It’s hollow where it used to be,
The heart that beat inside of me.
I’m not at home within this place,
Swallowed in this darkening waste,
What used to be God’s beautiful lands
Now sick, decayed at the hands of man.
I hear, “You must complete the race”
As stinging tears roll down my face.
Take me home, Lord, I cannot stand
In this dark, infested, dying land.
Pills and blades and fists to wall,
Broken, I barely am able to crawl.
I don’t have it together and I’m not okay;
“Just give it to Jesus” they always say.
I give it a million times in a day
Still I struggle and fight to find my way.
“I’ll pray for you” comes to my ears;
I’ve heard that all my lonely years.
I appreciate the heart, I truly do,
Yet I never feel any closer to You.
I knock, I beg, I seek Your face
Yet here I stay in this broken place.
I don’t understand, I never have,
Struggling, suffering, broken, sad.
If I quit this race am I forever condemned
Though my love for You will never end?
Since I was a babe my heart was for You
It forever will be, even if fire consumes.

?Written By ~ Pureheart Sis

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    • Angela
      Angela says:

      No Sissy – This is beautiful Sis Susan, the Lord is using her in a mighty way to share with us how our hearts cry out to Him daily. Love you!


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