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?Walking and Following…. Jesus

  • Some simple truths.

Just what is Scripture actually given for?  The answers to all our questions are easily found in the Written Word – or road map for our lives, the Bible.  Can you imagine taking a trip to a location you have never visited before without a GPS or road map?  Or even driving a car while blind?  The truth is we are all on this journey called “Life” with a Heavenly destination.  When we fail to actually utilize the Bible Map the Lord has blessed us with we often get lost, drift off the path and take a longer, more difficult route than necessary.

The Word tells us in 2 Timothy 3 –

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine [increases our truth], for reproof [reveals sin so we can repent for wrong actions], for correction [helps us change course], for instruction [tells us what do to] in righteousness [sin free life]:

17 That the man of God may be perfect [obedient], thoroughly furnished [equipped and able to perform] unto all good works.

We often read this Scripture as a Sword to use upon another, however, it actually is a directive based promise for us personally.  The Bible is given so WE can arrive at the destination, perfected through Jesus.  When we read the Bible and use it to hold up as a mirror to our own hearts our lives are transformed exponentially.  What we feed grows.  If we consider with thought, just what exactly we are taking into our souls by that which we feast upon with our eyes and ears our journey is laid before us.  Like I said – The destination may truly be the same… However, those who follow the map of Scripture will arrive in a timely, anointed fashion.

None are perfect by man’s standards and reasoning.

PERFECTION by God’s standards is simple…  Obedience.

In order to attain a life obedient to Him, we must be familiar with His ordinances, which are only found in His Word.

Father, I thank You for Your written divine words given to us so many lifetimes ago.  Please continue to stir within us a hunger and thirst for righteousness and the mysteries hidden as manna within the Bible.  Continue to guide and protect us on this journey so we may arrive in a timely fashion as our Kingdom destination with You eternally.  We honor You for the perfect Father that You are and thank You for the blessing of Your Holy Son Jesus of Nazareth.  In His Mighty Name we pray.  Amen

Love in Him ~

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven


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