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❤️Grateful ~ To all of those who support us at Ring of Fire Ministries in “Healing Hearts His Way.” Our dedicated Outreach Team reaches over 200 inmates per month via letters, Bible tracts, study materials & Bibles. Thank you for those who “Visit the prisons” with us by sowing your seeds of LOVE ~ Angela

The Ways of Royalty ~ HONOR

Broadcast Transcript ~ May 10, 2020 The Ways of Royalty ~ HONOR ~ May 10, 2020 Good Morning and God Bless each of you today.  Thank you for joining me on todays’ ROF Ministries broadcast as we talk about “honor.”  In light of the fact a couple weeks ago was Mother’s Day, which will tie […]

Promises of One ~

I’m the shoulder you can cry on, the arms that will hold you. I will pick you up when you fall, because we are one. I will be the open ears to your worries, open mind to your visions, Open heart to your feelings, I’m the one in your body, The muscles on your bones, […]

Stand UP ~ Poem By: Isaiah Nunez

Stand up men, this is no time to hang your heads. What are you thinking? You’re not dead. This little time we’re doing is nothin, but if you got a little sec, I’ll give you a little somethin. You see, a lot of you have bought the devil’s lies and now you are filled with […]