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Saintly Instructions For Abiding – Colossians Study

January 18, 2021


Colossians is a word from the Lord to the faithful saints who love one another, who’s hope is in Heaven and keep the truthful words as the Gospel, which is to witness and strive for Jesus’s ways while here on Earth.

They bring forth fruit by their actions, knowing the grace of God and love by the Spirit. They know God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding and walk worthy of the Lord by desiring to please Him, showing only good works which others glorify Him for and are continually growing in their knowledge of Him, more than knowledge of anything else.

They are strengthened in might according to His glorious power, having patience and longsuffering with continued joy – giving all thanks to the Father by partaking in light as Saints in His inheritance.  They have been delivered from all darkness, being translated into the Kingdom that Jesus rules over, as He redeemed them by His blood, through repentance and forgiveness of sins.  As Jesus was the firstborn of many, they are too partakers of the invisible God.

The particular Saints believe it is through Him all things were created, that are in Heaven and Earth – visible and invisible, including thrones, dominions, principalities and powers – all things were created by Him and especially for Him and that He is before all things and by Him all things exist. 

They also know He is the head of the body, called the church as He alone is the beginning, as a firstborn from the dead so that in all things He might come first.  It pleased the Father that in Jesus all fullness shall dwell.  He made peace through the blood on the cross so that only by Him are all things reconciled unto Himself – whether in Heaven or on Earth.

He said that we have been alienated and enemies in our own minds at times, doing wicked things and works – but after receiving Jesus we are no longer that person in our actions, because our minds have been changed.  Because He died in the flesh, He is able to present us holy and unblameable and unreprovable in His sight – we are changed in the mind so our actions reflect His and are holy and pure. 

If we continue grounded in the faith and settled and are not moved away from the Gospel of following in Jesus’s footsteps and ways – all that we have heard about Him, which was preached to every creature under heaven – it is assured we shall remain in Him. 

Ministers for Jesus do rejoice in their sufferings for the body, suffering afflictions of Christ in our flesh for His body’s sake, who is the church.  We are made ministers according to God’s plan in order to fulfill the word of God.  We not only speak of it, we walk it out.

There is a mystery which was hidden from ages and generations – but that mystery is not hidden from His saints – as God makes known what the riches of the glory of this mystery specifically to us.  This mystery is actually Jesus abiding within us individually, our Lord, the hope of all glory. 

He is who we preach, warning everyone who will listen – teaching all who are wise so that we may present all perfect in Christ Jesus – belonging to Him, eternally.  We labor and strive according to His working in others, just as He works in us in a mighty way.


We as His ministers carry a great conflict for the body, whether we’ve met face to face or not in that all hearts might be comforted, are knit together as one in love, rich with the full assurance of understanding and acknowledging the mystery of God, the Father and of Jesus – in whom all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hid, only in them is where true and pure knowledge is found.

So we warn all – take heed that any man may beguile you with enticing words, we are together and one in the Spirit, regardless if fellowshipping in the flesh.  We have joy looking upon Godly order, steadfastness and your faith in Jesus.  Just as you say you have received Jesus, you must also walk in His ways, rooted and built up in Him, establishing your faith – just as you have been taught, being abounding with thanksgiving.

Beward – lest any man spoil you by their philosophy, vain deceit or any traditions supported by man – who considers the ways of the World rather than considering Jesus Christ foremost, as it is in Him you may dwell in the fullness of the Body of Christ because it is in Him you are complete.  Jesus is the Head of His body over all principalities and powers.

You have a circumcision inwardly made without human hands, in which you now put off the body of flesh and the sins which corrupt, through seeking to follow Jesus’s ways.  Your old self was buried with Him and now you are risen with Him through your faith that Jesus is your Savior by the operation of God upon you, who also raised Jesus from the dead, you have been raised.

You were dead in your sins, revealed by the uncircumcision of your flesh ways, but He quickened you together with Him and forgave you of all your transgressions.  He blotted out all that was being held against us, that which is contrary to a child of God – He removed it all and nailed it to the cross.  He spoiled the plans of principalities and powers by making a show of them openly, while triumphing over them at the same time.

Let no one judge you in what you eat or what you drink or in respect of holydays, the new moon or even what they deem as the Sabbath days – which when they do is just a shadow of that which is to come later on.

Let no man beguile you either of your reward through volunteering for humility, the worshipping of angels, discussing things he has not really seen – which describes those who are vainly puffed up by their fleshly minds.  For they do not hold up Jesus as head of His body – who gives nourishment through ministering, being knit together in Him – the body increases with the increased knowledge of God – which is the only way of truthful knowledge.

Because if we are dead already with Jesus, then we are also dead to entertaining the rudiments of the World.  Even though we live in it and are subject to its ordinances (rules), consisting of directives to touch not, taste not, handle not – including all things we may perish from using – why simply follow the commandments and doctrines of men?  They direct only to show their own wisdom and humility while neglecting the body of Christ, not being honorable to satisfy their own fleshly ways.


But if you are one who is risen with Christ, you are also one who seeks only those things which are above – which is where Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father.  So from this day forward, set your affection on things above, not on things on Earth.  Because you are dead to sin, your life is hidden in Jesus so that when Jesus appears, who is our life – He is appearing through us in glory.  Therefore, mortify – which means to destroy – your members on Earth who display – fornication, uncleanness, unhealthy/excessive affection, evil impulses, idolatry and coveting what others have – because of these things the wrath of God will come upon His own children because they are so disobedient in these sinful ways.

Although, it is true – you used to be like this, because you too walked as a disobedient child – but now being hid in Jesus – you walk in His ways, putting off all anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication that is still coming out of your mouth.

Do not lie to one another as if you have put away how you used to be, but how you act is the truth of how you really are – rather, put on the new man, which is renewed in the knowledge after the image of Him that created Him – knowing Jesus is what is most important – all are equal to be hid in Him, if they chose to do so.

Put on as His elect ones who are holy and beloved, much mercy, kindness, humbleness of the mind, meekness and longsuffering – as you forbear one another, forgiving one another continually.  If you do have a disagreement with someone, forgive, just as Jesus forgave you.  And above all else, stay in a constant state of affectionate and brotherly love by have an attachment to one another – which is the bond of perfectness for the body of Christ.

Let the peace of God rule in your heart, as you are one body in Him, so be thankful.  Let the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom as you teach one another – and also as you admonish, which is gently warning someone through encouraging advice – using psalms, spiritual songs to edify the Lord through the grace you have in your own heart.

And may whatever you do, every single thing – whether in word or action – do all of it in the Name of the Lord Jesus, giving all thanks to Him and the Father too.

Wives submit to the leading of your husband, not trying to rule over them as if you know better how to guard your household, loving Jesus through them, loving them is just like how you love Jesus.

Husbands, love your wives, never being bitter towards them. Just love them, as Jesus loves and cares and is attentive to His church.

Children you must obey your parents in all things in order to find yourself pleasing the Lord.

Fathers do not provoke your children to anger, which will only in turn frustrate and discourage them to want to just give up.

Servants obey those who are over you in the flesh, not just when they are looking, nor as being a man pleaser – but with singleness of the heart, fearing not man but God alone.

And in all things you do – do it with your whole heart as you were doing it to the Lord Himself, not unto men, because you must know what you do to others you are doing to the Lord to receive the reward of your inheritance since you serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  But he that does wrong, shall receive the wrong which he has done, no matter who he is because God is not a respecter of persons – He treats all the same.


Masters who rule over servants, always give to them that which is just and equal, knowing we too have a Master in Heaven – may we replicate Him while leading others continually.

Continue in prayer and be watchful, always with thanksgiving.  Pray for us that God will continue to open a door to us by His mouth to speak about the mystery of Christ Jesus, for all His servants are truly in bonds to Him so that He manifests within us when we speak – so it isn’t us speaking, only Him.

May you walk in wisdom towards those that are without and may you be right on time when assisting them.  Let your speech always be with gracefulness, seasoned with salt – not to much, not to little, but accepted and good to ingest of, pertaining to the Word and may you know fully how to answer everyone’s questions by the Spirit and truth.

So before anyone totally discounts this Word by discounting themselves as a leader, lets stop for just a moment and consider if Jesus lets us off the hook really that easy.  Because the truth is anyone who says they are a Christian is anointed, qualified and called to lead others, many places in the Bible this is called being a servant – as one who is being transformed into the Image of Christ, a vessel in which He abides and works through, led by the Holy Spirit which also resides to guide and direct us individually – a true disciple in Him, leads others.  In fact, if we are really a Christian, everyone who comes in contact with us daily, should walk away from an encounter with Him through us.  So if you say, I am a Christian, what should follow is – and I love _______, fill in the blank.  It might be comforting others, loving other, sharing the Word with others, praying for them when they are sick, teaching them about Jesus and His ways, etc…  Being a Christian means Christ follower and in that, just as Paul spoke – others are going to look to us as examples on how to follow Jesus.  The title of Christian is not a given pronouncement like Mr. or Mrs. or Doctor before your name, it is a way of life. 

Even the disciples who spent time continually in Jesus’s presence while on Earth had a difficult time embracing this truth and there is more than one account when they argued amongst themselves – so much so, they even split up over disputes, betraying one another or not feeling as if they were on the same page all the time.  Can you imagine, in the upper room as they gathered in the presence of the Lord Jesus before He was to go to the cross, they were arguing in front of Him about who among them is the greatest?  Its in Luke 22, lets read a little about what happened.

This was right after satan entered into Judas for the ordained betrayment of all time – Jesus had told them that the hand of the one who will betray Him is with Him at the table that very moment, Jesus told them it was already determined He be betrayed, but that a woe would come upon the weakened vessel who did the betraying.  The same is true in our lives as well, many do betray us and it is allowed for God’s purpose and ours, but those who do so will suffer great woes.  Immediately after Jesus stated this, the disciples get into an argument about which of them would do such a thing, which then turned into a boasting of self that stirred up much strife over which of them should be counted as the greatest.  Which it seems Peter was the worst and due to his pride ended up denying the Lord Jesus three times, after proclaiming he was willing to go to prison and death with Jesus.  As the story goes, pride always comes before a fall – a woe granted in that satan may sift us as wheat to purify us from our own ego and pride.  And right after that – Jesus command they and us pray we enter not into temptation… then as Jesus went to pray in preparation for what was to come – all the disciples fell asleep – none stayed awake to pray with Him – Jesus told them sleeping was equal to falling into temptation.  And lets not forget, Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss – which is so profound and spiritually eye opening, isn’t it?  It is not those we meet on the street who can betray us of the heart is it?  Nope, it is those closest to us that can do the most damage.  The fact it was mentioned Judas betrayed with a kiss is very telling and a teaching in of itself for another time.

So lets read the word and see how Jesus responded to this silly dispute.

Luke 22:25-30

25 And He said to them, “The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and those who exercise authority over them are called ‘benefactors.’ 26 But not so among you; on the contrary, he who is greatest among you, let him be as the younger, and he who governs as he who serves. 27 For who is greater, he who sits at the table, or he who serves? Is it not he who sits at the table? Yet I am among you as the One who serves.

He is telling us here that we were created to follow and lead others and those who are the World look up to are benefactors.  But that is not for us now, not now that we are within the Body of Christ – instead we exist for His pleasure, to do His will, to imitate Him as the young is greatest among us and to govern – you must serve others.  So He asked them who they perceive as greater?  The one who sits at the table or the one who serves those who are sitting?  Jesus said it is the ones who are sitting at the table to receive that are the greatest and that He is the One among who serves them.  I believe we can all agree Jesus in our opinion, we would consider the greatest of all, but He served, didn’t He? 

The reason many feel worthless and feeble in the mind is because before you were saved you were sitting at the table to receive and you surrendered your heart to Jesus in a most precious way and guess what you are still doing?  Being served, rather than transitioning over into being a servant – you are still, after all this time, taking and taking when you should be leading, loving, comforting, encouraging and leading others with your time, talent or treasure.  Jesus told us to make disciples of all men – to be fishers of men, but so many in the church have fallen asleep, tired and too lazy to stay awake and alert as the Body of Christ, serving and praying until Jesus comes.

Okay, lets apply the Word we learned today ~

  • The Lord never changes and He is continually resisting the proud, they get sifted by satan, purified in the process in order they stand in Him as His hands and feet, rid of self glory.
  • When the Lord resists the proud, He also releases to the meek, activating them and giving them charge to be salt and light on the Earth.
  • One quick way to recognize those who are self-elevating are those who boast on themselves or glorify themselves in how holy they are because of their own deeds.  They are also quick to point out the faults of others, blind to their own awareness – yet obvious to all.  These are called faultfinders – they ignore the plank (blinding fault of theirs) and yet see the miniscule speck of fault in others.  And by the way – the plank is actually ego which makes them blind to humility and they cannot perceive their own weaknesses.
  • Jesus must be revealed to us before He is revealed through us, keeping in mind Jesus is love.  An empty glass has nothing to poor out… but self I guess.  When Jesus’s love is revealed to us, He pours in then we can pour Him out to others so that all we say and do is done with love.
  • Speaking a truth is not the same as an accusation.  Jesus called some  vipers, the disciples also often spoke the truth of who was before them – idolaters, thieves, murderers, prostitutes and so forth, but the key here was for redemption, not a death sentence and remember… accusations rarely speak the truth, usually contain an element of false embellishment or flat out lie.  This is meat, not milk and your baby flesh likely wants to resist it – but it is time the church grow up, time is just too short.  Sadly, we cannot even teach on this subject fully, there is too much resistance, even right now many do not want the fullness of the Scriptures, preferring to have their ears tickled by what they already perceive as truth to themselves, rather than grow by the nourishing word.
  • Speaking the truth about someone in love is not judging them, proclaiming a sentence of death by consequence over them for that sin is judgement.  But can we hear these words?  Or do we prefer to hear smooth words of mixture?  We’ve all fallen short of representing the Lord’s glory haven’t we?  Best to just confess it to overcome it – comforting and loving one another for the purity of His body, than to just keep hidden all that which is soon to be brought before all through the light so very soon.  Jesus is coming soon – are we ready?  I mean truly ready? Or when satan comes, will he find something still within us to cling on to that we hidden deep inside?  I saw satan fall like lighting – have you all?  He has already been defeated, it is my prayer we embrace Jesus fully and surrender our whole hearts to Him and be none of reputation here on Earth and like I say all the time, those with nothing to hide, hide nothing.
  • When we are hidden in Christ, we lay down our reputation so His is witnessed to others.  Those who are joined to the Lord are one with Him and He is displayed through us by the characteristics we display to others.  This is called integrity – remember, a part from Him we can do nothing but display ourselves.  The problem with many in the church today is it portrays the image of self, not Jesus.
  • Jesus was betrayed and broken in the heart and scarred more than anyone in history and yet He loved extravagantly, never to forsake us or others.  He is always calling us unto Himself and is trustworthy to guide us through the pains of this life.  He sits with us when we are weak, He carries us until we are able to walk upright again and all we have to do is reach for Him, He is there.  It may take all of what we are to do so, but in return we get all of Him.
  • When we attempt to do the will of God by our own might or power we wear ourselves out in the process quickly and begin to take things by force, it is then our burdens become very heavy.  We then flounder as Jesus no longer infuses us with His peace, but instead we are leaning on our own understanding, rather than trusting Him for the outcome.
  • We dwell in the Father’s house, which is where Jesus dwells – Jesus within us and us within Jesus.  This oneness is unique to anything found on Earth and we are joined together through Him and are at rest from our own works to make things happen, especially joining to those we are unequally yoked with.
  • As Jesus works in us inwardly, His works come through us outwardly so that it is evident Jesus as author and finisher is prominent in our lives.  We no longer do His work, we are His work.
  • Jesus as the master builder is building His people together, while the enemy is being used to tear down all that which is not found solely in Him.
  • As Jesus is revealing Himself more and more through us, religion is being shaken, as are those who are religious and contain the doctrines of men.
  • A worker of iniquity is right in his own eyes only and against anyone who is against the revealing of that iniquity so that they gravitate to those who flatter them with their lips.
  • We are only usable in the Kingdom of God to the measurement we no longer exist in what work we are doing for Him, as we have one COLLECTIVE purpose – Christ in you, individually and collectively.
  • Jesus is shattering all the faith words spoken to us and over us by man, so that only His word remains within us.  It is by faith we can do all things because it is not us doing it, but Jesus is performing His purposed will through us.
  • One day we will see that everything we deal with daily is His love on display through us and our faith is increased as our eyes are opened to see spiritually that the bad which happened to us actually worked together for our own good.
  • If you were the only person on Earth, Jesus would still do and would of still done everything the same – that is just how important you are to Him.
  • Being in God’s presence is the only fruitful place to be, being in obedience is also the safest place on Earth, no matter what is falling down around you.  So whether that is the viper’s den, lion’s den, ICU, jail, etc…  whatever trial you may be in at the moment is a starting place to surrender as we are just now learning what it means to abide and remain hidden in Him.  He is breaking off of us to be content with outside influences so that we are content only with Him residing within our hearts.
  • Never forget, we are safe and secure in His hands.  But do we believe it?  Do we understand Jesus was safe in His Father’s hands when He was anointed, put on trial, scourged and slayed?  Do we embrace or resist the Father’s sovereign plan, trusting Him no matter what situations we face?  Are we ready to relinquish all control and attempts to try to alter the Father’s divine plan or do we, like Judas take matters into our own hands for self-gain?
  • Remember – being a Christ follower, a true follower who imitates His ways, mannerisms, integrity and love – is not for the faint hearted.  It is actually the hardest thing you will do while on this Earth journey, requiring we lay our own lives down fully, to never pick them up again and settle it in our hearts to not be like one of those who told Jesus to come down off the cross of suffering to save His own life.
  • Encourage yourself believing – to live is Christ, to die is gain.  Dying to self, dying in the natural is really no biggie if you know where you are going.
  • As prisoners in this World, where you can barely breath since it no longer has anything of worth to offer us, we understand that death to self is the only way out and is where true freedom rings.

So as the Bride is making herself ready – it is my prayer we stop being that runaway bride, who avoids all things unseen and rise up as His Beloved, it is surely time.

With all the uncertainty in the World and especially our Nation at the moment, I am so very grateful Jesus is drawing us into Himself, as He calls us with His love. 

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