Want Your Joy To Be Full? Take out the trash…

? I had an “Ah-ha” moment today…

Of course, it involved one of my children – Gabriel, the 14 teen year old who is going on 30, so to speak…  Some of you understand what I am getting ready to say already, sigh… Boys, double sigh…  You gotta love em’!

Anyway, I have been having some medical issues and had to be at the hospital early yesterday morning, well early for me anyway.  So the night before I made sure both the kids were aware that today we needed to stay on schedule and on time in order I was not late for my tests.  I was a little shocked how this morning went off without a hitch, even Gabriel was not his usual six minutes late, as he usually seizes every last second of sleep he can.  That was BEFORE school.  AFTER school was a whole other story.

It would seem MY illness totally pushed Gabriel’s compassion tank beyond empty and it all unraveled when…  Are you ready?  I asked him the most monumental question any mother has ever asked a child — “Could you please push the trash tote out to the road and take the bundle of sticks out there, as well?”  His response to me was no less than if I asked him for his left kidney after I had just taken his right one last week.  I let him lecture me on how he is not ever doing this trash hauling again, “Because he is tired… and so forth” UNTIL the job was completed.  Some of you moms out there know what I am speaking of and since when did they put wheels on trash totes?  I remember when I was young having to drag heavy cans out to the street…

Note to Self & Others:  Never engage in a teachable moment while the job is being done because the worker may walk out.?

I would say since I had already gathered all the trash and had efficiently put it inside the tote, this job took him, oh about 45 seconds at the most.  I am sure by now, you all have the picture and in more than one way can relate.  I even waited outside for him, so he did not feel alone while doing this taxing job…  Am I pitiful or what?  Thankfully, some of you are pitiful too and I love you for it!?

Granted, at this point he is still lecturing me as we come inside the house and up the stairs he goes, as I follow him – still thanking him for doing this for me, since I am not feeling well.  Picture this, he is at the top of the stairs, while I am at the bottom.  He is just too important for such a task as trash duty, he is telling me…

Note to Self & Others:  Never be lower in position by sitting or standing, while those who desire to overpower you are positioned higher in placement to you.?

Then he said it – The truth behind why he says he will no longer push this trash tote out… “It does not do anything for me to do this, what do I get out of it?”

Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  Yes, I am dead serious…  Sadly, as I begin to fire back, as any mother would; I reminded him that the Sonic bag of food he was holding in his hand did me no good or did the headphones I spent an hour returning to Best Buy that were broken did nothing for me, or how I do many things for him that do nothing for me… But JOY!

Note to Self & Others:  Males hear the first 10 words that come out of your mouth and tune out the rest, so choose wisely.?

I said – “Gabriel, do you know why I do those things FOR YOU that have no benefit FOR ME?”  He stopped dead in his tracks and listened and I said to him – “Because I LOVE YOU and because I LOVE YOU it brings me GREAT JOY to do things for you.  Me, doing things for You, the only return I receive is JOY.”  He got this puzzled look on his face, staring down at me in confusion and said, “I do not get that at all.”  Quietly and calmly, he went into his room and shut the door and I went straight to the Lord.

Note to Self & Others:  Sometimes it is good to let another have the last word.?

I wasn’t even upset as I asked the Lord to show me what this is all about?  It seems at every turn I run across someone I love who by nature “takes” and I also am blessed by others who by nature are “givers.”  He reminded me of the Scripture in which our “Joy may be made full.”  Because for some of us, it truly does make us joyful to give to another and for others, giving, is like going to the dentist for a root canal without the Novocaine.  Although, it is quite understandable for a 14 year old to be self centered in such a way, but an adult who behaves in such a manner, not so much…

Note to Self & Others:  Those who do not give are truly the ones who are missing out, while those who do the giving are filled to overflowing by the Lord.?

The Lord loves a cheerful giver!?

He also tells us not to grow weary in doing good!?

The Bible is full of Scripture which speaks of “Charity” done unto others.  And this form of “Charity” can be done in several different ways.  We can lend an ear to a friend in need, a shoulder to cry on when someone is mourning a loss, we can give food and clothing to someone who is in lack or even repair something broken for a neighbor down the street.  Actually, the list is monumental what we can do to show LOVE to another though our time, talents or treasure.

I am learning you cannot force another to demonstrate love in such a way.  We can only lead by example, expecting no Earthly reward for our giving nature.  Jesus tells us those things we do in secret, He will reward us openly and generally this is at a much later date.

So what is the meaning behind this story?  If we want our joy to be made full…  Sometimes we have to take out the trash.  It is the “trash” in our own lives which often weighs us down.  The Lord showed me how each day we are given opportunities, by Him, to get rid of the “trash” – those things which are holding us down, keeping us in a depressed state and we too, like Gabriel, refuse to simply “give it away” in order the Lord can fill us with His love and peace.  We hold onto things, which become weights in our lives, causing us to be a little off balance.  Jesus wants to take all that away from us, as He carries all our burdens for us in order we walk in ease and light on our feet.

Oh and about Gabriel…  This morning on the way to school he apologized and told me he will always push the trash tote out to the street, saying he was just tired.  But…  His final word was, “Except for those sticks, because they are not mine.”  I just giggled on the inside knowing, he too is a work in progress and one day he will lay it all down, just like each of us will… In our own timing.

And of course, just as I am finishing up writing this… I look out the window and the trash man is here hauling away our trash for today.  Jesus is like that man – He has come to take all our “trash” away, forever, never to return it again.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

?Angela~Marked By Heaven

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  1. Susan Swain
    Susan Swain says:

    Great example of love in our lives and just carrying on. God bless you Angela. I pray you’re health is on the mend sister.

    • Angela
      Angela says:

      Thank you so much Sweetie ~ God Bless you abundantly. I thank Him for bringing you into my life… You are such a blessing to so many! Love you!

  2. Sari Gale
    Sari Gale says:

    What a beautiful story and example of giving and helping one another. All because of LOVEGOD tells me all the time: LOVE ONE ANOTHER. GOD Bless and cover your family in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  3. Beatriz Ogden
    Beatriz Ogden says:

    And such trash…the LORD also leaves flowers when He cleans our soiled lives. What a Friend we have in JESUS. Really enjoyed reading this. Bless you dear Sister ❤

  4. Ruth Nyce
    Ruth Nyce says:

    Really like this story about taking out the trash– I’m sure most of us can relate & Jesus does turn our frustrations into joy! Bless your heart dear Angie! ❤️


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