What Faith Can Do~Brother Erik’s Testimony

Hello Angela,

I just got out of the hospital, I went to the ER because of my anxiety and depression and panic attacks. It was just too much for me, I felt like I was losing the fight so badly, and in a way I was because I was trying to fight alone.

Thankfully the Lord was with me, he gave me the boldness and strength to pick myself up and get my dad to take me to the hospital. They had me in a psychiatric ward for 4 days, with other people. It was completely voluntary and I’m glad I went because the Lord had people in there waiting for me, he even had my roommate set up that I was able to relate to him right away.

I honestly felt at home there with all those beautiful people, I was surrounded by people I could relate to but best of all people that wouldn’t judge because we all understood each other’s pain and problems. I was able to over time overcome my anxiety with social interactions and talk with them and make friends.

Jesus had an awesome doctor waiting for me that was so kind and understanding and I knew he was working all things for my good. I was also able to push through the barriers I set up and be myself without feeling ashamed or embarrassed and I’m glad I did because some people said the drawings and artwork I did in the group sessions made their day. Also the weird thing was that 3 or 4 people said I reminded them of people they knew which was awesome and I knew right away that was the Lords hand over me, he used me there to help people out. And not in some big way either, mostly just by talking to them and smiling at them as they would pass by.

Best of all out of all of this is that I was able to get help I needed and also made sure I had a following plan so I wouldn’t be stuck after I got out. Because my biggest concern was that I would get out and still be stuck in the hole I created for myself. Jesus reaches down into the pit and pulled me out and carried me through the places and path I needed to be on.

This past year has been the roughest storm I have had in my life so far, although I know the storms aren’t over I can now go through them with the trust and faith that he has builded into me. And so I want to thank you and everyone else at Ring of Fire and Council of Time. You all have helped me so much with my faith, and helped shelter me spiritually from the storm.

I praise my Heavenly Father every day and give him sacrifices of thanksgiving because he broke me, brought me down low, he allowed me to dig that “pit” in my life so he could call my name and make me his son. All in his perfect will, he’s helped me see that he allows us to dig our pits in life, he allows us to do the sinful things so he can save us and pull us out of that pit. All thanks to the blood of Jesus and his sacrifice of pure love full of grace and mercy and most of all, love.

And so I thank you and everyone in this wonderful family because the Lord brought me into this place, I was naked and you clothed me, hungry and you fed me, alone and you comforted me. I was one of the “least of these” so what you did you did unto Jesus. And I’m thankful I can call you and everyone else brother and sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️

THANK YOU and you all are loved and blessed souls, I can’t wait to see you all around the throne with our Lord when that time comes,



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