Overwhelmed By Love~

So earlier as I was just praying and talking to Jesus, I was asking Him to please guide me to do as He would do in a particular situation.
You see, I have this most precious and dear brother in the Lord, who I consider an honor to call my friend. He is so very kind and loving, resembling what a true brother would be to a sister who often is heartbroken… Me.
There is a catch though… He is what many have thrown away, a castaway, he is gay. But I am overwhelmed with love for him in my heart and nothing inside me could ever “Cast him away” like most everyone else has.
So this morning, I was asking the Lord to first please forgive me if I have done something in error or out of disobedience. I was crying in my heart because “the religious man” says, my brother’s blood would be on my hands and yet, I simply cannot bring myself to kick a brother who the World has knocked down. He has been trampled enough, I will not join in with the mob, I simply cannot do it.
So I was asking the Lord to please forgive me of my shortcoming in this. And He knows I always go against the grain, often walking alone.
Then He whispered into my heart…
This is what He said…
“Finally, you are surrendering to love, Himself. For it is not your love by which you are overwhelmed, it is Mine. To share, to give, to not withhold. Only man seeks a desire to withhold love, I do not. Everything I do, I do for the sake of love because I am FOR the sinners, not against them.”
He then began to show me different places of His walk here on Earth and how He was never angry, not once at sinners, but only the “Religious” that caused offense within Him. Because they were so offended, an offense towards them arose out of Him.
In my mind He showed me the woman caught in adultery and the one at the well. The sick, the lame – the ones with sores outside the body, reflecting the condition of their souls, He called them lepers. He showed me how when all others would not “touch” them, due to these sores, He gently placed His hand of love and mercy upon them – making them “clean” again. The castaways, the ones the Religious were too good for… He embraced, found worthy to be saved and most importantly LOVED.
This is me, this is you. Am I greater than my brother and friend because I sin differently than him? I then began to ponder… What was I thinking? And why Lord would I pray such a vain prayer, to ask forgiveness for loving someone? This made me blush with shame and then He touched me again, saying go freely, walk with Me to visit those who the World has cast to the ground. I said, “Yes Lord.” And He responded… “Your faith has made you whole.”
Then He told me…
May You Be Blessed By His Love Today and May You Freely Give Away That Love You Have Been Freely Given ~

Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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  1. Bobbi
    Bobbi says:

    I love you sis Mama. Thank you for sharing your heart. Loving the ‘weirdos’ of the world (me included), is truely a gift. There is no way to do that without a river of Jesus love flowing through you. Thank you for giving it away. We all need more and more of His refreshing healing water flowing through us. What you are giving matters. You are a so blessed among women. Love you deeply sis Mama.❤?


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