Women ~ Fashioned To Love

It seems right now, more than ever before, WOMEN are under fire. Please join us in our upcoming study as we delve a little deeper into just why this is happening and how Jesus embraces the “Weaker vessel.”

We have done this study in the past to prepare us of what was to come, but now that this season is upon us, He directed me to visit it again.

Women ~ You are created with a purpose, being fearfully and wonderfully made. Your meekness, kindness and gentleness does not go unnoticed by our Father. You are never alone, nor will you be forsaken.

We will talk about why it was only females who recognized Jesus after He rose from the grave and discuss how it was only males who participated in the crucifixion on Calgary. Jesus has a plan for your life and most importantly He wants us to know the depths of His love.

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