Help me Father to not be fearless but rather to fear and reverence You on a deeper level in Faith.  Instill within me the knowing and wonderment of a true child in which I submit to the wholeness of Your Son, Jesus.  Teach me the ways in which I am to go that is upright in Your eyes as I forfeit all pride in believing I can do the simplest of tasks a part of You.  Father the World and many in Your church tell me to be strong, but yet I have no strength.  I hear words of how Your love casts out all fear and yet I fear.  I thank You for guiding me with Your loving hand back into Your arms when all I want to do is run away.  Make me a pillar of Your strength and a light so bright all darkness retreats upon my waking.  I honor You for Who You are and I give You all glory as You remove the mountains and stones set before me and when I cannot walk another step… You carry me through each trial, each day.  Thank You Father for Your loving kindness that is always covering me and flowing through me in times when I need it the most.  I trust You, I trust You with me when I cannot even trust myself.  In Jesus’s Mighty Name I pray. Amen



We all have these moments in life where we feel as if we cannot take another step.  Oftentimes, those who have gone before us will “Try” to help, convincing us that, “You can do this.”  But in all honesty, no we cannot.  We can do nothing.  We cannot even have Faith if it were not granted.  We pray The Lord’s Prayer, thy will be done and such…  But when we begin to fall, time and again we go back to, “I can do this.”  Falling back into….  If I just force myself to step again, I will find myself on sure ground, once again.

So today the Lord was showing me to not let go of all fear, but rather to FEAR – less.  Some fear is conducive to the submission process we go through in learning the Father’s will in our lives.  As we decrease, He will increase in us individually.  Then it is no longer I that doesn’t fear, it is Him Who has no fear overtaking all fear I once held onto.

The Breaking…

We are all being broken at the moment.  In this process we are learning to stop being harder on ourselves than He is on us and on one another too.

We set many standards for ourselves and other people that are not in line with the standards He has set.  Given the fact we are all a work in progress, sometimes it gets messy to all but the One doing the creating.  He sees the beautiful masterpiece at the end and as He molds and forms, to His eye no portion is left undone.  To the observer the work is out of shape, chaotic and down right ugly at times.  The beauty is surely in the eye of the Beholder – He is that Beholder and we are His creation, being FEARfully and wonderfully made into the Image of His Son, Jesus.

So we need to just trust Him to do His purposed job as the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

As He is forming every piece and perfectly fitting them together while we are learning every aspect of Him at the same time.

It is a beautiful work…  A masterpiece, really.

So for today – Let’s just agree to FEAR less, knowing He’s got this and most importantly He’s holding you in His hands as He molds and shapes you into perfection into the Beauty of the Beholder – Himself.

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