TIMELY Teaching from Michael~

This is a timely message from a broadcast Michael did in 2014 and when Karin sent it to me,I too felt lead by the Holy Spirit to edit and share it due to the nature of the season we are currently in.  I pray it blesses and encourages you, as well.

Council of Time

Saturday Broadcast with Michael

October 18, 2014


God bless every one of you!  Something is changing, something is certainly changing.

Folks, it’s good to be here with you.

Often on SATURDAYS, I take a long run for miles and miles, it helps me to reflect.  This time when I was running while it should have bothered me, it strengthened me.

I saw many people attempting to run, mountains, mountains stopped them cold. People dwelling with things, laughing, mountains stopped them cold.

Folks, as I saw this – I was lit up with strength internally, in my heart I was saying, no, that was not going to happen.  It was an insight, although it was much more than that, many disheartening things.  It gave me an insight, more than a few than the Body of Christ.  Satan, Beelzebub is not going to win. He won’t win,

Before we start, I need to say a prayer.  I need to pray for something before we start.

Today’s lesson, talk, it’s a little different, it’s important, it’s very important.  I hope that as we go through today’s talk it helps a lot of you.

First we need to pray.  [Michael goes into prayer]

Father in the name of Jesus, the Holy One of Israel.  Lord, we humble ourselves, Father we are your children.  We stand in authority today.  Lord, he is hidden among us, he is remaining unnamed, that we may have no power over him.  Lord, we ask that You join us this Saturday, that You join us right now, give us the Holy Spirit, that we can bind the tongue of Leviathan.  We bind the tongues of Legion, we cast out the strength of resistance, which is held in the spirit of vengeance, which is held in the spirit of anger.  We cast them out, in the Name of the Holy One of Jesus of Nazareth.  We will not fear these things, we will not be dismayed, You will strengthen us with the right hand of Your righteousness.  All that righteousness will increase, that which were increased against us.  They will be ashamed, even the unnamed, the spirits of darkness as nothing.  Even those that strive with us as vessels of iniquity, they will perish.  We will not find them, they will not contend with us as they that are against us they shall perish, we will not find them and they that are against us for You are God, and as You wrote, God will hold the right hand.  Not I will, but thee.  Father, You are with us, We stand humble, we stand in meekness Father, we’re asking forgiveness for anything, that may fight against the Spirit of Truth that is in us.  We too cast those things away from ourselves.  Many are coming, physically, Father we will stand in accordance with Your word, for all to see, for anyone to embrace as we will carry the Gospel and demonstration.

Father give us the Spirit of Truth, hold the tongue of the liar and the thief, he seeks whom he may devour, let him find no place here, we bind Beelzebub in the Name of Jesus.  As You wrote Lord, instrument having teeth through the mountains as the situations of anguish they have placed themselves in front of the children, Your children. Let Your word be true. Let those mountains be dissolved, let them be as chaff.  Release us from this bondage, from these unnamed spirits, we bind them in Your power and we give You all the glory.  We will stand and not faint, nor will we fear, for You are with us, Father we recognize your presence.  Bind all those things.  Let your truth be prevalent in our lives.  Take us over with the Holy Spirit, Lord.  We will be known by our fruit, and our fruit will be as You directed, as You anointed us to yield.  Father these things we ask in the precious Name of Jesus Amen.

Ok folks, these things, even this prayer, I plead that over as many who will agree with it so that these unnamed spirits be cast away,  in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy One of Israel.

Make no mistake, he is there, he will not prevail, he will not halt.

It is important he do not operate in this Saturday’s  talk, it’s important that we operate in Spirit and so in your hearts, do not resist the Holy Spirit in these talks that we do have.

Now, we have reached a time of demonstration.

But with demonstration, comes a resistance of darkness that will not prevail.

You are the righteousness of Christ, God did say He would hold your right hand during these times, your enemies will sit in mass confusion. Grab hold of those words and place your souls in agreement by the Lord, Himself.

Satan, he will sit in confusion. All these spirits will sit in confusion. They will not prevail in your lives. Grab hold of truth and truth only.

We know the world has confused great things in history, and so now the Lord is leading us into a place where understanding is paramount.  That understanding is sealed through the Holy Spirit.

These spirits seek that this truth not be known, that your days be confused. This is why we must serve Him. If we believe in Him, if we believe we are grafted into the branch and so is Israel, with servants of the most high, so are we.

We are partakers, joint heirs with Christ. Every heir must know his or her Father. Every heir must know what the Kingdom is, every heir must know the foundations of that Kingdom.

To cast away those lies that the World so eloquently taught.  They have injected lies in every aspect of people’s lives.  These things we have learned will not be from wisdom, but by the Spirit, and the Spirit is true. And so, it is the Spirit of Truth we do welcome, that the lies of the enemy and whoever he may work through, let their hands be bound.

Those spirits, their tongues must be held.  There are so many people who are facing mountains, mountains and mountains, they will not remain, the Lord will deal with them, He will make you a threshing instrument.

You, He will make a threshing instrument.

So you can make those hills as chaff, those mountains and hills are the enemy.


Folks, today we will go back to the beginning of beginnings – There is a lie coming out that is so incredibly strong, that if a person is not rooted, he will question his very existence.

This lie will penetrate every faith, it will penetrate everything! I ‘m going to attempt, with the help of our Lord, to send the word out before this lie hits, so that you can know.  You see, most lies, most falsehoods that are small, they do the biggest things, and they cause the most damage. It’s always the small things of this World, the hidden things that work, if something is known, you can point it out, if something is unknown, it dwells among you.  Those things must come to a halt.  It must come to a halt.

Part of this deceptive lie that is coming out – The working wonders of those spirits that rise from the bottomless pit. They would do so much that if it were possible, even the very ELECT WOULD BE DECEIVED.

To understand the origins of things, is not to be deceived. While that’s still disturbing to me about the very elect.  I can see the truth of it.   You see, this oppression is all over the place.  Yes, we do hide those oppressive things from our brothers and sisters and we deal with it in isolation, but they are still there, I‘ll tell you this, they won’t stay.

It seemed that this vision invoked what I saw and provoked me to pray for my Brothers and Sisters. It only expanded the love I have for a great many people and I’ll do everything that the Lord put within me, to ensure that lie or reminding them of things that are in the Word of God, so we need to talk about two origins.  Two origins of truth, including mankind, how things were structured in truth and the truth of those structures. While it may be simple, in mankind it’s going to release in the future.

A lot of you know about Genesis, God created the Heavens and the Earth, right? God created the stars and the heavens, the universe.  You know He did that for the sake of the Earth.  The water creatures, the birds and so forth.  But at one point, all animals ate birds, not meat you see, they ate birds and every green thing, it was for meat.  There was peace in the land. The confusing part to a great many was who exactly was the serpent in the Garden, I’ve heard many things of who it could be, what it could be.

People say metaphors, people say, it was in a laboratory, I’ve heard so many things.

But when God said, let there be light and there was light, I need to point something out to you, in Genesis when God said, let there be light – That’s not when He created the sun.  You see, the Earth was cloaked in mass darkness, that darkness, ladies and gentlemen, are hidden things, everything was hidden, everything was in chaos, everything was in ruin, in fact, the root word in context – Then He said, let there be light and of course, we know, light is like a light bulb, it illuminates, but it also means made known.  Did you guys know that?  And it separated.

A lot of people get that confused because He said, the evening and the morning were the first day, after that He began creating everything else. Separating the water from the waters. He created the stars and the heavens, the galaxies and so forth.  That means they were for signs and seasons, fixed times, a season is a fixed time. He created the stars also.  Now listen… This is important.  He said He created the lights in the Heavens, they would be for the signs and seasons, but then it adds… He created the stars also.

Do you know what the stars are? ANYBODY?

Another word for stars, from ancient Hebrew writing, are the shiny ones, the illuminated ones, stars, luminaries, that’s very important for people to understand,  The shiny ones, yes…  A lot of people.

The stars also. Shiny ones, Princes, and then He made two great lights, to rule the day and the night.  The sun and the moon. People mix that up, they don’t want to attack it, folks, it’s so absolutely true, you see, after He created all this, then He said, let’s make man in Our Own Image.

But He created everything else, everything was established. He created everything else. This is why the serpent was found in the Garden.

Who created the serpent? God did.  The account of Genesis was an account given to Moses. Even those in those dark leadership roles, understand perfectly, that that account of Genesis is accurate, it’s accurate even to the serpent, even the stars.

Why do they spend so much money, looking for life, you know why?  Because they know Genesis is real.  They just don’t know what their job is, so He creates man, man by the way in the Heavens and the Earth and how they came about.  Of the Heaven and the Earth. How they came about.  Genesis one gives you an overview of what He made.  The important part to remember here, is that He separated the light from the darkness.  It’s important you know what darkness is, darkness is the absence of light.

It was in existence, the earth was cloaked in mass darkness before, but the light penetrated that darkness and God separated the two.  He separated light from darkness, light meaning happiness and joy.

A visible truth, to be made known, He created the light.

Have you noticed that?  He never once said, He created the darkness, because the darkness has always been everywhere. Darkness means no control. No rules, no order, no form. Chaos, that’s what darkness is, but God created the light. And he separated the light from the darkness.  No, it’s not, this is pure Genesis theory, no not theory, Genesis fact.  I don’t do well with theories. Anybody’s theories.

For the truth is right here for us to read.

For those who believe in theories, they’re going to be deceived and we have to remember that.  And yesterday we looked at a Scripture that said Scriptures are perceived spiritually, not logically.  They have never seen, they have no answer for, they think of wisdom within themselves, which in terms equates with foolishness. Even with electronics and advancements, there are no new engineered things, it’s a resurrection of technology.

The beginning.  In fact, the serpent, we know who that serpent is, those same serpents that exist today, I told you the Leadership calls him,  K Sarrat, he’s a great horned dragon. A dimensional being. There are posters of this guy, in places that are not public. He can appear just like someone just knocking at your door- Fiery, flying serpents, from the Bible mentions serpents.  There’s a truth in that. They equate it with Dagon. These are lies, this is why some people can’t understand concepts of the Bible, because they are approaching it logically.

The words of the Bible, you can’t figure out with your logical mind, it has to be given to you spiritually, because if you’re doing it logically, you need proof. And if you need proof, you, yourselves cannot go out there and be like an archeologist.  Things they have deemed truth or not. I’m not going to base the end of my walk on man’s logic that he has invented himself.


Have you not noticed that the kings and kingdoms of this Earth, have taken over creation in a sense, they have filled the minds with their truth, you know.  True? Why do you think people argue about Scripture, do you know why? Because they can only understand that spirit.  It has to be spiritually discerned, It cannot be logically discerned, and this is why people are going to start falling away and everything else, they thought one thing when the truth is something not perceived with the human mind.

Let’s take a Seraphim for instance.  Those are Angels of God.  Have you ever looked at the description of a Seraphim, if you saw one of those things, you would pass out for fear.  Yet they are from God, they’re not evil.  They’re simply a class of His creation assigned to His work but if you saw one yourself, you would just fall out.  They’ve got glowing eyes.  You wouldn’t equate them with pretty.  But here’s the problem – Did you not know that this world is based on something called vanity?  Beauty is not how you put your makeup on, how chiseled your body looks.  This puts a scale over the eyes of most people because when you say the word beautiful, in the world based upon your eyes, the truth of the Word is discerned spiritually, NOT PHYSICALLY.

These mountains I saw were in front of people, with demons laughing at them, because they’re working from them.  You cannot get rid of a Demonic mountain.

The logic in this world is based from what the demons know and again, the word demon means intelligent. You cannot use Satan’s weapons to fight Satan. You cannot trust your eyes, what you see with these human eyes is a scale within itself.  We judge too much, after the eyes and what we hear. Knowing the spirit, knowing the truth of things.

If we can read the Word discerning it, then we will see it. These things have been all over the earth since before you were born.  It’s time the prophecy that we endure, things are changing, and coming out and see you have to operate in power and in truth and listen to the truth of the LORD.

The Lord’s words are true, the Lord’s words are light and they are a lamp for you! YOU WILL NOT BE IN THE DARKNESS WITH HIS WORDS! You can be plunged into darkness with your own theories, your own logic and everything else, you cannot be plunged into the darkness with the words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel

But you see, Satan is very cunning.  He gets people away from that and if he gets you away, guess what, you will start looking at those things with the flesh and you’ll begin to judge those things by what you see, by your flesh.

With your human ears, not being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, we know that some things sent by God are absolutely in human terms not beautiful, in fact, they are so not beautiful, that people fall down dead.  Daniel did.  John had a vision and in the vision – How would you like to see 4 living creatures with eyeballs all over it?  That is not beautiful, that looks like an abomination!  And why in the world, of all the things that exist, why in the world, would A SERPENT BE IN THE DARK? Even in that, we’ve taken up the banner of logic to an attempt to understand it. Did you notice that Adam and Eve were not terrified? In fact, they were not terrified of any animal, if a bear came face to face with you, you’d be terrified, wouldn’t you? If a lion came up to you, you’d be terrified, in fact, they were NOT terrified.  Something changed with humanity in the garden, no one pays attention .NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION.  You know why?  Because we’re vain.

Beauty is what you see as beautiful.  What is beautiful and what is not.

Here is what happened to vanity…

We have judged everybody’s looks and everything else. We have looked at television as what is acceptable. And that is how we redeem what is beautiful.  Isn’t that the stupidest thing that anybody could do?  That’s absolutely ludicrous, I call that insanity.  We call one thing beautiful and one thing ugly, based on a poll.  How everybody accepts it. That’s what we do. I need to lose weight, so I can do this.  What about you doing something for yourself, so you can do something for the Lord even more, how about that? We compare ourselves to other people because we were raised in a society of vanity.  And it affects each and every one of us.

The simple truth is this, some people will not go into public because the fear of the public that the public will make fun of how they look.  But that’s how the public is, that’s how we think.

The Lord is saying, remove that, that’s a mountain in your life, that thing right there, is a mountain.

That’s a strong hold, if you can get beyond that, and if you can, because Jesus does not lie.

Dying to the flesh daily is dying to those same things. Dying to vanity, it’s a stronghold in your life, it can change everything that you see. Everything you see will be distorted because of that. It’s a mountain, get rid of it! You need to understand to get rid of it.

You know from the beginning of this thing of COT, I’ve asked people to be 100% themselves, because the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, is a something which is not a phony robot, modeled after things of the world.  To me that’s foolishness, it’s also a mountain, a hindrance, because it hinders your operation. It hinders your service.  You want it straight? If you’re dark, you want to be lighter, if you are too light, you want to be darker. What in the world are we doing?

The problem is most people get caught up on flesh.  I can’t go here . I can’t go there, because of this, you know what happens when it comes to the service of the Lord because when the spirit calls you, it’s never at a convenient time.  If the Lord says, come follow me, you say…  I can’t do that.  You’re just like the guy looking back to their stuff, let me do this first.  That’s what is going to happen, people are going look back to take care of their matters.  Taken over and lost at that time.

I can’t tell you how grievous my heart was to see people in a huge gathering for the sake of Jesus Christ and it was the LAST GATHERING.  I need to take care of this matter, and that matter.  And they were taken over and lost.  I’m seeing now how that’s going to happen.

Because vanity, that small thing, vanity, has crept its way in and people haven’t identified it. Not one of us can say, I don’t have vanity. Not one of us – Not one person in here can say, I do not suffer from having vanity because that would be a lie. That would be a lie. Being presentable is one thing, having vanity is another, because it causes attitudes and everything else…

Comparing yourself to another is impossible, you know why? Because you’re one of a kind. There is nobody like you, you are one of a kind.  But too many people judge after the flesh.

That person’s too short, that one’s too tall, that one’s too round, what are they going to do?  Everyone wants to see an angelic presence.  If one came down to meet them face to face, it’s not going to look like the picture you have in your mind.  Lying spirits will do that, lying spirits will from themselves take any form they desire. That’s why I don’t trust them.

I learned something early, if I had predicted everything that God has presented to me in truth, has NEVER EVER LOOKED LIKE I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO LOOK.

Vanity is a mountain of stronghold. Some people don’t understand how deeply rooted they are in this draconian system.  We have draconian rule- where’s all this stuff coming from? Dragon on people in leadership. On people in leadership.  They wear the dragon.  Leadership, they wear the Dragon. Everybody in leadership wears the image of a dragon. Everybody, they are just sitting there laughing at a great many people.  Because most people have opted to use the weapons of a dragon to fight a dragon.  How can you use the weapons they use?  You can’t do that, how can you use the weapons of your enemy that the enemy designed against the enemy. How can you do that?  It won’t work.

People right now are standing in boldness with the weapons satan has presented them, to use against satan and it’s not going to work. Who taught man war in the first place? Satan and his fallen angels and so we’re going to use weapons of war to do a good thing? Has it ever worked? No, it has not. Not one person can prove that that has ever worked – Yes, I’m quite bold in this because there are too many lies floating around.

I’ve heard people say, without guns, we wouldn’t have won the war to establish America, right, so I said, with so many put in slavery.  This nation is built upon blood the truth be told.  Upon the innocent and it will not stand. God will not be mocked, His words will not.

If the leaders in America were smart, they would recognize something- folks, this Nation was founded on the blood of the innocent, so we need to repent by His word.  But they are not going to do that. That’s why Jesus has to rule and reign for a thousand years, because they are not going to do that. All those that are hoping and wishing, you can hope all day. But facts are facts.  What’s done is done, if a person’s household is not going to repent, it’s going to fall. Why? Because that foundation has blood in it, it’s crying out, that’s why.

If you built anything on the oppression of the innocent, it’s going to fall apart right in front of your face and the righteous will see them perish.  In fact, some of them, they will not even make it.  Because they will be removed, even the demon spirits. The righteous will see their enemy confounded, but then the Lord will remove them because the heart of a righteous person. They hope that everyone can be saved, they aren’t walking around wishing that people be condemned.  And then when it’s all over, you want justice.

You see when you pass from this world you’re no longer hindered by the flesh, you see the absolute truth. The people under the alter they wanted a time of revenge.  Oh, wanting revenge is not bad, and the Lord already said, He was going to do something.  They never once said that, they said, when will you avenge us?  Folks, I’m telling you, the blood all over the Earth is crying out. There are wicked things on this earth.  There’s a true darkness that they cannot see, it’s working in your homes and houses and it’s working in your mind continuously.

What in the world is that all about? Why do we keep the things of the flesh in our hearts, and then perceive the word and even perceive the lies.  Folks, THERE IS NO GOOD THING IN THE FLESH….WHY, would we want to keep it?  To feed the desire of it, that is why.  Some of you want deliverance yet you keep feeding your flesh.  Don’t feed your flesh!  I can tell you right now, as the days get harder and harder many will long for and wish for the past just as the Word interpreted it would be.  Yesterday is finished and does not exist.  Only today exists. Today exists. You determine if the Lord is going to be in that day, with you or not but the flesh is tied to a great many things in the past.  And the things in the future, it has its own sense tied to desires.

Let me explain something, your flesh is just like a reptile, there is no conscious, there is no higher thought, no higher thinking, if you look at a reptile, an alligator when it’s hungry – It just simply goes and takes food. Whatever it instinctively needs, it kills it and takes it, that’s your flesh. It’s always on the prowl, that’s your flesh. It has desires that will never be satisfied. That’s the flesh.

The Lord continually told us, you have flesh, but you are Spirit. Do those things of the Spirit, seek those things of the Spirit, Walk in the Spirit. He told us to subdue, to not succumb but get rid of our flesh.

How many people have decided right now to say, I will right now just get rid of this, of the flesh?   How many people? We have to die to our flesh daily.

FOLKS, IT’S SO VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE we are on the horizon of something, For something and we have to be truly ready to jump.  That’s like going up in a plane and saying, I ’m ready to jump and you’re going to pull your cord and trash bags are going to fly out,  not a parachute, that takes a thorough, through look into of our Lord, wholeheartedly.

Call this flesh, our motivation which should be far different, it really shouldn’t be.  And all of us are guilty of it, every single last one of us.

Folks I’m going to take a very short break. We’re going to talk about these stars and seasons and signs because they are very important.  One big one is about to hit. It’s time for us to be observant of what’s happening, don’t have your parachute bag full of trash bags, we need to have an actual parachute. That’s the Lord and that’s His blood. But the trash bags, that‘s the logic and the knowledge based in the World right?

A lap top can teach you to be an expert of the systems they built, they know nothing about the Lord, our God and they know nothing about that.  They only know about those things they created and they may only observe His creation. They do like satan, they manipulate what he created.  But they can’t command it but our Father can command it, and that same power works through you,  but if you don’t know the difference, how can you?  To be in His knowledge, you can work the gifts freely to stand in your own wisdom and He resists the proud.  So if He is resisting you, those powers that come from Him are resisting you.  He will resist the proud. I’ll be right back.

Music starts

End of Part One

God Bless you all in Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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