GRACE ~ In A Noisy World ~ Broadcast Transcript from June 7, 2020

Good Morning and God Bless You All – I certainly pray you are doing okay, what tumultuous days we live in, in which there’s heartbreak at every turn.  I want to thank you for joining me on today’s ROF Ministry Broadcast.  I so enjoy our fellowship together in the unity of the Holy Spirit, seeking Jesus together and His loving presence and peace.  We are rapidly finding that only through Jesus, the Prince of Peace, may we find rest for our souls among a World of people who seem to be running to and fro – all over the place, offended and emotional – I am wondering if you are one of those who does have that peace which surpasses all human understanding?  And if so, are you finding people – even within the church – are upset with you because you are not upset?  I must admit I stand here a little perplexed by the confrontations coming at me almost every day, because I am not reeling to and fro, in a panic, wringing my hands.  So I was curious if you all are experiencing this at times, as well?  And if so, you realize it is nothing to do with you, per se…  But more arriving at a place where you have no words, no actions, suggestions or instruction to give…  Sort of we are in a place right now, where the heart speaks due to lack of human words – I believe we are finally in truth crying out, Abba Father.  When we get to the end of our rope… There He is, thank You Lord.

During this shaking, it is the Lord who holds His pillars firm – and boy is there ever a lot of shaking going on.  Amen?  As He holds us firm in place, we are immovable in Him and all the junk falls off.  But I have to ask you something if you don’t mind…  Are you so hidden in Jesus that when all quakes beneath you are you – unshakeable or do you, make sure others shake with you?  I know that is an odd question, isn’t it?  Let me clarify… Those firm pillars the Lord holds, do not negatively influence those in close proximity to themselves when they are being tried and tested… I guess we could call that toxicity that spreads from one to another.  Are we seeking Jesus when we are upset, knowing only He can help us in our time of need or do we make sure everyone knows we are unhappy so they are unhappy too? 

I hope we can see how at times we are no better than those instilling riots when we challenge one another?  We may not be using weapons of force made of wood and stone… But remember, words are weapons too.  True repentance of the heart changes us in ways unexplainable so that we produce/demonstrate humility.  Humility of the heart gains joyful pleasure in serving someone however possible.   It is the Jesus way of walking the Earth, He leads, we follow.  If someone gains more pleasure in ruling over and instructing someone – that is a key indicator they are being led by pride/ego.  So the shaking will last a little longer and be a little more forceful, increasing each and every time. 

Colossians 3:12 says – As God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

What a beautiful word – so many of you wear these attributes so well, you are stunning really.  “Clothe” here means to hide yourself in, be covered by or rather when someone sees us, they should not see us at all, instead when we arrive some place, in should walk:  compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience. 

You know, if we are not a part of the solution, we are a part of the problem.  Are we adding blessing to other’s lives – should be a daily goal we set to accomplish with the Lord each day, praying Lord open the eyes of our hearts, show us the truth of ourselves in that we may surrender fully to You.  As it reads in James 4:6 – He gives us more grace… God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.  When we are granted grace, it just pours out of us to others.  I know we’ve talked about mercy a lot, yet grace is not something we have really discussed much have we?  As I was studying for today’s broadcast I thought to myself – I am not sure if I even understand “grace” enough to speak on it – its funny how we seek so much wisdom on the biggest of matters, while overlooking the simplicity found in Jesus… those things He counted worthy in the Kingdom, often get overshadowed because they do not seem so profound…

GRACE – is actually a condition of one’s heart by the divine influence of Holiness, in which a heart is eternally grateful towards the Lord in which the person exhibits sweetness and love to others.  Grace is also tied to joy, being a gift to others, a pleasure to be around, one who is delightful, showing goodwill, mercy and lovingkindness.

And as we just read a minute ago – Who fills us with grace?  God.  He gives more grace to His own humble children, while He opposes the proud.  By His favor He pours out grace upon His favorite children.  And who are His favorites?  The humble, needy, the least of these, the broken with a contrite spirit.  You see… Everything is backwards in the Kingdom isn’t it?  Or maybe a better way to state that is… Everything is backwards on Earth and since we are not of this World…. We feel daily like we are swimming upstream, don’t we?

When we are clothed/hidden in humility – basically knowing we deserve nothing and yet attain everything because of Jesus saving us from ourselves – The Father pours out into us His merciful kindness through touching us with Holy hands, influencing our souls which actually turn our hearts towards Jesus and He holds us securely right there in that place to keep us, strengthen us, increases our faith walk so all the knowledge, affection and attention is set on the Lord above everything else.  He kindles a flame within our heart and fans it as well divinely by His spirit and grace so we become by His willful hand virtuous lights here on Earth to cast away all darkness in our presence.  Like I said before – we can alter a room by entering it – for the good or the bad, that is just how influential we really are upon the Earth.

1 Corinthians 15:16 says ~ But by the grace of God, I am what I am… Wow, isn’t that the truth?  Without the Lord and His grace covering and indwelling us, we would be so off course.  Amen?

This certainly makes it much more clear why Paul and even us at times, have that thorn (painful irritant) to our flesh – which is actually placed there to keep us humble…  Let’s read quick the rest of the story in 2 Corinthians 12:8-9 ~ Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.  But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so the Christ’s power may rest on me.

Amazing… Just amazing!  His JOY, COMFORT, PLEASURE, MERCY, LOVINGKINDNESS, ETC…  All those things we just discussed being poured into us BY HIM is enough for us – so says the Lord.  He wants us in a weakened state so that — HE BECOMES OUR ONLY SOURCE of strength, which is how His power is perfected within us – we are to boast on our weakness with gladness to receive more and more of Him upon us.

Seeing this now, sure makes one ashamed for ever complaining about anything – or at least it does me.  I am so thankful for this study because it unraveled a lot of preconceived notions I had or was taught by men regarding grace.  Thank You Lord.  Again… grace cannot be earned… It is attained one way – through humility or rather, having no pride – (thinking you are anyone’s solution or even have a solution, are chosen to instruct, correct, rebuke, etc…)  In this season – all of that is like dung… During this current season we are in – only one clothing item can be worn… humility.  And His children will have humility by the way – either we strip down naked and bare admitting we are poor and blind or He will do it for us or even a combination of both – which seems to be the case for me personally, anyway.

The season of “thus sayeth the Lord” and beating people over the head with Bibles has long passed… How do we know?  The World is doing that now…  Spiritual manifestations always happen in the church body first then transfer over to the World – we see it all the time…  Does that makes sense?  If not, we can talk about this a little more, just let me know.  Everything with the Father is cyclical and prompts one thing to follow another, like dominoes falling…  Father to Heavens/Earth to His people to inhabitants of the Earth…  Everything He does begins in the Spiritual and manifests in the natural. 

I found something so amazing to share with you all, mainly because it reminded me of so many of you.  1 Peter 4:10 says ~ Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in various forms.  Each of you are like walking, talking, giving gifts!  You are given to others as a gift to compliment their lives with a little bit of Jesus and what is so amazing is no one can do this wrong because it is in various forms we give to one another based on what He put into us to share…  For some it is JOY, others LOVE, WISDOM, DISCERNMENT, PRAYERS, GUIDANCE, ENCOURAGMENT, FINANCIAL BLESSINGS/PROVISIONS, COMPASSION, etc…  Whatever you have been freely given, you give to others and it is what strengthens you… When we give out of the heart our joy is made full because it originates with the grace of God put into us, so much so… we cannot hold it inside… AND WHO IS THIS?  The humble faithful stewards of God, which is so many of you, yay!

2 Corinthians 8:7 says ~ Since you excel in everything – faith, speech, knowledge, complete earnestness and in love – see that you also excel in this grace of giving.  So, everything we have that is good from Him, the Father of all lights – is to be shared with others –we were created to GIVE! 

Lastly, I know you are familiar with this verse in Ephesians 4:8-9, saying ~ It is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and THIS IS NOT FROM YOURSELVES, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.

Again, by LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LOVINGKINDNESS, WISDOM, ENCOURAGEMENT, GUIDANCE, COMPASSION, PROVISIONS, ETC… we were saved but did you hear it?  We have it but it did not come from us… IT WAS A GIFT FROM GOD and could never be earned by works so no one can boast on themselves. 

The reason I shared that, besides the obvious is…  the Lord showed me something I believe is totally gonna put to rest some of your worrisome hearts about your loved ones who might be opposing God or even opposed by Him at the moment, which is:  He uses us as a gift of Him in their lives so they see Him, but listen, He told me to pray for those I am concerned about to be rained upon with His favor and grace in order they be saved too.  I have been quite lacking in this area, not sure about you all?  Actually, the whole World needs more grace covering them at this very moment.  The Lord reminded me Friday night – too many are seeking wisdom, rather than seeking Jesus and the shaking will not stop until His children seek first His Son.  Hence, the thorn, the flesh in pain, the suffering, the grace, the salvation of the proud by bowed knee and humbled heart to never depart from Him again… Grace, how sweet the sound and to think after all these years I never knew just how sweet and full of purpose it actually is.  Thank You Lord Jesus for Your simplicity in times we live in such tangled messes the World has no way out of no matter how hard they try.  We need You now Lord.

I tried this experiment… I started demonstrating grace to those who were irritating to me, even when I didn’t feel like it – do you know what happened?  Grace was instantly returned back to me BY THE LORD and no matter how they responded, I felt better inside and all that was at the Lord’s hands.  So I am wondering if some of you all would like to try that experiment over the next week?  Instead of challenging others who are maybe being challenging themselves… Be “graceful” in your interactions with them and see what happens!  Whether you affect a change within them, you are going to be amazed at the change within you.

So let’s take what we have learned so far and apply it into our own lives so that we become immovable pillars of light in these last days we occupy.  Let’s surrender to the filter of grace the Lord has granted us so nothing unclean proceeds out of our mouths another day.  As we apply this principal to our lives, we will be a gift to others rather than a hindrance.  Truthfully, we have developed some very nasty habits that we’ve picked up along the way which do not reflect Jesus and His mannerisms at all and I do not even think we are aware of what we are doing sometimes, until we take a step back and look at ourselves in truth comparing ourselves to Jesus and how He went forth unto the Earth.

When we exhibit these qualities it is more evident than we know our chrislikeness is hampered, let’s go over a few of these habits:

  • Provoking others – is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit and often done to challenge others.  We may ask provoking questions we think we already know the answer to or refuse to hold our tongues when we do not agree with someone – speaking when the Lord did not call upon us to speak.  Never once, does it say in the Word to provoke others unto Salvation.  That is man’s way, not the Lord’s.  As a matter of fact the Word says – father’s provoke not your children unto wrath… But this Scripture doesn’t just stop with father to children, it actually needs to be applied towards our own personal interactions with others and when it isn’t put under the subjection of Christ – we will generate strife, envy and other evil works.
  • Conformity – Is another bad habit we’ve developed in which we define whether someone is following Jesus only if they are following us – what we believe, what we practice, the truth that’s been revealed to us, our works, etc…  Knowing every single person is only accountable for the measurement of truth/faith they have been granted at any given moment – it should not be our concern to keep people on our straight and narrow path, which is individualized.  Jesus is the only AUTHOR and FINISHER of everyone’s faith… He knows how to save, when to save and who is saved.  His body conforms individually to Him and He will form His body of believers Himself.  There is One Head and it is Him… it is time for the rest of the body to stop slaying one another over talents, wisdom, gifts, knowledge, sins, spots on garments, etc…  Where one member is lacking the other can compliment as all see through a glass dimly – none is greater than another, so we should not demand or demean one conforming to Christ inwardly differently than us.  No one is doomed just because they are not following in our footsteps, only His and even at that, I would never speak it to someone… None are perfected yet, therefore, how could we even begin to judge?
  • Boasting on anyone but Jesus – For some reason we just can’t seem to stop lifting ourselves up in one way or another.  It is time to just portray Jesus, knowing a part from Him we can do nothing…   We all do it by the way, let’s just be more self-aware when we do and imply a course correction immediately.
  • Agreeing with others to love them – We have been stuck on this one for a long time… Jesus loved all, whether they agreed with Him or not and we are commanded to love those we do not agree with – as a matter of fact, we really struggle feeling loved when someone does not agree with us personally.  I think we do better at loving others who disagree with us than we do with not being offended when someone disagrees with us – and that’s pride.  Anytime we are offended, we are not walking in Spirit and Truth.  I haven’t quite figured out how to not get offended and yet thankfully I know to run to Jesus as soon as I am and bridle my tongue instead of giving others a tongue lashing – many of you all are right with me on this work the Lord is doing – so don’t give up!  He will cleanse us and we will eventually get to the place where we love all, just like He does, whether they offend us or not.  Spiritual immaturity reveals itself when we expect others to rise to our given truth.
  • Gossiping and backbiting under the guise of prayer – We at times will have loose lips about others when they are struggling by asking someone to pray for them.  We are all guilty on this one probably… We have one mediator in Heaven, Jesus and when we want to pray for someone it is He who ushers us in before the Father – even in prayer He is all we need.  We really can’t use where two or three are gathered in My Name solely for prayer in this case.  That particular Scripture is actually referencing the handling of church disputes and fellowship.  So just be very careful regarding details, knowing prayer is not an excuse to air someone’s dirty laundry – the Spirit already knows what they have need of – we can pray without all the dirty details, by lifting them up to the throne in loving intercession.
  • Secret Sin and hating those who sin differently than us – We are really bad about this sometimes… It is like we gloss over the temptations we still deal with, while calling for a full intercessory deliverance team to pounce on someone struggling with an issue we do not personally have.  On the same lines, we cover sin a lot still don’t we?  It is like we will put others to an open shame, while keeping secrets about ourselves hidden in fear they will come out. 
  • Calling evil good and good evil – when it suits our preference.  We really sound like the serpent himself when we do this… because what really comes out is:  God didn’t surely say… fill in the blank.  Ummm, yes He did.  Take fornication for example, since everyone has practiced it either in the mind or actions… We like to convince others we have not fornicated if we aren’t doing it at the moment – the truth is, if God says its evil, its evil – best to just admit it and be truthful than to ignore it.  Christians do this all the time with their chosen idol at the moment – the idol can get away with things others cannot in their eyes… they will call his evil good, because he is their idol.  On the other hand, quite often when someone does something good, if it is out of character for them or if we see no goodness within them – we will call everything they do evil – I see this a lot inside the ministry due to envy and competition, Lord have mercy its really bad, especially when politics is involved.
  • Ruling and Reigning now – Which is reserved for a future time, when our eyes are fully open and the veil of flesh is torn and we are changed becoming as we are known by Him fully.  Right now inside the church we have too many heads and not enough servants and all they talk about is ruling and reigning with Jesus that it has gone to their head to the point while casting imagined demons out of people they have cast all the people out of the church.  The church nowadays is oppressive to most Jesus followers, let alone sinners.  If we don’t want to enter in, why would a sinner feel welcome.  Wake up call – only Jesus rules over His sheep, not our job.
  • Being Savior – Taking the blame or benefit of any soul saved or lost… Thinking ourselves so important the Lord cannot or will not save someone without our immaculate presence or influence.  Or on the reverse of this, blaming ourselves for not doing enough to save someone – both is prideful.  Only Jesus saves, we serve – big difference.
  • Preaching the Word instead of Sharing it – This is a huge one – we share in the bread of life, Jesus, the Word made flesh – partaking together – it is a give and take between His Body, a little child will lead them is a good Scripture reference.  Preaching “at” someone is prideful at best.  Sharing the Word with one another draws us into unity.  We see a lot of wanna be preachers on social media and in chatrooms, most lack the essential piece to preaching which is loving compassion and humility.
  • Measuring and weighing in on others faith – Everyone is given a seed of faith and only Jesus knows what is precisely contained within that seed.  Faith is a learned response to walking through fire and making it to the other side unscathed by learning with Him to overcome all things.  It’s a step by step process and just because we have overcome something which another has not walked out yet – does not mean we have greater faith, but rather greater experience in that area to believe and should never be a self boasting point.  The Father gives the increase of each seed.  Faith in Jesus being Lord impresses the Father, which is not event based, so no need to compare faith with faith based on human’s terms.
  • Accusing the Brethren – We really see this going on a lot and yet to some degree ignore it is within us.  When the flesh of someone else irritates our own flesh, rather than taking it to Jesus we will take it to others and accuse them of that particular irritant.  Quite often when this happens we either have overcome a sin they are still caught in or it was a struggle they have in which we never did so being void of compassion we think – why can’t they just stop it… Either way – it is not good to join with the voice of the enemy to bring another person down.  We all are a work in progress and need reminders that our Lord is merciful and full of grace to the sinner and the saint no matter the struggle.
  • Accusing the devil for our own consequences – I do not think a day goes by I do not witness this by someone somewhere.  Every choice humans make come with a consequence – good or bad and quite often we are in a pivotal place where the Lord allows us to feel the pain of our actions so that we can in truth go and sin no more – calling out to Him for help in our time of need.  Instead of seeking repentance, we will blame the devil for things he is simply not doing.  Much more accountability and responsibility is needed within the body of Christ to grow… Suffering for our own actions produces spiritual strength, growth, maturity and knowing Jesus.  The devil isn’t making anyone do anything – we choose to do wrong and also, he has no authority over us unless granted by the Father.  Remember, he had to get permission to sift Peter as wheat and Jesus said, “don’t you know he desires you?”  Disobedience will always separate us from the Lord – and is permissible so we run back to our covering found in Jesus.  The enemy may desire us, but he cannot influence us without our own freewill seeking what he is offering and the Lord allowing his hand upon our lives.

Well now… You heard that laundry lists of shortcomings, guess what?  They are mine – you all can make your own if you so desire or maybe, quite possibly we share in some or all of them, I don’t know.  But lately, I despise my own fleshly ways so much and to be honest other’s even more at times.  Sometimes, it is so overwhelming I want to run away, right out of this skin so to speak and it also makes me want to disengage from the masses of people who are hell bent on finding flaws with others.  The Lord showed me yesterday when I or any of us step into a place of being a faultfinder we lose our peace, running to and fro joining arms with the devil seeing who we can devour.  And why?  Why would I do that or why would you do that – I know I am not alone in this shortcoming?  Lack of grace… lack of joy and pleasure in the Lord – Who is to be our only source of true happiness.  So we try to alter things which influence us outwardly – like status, weight, beauty, influence, anointing’s, knowledge, and so forth.  Like little children deprived of oxygen we stomp our feet demanding to matter.  God forbid we see the truth we already matter to the Only One Who does matter… Jesus.  In His eyes, I am okay – you are okay, more than okay really.  We have gotten so desperate at times that if negative attention is all that we can get, we will take it – because to be ignored is just too much.  How did the church lose so much ground in such a short amount of time, I often wonder?  It feels like one day we will look back and say… The church of the 20th century was the worst of the church and the best of the church, I suppose that is because the Lord is forcing decisions to be made, people are being weighed and marked…  And so it has begun, the days of sorrows are upon us and there’s no turning back now.

Remember… Grace wins, love prevails and the good always outweighs the bad.  Someday “they” will see – a promise I keep holding onto each day.  “They” will see you were loved with a fervency unmatched on Earth – that you were loved with an everlasting and permanent love, so hold fast to Jesus, He is coming soon and remember YOU the least of these are His reward – which is really hard to comprehend because I find it hard to believe much of myself would be counted as a reward to anyone, let alone the King of Kings.  But since He declared it as so, we must believe it – I just know He has a lot of work cut out to do before I am deemed a reward like that.  I am sure some of you all can relate.

When I had my one and only encounter with Jesus… It was like I was here but not here, but listen someone could have come up to me and said – hey, I am gonna cut your hand off and I would have said… oh okay… lol…  Boy I sure wish I could live in that realm 24-7… Nothing, I mean nothing can touch you, provoke you, move you or anything in His presence like that.  No weapon formed against you can prosper in that place because you no longer care if it does… lol… It is like in that realm offense/suffering doesn’t exist – someone could be hysterically suffering and you would not be emotionally driven – you would just comfort them in love while doing all you can to assist and encourage – but never, ever would you influence by demand,… Just compassionate love prevails and covers, knowing we can’t add to or take away from Jesus’s permissible hand upon another child of His.  I actually could talk about that moment all day long and not do it justice.  In that place, what’s mine is yours, what’s yours in mine – as we all share in the love of Jesus together.  Wow, I long for that to permeate the Earth and the church every single day, and all I can do is my small and tiny part at the moment and still continually fall short in so many ways.

Spiritually speaking the World is sooooo very noisy to me at the moment that I can barely hear myself think.  I know some of you are picking up on it – rather than contributing to it.  Most voices are so harsh, clanging cymbals due to lack of love in their hearts.  For those of us very sensitive in the Spirit, we must cling to only that which is good right now – Jesus.  Don’t ever, ever take our eyes off of Him and remember, He is the still, small voice we listen for and follow.  We have to be so very careful who we hear right now or agitation will occur within us.  So we must just sit still and wait upon the Holy Spirit, communing with the Lord in our secret place. 

Now with that being said…  I have the honor and privledge to encourage so many beautiful children of God – in which they are a real gift and blessing in my life, beyond imagination.  I call them the precious ones – because they are… those like my beautiful sisters who bring such joy to my life.  And there are so many others who we are surrounded by each day that compliment us, being of one accord, seeking Jesus with all that we are together.  You all are simply walking gifts of grace to me and one another and I praise Jesus for you in my life.

Your fellowship reminds me of ~ Acts 4:31-33

31 And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

32 And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.

33 And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.

And the rest of the chapter goes on to explain how they took care of one another and none of them were in lack whatsoever because distribution was made according to everyone’s need… How beautiful is that?  Brother keeping brother, sister keeping sister… what a dream that would be, but because of many of you we get a little taste of this on Earth now.

When we are filled with the Holy Ghost, we are able to speak the Lord’s word with boldness, meaning openly, in freedom, without reservation, plainly and without anyone one getting offended. 

When we gather together and share the same convictions of the heart and soul founded in Jesus alone – in truth, authentically realizing nothing we have is by our own accomplishments then we have all things in common, so grace is upon us all.

We too can share in these upper room moments anytime we are yielded to the Holy Spirit.  When we surrender in fullness to the Lord the Holy Spirit will yoke us together, forming an unbreakable bond that transcends physical reality.  I believe although we only currently are getting glimpse of this now… Momentarily it will be the new normal for the Body of Christ as HE APPOINTS, not us appointing others or self-electing like it is some political office.  I also do not believe it is just a given right or entitlement…  On this one, the last are really, really going to be first and all the wise in their own eyes are gonna be in derision over it.  So hold on – all of you who resemble the little engine that could… chugging up the mountain at a snail’s pace, barely holding on and running out of steam.  Remember – Although the Lord tarries, He is right on time and you are most definitely not forgotten

Lastly, before I go – the Lord directed me to read with you Psalm 2 ~ I know we have studied this before, but He just kept pressing this into my Spirit – so let’s see if He shows us more today!

Psalm 2 ~

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.

I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.

Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

11 Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

You see the oppositional conflict here?  We have heathens raging in derision with a call that has gone out for them to fall in love with Jesus – to be blessed when we trust only in Him and the heart change which manifests when we do.

One last thing… All my life and especially the past five years or so… I have had religious people come and go in my life making me a nervous wreck at times telling me to do this or do that – that this is wrong and that isn’t and so forth.  The truth is we already have within a knowing of what is right and wrong – we just often choose to ignore it and sometimes we listen to the accuser rather than our lifesaver.  Jesus will always show us the narrow path before us, leading us in the way to walk in it and when we cannot, He carries us.  Everything I shared today, are simply suggestions – just words to encourage you to seek Him for more…  I have no answers really, just experience in what has and has not worked in my life, so I can be a blessing to someone, if only one – to maybe not stay in that place of darkness, swirling over and over in a whirlwind – but rather see freedom much quicker than I have in certain areas.

The Lord did give me a word for someone today – If you are continually sick, upset and in turmoil, like you feel afflicted all the time check your own heart and what is flowing out of it because how you treat others is coming back to you and you think it is the enemy attacking you because you have closed your eyes and clogged your ears to hear what the Spirit is saying directly to you  to soften your heart.  Although it is true the enemy is sifting you – it is because you continually sift others with your words and actions while portraying yourself as a victim. 

I can’t really say the Lord has ever had me share something like that before on air – only in private, but He was very insistent.  Maybe it was for one or many, I have no idea, nor do I need too.  Just please consider what He spoke, if you are led to do so and lay it to heart or this season you are in will not pass until you humbly see and confess your own faults rather than others, so your sins may be blotted out, making you white as snow.

A baptism of fire is coming… Jesus is coming to bring fire upon the Earth, wishing it was already kindled.  We have just today… the past is gone, tomorrow is uncertain, but today is the day of Salvation – today is the day we have to surrender to Him with our whole hearts which will inevitably affect all of our tomorrows, blotting out the residue of our past.

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and merciful Father.  We just thank You with all that we are that You love us unconditionally and haven’t given up on us yet.  Even when we give up on ourselves or one another You are with is and do not turn away from us.  We thank You for redeeming us from every toxicity which taints our souls, knowing a part from You we can do nothing and even with You we struggle almost every single day.  Lord thank You for the loving and forgiveness You show to us in our frailties as humans.  Thank You for teaching us the ways of Jesus and guiding us by the Holy Spirit to stay on the straight and narrow path.  Great is Your faithfulness Father as Your ways are so far reaching and beyond what we can even imagine.  This World needs You now more than ever Lord, there are so many hurting souls acting out in the only way that seems right to them.  We ask that You permeate the hearts and minds of those Who do not know You and do not know the purity of Your love.  Even sometimes myself Lord, I do not know Your love as I should.  We all question why we are here sometimes and yet You forgive and embrace.  So glorious Father, by Your Spirit and through Your blameless Son Jesus I ask for Your divine hand to continue to bring Heaven to Earth in Your perfect will so every knee bows and tongue confesses Jesus is Lord.  Thank You Lord for teaching us more about grace today and for revealing to us ways in which we have not been so graceful with one another and with those who are struggling just as we do.  We do not know what tomorrow brings, but through it all we trust You are in all our tomorrows – keeping us close, to love us, not to destroy us.  You are a very, very good Father, forgive us for not always seeing the beauty of Your majesty.  May all that we do, say and think be a reflection of Jesus, as a lighted hand and a love filled heart, moved continually by compassion to be our brother’s keeper.  Lord help us to actually search for ways to be Your hands and feet, looking continually for an opportunity to embrace and love all of the human race, which is the only race You see Lord.  Give us a boldness in humility to speak for the broken ones, as we rise to the calling You have set before us.  And may Jesus be glorified above all else in our lives, for only He is worthy of praise and in His precious name I pray.  Amen

Thank you so very much for worshiping the Lord with me today, I pray it blessed you in some small way like it did me.  Amazing grace – how sweet the sound… We sure need more grace upon us to deflect all the noise flooding our hearts and ears each day.  Keep clinging to that which is good — Jesus!

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