The Surreal Serenity of the Unseen

?While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18

So much of life in this world is uncertain…  Whether that be, the dawn of a new day, a treasured relationship of old or seeking temporary security facing the storms life throws our way.  Upon each day brings challenges and dreams, which in a moment can be stripped away in a blink.  Like blades of grass in the Spring winds, we find ourselves blowing hither in need of grounding, in need of the purity of love.  A wise friend once told me, it is in my brokenness I embrace the Hand of my loving Father, in want.  I just wish I didn’t, “Want,” again and again, for He is really all that I need.  He never moves, so I frequently ask myself, why do I?

In the depravity of humanness, we search for tangible resolutions to spiritual fences, pent around us, by our own hands.  All the while, His Majesty is holding out His Hand in earnest, to scoop us up and into Him.  Like a wild game of hide-and-seek, we search under every nook and corner for rescue in our time of distress.  All of us, at some point and time have played this little game, while our Father is gazing from afar.  As our Master Guardian, He awaits in readiness and never leaves watch upon His children.  When we finally do cry out to Him and receive His comfort, we realize the very last hope we had, should have really been the first in our seeking.

The wondrous ways of the Father is love.

His touch seals serenity upon our souls.

His presence is unseen, yet resides within the fullness of Him.?

Father, I pray You reach down and help us to discover Your sturdy, unyielding Hand upon our lives today and all our tomorrows.  When storms overtake our emotions, open our eyes to Your presence and steady our gaits.  May the Holy Spirit guide us to lean upon You first, for You are our Savior and only True Source of pure serenity.  I thank You Mighty King, for the soothing love You pour over us, as Your children.  On Earth as it is in Heaven, We cry Abba Father.  And the Spirit and the Bride say… Come Lord Jesus, so come and be one with us my Lord.  Amen.

In His Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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