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Seeds ~ Written By: Heather

Seeds I sit in this momentwith curious delightmy life is unfoldingwhat a beautiful sight. My road to nowhereleading where it beganhas illuminated a pathshining bright in the sand. But my walk was so hardI could never understandstill always knowingJesus was holding my hand. But why so much pain?As I looked to the skyits all for […]

Ring of Fire Broadcast Transcript ~

God’s Design For Loneliness ~ January 21, 2021 The Lord kept pressing upon me just how much the church body needs one another and yet, they do not believe it, let alone demonstrate brotherly/sisterly love to one another.  He began showing me several groups in the World who are more loyal and loving to one […]

Ring of Fire Broadcast Transcript ~

Saintly Instructions For Abiding – Colossians Study January 18, 2021 CHAPTER 1 ~ Colossians is a word from the Lord to the faithful saints who love one another, who’s hope is in Heaven and keep the truthful words as the Gospel, which is to witness and strive for Jesus’s ways while here on Earth. They […]

❤️Love Like Jesus ~

One of my favorite Bible stories is when Mary, being pregnant with Jesus traveled to see Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John. And when they came close to one another ~ John leaped inside Elizabeth’s womb, recognizing Jesus before He was even born.I was pondering the womb… And how it was meant to be a […]

❤️When you are feeling all alone ~

Quite often we get a true sense of what it is like to be alone, plucked out of the World, drifting to and fro and separated to a higher degree from our lives and others and even ourselves at times. Lately, it seems just getting through the day requires much more effort on my part […]

Fatherless, Orphans, Strangers & Widows ~

FATHERLESS/ORPHANS, STRANGERS & WIDOWS ~  Basically those who have been abandoned, having only the Lord to rely on as their source.  Although, it is true people may come and go throughout different points and times in our lives for a season, none have remained permanently.  In order to make sense of all this and especially […]