Love Came Down~

Love Came Down

When love came down, the veil was torn, opening up our accessibility to the Divine.  In Jesus all things are not only possible but probable, if we simply believe.  The truth is we are all on a journey formulated by Him to foster intimacy and reliance on the only One Who can heal us from brokenness, unworthiness and helplessness in our weakened, fragmented state of being.

When love came down, He bridged the gap between our fleshly weaknesses to overcoming all struggles.  As the Author and Finisher of our Faith, Jesus will never leave us or forsake us, which has been proven time and time again in our own lives and the lives of others.

When love came down, He erased all wrongs – making them right.  He laid before us footsteps to follow in that leads us on redemption’s path, in victory, as the royalty we were created to be.

When love came down, He instilled within us love, Himself.

God is love.

There is One Way to the Father, His Name is Jesus.

When love came down, being The Way, The Truth and The Life, He opened all pathways to life eternal.


Heavenly Father, we come before You today in adoration and appreciation for sending love to us in Your Holy Son and our Beloved Jesus.  We know in our hearts without Him our lives would be incomplete and shaky at best.  You knew before we were created all we needed was Jesus to overcome in this life and finally Father we confess we are just now beginning to see that truth in fullness, as well.  Your mercy is everlasting to everlasting and we thank You Father for being so patient with us as we fall short daily.  We humbly ask You to continue to guide and direct us each day on the way You would have us to go.  In Jesus’s Mighty Name we pray. Amen.

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