Precious Pearls

Precious Pearls ~

To me a pearl is simply a deeper Spiritual understanding of the Biblical Word through the leading of the Holy Spirit unto the fullness of the Lord.  It a pearl because not everyone will understand and those who don’t will use it against you rather than receiving it for what it is – greater understanding of the fullness of God.  The Word tells us not to cast our pearls before swine for this reason, due to their lack of understanding of the things of God others may use what He has shown you, against you.

Today’s pearl really blessed my heart so I want to share it with you just as it was given to me:

We know in that moving Scripture when Jesus was sharing with the disciples that He was being prepared to go through a very horrible time shortly and would be crucified on the cross, only to be risen again three days later.  As He spoke, Peter’s flesh rose up and this is what he said:

Peter actually rebuked the Lord Jesus Himself, saying – “This should not be done to You.”

Scripture Reference:  Mathew 16

We all know Jesus’s response was:  Get behind me satan, you are an offense to me because you do not embrace the things of God, but only what benefits man.


  • Can a person who is following in the Lord’s footsteps, laying their lives down for the Gospel, fully devoted as an apostle be used by satan and interfere with the Lord’s will? YES
  • Will the enemy use even a person dedicated as such to preach, teach and lead others get in the way of the chosen path the Lord has put us on? YES
  • That even an apostle has flesh that must be submissive to God’s will, none is perfect, not then and not now, SAVE JESUS.
  • Does the enemy often pull you aside as Peter did Jesus away from others to be sneaky and lure you off God’s path? YES
  • Would that person appear as if they know better what God’s plan is for you than you do yourself? YES
  • Did Jesus say to Peter as a demonstration to how we should react in such cases that evil speaking is an offense to Him and therefore should be to us? YES
  • Are all offenses a bad thing? NO, we too should be offended by evil speech, just as Jesus was.  If Jesus abides in us and He is offended at evil, then it is obvious evil should offend us too as children of righteousness.
  • Being offended at good is not conducive to our walk with the Lord. However, being offended at evil does not receive a rebuke from Him as He said…. “It is impossible that offenses NOT COME, but a woe is promised to those WHO THROUGH WHICH THE OFFENSE COMES.”  In this case, the woe is not upon the one offended but rather on the one who does offend in an evil disobedient way.

This is a deeper understanding, not all can receive.  But it certainly is Truth taught by the Holy Spirit, Himself for those with ears to hear and a heart to receive of Him without the constraints of man’s fleshly ways of thinking which contain preconceived notions.

A pearl is given as a treasure and is to be entreated as such by the one to whom it was given.  To cherish and to hold and bless those who will believe.

May the Lord Bless you in His Love,


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