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Personal family and friends who need prayers: Carolyn West April, Andrew & Dawn Roberts Krystal Miles Amanda Banks Mary Ann Ybarra Brenda Robinson Bonnie, Trent & Morris Fraley “Pray for my Christian growth and to see the truth and for my loved ones to have their needs met.” “Pray for everyone being released from prison […]

The following Prison Inmates are requesting prayer for their families, please join us in wrapping them in our prayers ~

Samuel Lee Tolbert Family Jorge Ramirez Family Miguel Angel Elias Family Mathew Zuniga Family Roberto Garza Family Jesus Alvarez Family The Ford Family The Stanley Family The Gatlin Family Alex Walker Family The Fowley Family Dusty Rhodes Family Robert Canchola Family The Batts Family Daniel Medina Family Ramiro Fuentez Family The Tberra Family Eric Rose […]

Women ~ Fashioned To Love

It seems right now, more than ever before, WOMEN are under fire. Please join us in our upcoming study as we delve a little deeper into just why this is happening and how Jesus embraces the “Weaker vessel.” We have done this study in the past to prepare us of what was to come, but […]

Overwhelmed By Love~

So earlier as I was just praying and talking to Jesus, I was asking Him to please guide me to do as He would do in a particular situation. You see, I have this most precious and dear brother in the Lord, who I consider an honor to call my friend. He is so very […]

THANK YOU ~ Prison Ministry Outreach Team!

We currently have no prison inmates awaiting pen pal matches and that is all because of YOU! May the Lord bless you continually for “Visiting those in prison with me.” We are in the process of walking through a door the Lord has opened with a local women’s prison here in Nebraska. Therefore, it is […]

Dear Angel, Chapter 1 of the Book of Esther is a show of man’s pride and wisdom.  Laws to the effect of the ways that seem right to a man.  Proverbs tells us that this way leads to death.  In a nutshell, King Ahasuerus calls forth his wife Vashti to show all in the court […]


❤️A Pearl The Lord Laid Upon My Heart Today ~To the exact measurement you die to self, I will dwell within you, as you abide in Me. I have set you forth into the World as a “plumbline” ~ a measuring rod, in that whatever others do or don’t do unto you, for good or […]

Spirit & Truth ~

❤️Today’s Pearl ~To worship {adore & revere} in Spirit & Truth means…Our WALK matches our TALK and we are no longer labeled a hypocrite.This is also why He says, “It is better to be cold or hot, than lukewarm,” because no MINGLING is present.We then arrive at a place where we no longer say, “Lord, […]