Spiritual Housekeeping ~ SOUL TIES Broken

Come up here! 

Just as the Lord called upon John of Patmos to “Come up here, I will show you the things which will take place…” He is calling each one of us individually to journey with Him.

Heaven’s message to John was the full revelation of Jesus Christ and that same revelation is for the offering to us.

The soul part of our triune being consists of [spirit, soul and body]  placing characteristic demands on our identity – Images of self,  secret thoughts, a fleshy desire and the like are a poor substitute for the person God created you to be. John did not focus there in the fleshly ways of the World and neither should we. Instead, we do have the internal ability to hear the voice John heard, and the same Spirit who called him, calls you and me—come up! Especially in these times, we need to insure our spirit remains strong in Him to release our faith, for the Lord only has good things in store for His children.

The voice of the Lord is heard in the heart, the spirit and the mind. That call is always upward—always higher.

Come away my beloved… He is calling YOU to come up here and be with Him!

Spiritual Housekeeping – Soul Ties Broken

What is a soul tie?

The Bible speaks of what today is more commonly known as soul ties. In the Bible, it doesn’t use the word soul tie, but it speaks of them when it talks about souls being knit together, becoming one flesh, idolatry, committing fornication, spiritual adultery and pleasure in unrighteousness  just to name a few.

  • Soul ties serve many functions, but in it’s simplest form, it ties two souls together in the spiritual realm.
  • Soul ties between God-ordained married couples, draw them together like magnets and are a healthy part of this life on Earth.
  • Soul ties between fornicators wreak havoc in your life, leaving you vulnerable and walking in a state of confusion as if you are on a roller coaster of emotions.  These situations give and withhold, draining the very life out of you.  This would be considered a relationship of any sorts that was not ordained by the Lord.  The fact is we all have at some time or another by our own freewill gotten entangled in relationships that have cause us nothing but pain and suffering.  So in an essence we are all guilty.

For example: A beaten and abused woman will remain tied to the man which in the natural realm she would hate and run from, but instead she runs to him even though he doesn’t love her, and treats her like dirt. The same goes for a man… He will endure verbal and physical abuse due to a soul tie and lie to himself saying he is staying because he is committed to marriage. 

  • Soul ties feed something within our flesh.  It satisfies the brokenness we have and in reasoning we become stuck in a belief mentality you are getting what you deserve… torment, pain and affliction.  You see the enemy at work here?  Sadly, we choose to feed the unhealthy part of us, rather than let Jesus set us free… And this becomes our “Norm” our comfort zone, if you will.  Sadly, hurting people are so broken they feel all they need is to be loved, if even it is painful and wrapped in rejection or neglect.
  • In the demonic world, unholy soul ties can serve as bridges between two people to pass demonic garbage through a gate if you will – an open door for darkness to enter and toy with you.  It is important to note, we open these doors by our own will.  A good example would be “Loneliness” in which the result is, a bad love is better than no love at all.

I know of a young man not too long ago break free from downright awful visitations from demons, all due to an ungodly soul tie he had with a witch. The man was a Christian, and the only thing that allowed her to send demonic torment his way, is through the soul tie.

  • Soul ties can do things such as allow one person to manipulate and control another person, and the other person is unaware to what is going on or knows what is going on, but due to a poor self-image of unworthiness, allows it to continue.

How soul ties are formed:

There are many ways which soul ties are formed, but here are some more common ways to man, that I am aware of.

Sexual relations: One way in which Godly soul ties are formed is when a couple is married (Ephesians 5:31, “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.”), so the Godly soul tie between a husband and the wife that God intended him to have is unbreakable by man as a result of BOTH marriage partners placing the Lord as Head over and through their marriage.  Since God is Love, He becomes the love bond which holds them together cementing a hedge the enemy cannot penetrate.  The Bible refers to this as The Covenant of Marriage.  One or both partners at anytime may break this Covenant by participating in sexual relations in thought or action – fragmenting the marital bond.  Should that bond be compromised, like with all things, in Jesus it is possible after true remorseful repentance happens, the purity of love can be restored fully.  It is important to note this takes BOTH parties to be willing to fully come into agreement and love according to the Father’s will in submission to Him and one another, so love may cover the sins and never fail.

Mark 10

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;

And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

  • Who joined the relationship together? GOD!  We out of rebellion choose and pursue relationships outside of God’s will for us and get entangled in all sorts of sin… Soul ties are just one manifestation of that sin… But a deadly one, unless we are set free.
  • When a person has ungodly sexual relations with another person, an ungodly soul tie is then formed.

1 Corinthians 6:16

What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

This sexual soul tie fragments the soul, and is destructive. People who have many past relationships find it very difficult to ‘bond’ or be joined to anybody, because their soul is fragmented and they wander around lost in a sea of rejection and abandonment, often unknowingly.  Sexual relations with another person entails a DNA exchange through bodily fluids… You become tainted,  unclean and impure as a result of no longer being under the covering of the Lord.  This is a major reason why when adultery is present in a marriage, the Lord is firm about granting certificates of divorce. The passing of DNA beyond the marriage covenant is forbidden.  And vice versa, as evidenced when an adulterer brings another’s DNA into the marriage bed.

If our Father in Heaven does not tolerate such things… Why do we? Just something to pray over and consider.  Setting boundaries and keeping them are purposeful for our spiritual well being and wholeness.

Close relationships: King David and Jonathan had a good soul tie as a result of a good friendship and clearly was ordained by the Lord.  Fellowship together as the Body of Christ or rather the “Ecclesia,” is a perfect example of Godly ordained soul ties, being grounded and rooted in love with Jesus as the Head and focus of each person.

1 Samuel 18:1

And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

  • Bad soul ties can form from unhealthy relationships fairly easy. Idolizing somebody can cause an over dependence soul tie which seeks pleasure in unrighteousness.
  • You can also create a soul tie with a singing group, a leader, a ministry, a friend, or by any idol the enemy dangles in front of you.  One of the ways this is evident is when you become obsessed with their “Fruit or giftings” to the point of desiring to please them, win them over or gain their attention. This explains the strong pull towards certain people that seems almost irresistible.
  • How often have you just “Connected” with others who were abused like you? Or betrayed? Or lost a child, etc…?  If you think this is an accident, think again…  If not kept at a healthy God centered level the relationship can quickly gravitate into the unhealthy dependence nature.

Vows, commitments and agreements: Vows and commitments by the words we declare  bind souls together, knowingly or unknowingly our words perform.  The Word guides to make sure our “Yes means yes and our no, no.”  This too is a valuable demonstration of boundaries.

Numbers 30:2

If a man vow a vow unto the Lord, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth.

How to break a soul tie?

If any sins were committed to cause this soul tie, repent of them! Fornication is perhaps one of the most common ways to create life altering soul tie and can even occur by viewing or listening to something or someone that stimulates lusts within.  Remember – Repentance means to confess the sin to the Lord, ask for forgiveness and to never commit the sin again.  All sin can be overcome through Jesus’s help when we rely on Him for strength and seek to have our hearts purified.

  • Fornication – Idolatry, also called spiritual whoredom – Is considered INFIDELITY AGAINST GOD when we desire anything to be present in our lives more than Him.  He alone is to be on the throne of our hearts.  Nothing or no one else is worthy of His placement of our worship and adoration.

2 Chronicles 21:13

But hast walked in the way of the kings of Israel, and hast made Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to go a whoring, like to the whoredoms of the house of Ahab, and also hast slain thy brethren of thy father’s house, which were better than thyself.

Being set free:

If gifts were given to you by the other person in connection with the sin or unholy relationship, such as rings, flowers, cards, etc. get rid of them! Such things are idol representatives and symbolize the ungodly relationship and can hold a soul tie in place by the stirring of emotions when you cherish these objects.  Letting go of any object that stirs the memory footprint left within to trigger the past will only seal the breaking of the unhealthy bond which took place.

If you are still friends or in a relationship with the person and it’s no longer an ungodly relationship, simply repent of and forsake the unholy practices you used to do in your relationship, letting go and letting God be in His rightful place in your heart from this day forward.

It is not necessary to destroy all the gifts and things that you have been given, unless they provoke you to temptation or stir a longing within that seems similar to torment. I would still encourage you to get rid of anything that symbolizes the ungodly practices in the relationship.  Hanging on to such mementos that symbolize sin and are a constant reminder of the initial soul tie, serving as a temptation to open that particular door again, letting darkness come rushing back in.

It is important to note; any rash vows or commitments made that played a part in forming the soul tie should be renounced and repented of and broken in Jesus’s Name.

  • Such as: “I will love you forever”, or “I could never love another person like I do you” need to be renounced. They are spoken commitments that need to be undone verbally.

Proverbs 21:23

Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.

The tongue has the ability to bring the soul great troubles and bondage.

  • Forgive that person if you have anything against them. Forgive, Release & Bless.

It is a 2 part process to fully be freed of all soul ties in your life… It is an ongoing process, we as God’s children, walk out in our daily lives in order we maintain that freedom which can only be attained by overcoming in Jesus.

  • Before a soul tie can be broken, we must renounce it and then be broken by the Name of Jesus.

Renounce – disclaim, disown, reject and abandon something bad in our lives

It aligns with repentance, so if you are truly not going to abandon this area of darkness affecting your soul, then don’t bother… like sin, to repent means to confess and walk away from that sin and do it no more.

But for those of you who want to be free today… I will share an example of how you, through the Name of Jesus, are able to walk in liberty through His Spirit by simply just submitting and taking captive those thoughts through declaration.

Proverbs 28:13

He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.



Renounce the soul tie –

“In Jesus’ name, I now renounce any ungodly soul ties formed between myself and ______ as a result of _______________ ”

Break the soul tie –

“I now break and sever any ungodly soul ties formed between myself and _________ as a result of ______________ in Jesus’ name.”


Who the Lord sets free…. Is free indeed. Amen!

Luke 4:18

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.

Heavenly Father I thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to us for the redemption of sin to all who ask of Him with a humble and pure heart.  We are so blessed that freely He gave in order that we freely receive.  Please Lord wrap around each person who is seeking to be free from temptation and under the influence of unholy alliances.  I lift them up to You right now Lord and humbly ask You to guide them on this path to overcoming in Jesus.  Instill within them a pure clean heart, by the washing of Your word.  In Jesus’s Mighty Name I pray.  Amen.

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  1. Michelle Bailey
    Michelle Bailey says:

    If you think you have a soul tie with a church leader through idolatry, people pleasing and serving, should you leave after confessing and renouncing or stay and continue to serve?

    • Angela
      Angela says:

      God Bless you Sister Michelle and thank you for commenting. You know sometimes the Lord so deeply inside presses us a knowing as He leads us with His guiding light. And not that this is so much about Salvation, but rather the path of least resistance to spare us from more heartbreak. He tells us to “Have no other gods BEFORE Him” and so I believe you need to seek His will with all your heart, mind and soul in that you are free from all entanglements, no matter what they may be. And this is true for all of us, even me. I will continue to lift you up in prayer that He guide you with His light and comfort your heart in the process. Love and Bless you ~ Angela


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