Crushed & Broken… He is there ~

Crushed & Broken…  He is there?

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 147:3

I am sure everyone is pretty familiar with the term, “Friendly Fire”  or even knows all to well what it means to be, “Betrayed with a kiss,” just as Jesus, Himself was betrayed by Judas by a kiss, or rather a demonstration of affection, in order to reveal Who Jesus was so He could be taken captive.

Betrayal is one of the most hurtful experiences we, as humans, have to endure here in this flesh body.  Over the course of my life, in my physical body I have experienced great pain at times, especially during child birth, as many of you mothers can relate to or surgeries times 20 or two almost fatal car accidents and sepsis in my whole body requiring a 10 day hospital stay — But nothing and I mean nothing compares to the pain of a crushed spirit and broken heart, through friendly fire.

I call it, “Friendly fire,” because the source from which it originates you never quite foresaw as being a foe, as they embraced you often deceiving as a loved one.  It stings as fire, because it sears the heart and soul and although Jesus, being all knowing already knew the, “One who would betray Him,” we most usually do not.  And if the truth was revealed by the time, I am sure many of us would have prevented the beauty unveiled through such a crushing experience.

This is a beautiful and at times a painful process.

To be crushed & broken reminds me of the crushing of flower petals and how they excrete the most appealing aroma when crushed for usage in the selling of the finest of oils.   That is you and this is me, as well.  Although it is true a rose is beautiful at first glance, however, the value of roses exceed all expectations when crushed.  It is only after the petals have been crushed that they can be used for healing, restoring and rejuvenating of greater usage.

I see this so similar to us in a wide array of variables.  When we are crushed, we too exchange what was beautiful to behold by the eye into a handiwork designed to be used as a vessel of honor to assist another.  Jesus also was crushed and bruised in such a way.  It is an honor really to be used by Him, being one with Him.  I am wondering right now if that is why He is often called the, “Rose of Sharon?”

All things are purposed under the Son.  He is not some far and distant God that does not share in our pains and hurts.  We can find great comfort in knowing that all we are going through – He went through, willingly sharing in our pain is such a way is unfathomable.  In Him, we find strength to face another day and another trial.  In Him, we take refuge as He binds up all our wounds, saving us when we are crushed in Spirit.  Amen.

Thank You Jesus for being the most beautiful display of what it means to be crushed unto beauty.  We trust You Lord to have Your way with us as we share with You in this process of being broken, only to rise again.  We lay before You today all our burdens, all our sorrows and all the obstacles that are set to drag us down into despair and grief.  As You perfect our beauty, we submit fully to Your will and  in exchange for Your comfort.  In Your Mighty Name We Pray.  Amen.

May the Lord continue to bless each one of you in His never ending and perfection of LOVE ~


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  1. Tatum
    Tatum says:

    AMEN! Wow I Am Sharing This On Facebook. I Thank THE LORD & Thank You For How You Wrote This From Your Heart In The Spirit. It Is Truly A Blessing & I Feel Led To Share With Others. Thank You Again!?


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