❤️BRIDAL REVELATION ~ ROF Broadcast Transcript, June 7, 2021 with Angela

Good Morning Blessings – thank you for joining me today on this ROF Ministries Broadcast.  It is with a humble and grateful heart towards the Lord that we are able to fellowship together and today I am most grateful for Him and for each of you.

The last time we gathered together we talked about how the Book of Revelation is specifically about the revelation of our Lord and Savior Jesus.  Well today we are going to proceed in our discovery of a hidden gem hidden within this book and those hidden within Him – the Bride of Jesus.  It is our highest heart’s desire that we find Him written within the book and if we look closely and listen intently to His words we will discover ourselves also written upon the pages and records of His purposed plan.

When our hearts are open to Him, all the chaos flees and we become one with His heart’s desire for us to know Him by love, spirit and truth.  Sign seekers will read the Word for more signs, hearts who seek Jesus’s heart will discover Him in ways beyond they ever imagined.  Being betrothed to Jesus means, you are constantly watching and waiting for Him to appear every single moment of every single day and love when He does so appear.

Do we expectantly wait for His return in the clouds – definitely…  But do we only wait for that day – not at all, knowing His appearing is yes and Amen, it is moment by moment and breath by breath – for He is with us continually.  Only He can satisfy the ache of the heart of His Beloved, which generates that desire to know Him more.  He fuels the flame within us.

So as I said, just like Jesus is hidden for us to seek – so is the Bride hidden away for a time…  Many are confounded, even the wise, as to why we, with unbridled hope cling to the appearing of Jesus.  No mocking, scoffing, being pulled off course or stumbling will derail us off this course – mainly because we had nothing to do with this – this is something placed within you and you either contain this growing seed or you don’t.  It is a true mystery like no other, no doubt. 

Jeremiah Johnson was speaking about how the Father showed him, the two brides who are in a dual – like a fighting match against one another.  I see that – Do you all see that happening too?  He spoke of The Bride of Christ and how the harlot bride lashes against her mightily.  I’m experiencing this – as I imagine many of you all are as well.  It seems every day we have more questions than answers, yet we will trust in the Lord for all things – He is our husbandman, easy to surrender to, without question and very different than any human with flaws.

The Bride of Jesus at the moment seems to have been whisked away Spiritually – is awakened to love now by Him (not all are awakened to love yet) and is totally lovesick over Jesus, it is almost as if He’s cutting ties to relationships that made us impure – while pulling us into the Bridal Chamber, alone with Him for a time and a season.  Those who have already entered in – are IN LOVE with Him.  The pursuing and wooing has passed and now is the time to bask in the presence of His love, as He calls us up higher. 

Those who are still mixed within the World, self, signs, etc… May still be in that valley of decision, trying to decide whether they want to surrender and give all of themselves to Him.  They may even love Him, with a part of their hearts, but still withhold a piece for themselves.  They are still in the wooing phase – in which we all have been in that season ourselves, haven’t we?  Or maybe that is some of you right now – and if so, just keep seeking Jesus with blind trust – He will never lose one of His own.

Isaiah 54:5 says –

For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.

Betrothal is such a beautiful experience – it is like our hearts come alive, no longer cold and stony when we perceive the love the Father and Jesus has towards us.  Most often we struggle even given placement to our Lord’s love when we measure it against the faulty human love we’ve been hurt by.  If I may suggest – what has worked for me lately in discerning the purity of people’s intentions and love towards me – I’ve been measuring their love to the Lord’s – not the other way around… Just like Jesus told the husbands to love their wives as He loves the church – it is possible to love one another in the family of God in purity, when the Lord is our example and source.  I believe we have in the past separated from the love of the Lord because we think, due to heart pain inflicted by others – that His love is similar to those on Earth.  By measuring others to Jesus, we begin to have opened eyes to see just who is and is not sincere – but most importantly we seek only one source for trusted love – Jesus and we will stop running from Him out of fear He will forsake, abandon or hurt us like others have.  Every single thought, intent and action our Lord has towards us is safe, love based and pure.  Okay… We just took one step down the bridal aisle – so smile!

Hosea 2:16 says –

“And it shall be, in that day,”
Says the Lord,
That you will call Me [a]‘My Husband,’
And no longer call Me [b]‘My Master,’

Now I love this…  Do you love this Scripture too?  It is a promise over our lives… that as we are betrothed to Him, He is our master – which is awesome in of itself – but one day, on that day — We will call Him MY HUSBAND!  He is betrothing us to Him forever and we shall KNOW THE LORD!  Intimately Brides, we shall know Him.  What a promise and hope that is on a day when we may feel a little down and out.

Betrothal – is the only word in the Bible used to express the intensity of the passionate love the Lord has for us.  It is the same affection which describes Jesus appearing with fire in His eyes because He has His heart set with affection on YOU and me as His Bride.  One unique quality of the Bride that is securely hers is there is an exchange of love with Jesus – it is not one sided from only a receiving measure, it is an exchange – Jesus as the Groom can actually receive love from His bride and only His bride shares in this love in such a precious way.

Why does He have fire in His eyes?  Well, I am glad you asked… lol…

Think about this – ALL of us would be greatly upset if our love partner was in bed with other lovers, yes?  Well, so is Jesus.

To know this truth… will ease the pain when the closer we get to Him, He starts removing or blocking these other lovers from mixing with or tainting His Bride which makes her impure.  Right now – in many of our lives He personally, with fire is severing every single thing which stands in the way of intimacy and exchanging love with Him, for those who are betrothed to Him, He is doing this work within us – removing every idol on the throne of our hearts so He may take His proper placement in our lives.  Knowing why this is happening eases the sting of pain while He blocks entry to that which taints the purity of our love and His.  Or at least I pray it does.

  • Jesus loves us too much to leave us the way He found us.  Some of us have been great harlots no doubt, I know I sure have been.  Well, purifying means removing impurities and if that is a person, place or thing – it has to go.  Jesus is shutting many doors/entryways into our lives right now.  The quicker we surrender the quicker the process will go – He always shuts doors no man can, time to stop getting in the way of His will for us as His Bride and let Him be the head over us.
  • When Jesus says…. Come as you are – He doesn’t mean stay as you are – once we say yes, purification begins – His affection towards us changes everything, especially you.  It is all about inward transformation and if you are marked by Him for eternity – trust me He will track you down when we wander away from Him.  He sees our inward transformation, while man looks at the outward – Jesus is the perfect author and finisher of our faith –we are safe in His hands.
  • It is in the same way He went up – He is coming down…  So if you want to fixate on anything, keep looking upward, Heavenward as we anxiously await His arrival.  His Bride is so lovesick with Him, He is all she can see – no longer gazing around at signs (other lovers) pleasures in this World, or anything or anyone which so easily ensnares…  She’s dead (to self) and lives for His glory alone.
  • It seems we’ve served the devil at times with way more intensity than the Lord in times past.  We’ve lost sleep to party all night, hang out in chatrooms, research news/events and fornicate with many, many lovers.  While we fall asleep while praying, put off reading His Word, practically refuse to serve others with a million excuses and we’ve all hidden at times we follow Jesus from disapproving people in our lives and all that time for playing is over.

We have even tried to schedule a time to read the Bible each day and failed to follow through – placing other things of a higher importance than Him.

We’ve been seeking messages where the messenger’s voice is more captivating than the heart of Jesus – Virgins, time to wake up! Jesus loves us enough to stir us to rise and awaken us to His love – time to check and see if our love towards Him matches His or has waivered cold.

The World didn’t create Bridal Love – the Father did and the World imitated after His design – our measurement has been so off, Lord forgive us and thank You for giving us an opportunity to get in right placement with You.

Aren’t you tired with all the love lines and empty promises spoken by faulty lovers?  I know I am.  As we are awakened to love found only in HIM, we realize just how far off course and groomed we’ve become to be satisfied by every other lover but Jesus.  The good news is the deceptions we fell for that never came to pass are the very footstools the Lord is using to keep us close to the authentic love found only in Him.

For the Bride there is nothing like the thrilling love of Jesus.  A Bride continuously is looking for ways to be pleasing unto her groom – she is thrilled when He is pleased with her, as a matter of fact all her thoughts are consumed with ways in which she can generate His pleasure over her.  As her delights originate with Him, she is over the moon joyful when He is pleased with her in every way possible, knowing obedience is key.  Partial obedience is no obedience at all – the Bride desires to go all the way with Jesus – partial lukewarm mixture will not satisfy her, because she understands He is not satisfied with partiality.  Once you understand His way, partial truth is refused and vomited out of you, due to its tainting poisoning, we reject all that is not truth when it is the truth we love.

When we are lovesick about Jesus – we no longer fear death.  Death has totally lost it sting of placement within us, because we are already dead – to self anyway – We realize to die is actually gain.  Once we encounter Jesus’s expressed love, we desire to know more of Him and overcome the feeling of seeking to save our own lives – we have no feelings of deciding if we are motivated to seek Him each day, we just seek in Him in all things by the heart, not rote or forced abandon.  Betrothal is 24-7, not a mandate or sporadic – His DNA is written within every fiber of your being and is no more overlooked than what race you are – as a Bride you cannot be separated from Him – as one you move together and have your being, He is as close as the air we breathe.  Brides don’t just show up for meetings – because they never stop or hinder their meeting with Jesus.  No one has to mandate times for gatherings on the Bride’s behalf, because she never leaves meeting in the secret place with her bridegroom Jesus.

Okay… Well, take a deep breath…  We are just getting started!  Next we are going straight into the Book of Revelation, like I said we spoke about Jesus being revealed within the purpose of this precious book, but today we are going to explore just how His beautiful Bride is hidden and revealed within this book, as well.  And we are going right to where she is hidden in Chapters 21 and 22, plus some other areas within the Bible.  So if you have your Bible handy, you are welcome to follow along with me.

In this particular portion of the study, all I did is pull out every word out of the Bible I could find which describes Jesus’s Beautiful Bride in some way.  I promise you, I did not add to or take away any words which were already written by our Father as He gazed upon those who are selected, betrothed and promised to His precious son Jesus, as His reward.

I made a list in my study with His words to describe her, lets get started and hopefully you will see yourself in what I am about to share, again, remember, these are the Lord’s words – not mine.


  • She is already residing with Jesus
  • She returns with Jesus when He comes back to Earth
  • She cries a lot – but He wipes away all her tears
  • She sees much death around her, only to find shelter in His arms
  • She has great sorrow in her heart
  • She has suffered great pain during her journey on Earth
  • She has been made new
  • She drinks freely from the water of life – Jesus
  • She overcomes all things in Him
  • She worships one God as His child
  • She is Holy
  • She gives glory to God alone
  • She is precious
  • She has purity
  • She belongs to one of the 12 Tribes
  • She is being refined as gold
  • Jesus alone is elevated as her Temple in which she dwells
  • Jesus is the source of her light – there is no darkness within her
  • She shines light upon the Earth as it radiates from within her
  • Because of the bride – glory and honor are given to the Lord continually
  • Nothing defiled or wise may enter into her – no abomination or any deceitful lies are found in her
  • She is made up of only those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life
  • She has the Tree of Life within her, so the only fruit she produces is good and the only tree in which she eats of is the Tree of Life
  • She contains healing for all who come near her
  • There is no cursing or complaining found within her
  • She performs a life lived in servanthood to the King
  • The Bride sees the face of her Bridegroom Jesus
  • His Name is written on her forehead
  • She will reign with Him forever
  • The Bride does His commandments
  • She does not add to or take away from His words
  • She is permanently written within the Book of Life

Now, if you’re like me… as I read this, all you could think about is how you are missing the mark on so many levels, but keep in mind – this is a beautiful description of the promised hope of a completed work within us – first there is betrothal (which is the preparation phase) and then the swept away season which many of us are currently in, while the full picture is a completed work as a BRIDE ADORNED AND PRESENTED TO HER HUSBAND – Jesus.  Everything I shared is already written, it is finished, declared and shall manifest in His timing, which is perfect.  There is no condemnation upon any of us who are in Christ Jesus – the only requirement during this betrothal is that our hearts are set on seeking Him continually in order we grow – Jesus does the purifying as we learn to surrender so that He may give increase into our lives.  There is only one obstacle which can remove His promise to us – rebellion. 

There is only one question which remains…  Have you fallen in love with Jesus?  Which is a typical question one would ask and expect before getting married to someone here on Earth, but is often overlooked when considering becoming the Bride of Jesus.  One amazing thing about Jesus is He is already in love with you – unlike many cases of marriage here, we can rest in peace knowing by Jesus we are already unconditionally loved, He has already laid His life down as proof of His loving heart towards us and Jesus means what He says and says what He means – there is no lie within Him.  He is not leading us on or looking to what benefits Himself – everything He does is for our good.  He is faithful and His promises, unlike man’s, endure forever.  Therefore, with that settled the only commitment which needs to be made is on our part and for us it is a risk free eternal investment.  His love is assured, we have nothing to lose and all to gain in Him.  Another beautiful thing about Jesus is no love we give to Him is taken lightly or rejected or squandered away.  Whatever treasure of love we offer unto Him, He is delighted to receive.  In this life, love is risky but with Jesus there is no risk – you are already loved and embraced.

Many people say they love Jesus, but are you IN LOVE with Jesus?  That right there is where our walks marry our talks.  So today, we are going to go over some characteristics of Bridal DNA and those who are actually IN LOVE with Jesus, their Bridegroom.

Have you fallen in love with Jesus?

  • If so, you are consecrated unto Him and contain a burning heart for Jesus.
  • You ache and long for Jesus’s return at every waking moment.
  • You are watching continually for His return and He is your blessed and only hope.
  • You are joined to Him as a three-cord strand, which contains – intimacy, betrothal – in a joining of fullness – He completes you in every way, because you seek Him to do so.
  • You now have received His Name, being bought with a high price, you are no longer your own.
  • Your encounter with Jesus is unlike and incomparable to any physical encounter you’ve experienced here on Earth.
  • You possess a deep longing within your heart for Him which keeps you awake and watching for Him every waking moment.
  • You have become lovesick over Jesus, realizing He is the only missing piece to your wholeness.
  • Bridal DNA reveals before all, His image has replaced the image of your past identity and it becomes more obvious to those who look upon you that it is no longer I who lives, but Him.
  • When in love with Jesus there is romance involved.  You pine after Him, your thoughts are captivated by His love.  Being “in love” with Jesus replicates on a grandiose scale Earthly love – Worldly pleasures cannot compare to His overshadowing love in our lives.
  • When Jesus has captured your heart, you daydream about Him, you lose sleep over Him, He is the first thing on your mind when you awake and the last thing on your mind when you fall asleep at night.  It is very similar to when you first fall in love with someone here – only ten times better! 
  • Those in love with Jesus pursue the higher promises and pleasures not offered in this World and easily abstain from all the World has to offer, knowing anything counterfeit is unmatched to Him.
  • Those who are in love with Jesus are being wooed into love by Him.  You respond in love when knowing more about Him is your number one focus – songs, sermons, gatherings, messages – everything is Jesus centric and your focus.  When He becomes that which your soul desires and have been touched by Him – you reject anything to enter into you that does not contain His glory and edification.  This happens so that you maintain your purity – the Bride guards her heart as to what or who she lets enter into her.
  • The reason the Bride guards her heart in such a way, because it is within the heart where Jesus resides in union with you.  There is to be no mixture in the secret place of intimacy shared only with Him – and this is twofold…  You don’t seek mixture or give it permission to enter nor does the Bride hand out mixture to others because her source is pure, relying solely on Him.  Purity of the heart is forged not forced – either its performed pure or not – no gray areas on this one – singleness of the mind and heart is a state of existence, not a process of which can be mandated.
  • When in love with Jesus, to be pleasing unto the King Jesus is your number one desire and you die to desiring the acceptance/pleasing of humans above the Lord.  Just as a wife in the natural must seek only to be appealing to her own husband or she is unfaithful in the heart already – same is true for Jesus’s Bride.  Jesus’s Bride does not seek attention from other lovers.
  • While betrothed to learn of our Bridegroom we must go where He leads, imitate Him in words and deeds – it is like where we end, He begins – oneness, in all aspects of who we are now as a new creature in Christ.
  • Prayer infused with peace is a way of life for the bride – 24/7 abiding with Him, evidenced by seeking Him continually to deepen your relationship with Him.  Your love language to Him comes from a place of awe, knowing you are dependent on the Lord in every way.  He is your only source of – joy, comfort, peace, love, hope and truth and you recognize and look for His presence and touch in everything.  Your nature is one with Him in contentment so that when good things happen and bad things happen – your heart rejoices that you are loved and He has nothing but good resting upon your life.  His love surrounds you and His touch orchestrates all within and without your days.  It is easy to praise Him in the storms and glorify Him in goodness knowing He is always by your side.
  • A bride is waiting expectantly for her wedding day – you may day dream of it, feel overwhelmed it is soon to be and have great excitement and nothing surpasses the thoughts of that dawning day.  You long for the day of consummation, trusting He has more planned for you than you can possibly imagine.  It brings Him pleasure you long for Him in such a precious way.
  • The Bride is clothed in humility and is speechless Jesus would even consider you to be His beloved.  You are meek and gentle, just as He is because you’ve spent much time in His presence, so that you share in the communion of His essence – His ways and mannerisms – as He is the only one we are to imitate.
  • The Bride looks only to the Bridegroom as her source…  She is faithful, committed and no longer seeking other lovers to complete her.  The Bride never, ever seeks attention from anyone but Him.

The true bride is actually very few in number – this is not a salvation issue, but rather an intimacy one.  The reason the bride is undefiled is because she is on a much higher spiritual plane than those who will be classified as guests or rather attendants, at the wedding feast.  Jesus is the Tree of Life for the Bride and she partakes of no fruit but His.  She cannot hear the whispers of the enemy, because all other voices are drowned out by her beloved’s still small voice – she cannot be led astray because she hears Him and rejects all other voices.  Isn’t that a beautiful love story, of all time and yet written so long ago.  Thank you Lord.  May we fall deeper in love with you every single day.

Lastly… The Bride escapes all things because she is worthy and hidden in Jesus.  Since nothing entangled Him, nothing will entangle her – they are one and He covers her in His love.  Through Him she escapes sin, hurt, wounds, the past and things which are not ordained to be in her life.  And yes… she also escapes all things which shall come upon the Earth, just as it is written.  I suppose I better read that quick as a reminder to us what was promised, since many refuse these days to believe it…

Luke 21 –

36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

So what are we escaping from exactly?  Well it tells us when we read the whole chapter, getting the exact scripture in proper placement and in line with the truth – I’ll just paraphrase some of the points Jesus was making to motivate us to seek Him and to be purified from all influences of darkness within the heart so we are worthy to stand before Him on that day.

If we watch and pray always that we are worthy enough to stand before Him and escape all these things that shall come to pass – then we are in obedience to His command.

I have no idea why people are so angered by this truth – but they are… and many are praying to be strong enough to stay here, why?  They are not IN LOVE with Jesus I suppose or still have much pride within yet.  But anyway, that’s on them and all things are purposed and in His control, which is way beyond my pay grade.

So here’s what is coming to pass and here is what we are told to pray we are worthy enough to escape, all from Luke 21 so we keep covered in the simplistic truth of the Gospel:

  • You will not be deceived when many come saying Jesus is Lord in their lives during the last days and you will not follow after them.
  • You will hear of wars and uprisings but will not be terrified knowing the end is not yet, no matter what you are being told by man.
  • Nations will fight one another because there is fighting among the Kingdoms of good and evil.
  • Earthquakes will take place, there will be famines, pestilences, you will see fearful things and signs in the Heavens.
  • People will harm you, persecute you and betray you inside the church – casting you into prison chains all because of Jesus’s name and proclaiming His truth.
  • All of this testing is turned into your testimony.
  • You will be given what to say in answer to those who attack in such ways.
  • Jesus will fill your mouth with His wisdom so your adversaries cannot win out or resist you.
  • Parents will betray you – brethren within the body of believers will betray you, even those you fellowship will betray you – causing even some to be killed.
  • You shall be hated by all men because of your faith towards Jesus.
  • Not one hair on your head shall perish.
  • Patience for the Lord to move on your behalf is how your soul is saved.
  • Jerusalem will be targets, many will flee into mountains as these are the days of vengeance so everything written may be fulfilled.
  • It will be woeful for those with children due to the distresses and wrath falling upon people.
  • Many will fall by the sword and led away captive as Jerusalem is trodden down by Gentiles so that their time is fulfilled.
  • There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars while all nations will be in distress, they will be perplexed on how to solve all the tumult affecting their nation, while they are tossed about like waves in the midst of a storm at sea.
  • Men’s hearts will fail them in fear as they see all this happening at once here on Earth, while the powers of Heaven shake that which can be shaken.
  • We shall see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
  • We shall see Heaven and Earth begin to pass away – but Jesus’s words shall not.
  • We must take heed – see to it – that our hearts do not become excited and overindulge with drunkenness and cares of this life (not remaining sober with the Word) or the day of Jesus’s coming will catch you unaware, let you be ensnared by the happenings in the World since it is where you dwell.
  • You all do realize TO STAND means, to not waiver in your heart, mind or soul from what He commanded and wrote, right?  It has absolutely nothing to do with being weak or weary, but means YOU DO NOT DEPART FROM YOUR FAITH, letting MAN deceive you.

So there you have it – you know these days the more knowledge I get the less I see I really ever knew or know for that matter – so I have to measure all things by the Word right now, I simply do not trust myself at all, let alone anyone else – the deception is just too high right now, its very dangerous to trust anyone, even ourselves at the moment.  So I am watching and praying to escape all these things coming upon the Earth just as I was told, regardless of what man is saying.  I really do not even know what to say about this anymore – I sound like a broken record that most don’t want to play…

Some days it just feels like we are fighting a losing battle on every front – with all the distractions and twisting of Scripture by man’s handling of God’s word.  I saw something the other day about how we must utilize fear to bring other’s to Jesus and that we must feed others as much about evil knowledge as possible… and nothing could be farther from the truth.  All we really need to do is point others to Jesus and He will lead and guide all into His everlasting arms.  Sounds simplistic doesn’t it?  The enemy tries to muddy the waters, throwing knowledge into everything so people run to and fro, because that is what he does – he runs to and fro upon the Earth seeking who can to devour as he impresses others to do his bidding. 

I know you all are fully aware the enemy wants to deceive us… But I noticed something that really stuck out to me the other day in Mathew 24, where Jesus was telling his disciples what signs were beneficial to watch for at the onset of His coming…

Mathew 24:4 says – LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU…

And I thought, oh my… Lord Jesus – we are in it aren’t we?  It doesn’t say the enemy will deceive, it says MAN will.  I’m not sure about you all, but man has deceived me too many times to count and why?  Because I was seeking man as the source of truth, rather than Jesus, so I was fed a lie.  When we love the truth, it is only truth we live and breathe in and it is also only truth we operate in.

There is a saying which says… fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. 

Listen you all – we’ve had many red flags from deceivers, when all we really needed was one.  The devil is the father of liars and yet, when we still have fragments of lies within us – we entertain deceptions which are dangerous to our souls and we’ve all done it.  We’ve lied and been lied to – but in this season, a final call has gone out to literally and whole-heartedly fall in love with… THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.

I am seeing now that there is no possible way for us to be deceived, unless we want to be.  I’ve been there and done that – and until we actually step out from among them and read the Word for ourselves, while seeking Jesus more than everything else, we are in a very vulnerable position to be deceived.  It is just as important to know Scripture in its proper context and placement as it is to know the Scripture itself, due to the fact the enemy right now is using messengers within the church by twisting the Word, to lure and snare many unknowingly.  Remember, the enemy actually quoted Scripture to Jesus – twisting the meaning of truth behind it, to lure Jesus out of a place of obedience and this is also how he lured Eve and Adam into a fall – by generating in their minds questions and curiosities that were not innocent and productive to their souls.  It is happening again and increasing in greater numbers by the day – people are being drawn away and falling away by their own appetites and lusts for mixed truth, deceiving and being deceived.

Anyway, enough of that… Today we focused greatly on the Bride, who being swept up in love with Jesus is separated from among all others, hidden and kept – betrothed and loved within the secret place of her Beloved. 

As we finish up our Bride Study next time we will talk a little bit about just how the Bride makes herself ready, the Bridal Tribes who dwell with God in Revelation 14 – which I already know will be controversial.  I’ll give you a hint… If you believe the 144000 are only males, then you must also believe the wise virgins are only females – correct?  Well, with the Lord’s help, we are going to unpack this great mystery next time we fellowship and just discuss some considerations for you to take to the Lord in prayer for clarity and truth.  Every single word in the Book of Revelation is Spiritual because we are spiritual beings having a natural experience while here on Earth.  Just because our natural lives end here eventually – His word is everlasting and never dies.  Every word written and spoken by our Father is everlasting and does not cease with our temporal passing.  Remember – in Heaven, we are neither male nor female…  And when we read His word and find our placement within it – our spiritual eyes are opened to the truth that every single word written is applicable to the soul and is not gender related. 

I have a question… Why is it we can so readily accept the Bride of Christ is made up of males and females, while totally discounting the 12 tribes quite possibly include females?  We still have a lot of flesh within us to die to, don’t we?  We have listened to the voices of humanity so much that we have allowed our minds to become cloudy from walking only in the Spirit to the point man’s voice is overriding the voice of the Holy Spirit way more than it should.

I am willing to consider all the ways of Jesus and how He is being revealed.  I realize there is a time and season on this journey where we walk more by sight – seeking and being fed by the natural, but the invitation has gone out now to come up higher and see and hear spiritually, for those who have eyes and ears to see and hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  Its time for the blind to see and the lame to walk, but Spirit and not the flesh so all truth can be revealed.

Every word written in the Bible is like manna from Heaven to feed the soul.  So many in the World right now are screaming for gender neutrality at the moment… So today my plea is that we also as brethren dine on God’s words void of gender as to not miss one single pearl given for the purifying of our souls.  My prayer is that we receive in fullness all that was written and not discount something based on gender and when we study next time, with ears and hearts opened to the leading of the Spirit you might just possibly see you are already walking the Earth within a bridal tribe, undefiled by the World, having been redeemed from men, chosen as a first fruit without guile and following the Lamb wherever He may lead.  You see, if you automatically discount yourself based on gender – you may miss a divine appointment the Lord has set before you for such a time as this.  So if you want to prepare your hearts in advance for next time, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to led you while reading Revelation 14 and make some notes by the Spirit.  Time to wake up church, arise and shine for the light of Lord has come upon you.  Amen.

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