The HAMAN Story from the Book of Esther ~ Broadcast Transcript of November 9, 2020 with Angela

Good morning blessings family – thank you for joining me on today’s ROF Ministry broadcast.  It certainly is going to be something we need to really take to heart today.  And all we are going to share today is found within the Book of Esther.  I know many of you want to study this whole book and Lord willing I would be honored and happy to do so, should the Lord lead us that way.  But, for today, we are going to learn about Haman, the villain within the study of Esther. 

I feel like it has been forever and a day since we’ve been able to gather together and study the Bible like this – I continue to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of your love, support and prayers, I am without words honestly.  I can testify to the truth that the Lord is with us and only seeks to do good towards us and no matter what never forsakes us – in this trial Jesus’s presence and peace has been with us each step of the way and even in my fearful moments, He was there to remind me it is all going to be alright.  We are on the mend here, just taking it one day at a time and learning to lean on and trust the Lord when you need Him most.

Alright, we better get started – I hope some of you were able to read the Book of Esther or at least portions of it in preparation for today’s study.  You will see as this unfolds – how no weapon formed against us or the plans of God will be allowed to prosper and how remaining silent is not always the will of God, plus many other pearls of wisdom in this timely study, with all that is going on in this carnal World.  One thing I learned in this study is… We often just hide away, expecting the Lord to do all the work in bringing down the plots and plans of the enemy and yet… Esther was anointed, called, prepared and eventually filled to speak forth truth to reveal what was done in secret.  Did you know some carry this Esther anointing today?  Some of you listening to me right now know, you are in preparation for a date with the divine in which….  You will know the time is at hand and if you perish, you perish – but you must proclaim the Words of the Lord.  Those who like to hide their darkness, will not receive what we learn today and will likely try to convince you it is ungodly to expose darkness at work.  In truth, as we will learn today – exposing darkness without first being purified and prepared, just as Esther was and also how Mordechai was called is what is forbidden.  But I don’t want to spoil the lesson here, let’s get started!  We will eventually study more about Esther herself – who resembles the Bride of Christ, but first we are going to take a look at Haman – I can’t say I’ve ever really done a study solely on Haman before – he usually is just glossed over, but we are going to see today how the Lord uses evil for divine appointments of those who He chooses…

Who was Haman the Agagite in the Bible?

Haman is the ultimate betrayer in the book of Esther and an evil man who tried to annihilate the Jewish people. The story begins with a beautiful young Jewish girl named Hadassah, an orphan who had been raised by her cousin, Mordecai. The Jews had been living in exile in Persia, and, when King Xerxes (also known as King Ahasuerus) banished his queen – ordering her death, as she refused to come before him during a drunken feast so he could show her off, which at that time was viewed as unfaithfulness – but that’s a whole other story… So the king decided to choose another queen, Hadassah was taken into his harem, requiring months of preparations before she could even approach the King. She was eventually chosen as the next queen, and her name was changed to the more Persian-sounding Esther.  There is a whole lot more to this story – but that is the jest of the story.  Many believe – me included – that the Book of Esther portrays the end time Bride, of which many of us are included within today.  So this Book has always been close to my heart.  Esther represents the purity of the Bride and what is valuable to Jesus – not founded in riches of gold.  Esther prior to being chosen went through a long and rigorous purifying process, just like we do.  Lord willing, soon we will study the Book of Esther, getter to know her more intimately, as many of you have requested we do so.

But for today’s discussion, we are going to focus on Haman – because in truth we are surrounded by Haman’s all over the place or may even have an element resembling his nature within us, as one who plots and plans in their crafty ways our demise and you will see at the end of the story – how nothing slipped by our Lord and how He intervened and turned all the schemes that Haman had devised right back on his own head.  Reaping and sowing has never been so evident, as it is in the Book of Esther.

Haman is first mentioned in Esther 3:1: “After these things King Ahasuerus promoted Haman the Agagite, the son of Hammedatha, and advanced him and set his throne above all the officials who were with him.” Haman had become one of King Xerxes’ chief advisers, but power went to his head. It is often that we are most blinded by those we deeply care for, so much so we cannot see they are joined with us for selfish gain and not the purity of the heart.  When everyone began to kneel and pay him homage – honor by bowing down to him, he noticed that Mordecai, Esther’s adoptive father, did not bow. Mordecai, being a Jew, knew God’s command about bowing to anyone but the Lord (Exodus 20:4–5). So Mordecai quietly remained standing when all others bowed to Haman as though he were a god. This infuriated the arrogant Haman (Esther 3:5).  We see this a lot today – you become an outcast when you refuse to worship a man – which is what paying homage to actually means.

Since the king had entrusted Haman with much and trusted him – he gave ear to his counsel in that, Haman went to the king to suggest an evil plan that would destroy Mordecai and the entire Jewish race, which Haman characterized as rebellious rabble-rousers – it was a false accusation, of course (Esther 3:68). The king, not knowing Haman’s true motives – was blinded to see the actual darkness within Haman, signed a proclamation that on a certain future day the Persian people could rise up, kill their Jewish neighbors, and take their possessions (Esther 3:13). The Jews would not be allowed to defend themselves. In this way, Haman was sure he would get his revenge against Mordecai.  We must be very careful who we take counsel from, many are used today for plots of evil and we cannot even see it.  If you sense someone is manipulating your thoughts in anyway – then seek the Lord on how to proceed.

When Mordecai learned of the king’s edict, he was grief-stricken and sent word immediately to his adopted daughter, Queen Esther, pleading for her help – believing Esther was currently residing in the king’s palace via a divine appointment from the Father. Esther was fearful of going in to the king without having first been summoned – because doing so in those days carried the consequence of death, but, drawing strength from Mordecai’s words, being obedient to his Godly wisdom, she made her famous statement, “… I will go to the king, though it is against the law, and if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:16). She asked all of the Jewish exiles to fast for her for three days prior.  Esther is a beautiful example of the fortitude even the weakest of vessels have, to lay your life down to the point of death, should it be required and how obedience is better than sacrifice.  We, especially women, have been taught that silence is golden – but in this account we learn, the Father does at times rise women to speak up in a mighty darkness shattering way.

Queen Esther requested a meeting with the king, which he granted (Esther 5:1–2). She then invited him and Haman to a feast she was giving. The king was delighted with the invitation, and so was Haman, who boasted to his wife and friends about how important he was (Esther 5:11–12). Pride always comes before a fall…  At the banquet, Esther requested that the king and Haman attend another banquet the next night. Haman was “joyful and glad of heart” on his way home (Esther 5:9), yet the very sight of righteous Mordecai refusing to bow filled him again with murderous rage – see how the battlefield is truly in the mind? At his wife’s suggestion, Haman erected giant gallows, 75 feet tall, upon which to execute Mordecai – see more hidden darkness and plots and plans here?  But remember – God sees all things and even knows the intentions of other’s hearts who seek to harm us.  Now you recall the edict he tricked the king into signing, right?  To eliminate all the Jews, remember… The king was not even aware his wife Esther, who he dearly loved was also of Jewish decent, but Haman sure did.  Haman knew she too would be slaughtered and did not care – this is a prime example of what ego can do to a person, giving no regard for others, only self.  Side note:  An edict such as this one, was similar to an oath and could not be retracted – not even by the King himself.  Talk about being in an impossible situation, needing God’s intervention – this truly was one of those times, wasn’t it?
Continuing on…  But God, in His sovereign workings within the hearts of men, arranged for the king to have insomnia that night (Esther 6:1). King Xerxes called for his record books to be read to him, and he learned that Mordecai had once exposed an assassination plot against him, years prior, but no one told him – it was custom in those days to honor someone openly who did such a gesture. See you just never know how the Father is going to reward those things we’ve done in secret even years ago and use them to activate His presence in our lives today. 

Here comes my favorite part… The king realized he had never honored the man who saved his life. As he pondered how to rectify this oversight, Haman strode into the room, intending at that moment to ask the king’s permission to hang Mordecai on the gallows he had constructed. But get this – Instead, the king asked Haman, “What should be done to the man whom the king delights to honor?” (Esther 6:6).

Arrogant & narcissistic Haman, who believes the World revolves around his desires, was thinking the king was referring to him, and here is how he answered, “For the man whom the king delights to honor, let royal robes be brought, which the king has worn, and the horse that the king has ridden, and on whose head a royal crown is set. And let the robes and the horse be handed over to one of the king’s most noble officials. Let them dress the man whom the king delights to honor, and let them lead him on the horse through the square of the city, proclaiming before him: ‘Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delights to honor.'” (Esther 6:7–9). Haman could hardly contain his excitement, imagining himself honored in such a way – the Bible calls this a vain imagination.  See what happens when we desire to be the center of attention, full of envy and self?  And see how the Lord intervenes when we sin in such a way.

“‘Excellent!’ the king said to Haman. ‘Quick! Take the robes and my horse, and do just as you have said for Mordecai the Jew, who sits at the gate of the palace. Leave out nothing you have suggested!'” (Esther 6:10, NLT). So Haman had no choice but to obey the King and to lead the man he hated on the king’s own horse, honoring him through the streets. Haman went home in disgrace, with bitterness, rage and jealousy filling his heart. Haman was livid Mordechai would not bow to him and look… He ended up having to bow to Mordechai – see our Father rights every wrong doesn’t He?

Just then, his servants told him it was time for Esther’s banquet.

This would be the second banquet, the king was so pleased with his gracious and beautiful wife that he asked her what she would like, even up to half of his kingdom (Esther 7:2). Then Esther told him of Haman’s evil plot to destroy her people. Pointing to him, she said, “This wicked Haman is our adversary and our enemy!” (Esther 7:6, NLT).

The king was so enraged that he went outside to cool down. While he was gone, Haman, in fear for his life, fell at Esther’s feet, begging for mercy – talk about tables turning. The king walked back in and saw Haman clawing at the queen as his mind was totally given over to jealousy (similar to how our Lord is a jealous God), and his fury reached its peak – which by the way is what we are currently waiting for when Jesus, our Beloved shows up on our behalf. “Will he even assault the queen in my presence, in my own house?” he exclaimed and Haman was ordered to be executed at once (Esther 7:8). The guards rushed in and hauled Haman to the very gallows he had constructed for Mordecai (Esther 7:10). There he was executed.

Again… he ended up being killed by the very weapon he had devised to use against God’s people.  Can you hear me?  Please take this to heart.  When anyone plots to harm one of God’s children, the debt you have to pay, may be delayed but is not canceled unless we, in truth of the heart, humbly feel sorry and repent, pleading for mercy, seeking reconciliation.  If you do not understand anything else from today’s message – please take hold of this truth. Those who touch me – or touch you – either in deed or word or thought are messing with the apple of God’s eye and it not only tempts Him to intervene, once He does it is very fearful to fall into the hands of our Lord when angered.  I see this as a very serious warning to some.  When we do not take matters into our own hands, God takes over, remember that.

Then Mordecai helped the king write another proclamation that would allow the Jews to congregate and defend themselves against any aggressors (Esther 8). The Jews were victorious. Esther was given Haman’s estate, and Mordecai was promoted to Haman’s position as chief adviser to King Xerxes. Haman’s fate is an example of poetic justice and divine retribution. What Haman designed for evil God used for good in the lives of people who trusted in Him (Genesis 50:20) and put it all woven into His documented word as a precious promise and pearl for His Bride.

And by our hearts – let’s just say… They lived happily ever after!

So that’s the story, but I think the Lord is directing us to study just a little more deeper into Haman – his characteristics and what drove him as a weakness to fall in such a horrible snare to do wickedness against his own by trickery and deceit, those who reside within his occupied kingdom. 

The book of Esther several times points out that Haman was an Agagite—This is significant because, centuries earlier, King Saul had been commanded to destroy all the Amalekites (1 Samuel 15:1–3). Saul disobeyed and in complete disobedience allowed some of Agag’s descendants to survive. Haman the Agagite and his attempted genocide of the Jews serve as reminders of the importance of obeying God completely and to not take matters into our own hands due to our carnal nature.

Who were the Amalekites?  They were longtime enemies of God’s people.  When we associate with people who desire to harm others, we cannot deny it shapes our core identity – like spirits, minds and hearts collect together – it is like the gang which gathered together with one common target – to kill Jesus.  It is this mob mentality we are witnessing today.  There most certainly are remnants of the evil Amalekites among us today INSIDE THE CHURCH.  Did you know ministries are actually formed on one sole basis – a commonality of heart, mind, soul and spirit?  Which is why many will gather with one commonality – they are against a particular group.  Some of you all gather the same way… I actually watch you run to these dens of iniquity, I say nothing but I certainly pray a lot.  Michael and I recently had this discussion and its going on and yet many are blind to it, Lord help us.  Some actually gather under the pretense of being against others behind the scenes – while chatting with you at a love feast in the chatroom.  Lord have mercy.  And one day…  God is going to rise some of us to actually speak up, revealing the truth in His appointed time, all throughout the World.

Okay, let’s take the Word – making it active and apply it into our own lives today, as Haman is set for an example to us who took accuser of the brethren to a whole new level – into plotting and planning the demise of God’s chosen…  So today we are going to take a look at four key attributes Haman had, which are contrary to the nature of our Lord and therefore, should not be found in us either.

What drove Haman?  He wanted to be HONORED… He wanted all eyes on him, he was so overtaken with attention seeking desires, he would do anything to be noticed, embraced and honored.  And just like he got so angry when Mordechai would not bow to him when he demanded attention – we also see this happening in the church today.  Need I say more?  Okay I will… Haman was filled with wrath – so he started picking up his phone, going to chatrooms and sending emails, forming mobs against others… lol…. Well not really, but you get my drift?  When we feed another person’s ego, who wants too much attention – we are bowing down to their ego demands… ouch… sorry about that one, but it is truth and some of you all see it every day.  We are creating monsters in a sense when we do this – we are to put down our childish ways, not feed them and if you stop embracing their demons – well brace for the fury of hell to be unleashed upon you.  Have you ever tried telling a 16 year old no, when you let them have their way for the prior 15 years?  Well, its something like that…Please remember – these Haman’s are inside the kingdom rubbing elbows with us and will be until God does the revealing of what is being hidden.

In Esther 3:5. we see the first lesson from Haman’s story:

When Haman saw that Mordecai did not bow or pay him homage, Haman was filled with wrath.

What does that word “wrath” mean?  Burning anger!

How does this apply to us?

Haman’s heart was POISONED with burning anger when Mordecai didn’t show him any honor by bowing to him.

But what about us?

When people don’t show us honor or recognition or attention for what we do or say or needs we have–whether it’s at church, at school, at home, at work, wherever–do we allow our hearts to be POISONED by NEGATIVE FEELINGS? Maybe, like Haman, we allow our hearts to be poisoned with burning anger.
Or perhaps with the poison of jealousy.
Or the poison of sadness.
Or maybe we allow our hearts to be poisoned with discouragement.

Many right now are poisoned in the heart because we do not all agree on everything.  Not being able to hear the point of another is a huge red flag.  I call those who are unruly and unteachable… set to be beaten with many stripes.

Whatever the case may be, Paul wrote in the book of Colossians that we shouldn’t be copying this trait that Haman had, and allow ourselves to be poisoned with negative emotions.  And how do you know these negative emotions have a grip on you?  You cannot refrain from spreading them to others via words or attitudes.  Those who do this bounce around from gathering to gathering continually – seeking to be lifted up by others.  If they won’t get honor and attention one place – they will leave and seek it somewhere else.  As they enter, they have not shaken the dust off – which is the residue of complaint of where they were before, as there is always something wrong with them and always something wrong with everyone else.  They seek a mob to join with who they have a commonality with to be against others, not for them.

Side note:  We are to love others as we love ourselves, which is quite telling by the way – people who condemn others are one of two things usually – either they are so full of pride they only see the faults of others and measure everyone according to their own walks or they continually condemn themselves and therefore do not love themselves much and are on the ready to love you the same way – by condemning you all in the name of love in words… But we know the Lord told us to love in word and deed. Amen.

Haman Had Mood Swings

Haman had a huge issue with being controlled by his emotional desires
In Esther 5:9 we see another flaw we can learn from Haman’s life:

So Haman went out that day joyful and with a glad heart; but when Haman saw Mordecai in the king’s gate, and that he did not stand or tremble before him, he was filled with indignation against Mordecai.

We see here Haman all happy when Esther just invites him and the king to her banquet. But the minute he sees Mordecai, he allows the sight of Mordecai to poison and destroy the joyful happiness in him.

How many of us do the same exact thing?  Happy one moment, then hopeless the next all due to circumstances we cannot control.  We may even be in a good mood until so-and-so shows up.  I am so thankful the Lord showed me the error of my ways in this, I must admit it is still a struggle at times…

There are times we do act like Haman and allow the joyful happiness in our hearts as God’s children, to become POISONED and DESTROYED by one or all three of the following:

  • We see or are forced to interact with someone we dislike (similar to what happened to Haman)
  • A trial hits
  • Someone insults us, doesn’t agree with us or falsely accuses us

And honestly, the list goes on and on! How many of us allow the joyful happiness we as Christians have the blessed privilege to experience in our hearts and souls to be POISONED AND WRECKED by feelings of anger, sadness, doubt, envy, jealousy, or discouragement? Are you or I acting like Haman and allowing our FEELINGS to CONTROL US rather than FAITH IN GOD? Are we allowing our emotions to dominate us and our desires instead of allowing God to be in control?  Quite often we let the enemy steal our joy in such a way, forgetting all things are purposed and planned according to what God has ordained for the betterment of our lives in relationship to Him, knowing He gives and takes away and our Father knows what’s best for us as His child.

Haman Planted The Wrong Field

Haman spent his time sowing the field of self with a bitter heart of intention–and he reaped the bitterest consequence- the demise he planned for another captured actually him – resembling of why lucifer fell – due to ego and pride.

If we look at our hearts as a field of harvest – we will see whatever is inside the truth of us is coming out by words and actions.  Our words cannot hide what we do and what we do or don’t do reveals that which is not said.  When we want to be “as God” setting ourselves up to be God, soon to follow is a desire to be worshiped as God… the higher we climb the harder the fall.  Rebellion is the most nasty thing which can remain in our hearts, purge us Lord.

Are we good this morning?  It just seems like every single message the Lord gives us right now proves out how short time is for us to make ourselves ready as His Bride and sometimes I honestly feel bad for even sharing what He corrects me with to you all.  Because I continually pray to Him, Lord please do not let me deceive myself into thinking I am more pure or faultless than I ought to… This is what comes out. 

Now for the final lesson from Haman’s flaw-filled life – He reaped death in the same manner of which he had intentions towards another.

We will focus in on Esther 7, verses 9 to 10:

Now Harbonah, one of the eunuchs, said to the king, “Look! The gallows, fifty cubits high, which Haman made for Mordecai, who spoke good on the king’s behalf, is standing at the house of Haman.”
Then the king said, “Hang him on it!”
So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the king’s wrath subsided.

Because Haman was planting the poisonous seeds of pride, anger, deceitfulness, craftiness, selfish desire and attention with wrath in himself, he harvested the ultimate consequence:  Death in the same manner he plotted to take down the children of God.

Many years after the events of the book of Esther took place, Paul wrote these words to the church in Galatia found in Galatians 6:8 –

If you plant in the field of your natural desires, from it you will gather the harvest of death; if you plant in the field of the Spirit, from the Spirit you will gather the harvest of eternal life.

Just like Haman planted and cultivated the field of his narcissistic pride and emotional desires, and harvested the weeds of death, the same exact thing could happen to US which is why we are to keep watch over and guard our own hearts.  It is so imperative we are mindful continually of the type of fields we are both planting and nurturing – tending to and fostering to grow.  There are fields of positive spiritual character for growth or–like Haman–are we planting and cultivating the field of selfish and carnal desires, especially in our view of others. 

At times we may think we are praying FOR someone when we actually are praying ABOUT someone.  Do we approach God’s Throne with accusations like the enemy – full of reproach and complaints or do we genuinely and of the heart of Jesus lift them up to Him in a lovingly prayerful way?  He really convicted me on this one – as I reflected back on my own prayer life He showed me at times, even with my own children, I have approached Him with a list of complaints as if He does not know even deeper than I all that they have done against Him in rebellion.  I pray this touches your heart as well, to consider just how we are praying for others.  Are we praying for our unsaved loved ones in a prideful way, looking down upon them, while lifting ourselves up?  Again, He severely corrected me regarding praying ABOUT someone rather than for them.  What a gift repentance actually is from our Lord, when He places a conviction upon our hearts causing them to change.

So back to Haman… and especially back to God’s plan which supersedes all weapons formed by our enemy.

Esther 2:22 speaks how God always reveals what evil does in darkness.  Here is how it reads – But Mordechai found out about the plot and told Queen Esther, who in turn reported it to the king, giving credit to Mordechai.  That day – rebellion was revealed, along with the plots to harm God’s chosen people.  I just love how when you read the Bible, specifically the Book of Esther, the Holy Spirit ushers us into the Word so deeply it is like we become eyewitnesses to what was, what is and what shall be.  We know the Holy Spirit breathes life and power into Scripture, causing Biblical figures to leap to their feet and come alive as role models for us to learn from.

Esther resembles us, the Bride of Christ, as a lavish recipient of the favor of the Lord upon her.  She had Christ-like people skills, manners, compliance, surrender and especially her modesty and humility.  That same favor is offered to us, when we lay our lives down for the purpose of Jesus.  By our simple willingness to release our self-wills and follow God’s instructions we are placed into perfect reception for the indwelling of the Lord inside us as His Bride and Body.  Impatient and self-promoting people who are disobedient, fortifying their wills, don’t win favor this way – it is those who respect authority, who are not insulted by instruction, who practice the art of truly listening and who follow through by doing what they have committed to do are equally yoked with Jesus, their Bridegroom.  People who resist following an earthly authority’s instructions, backbite/gossip and minimizing behind the superior’s back, aren’t apt to follow God’s commands either – they still have much rebellion within, unwilling to yield to others and even the Lord.  When we do not like being told what to do by others, resisting at every turn – we also tend to resist God when He is giving instructions.  I realize taking instructions can seem like an unattractive way to win favor, but as fortitude is formed, it becomes second nature to comply at the leading of the Spirit, rather than seeking to prove a point – choosing the excellence of Christ is to represent Him in every way possible.  It is the Kingdom mindset to place all others ahead of yourself.  In God’s Kingdom, the least are the greatest, don’t forget that.

It was because of Mordechai’s position, not necessarily himself, that placed him as a target by Haman.  He was one of the officials as a government employee – often sitting at the king’s gate as the eyes and ears of what was happening in the king’s kingdom.  It was pretty ironic that a Jew was placed by the Father in such a position and he would be the one chosen – yet hidden from – the king to jump to his defense.  The Lord really corrected me a lot in this study about how the World is not evil, people are and that He is always in charge and sovereign, no if’s and’s or but’s… In Esther we see a clash of light – Mordechai and darkness – Haman.  Mordechai was steadfast, trustworthy, wise, hidden and overlooked.  Haman was prideful, full of anger/hate, self-seeking, wealthy and very crafty. 

It is during the last days, the enemy can most easily wear out the saints – the more we fear the more weary we get and the less we obey.  When we fear the Lord, we walk securely in obedience fearlessly about what man or evil can do to us.  Remember, the knee will bow to something – it might as well be to the truth.  Amen.

There is really even so much more we can glean from this life story of Haman, but for now I think we will stop right here.  Remember, offense was not given any placement within Esther or Mordechai – they just simply sought the Lord when faced with adversity.  Haman on the other hand, walked around continually in offense – so this seems like a real wake up call to me, wouldn’t you agree?

A day is coming when the least shall rise up and speak, darkness shall be revealed by truth – which by the way is how the Lord is going to reveal all hidden darkness, it is with pure truth – He is a just God… He is just… do you hear that in your spirit?  JUST should cause your spirit to leap, even if only a little.

If He is just – If He is for justice and He abides within us – then we too shall be for justice.  Did you know the Lord actually requires this of us?  Micah 6:8 says —

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

Justice, Mercy, Humility —- and this is what is required of us, I cannot wait to study this more!

Lastly, before I go…  We need to have a little talk soon about “The Orphan Spirit” which has been plaguing many of us… I should probably call it ORPHAN IDENTITY… All of us who have been abandoned, betrayed and not loved by those who said they did or were in placed positions within our lives to do so and didn’t, were certainly placed within a special sphere to receive love from the Father, Who’s love is authentic and pure.  I always like to give you all a hint into what the Lord is doing in my personal life with the intent I will share it with you when He released me to do so.  So there you have it – Justice through us upon all and the purposed identity of an orphan.  It is a work in progress, just like we are.

Again, thank you all for joining me today – it is my prayer that in all we do and say Jesus alone is glorified.  May we continue to decrease, in that He may increase, in our lives and throughout the whole World.

Thank you for your support and love and prayers.  I am slowly getting back into answering your daily emails and appreciate your patience while I do so.  I am continually wrapping each of you in my love and prayers and thank the Lord for the presence of you in my life always.  Don’t forget that we don’t know fully what tomorrow holds, but we know Who holds all of our tomorrows.

Love and Bless each of you – have a very joyfully blessed day!

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