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Transcript From RING OF FIRE Broadcast ~ March 7, 2020 Today I need to apologize in advance because lately I have been in an extreme mental state of soberness.  Partly due to understanding the gravity of all that is going on in the World around us and partly because many do not understand the severity […]

The Burden of the Lord~

The Book of Malachi… He says He has loved us but still we ask just when did you love us Lord?  So many times we build our own lives and they are torn down by the Lord for our own good but we fail to recognize the losses as gain in Him.  One day our […]

Afflictions Of The Soul ~

The Pain that just won’t go away… Transcript from broadcast February 26, 2020 Good Morning and God Bless each of you – Thank you for joining me on today’s ROF Ministry broadcast as we continue to journey on in our study of Genesis 32 and understanding of rejection in that we are fully delivered from […]

Wrestling With The Residue Of Rejection ~

Transcript from broadcast February 19, 2020 Good Morning Blessings to you all and thank you for joining me today on Ring of Fire Ministries.  What a joyful blessing it is to fellowship with you all today.  It is so good to see each of you and I am thankful the Lord got us through another […]

Enduring Sensitivity To Rejection ~

Transcript from broadcast February 9, 2020 Disclaimer… Just to quench the overly zealous…  I understand already – we are a new creature in Christ, I also understand we do not bow down to the psychology or medical diagnosis of men and I am very well aware Jesus defeated this and every single stronghold which seeks […]

What Is Your… Issue Of Blood?

Transcript of Broadcast January 22, 2020 Good Morning and God Bless each of you today and always.  Thank you for joining me today on this ROF broadcast.  It is my heartfelt prayer the Lord Jesus join us as well so His name is lifted up high among us, as we fellowship together.  With each passing […]

❤️ Gratitude~ Thank You to all who contributed to the ROF Prison Ministry Christmas Outreach. To date we mailed out 79 Bible Devotionals & 117 Cards containing tracts, a letter and poem. May the Lord Bless You for “visiting” the prisons with me ~ Angela