… Sure we like to blame the devil and all, but the truth is not all things are profitable, though they may be permissible. 

Well that was sort of an unplanned ramble this morning… lol  forgive me!  I need to get back on track here with today’s message.  Before we get started, let’s read today’s Bible passage taken out of Genesis 32.

In this particular chapter we see that Jacob was extremely distressed, he was at odds with his brother – desiring to make amends, not knowing how or if his brother Esau would receive him, so he sent gifts before he went and he prayed that the Lord would deliver him from the hand of his brother who sought to kill him because Jacob had great fear that Esau would not only kill him, but his wife and children.  There is nothing more heartbreaking when your family becomes your foe – I am sure we’ve all had similar type moments… Rejection at its finest.

We are going to read a portion of this Scripture, beginning in verse 24 – because it says it all…

Genesis 32 ~

24 And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.

25 And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.

26 And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.

27 And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob.

28 And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.

29 And Jacob asked him, and said, Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there.

30 And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.

Heavenly Father thank You for this opportunity to feast on Your word today as manna from Heaven in that our souls may be strengthened just as you strengthened Jacob.  Teach us Your ways oh Lord and direct our footsteps as we completely surrender to Your will each and every day.  Amen.

Jacob was left alone wrestling with the residue of rejection – many of us have been in that very place time and again.

  • Jacob was scared and alone
  • Jacob had been tricked and rejected by his own family
  • Jacob also admitted he had no endurance left – now this is when the Lord can really go to work on us, when we get so wore out and admit we have no answers anymore – we will surrender to Him as being our answer
  • He was up “wrestling” all night with who?  Because here in the word it says he was alone….
  • Jacob was wrestling with himself – his mind – ever have one of those nights?  Where you try to be at rest, you desire to sleep and yet your mind is chaotic with fear and worry so you wrestle, tossing and turning over and over – playing out scenarios in your mind of what if’s? 
  • This is a real battle, an internal battle of Spirit vs Flesh.
  • As Jacob’s thigh was out of joint – it portrays a weakness in the flesh, painful – we too can get out of joint in many ways and if we do not process through our mindset can become “wounded, offended, having a chip on our shoulder” so to speak.

Verse 28 is where the victory lies…  After wrestling all night long Jacob’s spirit won out over his flesh and his identity changed.  Jacob received a new name – he was a new creature, walking by the Spirit.  His old creature was put under subjection, which represents his flesh and the old name which defined him. 

Something so beautiful about this story is how Jacob surrendered in the flesh to God and began walking in the Spirit and was blessed the Word says.  With power which comes from on high we will prevail just like Jacob – but we must be willing to give up our old natures, ways, mindsets, comforts and anything attached to this flesh.

Sometimes we wrestle to much to hold onto the past, that we actually begin to wrestle with God, Himself.  Telling Him what to do and how to do it.  We will often have a battle raging within us at times to the point we are raging within, like a storm brewing between God, Self and Spirit.  The Bible tells us we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities… oftentimes, that principality is US.  Us being cultivated in the mind – our thoughts, emotions, words of man or curses spoken over us by humans.  We weigh them constantly in our minds, which is why the Lord has told us to take captive our thoughts and put them under subjection to Jesus – the living example we are to follow.  He leads we follow and if we get out of step from that and try to lead…  We wrestle, I like to call it floundering – similar to a fish being out of water and sometimes our life looks just like that doesn’t it?

  • Everyone is wrestling (struggling) with something – everyone!
  • We overcome all things in Jesus… but everyone has something to overcome.

But this is what is so amazing —  When we invite Jesus in – the battle is no longer our own.  Yayyyyy!  Someone should be doing some celebrating with me right now!

  • All insecurities, anxiety, hyper-sensitivity, rejection, loneliness, feeling unloved, fearful, workaholic mentality, dependencies on others – the list is endless really – But each one of us has flesh that is yet to be overcome by the Spirit – so we wrestle with it.  Remember – the battlefield is in the mind, some call that the devil’s playground – I can see it.

Although, this can be applied in struggles too many to name – today we are going to finish up our study on rejection, carried over from last week in order to clean up any residue we carry from rejection.  Therefore, today we are going to talk about – WRESTLING WITH REJECTION.  Because if you’re breathing right now – you’ve been rejected at some point and time or possibly even today.

I call that person who you just can’t seem to get out of your heart and mind to the point it gets a stronghold on you – the object of affection.  I saw this a lot when ministering to people so you see, it is not the person they are clinging to, but rather the fear of rejection… so they wrestle in their minds with this person and themselves.  Jesus should be our only object of affection and as we calm down and breathe we accept the truth – for our own wellbeing He places others into our lives and He removes them as well.  It is for our own protection and good, not for our harm or hurt.  This person can be anyone really – a family member, a friend turned foe, a love partner, child, boss… Whoever you wrestle with – it is not them, it is self.  Sometimes it is your past you cannot seem to let go of.  Make sense?  We cannot move forward if we are constantly looking back – remember, we learned last week to forget those things which are behind us today and keep our eyes focused on the Lord, Who is our prize which is our higher calling in this life.

Just to get this in context… Have you ever attainted that object of affection, whether it be a person or dream, only to still be left wanting?  This is because only Jesus is to hold that sort of placement in our hearts – He completes us, everyone and everything else can only compliment what He already established within us.  We abide fully only with Him, no one else.

  • Wrestling with rejection is an unavoidable reality – others pretty much refuse to accept us for who we are or who we are not.
  • Jesus, Himself, experienced rejection as the first of many brethren, so we will too – remember, He was the stone that the builders rejected?
  • If not put down or tended to – rejection will become a weapon the enemy uses to fragment our souls and we will not ever be made whole when Jesus sets before us an offering to do so.
  • Rejection means to “throw backwards” which also is how we backslide.  How?  I’m glad you asked…  It is woundedness.  Why?  It causes offense to enter into the soul.
  • Soul wounds are different than flesh wounds because the bleeding is inward and internal and it hides itself to the point we sometimes do not recognize it and when we don’t recognize it we underestimate the damage it causes.

Jeremiah said in Chapter 6:14 – that the wounds are tended to a little and people say there is peace when there is none.  We have all been guilty of this, covering up the shame and the wounds and yet… we bleed on others with our mouths all over the place.

Sometimes it comes out as poor me and with others it is an inflated ego to overcompensate – either way, it is there.

Thankfully, the Lord is close to the broken hearted and for those who are full of pride, their fall will be their salvation in the end.

  • When a wound is not healed, an infection can materialize – we will call this a “soul affliction.”

What is a soul affliction?  An ungodly personality trait – because out of the mouth flows the issues of the heart.  Remember our issue of blood we studied a couple weeks ago?  It is through ungodly personality traits we bleed on others.

So for today, speaking of the residue of rejection, this is a really good place to stop for now and we will pick up next week right were we left off on SOUL AFFLICTION connecting to infection of the heart and how they manifest in personality traits.  We will also take Genesis 32 line by line and study even more about Jacob being rejected many times over and how to overcome he had to wrestle with his own flesh and even the Lord until he finally surrendered it all and was given a new name as a new creature.

Before I go, I just want to address some of you all with precious hearts who are fearful looking upon all the things affecting the Earth and our World at the moment.  There is no need to rehash all the events pressing us and all the inhabitants of the Earth in one way or another.  I think you would have to live in a cave to not discern the birth pains we are faced with each day.

I also want to encourage you all to keep writing me, so that I can encourage and assist you the best way I know how… By pointing to Jesus, of course.  I have been pondering a lot lately about faith – mine is tested and tried almost daily it seems – I am even wrestling with myself about do I even have any faith?  I know that sounds awful… But I just know in my spirit by the Lord we have no clue what faith actually is – or at least I am finding out I do not. 

I look at it this way…  Regarding faith, it is the same as KNOWING JESUS or KNOWING ABOUT JESUS.  If we have knowledge of all the books of the Bible concerning faith we know ABOUT IT – however, that is not going to cut it in these tumultuous times…  We need to KNOW FAITH on a personal and deep level, intensely and intimately be unmovable in FAITH itself. 

So for three weeks now, I keep going to the Lord and going to the Lord because I had this thirst for Faith itself and I knew I had an understanding of faith and yet… still had a longing inside me because I knew there was way more to it than what I’ve learned or been told.

Refusing to give up… Finally, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in a very small voice saying…  “No one knows what faith actually is in completion because there is only one who in truth knows the end from the beginning.”  That totally settled my heart, but He went on…  He said, “Jesus Alone is the AUTHOR & FINISHER of everyone’s Faith, therefore, being unable to see the end we can never measure our own faith, let alone another’s.” 

And so finally….  I was at rest, infused with peace – real peace too, His… it comes from Him directly pouring into us and we settle.  We can finally breathe a little easier, knowing to be still is to REALLY KNOW HE IS GOD.

Countless times I have tried to author myself and I am embarrassed to say I tried to author many others, mainly those who I love deeply…  It would be an understatement to say I failed on every account.

We need to get out of the way of the Master, which is why we are in this painful flesh process of surrendering.  We welcome Him to abide within us to dwell and be Lord in our lives for real – He knows we need this and He also knows we crave this unity with Him.  I can certainly attest to the fact, the process goes a lot quicker and smoother if we let go and let God, in our own lives and especially with those we hold near and dear in our hearts.

Okay…  I just wanted to share that bit of wisdom He gave me a couple days ago.  Pray about it, seek Him and search for confirmation if you are so led to do so.

Lastly, when in prayer for these poor people stuck on these cruise ships who keep pulling on my heartstrings day and night the Lord gave me something to give in response to those who have more questions than answers.  As a matter of fact, none of us have any answers that are worthwhile, knowing Jesus is the only answer which satisfies a restless heart.

Somehow, someway… the sovereignty of the Father has totally gotten pushed aside.  The church in my opinion is up for a great fall due to this dishonor and disrespect being done to our Master.  It is like they worship at too many thrones..  trying to figure out just who or what is in charge.  Please hear me on this – The Father is not up in Heaven wringing His hands unknowing what to do with this enemy or this rumor of war, or pending financial collapse or pestilence, plagues or anything which portrays itself as evil, rather than good.  If not one sparrow falls to the ground without Him knowing…. Why are we in a state of panic?  We need to look deep into our hearts to search why are we so fearful we are going to extremes to save our own lives?  Those who do this are stepping clearly into the abyss of conspiracy theories, man’s opinions almost to the point of being delusional where you cannot reason with them.  It is very sad to watch from an onlooker.  The grieving of the Holy Spirit is almost unbearable at times because some of the worst ones selling the drama for lucre and gain are those who come in Jesus’s Name pretending to be Christians… or saying they are Jews and yet are not. 

Forgive my ramble…  I need to focus on what Jesus told me… Not what the charlatans are doing – that is way above my Kingdom paygrade…  As I was in prayer, seeking His answer to these troubling emails all He directed me to was His word – which is enough for any soul that truly belongs to Him. 

So I am going to read His word in answer to all our questions… Even mine as we declare as one in Him that we trust You Lord, to the best of our ability we will put all our trust in You for our today and all our tomorrows.  Amen?

Let’s read… And let’s keep in mind, when people come to us we can ease all their fear with showing them His love and patience, while feeding them the truth, His truth because…

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39 KJV

Eccesiaties 3 ~

Everything Has Its Time

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:

A time [a]to be born,
And a time to die;
A time to plant,
And a time to pluck what is planted;
A time to kill,
And a time to heal;
A time to break down,
And a time to build up;
A time to weep,
And a time to laugh;
A time to mourn,
And a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones,
And a time to gather stones;
A time to embrace,
And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to gain,
And a time to lose;
A time to keep,
And a time to throw away;
A time to tear,
And a time to sew;
A time to keep silence,
And a time to speak;
A time to love,
And a time to hate;
A time of war,
And a time of peace.

The God-Given Task

What profit has the worker from that in which he labors? 10 I have seen the God-given task with which the sons of men are to be occupied. 11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

12 I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives, 13 and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor—it is the gift of God.

14 I know that whatever God does,
It shall be forever.
Nothing can be added to it,
And nothing taken from it.
God does it, that men should fear before Him.
15 That which is has already been,
And what is to be has already been;
And God [b]requires an account of [c]what is past.

Injustice Seems to Prevail

16 Moreover I saw under the sun:

In the place of [d]judgment,
Wickedness was there;
And in the place of righteousness,
[e]Iniquity was there.

17 I said in my heart,

“God shall judge the righteous and the wicked,
For there is a time there for every [f]purpose and for every work.”

18 I said in my heart, “Concerning the condition of the sons of men, God tests them, that they may see that they themselves are like animals.” 19 For what happens to the sons of men also happens to animals; one thing befalls them: as one dies, so dies the other. Surely, they all have one breath; man has no advantage over animals, for all is vanity. 20 All go to one place: all are from the dust, and all return to dust. 21 Who[g] knows the spirit of the sons of men, which goes upward, and the spirit of the animal, which goes down to the earth? 22 So I perceived that nothing is better than that a man should rejoice in his own works, for that is his [h]heritage. For who can bring him to see what will happen after him?

So I challenge us today to really consider the Master’s ways… and trust, trust Him to make all things beautiful in their own time – which is quite often different than our timing.  Whatever He uses, whether that be sickness, lack, abundance or health – trust HIM.  The only one who absolutely knows where faith is found on this Earth, in who it is found and the measurement we need to overcome all things in Jesus, in spite of ourselves.  All we need is faith the size of a mustard seed – that seed is Jesus…. You believe in Him – He’s got you… The Lord gives the increase to that Jesus seed in His timing, His way and His planned out purpose.  It is much better to be that one who is ye of little faith than to be gravely mistaken believing your faith is greater than most, only to be found wanting when the weights and balances are at your front door when the time of testing is unleashed upon all the habitants of the Earth.

Never forget, you are only required to sustain that which you have been given, for those who have a greater measure more is required. 

What season are we in currently?  A season to embrace fully God is God and we are not.

If we truly perceived how fragile the plan of God really is, we would see our lack in attempting to be in charge.

If we imagine this World as being similar to a house of cards and each card is the Father working all things together for the good of those who inhabit the house He is building…  What would we do to intervene?  Would we remove a card titled coronavirus or possibly one named financial collapse or even sickness or death?  Taking this thought, removing a card of sickness for example would cause the whole house to collapse and fall down.  Faith is believing without seeing…  Believing His hand is upon every single manifestation upon this Earth, no matter what it is or looks like with our natural shortsighted vision. 

We forget sometimes that our Father is eternal.  Our beginning starts here but finishes there, so a calling is going out right now to all the inhabitants of the Earth to trust in Him and if we are honest – it is much harder than we ever imagined it would be.  Keep in mind the hairs on our head are actually numbered, which changes constantly by the way – that is just how Majestic He is and He’s got this, all of it – you, me, every situation and calamity is under His charge.  Jesus is not asleep in the boat during this storm we are facing… He is the boat and the enemy has no authority to do one tiniest of things unless granted permission from our Father.  Masterpieces often look messy in the process of creation – He is building a masterpiece, which is us, He is the potter, we are the clay but His mind towards us has not changed or waivered… What we call messes, He sees the end result of perfection, since only He knows our end regardless of what our beginning looked like.

So this morning I was taking a step back in the Spirit, as on outside observer to this whole coronavirus situation.  As I was embracing the truth that the Father wills and lets at His perfect discretion… I began to ponder His ways in all things and as I did I began to wonder what if?  What if the Father is using what we call evil to actually be a call to good?  What if this virus is seeking those with vengeful, angry and hateful hearts to blow a trumpet of repentance so that their knees bow and their tongues confess Jesus is Lord as they call out to Him in the purity of the heart?  What if He is allowing this call to go out one last time before He sends forth angels to gather them like tares and throw them into the fire?  Wouldn’t a merciful Father send a fire prior to everlasting fire in order to capture the lost in His bosom in such a most precious way?  And that the revival we have been looking for all this time is right before us but due to self will we just cannot perceive or see it?

I am seeing more and more everyday His ways are not our ways and that the safest place to be is surrendered fully in agreement to His will being done on Earth, just as it is in Heaven. 

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and Masterful Father I thank You with my whole heart for Your opening the eyes of our hearts so that our perception of Your mighty ways are being shown to us in a most precious way.  I thank You for settling our minds and our hearts to be at peace as we abide in the presence of Jesus, the King of Glory.  Forgive us Father for our misguided emotions and short sighted understanding which question Your sovereignty.  We are the smallest of creatures, weak in nature, only strong through submission to You.  As You so ever so gently lead us through the red sea of life we humbly bow down before You in thanksgiving and praise saying Abba Father deliver us fully to the place You ordained and appointed us to be before time existed.  We thank You for our blessed hope for all eternity and have the deepest of longing to be gathered together under the shadow of Your wings.  As the Author and Finisher of our faith we will trust in You to do a complete work in us and in those we love and cherish.  You are mighty to save and in Your mightiness You shall prevail.  As Your decrees go out into the Earth, we see Your fingerprint in all adversities while you are working all things together for the good because there is no shadow of turning or darkness within You whatsoever.

Father once again I consecrate ROF Ministries unto You and ask that all we do brings glory only to Your Name.  That we would continue to remain a voice without a name or face as You alone are worthy to be praised.  Lord I ask that should it be Your will that we continue on this path together that You move hearts to support what we are doing here at ROF Ministries, as You go before us each day preparing the way that we are to walk in.  It is both an honor and privledge Lord to visit those in prisons with You.  Continue to guide us Lord as we assist and comfort those the World has turned their backs on.  You already know Lord what we have need of before we ask, so I thank You Lord for the provision released in order ROF Ministries continue to operate just as You ordained.

And Father, I thank You for keeping each one of those who are listening today or will in the future through the archive in Your perfect will.  Hide them Lord under Your wings, guide them daily and protect them when death is at their doorsteps.  Place a wall of fire of protection around their hearts and their dwellings so that they rise above as obstacles set before them, declaring Your majestic works to all those who have ears and hearts to hear.

I pray all this in Jesus’s precious and love filled Name.  Amen.

What Is Your… Issue Of Blood?

Transcript of Broadcast January 22, 2020

Good Morning and God Bless each of you today and always.  Thank you for joining me today on this ROF broadcast.  It is my heartfelt prayer the Lord Jesus join us as well so His name is lifted up high among us, as we fellowship together. 

With each passing day we are seeing even more how faithful our Father is to see us through everything which comes our way.  As we surrender to His perfect will and process in our lives, we are no longer tipping to and fro in the storms which come our way.  We also are getting glimpses of what it means to walk on the troubled waters of this life and not sink into them so that they overtake us.  This is a truly indescribable moment of abiding in Jesus.

I titled today’s broadcast – What is your issue of blood?  Because we all have at least one thing that we’ve prayed for, hoped for and believed for and yet are not quite fully delivered from…  It remains with us to this day.  So we are going to talk more about this purposed issue of blood because the children of light are on the brink of a huge prophetic breakthrough.  We also are going to go over some other pearls that blessed me in such a mighty way and I know they will bless you, as well.

As the Father’s love presses so intently into our hearts, He sears our hearts with His majesty to the point we desire Jesus over sin, freewill, anyone else or anything else that tries to rule and reign on the throne of our hearts.  That secret place is reserved for One – being Jesus. 

You all remember the Bible account of the woman with the issue of blood?  I pray the Lord lead me to lay out this beautiful message of this story so that it becomes one with us and applicable to our own lives.  Help me Lord to show the listeners what You showed me so their hearts are comforted by Your truth.

We have shared so much recently about being “made whole” and how it is only Jesus who does a complete work, inside and out.  We are constantly seeking Jesus it seems and we need to hear Him today, this day to be made whole.  No person can make us whole, no person can stop the ache of a bleeding heart – it is simply the virtue of Jesus imparted to us that satisfies the wounds of the past, as many of us cling to that which is good… the hem of His garment.

Let’s read the scripture –

Luke 8:43-48

43 And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,

44 Came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched.

Notice it was her touching Him that stopped the blood – one would think it would be the other way around wouldn’t you?

45 And Jesus said, Who touched me? When all denied, Peter and they that were with him said, Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?

Jesus was surrounded that day be a multitude of people – it even confused the disciples why Jesus would think only one touched Him.

46 And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.

Here is the miracle – she in faith, touched Jesus and His virtue left Him and went into her.  Virtue – STRENGTH, POWER, ABILITY

47 And when the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately.

Healed immediately – Him coming into us, heals our bleeding hearts – the wounds caused by the thorns inflicted by others sent to press us into surrendering to Jesus so that we seek Him in truth for strength and ability to overcome all things.

She immediately began to testify “why” she had touched him…  I always assumed it was due to a menstruation issue and until recently when the Lord showed me – it did not say that in His word, I was then open to be instructed by Him in such a precious way.

48 And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.

She sought peace… And peace was bestowed upon her that day – what an encouraging deliverance.  This same deliverance is available to us – but…  I have a question for us – Will we be made whole?  Will we actually come to Jesus or remain in our sorrows with an issue of blood, bleeding on everyone we come in contact with?

  • How many need a heartbreak healing today?  You see…. The Lord began to show me how applicable this Bible story is in our own lives – male and female.
  • This story has to do with the “thorn in the flesh” in so many ways – meaning, the Lord will remove our heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh.  We know Paul had this thorn to keep him humble and prayed three times for it to be removed, only to later walk out the passage, “My grace is sufficient for you” or rather – I am with you always and in Me you can overcome every single obstacle in your path – as long as you walk surrendered to me – I in you and you in me, is what Jesus was speaking of.
  • As Jesus breaks our hearts for what breaks His – that is the “issue” of blood to stir up love and compassion – HIS VIRTUES – within us.  So why do we fight it so hard?
  • Jesus alone will and is addressing the curse of the issue of blood we too have today.

Just in case some of you are still not on board with us…  Let’s define ISSUE OF BLOOD in Greek:

Issue means – flowing

Blood means – violence, slay, murder

What flowed out of her was violence and murder.

Okay now – Now we are getting somewhere…  The particular passage speaks to a broken bitter heart full and flowing out violence to slay and murder others.  We know out of the mouth the heart speaks, right?  We also were told when she touched Jesus HIS VIRTUE went into her and healed her – therefore, she no longer flowed violence out- but Jesus and from that day forward she walked in peace.  Before she was stirring up strife and likely due to the heartbreak she suffered 12 years prior.  I hope this sets foundation for you all, it certainly was an eye opening moment for me…  A real heart check.

Will we be made whole?  Or will we cling to the pains of the past?  Will we be salt – stirring within others a thirst for Jesus or we will remain offering nothing but bitter waters?  I don’t know about you all, but I want to be set free.  Amen.

The Lord then began to show me more:

  • Holiness in the Bible actually means “to cut” so I thought even more about the circumcision of the heart – it bleeds right?  And just how purposed it is we have a heart that is even capable of bleeding, many are stone cold – not moved, no compassion, lifeless…  The Lord can work with a bleeding heart, but with a cold heart – there is no hope for them until it is broken and shattered – until circumcised you give instruction, but lack the love and compassion where real change is fortified.  Knowing Jesus stirs up others to know Him too, we no longer are seeking knowledge in mixture with the tree which speaks of evil as well as good.  When a heart is fixated on Him – it clings to that which is only good.  But that’s a whole other story He gave me the other day.
  • I know I am falling extremely short articulating this mighty work of His and all that He was showing me the past few days – I do pray you take this to Him, that you seek Him and ask Him to show you too and most importantly that you be made whole and walk in peace carrying and displaying His virtues to others – which is the end goal of this particular process we are all in.
  • Since we know now that Holiness means to cut – we can understand on a much deeper level why – It pleased the Father to crush the Son.  He has given us many precepts leading us up to this day…  Jesus is our example, being the first of many brethren, His brethren too shall be crushed just as He was, but it is very very purposeful.

Here is the Scripture the Lord gave me:

2 Corinthians 2

15 For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish:

16 To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life. 

This Scripture explains why so many are at enmity with us quite often…  If our hearts are crushed and theirs aren’t…  Ego is still activated in their lives and it shows.  Many have drank from many waters, in that many waters flow out of their mouths.  For those who drink solely from everlasting waters, it is that water which flows out.

When the Lord has our hearts in totality – he has our bodies too, our tongues, our minds, our eyes, hands and feet.  Transformation starts inwardly – Jesus wants our hearts, not a part of it, but all of it and He goes right for it as soon as we answer the door to the heart He is knocking on and invite Him in.

Intentions are nice, knowledge is okay too but it is our ACTIONS which display just who has our heart – If it is Jesus, then He will be observable in what we do and if it is not Him then we are like a mixture a tree walking around with knowledge of good and evil so that is what comes out of us – a mixture. 

You see our intentions are important, but even more than that is our follow through on all that which we say. 

Psalm24:4 tells us to become:

The one whose deeds are blameless and whose motives are pure, who does not lie, or make promises with no intention of keeping them.

Lord help me deliver this in Your perfect way…. We will give account for every idle word – those things we said and did not do – those things which were not fruitful or rather performed.  If we do not take heed to this warning, we will continue to be that cloud without water – it is without water because it did not manifest what it was created to do.  Ugh… Do you all understand what I am conveying here?  Our yes must mean yes and our no, no.  That means if we say “yes or no” to someone – we follow through on that yes or no, with the highest of integrity in a most holy way.  I don’t know about you all, but I do not want to be that cloud without water who does not represent King Jesus in the most Kingdomly way.

Many people look to us and it is true we are held to a higher standard and it is imperative we keep our word, this is extremely serious due to the extreme nature in which the Father will take in action towards those who mistreat the least of these in such a way.

It is our actions which reflect if we love Him and others.  Talk is cheap, so they say.

We are given this very unworthy position of instructing others, the Word tells us how to accomplish anything when we apply the Word in our own lives.  If we do not walk this out ourselves and only speak of such things, we are a hypocrite in danger of going where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I am so very thankful the Lord is purging us of all ego and pride, our very eternal lives are in need of His touch in such a powerful way.

Genesis 6:5 explains it this way…

The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination and intention of all human thinking was only evil continually.

I know none of us want to be counted among the wickedness of the Earth, therefore, we are so very grateful for this time and space to repent from all our selfish, sinful ways and pre-conceived notions which do not originate in the virtues of Jesus.  Remember, it is not the one who says Lord Lord that shall enter into Heaven, but those WHO DO the will of the Father.  It was lucifer who tempted Jesus to only proclaim a thing and have dominion – but it was the Father’s requirement He walk out in full demonstration all He had spoken.  Faith, hope, love, etc… without works (being performed) are all dead.  Amen.  He also requires the same from us.

It has gotten most wearisome to endure all the opposition by the tough guys towards those with bleeding hearts.  If we too shared in the virtues of Jesus we would begin to embrace those who’s hearts are weeping just as His did.  It is called… compassion.  This type of weakness and humility is an asset, not a sin – Jesus binds up the wounds of the brokenhearted, He embraced them then and He does so still today.  Remember the suffering and how we learned it equates to abiding?  And how we are examples to the lost when we follow Him as our example?  Just like Jesus we have charges against us for that issue of blood, for loving the unlovable who have the same issue as us.  These same charges were leveled against Jesus in His day… So He put all that to rest in saying, it is not the well who need a Physician but the sick.  From this respect we can lay down all shame man has placed upon us for wounds inflicted and the sorrow which we must endure for the night.  Jesus and His joy does come as a healing promise in the morning.  When people do this – they are looking at the outside of the cup as a sign to our wholeness, while Jesus is doing heart surgery within, not observable by the natural eye.

Every single time Jesus healed someone He told them… Go and sin no more.  Jesus did not come to call the righteous, but sinners – just like me and you – to repentance.  If you have that issue of blood, if you seek Him to be made whole – He is there, it is why He came and suffered only to defeat all death in His victory.  When His virtue comes upon you, you shall rise up, be made whole knowing it was Him all along that you needed.  There is no shame in not being perfect, that is a mind game humans play on one another so that we do not recognize we need a perfect Savior, rather than them.  And as long as someone can focus on you – they do not have to deal with their own issues of blood.

Do you all know what the word PERFECT actually means?  It means MATURE… now someone should smile over that.  Perfect seemed overwhelming before, didn’t it?  But when we realize it simply means to grow into Spiritual maturity – well, we can all do that, right, as a matter of fact, we are doing that?  What we feed grows and if we feed ourselves daily on Jesus, His word as our daily bread – then we are on the perfect path.  Growing in Him is being Holy as our Father in Heaven is Holy.  Man gauges where you are by perfect works – the Lord measures us by a process of dying to self with a surrendered life.  When people do this to you, just say – after you are done talking about me, pray for me because I want to be perfect like you.  lolol

Something that really irritates me is when pride rises up and we condemn a baby in the Lord for doing just as they are supposed to do…. Desire the sincere milk of the Word because that is what babies do.  It is also why Jesus said, let the little children come to Me, this highmindedness goes way back in time.  I think many of us forget just what it was like to be in love with our first love, Jesus and seek Him with all our hearts.  Some of us need to repent from that haughty spirit flashing around these grandiose words of wisdom as if everyone better step to attention and listen to them… I saw it the other day in chat, I didn’t say anything, but one day the Lord is going to humble those who do this because we all are on an individual journey to mature and grow up in Christ Jesus to fullness.  There is ONE AUTHOR who is fingerprinting the finishing of each person’s faith – His Name is Jesus and He is capable.  But…. Do we actually practice what we preach in our feeble attempts to override the message of love for the sake of self lest we too become one of those who confess Jesus, having a form of godliness, denying the very power of Him.  Remember – God is love. Period, no need to add to or take away or dissect that statement. This statement will always bristle the flesh, in less of course it is mine I am trying to save.  The truth is… that drug addict, that one with a wounded heart, the drunk and the prostitute and those still suffering from an issue of blood – they need to know God is love and this is why… We are to desire the sincere milk of the word…. Meat is not sincere – embracing, warm, satisfying and comforting… Only milk is.  The wise will say… oh surely there is more, look at that poor little one, broken, bleeding and struggling in tears crying out to Jesus.  Guess which one He runs to?  I believe you already know the answer to that question….

When we seek to save our own lives, we tend to make ourselves unreplaceable in the lives of others – I see it working in many, I don’t say anything – but it is time to sweep our own back porches so to speak.  Do you all know the plank in our eye that needs to be removed is ego/self/pride?  Once removed, it is then we can see others clearly through the Holy Spirit and remove their speck – or rather assist them, not point figures, but love and walk with them as they grow in Christ.  Until it is removed we have a distorted view on others because we make it all about ourselves.  The Lord often can and will use a different means to accomplish the same purposed outcome in another’s life.  Most of the inward work cannot be seen by us in another until the Lord reveals it Himself.  There would be way less strife in the church if we took the process of one another in meekness and faith that the Lord is fully capable of perfecting/maturing His own sheep.

Who know’s…. Everything I’ve shared so far could be making no spiritual sense to anyone but me, but I am sharing it anyway, even if I look completely foolish in the process.  All I know is the Word says, the Father disciplines those He loves and after living a life of abandonment I need His love, I need to KNOW I AM LOVED BY HIM, then everything else will be okay.  And okay is good…  I don’t expect greatness or dreams fulfilled or fairy tales or anything of the sort anymore – content in Him if that is okay, then that is satisfying to the enduring soul who cries a lot and feels hopeless sometimes and yet, He has had found His favor upon just enough so I no longer carry that shame and the labels men try to attach to me – I am praying for this for you, as well.  Sometimes, just like Elijah who could see something his servant could not, we can see things operating that are out of godly order – what is important is what we do during those times – a heart which belongs to Jesus will always refer and run to Him, seeking only His leading, even if it means being looked upon with ridicule and shunned.  The least of these are those who follow the Shephard because they will never leave the hem of garment and Jesus insures they don’t most often by the crushing of their hearts.

This is a perfect segway into the rest of today’s broadcast…

Applying the pearls He gives us into our lives, so that we do remain that sweet smelling aroma:

Thorn in the flesh….

  • You see… We all have that issue of blood and it serves a great purpose to suffer for the sake of Jesus.  Remember, to suffer is to abide and endure with Jesus through a trial or heartbreak.  A bleeding heart in itself is not a problem, as long as we are releasing the virtues of Jesus when the flesh is pierced with a thorn.  What is the problem is when offense is the companion of this issue of blood.  Jesus told us it is impossible offenses not come, the reason being once offended the Lord will remove self out of us altogether.  Again – having a bleeding heart is not blocking our peace, offence is.  Offense is the issue.
  • Many will deny they are offended and even get offended if you mention the word offense in reference to them.  I have found that is when you are the most offended of all – speaking of my own self here.  Deny offense is a coping mechanism based in ego, saying I am too untouchable to be offended.  It is laughable really.

Let’s call “the thorn in the flesh – the root” of what shatters your heart the most.  That one thing that is just too painful to bear, to ponder, consider, witness or even entertain…  that is the thorn.  People usually do one of two things with the thorn – they cover it up in denial or talk about it incessantly.

Ugh… I know I must use me… I also know the Lord showed me this is many of you as well.  Not all, but quite a few.  I need His strength to get through this today because if we push this thorn deep enough inside us – we can sense the pain, but no longer have to look upon the cause of it – it is self-soothing to avoid transparency to some degree.

On a side note – I am going to have to at some point discuss my thorn more openly in a small setting with those who share in this type of suffering with me.  Just so we can be fully delivered and recognize ourselves in it, but we will do that another day – not on a Wednesday. 

My Issue of Blood is…  Abandonment.  There is even a specific disorder, which the Lord so beautifully revealed to me called – Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria.  I am most grateful for this journey He has us on – Jesus always reveals before He delivers so that only He gets the Glory.  During that special broadcast we will learn more about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, but not today.  And once healed we transfer from offense to actually truth this time…  Pouring Jesus out of us like a drink offering to others.  Dysphoria is really no big deal – it actually means – “to endure something.”

Some of us – especially me and I could name a few of you, as well, but I won’t… are HIGHLY SENSITIVE to BEING REJECTED. 

Therefore… “sand paper people” – those who are harsh, super insensitive, combative or non-compassionate are very abrasive to our souls.

As a matter of fact, no matter what your issue of blood is…  The Lord will send “sand paper people” into your life to purge you of self.  We can switch it around too – If you are a sand paper person – my highly sensitive nature gets under your skin like a thorn and you feel provoked no matter what I say.  You all get the picture?

We all have an “issue of blood…”  I cannot stress this enough.  What is amazing is when we recognize this to be so, we also recognize we are in desperate need of a Savior and that we really need Him in every way, body, soul, mind and spirit.  And thankfully, He is right there waiting for us to call upon Him in our time of need.

I think I am going to leave all that right there…  Unless of course you all have any questions or comments?  We will go into much more detail on this topic during the special broadcast, as well as seek the Lord to help us in being made whole and healed and sent forth to heal the sick hurting in such a way.

So I am going to try and have a special broadcast sometime between today and next week’s broadcast, because I am so very excited about us talking about THE BRIDE OF CHRIST found in Revelation planned for next week, unless the Lord guides us elsewhere.

It all started last week when I was walking and Jesus said to me…  “My people suffer jezebel’s tactics in their midst…”  I was like – whoa!  There is that word suffer again…  I had completely forgotten all about that word being in that particular Scripture.

You all wanna read it quick?

Revelation 2

19 I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first.

20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

  • We will study this more later, but suffering here means TO ENDURE IT & HOLD UP
  • Jezebel – resembles a womb/church gathering – it is the HARLOT CHURCH committed to Baal worship
  • Those who idolizes, edify or TOLERATE these false practices and do not repent when Jesus comes – He will consume those with the brightness of His coming.

21 And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.

22 Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.

23 And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.

Interesting isn’t it how the Lord searches our hearts to see if our works/deeds are authentic in Him.

Revelation 2 & 3 speaks to Jesus knocking on the door of His church – not just our hearts, although He does that too, of course.

Just to review ~

We believe faith is the evidence of what Jesus said is observable – repentance is that evidence of a heart crying out to the Lord for deliverance, healing and wholeness so that we walk out a converted lifestyle as the new creature within us marries the outward, which is sanctification.  Perfect is being in the process of growing into maturity, as a child of God, so that no one can boast, because from this respect we are all on equaled, level holy ground.  Man looks at the outward, while the Lord looks at the heart to see if it is seeking Him.

As our driving passions grow above everything to KNOW JESUS more, we become conformed to Christ, our old creature is crucified with Him so that it is no longer you or I who live, but it is Jesus who abides and lives within us – which is the higher calling of God upon our lives.

It is true the same love the Father has for the Son, He has for us – that love poured out as a drink offering is poured into us so that we thirst no more for anything which is unrighteous.  To know Jesus is not knowledge based so that we become experts on what He did or what He professed regarding endtimes, prophecy, events to unfold, signs, miracles, wonders, etc…  But to intimately and fully surrender as a bride would to her husband, to take His name as your own and be one with Him.  This is honestly the only way to go where He goes, do what He does and say what He says.

A transference of eternal life occurs during the consummation of such relationship so that misplaced intentions of sign seeking and the like dissipates in that we no longer are that wicked generation who seeks signs – as we have now embraced the Sign – Jesus.

When Heaven kisses your soul in such a way… The only Sign your heart longs for is the appearing of Jesus inwardly, so that outwardly we do wear that crown of righteousness reserved for only a few.  We do so love His appearing in all things, in other’s lives as well as our own.  When Jesus appears and gets glory, no matter the circumstances we celebrate in worship, laying before Him as only He is worthy to be praised.

And just as there were 10 virgins asleep, which replicate the church, as the call went out half heard the heart awakening, the other were awakened in the mind.  The Bride who has a heart surrendered to the Groom – let Him into their hearts, welcoming His intimate embrace, which can never be taught by instruction.  The others are simply guests to observe and witness the interactions between His Beloved which He says are mine.

All those who seek Jesus shall be satisfied…  The wise and unwise virgin parable is not a salvation parable, but rather a Marriage parable.  The five wise indeed are the Bride – as they sought Him with their whole hearts and shall be satisfied by only Him.  The five unwise sought Him with their minds and they too shall be satisfied, but only in the mind.  One knows Him, the other knows about Him.  When works are your end goal, you will be completely satisfied in them as a well done and faithful servant.  But for those who are in love with Jesus, works are simply a means to an end, because our hearts will never be satisfied until we are one with Jesus in spirit, soul, mind and body – so that works follow after the procurement of relationship. 

Martha was not in the wrong, however, Mary chose the better part – she found the one who her soul loves – Jesus.  The same is true for us.  Both were thrilled to see Jesus that day and honored to have Him in their homes – only their reasons for being thrilled were completely different.  Therefore, not all who believe – although they are saved – will attain a marital relationship with Jesus and yet both groups shall be satisfied by Him.  Again in this parable we seek the Marriage Supper of the Lamb – Martha working attending the feast, Mary in bridal submission, even though there was work to be done.

We can have our identity in only one entity – works or Jesus.  Works feeds the ego and allows Jesus to assist, Jesus as our identity kills the ego and works assist.

As a Bridal Temple of the Lord we desire what He desires – relationship – with Him first, then one another.  As we watch and wait, lovingly desiring more and more of Him – knowledge, manifestations, words, signs, anointed speeches, attention from people – nothing satisfies us any longer….  Only Jesus.

At this point the fight is over…  You know, the wrestling of yourself and others – you surrender, no longer desiring to have your way, a hush comes over you because you carry a secret…  a treasure so near and dear in the secret place of the heart….  An unbreakable love bond between you and the one you were purposed to love, the Bridegroom, Jesus.  It is that desire for Him that gets you through each day in full hopes of breaking this veil of flesh for good and banded to Him in fullness one day.

So next time someone who is a guest in your life…. Looks down upon you, or scrutinizes what you are feeling or saying…  Remember just who matters most in your life, who you love more than breath itself…  Jesus and He is coming, He said He would and He surely will.  Though He tarries, He is right on time. Amen.

Just cling to what is good every day – Cling to Jesus and when we do, He will get us through the worst parts of this life because He is the best part of our lives, delivering us a hope and promise in Himself.  The Lord is not slack in His promises towards us, no not ever.

Lastly, a call to repentance has gone out.  May we stop taking our gift for granted and lording it over others as if they are falling short in someway because they are not gifted as we are.  For example, I write, it is what I do and I am most humbled and in awe how the Lord has bestowed such a precious gift of His heart to articulate beautifully with written words.  But, I cannot speak, nor do I desire to.  I know my limitations and they are great in the area of speech.  Therefore, I am not ashamed to admit everything I just shared with you – I wrote out first with endless hours in the secret place of the most High.  When I write, intimacy with Jesus is forged in unmeasurable portions.  I cherish the gift He has given me, but I will never set heavy burdens upon another for not writing, because that is not you.  You may be one who does have the gift of speech and I honor you for that gift as the Holy Spirit speaks through you – it blesses my heart in such an anointed way.  This is just one example of how our ego will easily slip in to the place where we expect others to conform to us, rather than Jesus.  Each one of you listening to me have a perfectly placed gift within you and many are waiting for you to share that portion of yourself with others – you have healing waters for those hearts who are bleeding waiting for your touch.  It is my prayer you embrace the beautiful masterpiece of you in such a way you may be sent out to a lost and hopeless land, spreading His virtues to hearts in severe straights with His love.

Heavenly and Masterful Father, I did as You called me to do, as I delivered this precious message to those who are wounded and at times hopeless.  I am quite humbled Lord by Your everlasting love as You comfort us in our time of need.  We repent Lord for times we tried to instill our wills or ways upon another or tried to override Your majestic precious work in the hearts we could not see or discern in truth.  Forgive us Lord for harshness or having a lack of compassion that does not reflect the heart of Your gentle Son, Jesus.  Lord, words cannot express the gratefulness in my heart for showing me there is beauty in all things, even a hopeless, bleeding heart like mine.  Thank You Lord for delivering us from the sting of painful wounds while keeping the authenticity of truth.  Thank You Lord for breaking all shame within us so that we may walk freely in just how You created to be.  As You send us forth as the salt and light, may people see Jesus, not us and be thirsty for more of Him.  We bow down before You Lord and say come Lord Jesus come, draw us ever so closer to you, we want to know You more and more intimately each day.  Quench us Lord from all the hurtful ways of man and show us what it truly means to be more intimate with You, truly Lord this is one we cannot do on our own.  We give You permission Lord to have Your way with us, we cast down all imaginations of fear that comes with walking a path in which our tomorrows are unknown.  We get scared sometimes Lord and fear tries to overtake us, but You are the promise and hope of a new day so we will trust in You and You alone.  May You get the glory You are so deserving of, in our lives and the lives of those we are blessed to love.  In Jesus’s precious name we pray.  Amen