❤️BLESSED & BRIDAL ~ ROF Ministries Broadcast Transcript from May 29, 2021 with Angela

Why are we blessed for reading the Book of Revelation?  And remember… reading is not enough…. We must “keep” these words, not adding to or taking away from.  Right?  We are NOT TO ADD to what is already written.  That means, no assumptions, reading into what was written but to take God at His Word – His written word, that is.

Some people read this Book for signs of how everything will lay out in the end of days… to have a plan, to be prepared for that plan and KNOW what they will or are facing.  Some also, like to tell of the future, to be in the know, to logically have an explanation for themselves and others – so they read the book.  Others have a deep curiosity of darkness – how it operates, thinks, manifests, its deep secrets and seek to fulfill their internal lusts of knowing every bit of information logically pertaining to evil. 

Many will argue the point that in order to choose good you must know evil, but something about that statement does not set rightfully as truth within my Spirit.  And this is why – If that is true then why is it that the second we are Spiritually reborn the Lord goes to work in our hearts to purge them from every aspect of evil we’ve picked up along the way since our natural birth in order to raise us up as incorruptible from the influences of evil so that when satan comes, may he find nothing residing within us to cling to any longer.  So that statement of knowing evil to choose good – may possibly be true before we were saved – but has no credence for afterwards. 

Something that is sad is the fact that many who claim to be saved, at this very moment have way more knowledge about evil than most of the lost.  You know why?  Because they seek it out and entertain evil.  We just read that children of the day avoid all appearances of evil – so again, many who claim to be a child of God seem to be overtaken in darkness and do not even realize it – we may pity those we love who have not laid their lives down for Jesus and yet, most often do not seek to know evil itself, just something to think about and ponder with the Lord.  Once darkness is purged, we no longer seek to know its ways out of fear or anything else and we are truly free children of light, walking this Earth in which by our countenance we surrender to God, resist the enemy and He flees…  He flees us, having nothing within us to cling too.

However…. Hidden within the major faction of church people lies a remnant of chosen ones, who read the Book of Revelation for one reason alone… Wanna hear why?  I’ll let the Lord’s words speak that truth to us today directly –


The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.

Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

If we are able to hear these words and still seek only Jesus – it is Jesus who will be revealed within these beautiful words.  Our eyes will be open to His majesty, His triumph over evil, His perfect plan and ways.  It is like – to the pure all things are pure, undefiled and for His glory.  Placement within the Kingdom is everything and very revealing by what we seek knowledge of, no doubt.

Consider the Bible as a never ending and complete circle – beginning in Genesis and continuing into Revelation – and then continuing again and again in fullness.  Genesis reveals the Author, while Revelation reveals the Finisher.  Our Creator God is bringing everything full circle, putting us and His creation back into proper placement in right standing with Him.  We often call this a “returning to innocence…”  like a child, no longer knowing or be familiar with evil.  Last time I was on air, I shared that Scripture out of Deuteronomy which references entering into the Promised Land…  Let’s read it again –

Deuteronomy 1 –

39 Moreover your little ones, which ye said should be a prey, and your children, which in that day had no knowledge between good and evil, they shall go in thither, and unto them will I give it, and they shall possess it.

So what if…  What if this who journey is about, purging us totally of all darkness in every single way in that we truly are made whole – void of its influence over our lives in every single way?  What if, He is delivering us from all evil and the temptations which ensnare so that our faces do not gather any blackness at His appearing so that we actually do shine like the sun one day?

Oops… I got a little off track didn’t I?  Sorry about that!  It is just in my heart so deeply that this time, our time – we realize why we are studying about the Bride mentioned in the Book of Revelation and WHO this Book is actually about (Jesus) and why we read it to begin with (it reveals HIM).

Alright… Let’s do this!

Like with all things – Bridal DNA is a matter of the heart, just like beast DNA is – which we studied some time ago.  What you love you worship.  Amen?  Those who contain Bridal DNA (changed, moving glory to glory, dying to self, no longer have a name, etc…) ACHE, I mean have a deep ache within the heart to be one with Jesus in every single way without the veil of the flesh body.  Their focus is always on the exit plan I guess you could say – knowing that upon exit, nothing anymore stands between them and being one with Him in totality.  I often describe this as being “homesick…”  And if you’ve ever been homesick, you know how that feels because there is nothing like it – you can’t eat, you feel sort of empty and no matter how elaborate the place is where you are – it doesn’t compare to the place you call home inside your heart.  You might have the worst physical environment in which you lived and been placed in a palace with all the comforts of lavish and still be homesick because home is where the heart is. 

Therefore, many of us may be residing on Earth for a moment in time – but our hearts are in Heaven – our eternal Home with our Heavenly Father.  It is where pure love resides, where our soul is loved and we love in purity – we may seek to find it here on Earth continually, only to be found wanting, homesick.  It is that homesick feeling which keeps us in many ways from denying the Lord Jesus and our identity in Him.  Homesickness is one of the greatest blessings here on Earth, giving us all hope for that which is to come within the promise of His coming.

We’ve studied so much about the wise and unwise virgins haven’t we?  Remember now…. The Bible is written for the church, not the world so much – although it is our hope and prayers all will come into (read and seek out) the knowledge of Gad, many won’t.  It just extremely important that we always read the Word as if it is written specifically for us personally.  During my self-righteous days a lifetime ago – I used to read the Word and images of people who were doing wrong and such would come to mind.  I remember thinking, I sure wish so and so would read this or wow, this Scripture is speaking of so and so.  Halt no… being beaten with many stripes through adoption as my Father’s child, I now see it was me He was ridding of rebellion all this time, of which I am most humbly grateful for, knowing we are still a work in progress, eases the burden of ego within us in many ways.  Our Spiritual rebirth means we are dying to self daily.  Amen.

So to really grow in the Lord…  anything we study, say, share and such while we fellowship together has a ground rule…  It is for us, not for measuring others.  Okay?

So like with everything….  Its all about Jesus – it wouldn’t even be possible for us to be called the Bride, if there was no Jesus as our Bridegroom. 

Have you all noticed so many are rising up lately speaking bridal speech just like we are?  Almost all the people I listen to on a regular basis, just a few really these days are being led by the Lord to share about the Bridal and the coming of Jesus, our Bridegroom.  Its such an exciting time to be on Earth right now!  The Lord never ceases to amaze me in His ways – He is truly preparing us for His arrival with singleness of heart, mind, eye and all the parts are fixated and anxiously awaiting HIM.

So today, we just envisioned the purpose of our study as we move forward…  It is all about the revelation of Jesus and for those who are appointed as His Bride, know this of the heart. 

I can’t be on air much longer today – today is Gabriel’s 18th birthday and I need to get some things done, but also – I will be off the grid for a few days so I wanted to make sure and touch base first.  My laptop has not been working right for quite some time and today I have an appointment to take it in – which they said could take up to 3 days.  So I may not be able to connect with you all like normal – which means I also may not be able to respond to emails until I get my laptop back.  Its okay – just go ahead and email me like normal and I will respond as soon as I can.  This is like a forced technology fast for me… lol  Its all good.

I trust the Lord to keep each of you and am at peace knowing His hands, His love and His mercy is so much greater than mine.  While away, rest assured I will keep you in my heartfelt prayers of love.

Thank you all for your fellowship and joined worship of Jesus – it just means everything these days to glorify the Lord together in such a precious way.

I appreciate all you do to support ROF Ministries and me and I praise the Lord for each of you in my life.

So I am going to end this broadcast so it can be uploaded to soundcloud and then if my laptop allows, restart a new broadcast stream of Jeremiah Johnson’s message from last night – which of course, is about the Bride.  I too need fed, Jeremiah doesn’t water down the Word btw and he has a calling on his life which is similar to ours – if it doesn’t lift up the Name of the Lord, he’s not preaching it.  So don’t go anywhere – we can listen together while I work on the prison ministry, just give me a few minutes to get everything set up!

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