Prayer from Michael~October 18, 2014

Father in the name of Jesus, the Holy One of Israel.  Lord, we humble ourselves, Father we are your children.  We stand in authority today.  Lord, he is hidden among us, he is remaining unnamed, that we may have no power over him.  Lord, we ask that You join us this Saturday, that You join us right now, give us the Holy Spirit, that we can bind the tongue of Leviathan.  We bind the tongues of Legion, we cast out the strength of resistance, which is held in the spirit of vengeance, which is held in the spirit of anger.  We cast them out, in the Name of the Holy One of Jesus of Nazareth.  We will not fear these things, we will not be dismayed, You will strengthen us with the right hand of Your righteousness.  All that righteousness will increase, that which were increased against us.  They will be ashamed, even the unnamed, the spirits of darkness as nothing.  Even those that strive with us as vessels of iniquity, they will perish.  We will not find them, they will not contend with us as they that are against us they shall perish, we will not find them and they that are against us for You are God, and as You wrote, God will hold the right hand.  Not I will, but thee.  Father, You are with us, We stand humble, we stand in meekness Father, we’re asking forgiveness for anything, that may fight against the Spirit of Truth that is in us.  We too cast those things away from ourselves.  Many are coming, physically, Father we will stand in accordance with Your word, for all to see, for anyone to embrace as we will carry the Gospel and demonstration.

Father give us the Spirit of Truth, hold the tongue of the liar and the thief, he seeks whom he may devour, let him find no place here, we bind Beelzebub in the Name of Jesus.  As You wrote Lord, instrument having teeth through the mountains as the situations of anguish they have placed themselves in front of the children, Your children. Let Your word be true. Let those mountains be dissolved, let them be as chaff.  Release us from this bondage, from these unnamed spirits, we bind them in Your power and we give You all the glory.  We will stand and not faint, nor will we fear, for You are with us, Father we recognize your presence.  Bind all those things.  Let your truth be prevalent in our lives.  Take us over with the Holy Spirit, Lord.  We will be known by our fruit, and our fruit will be as You directed, as You anointed us to yield.  Father these  things we ask in the precious Name of Jesus Amen.

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