Words Of Wisdom Through Wayne~TRUST

?In order for us to be able to put our complete trust in the Lord He will put us into situations that He will resolve to show us that we can trust Him in all things.  Our trust in Him is important to Him and that is why we are tested in how much we do actually trust Him.  It has to emanate from the heart and not just be words that we speak.  He earns our trust by giving us trials and expects us to learn from them so that we will not be shaken by anything since our total trust is in Him and Him alone.  In our interpersonal relationships trust also has to be earned.  If trust has been established and then broken we are to keep the proper perspective and be very cautious in extending that trust once again.  It can only be reestablished when there is a concerted effort on the part of the person who betrayed that trust to regain the trust that was broken by their actions.  If that doesn’t occur we are to keep our guard up and not extend that trust to the individual.  We can still love a person even if they are untrustworthy just as we can love someone who is living a sinful lifestyle.  So our love for someone can’t be based on trust.  After all, we at times can be untrustworthy towards the Lord yet He never stops loving us.

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  1. Roseanne Richardson
    Roseanne Richardson says:

    I’m seeking the Lord for guidance in dealing with my Jehovah’s witness family. They’re so lost. I pray for them daily. Lord praise you for strength in the midst. Thank you for all of your words of wisdom

    • Angela
      Angela says:

      God Bless you abundantly Sister Roseanne. Lifting you and your family up to the Lord Jesus, asking Him to awaken your family to the truth of Him and strengthen you in this trial. Continue to be that LOVE LIGHT to them as you pray and believe He will appear to them and their knee will bow and call Him Lord. Love ~ Angela


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