Blessed Union of Souls… A Glimpse Into the Beauty of You

Blessed Union of Souls…

                                                     A Glimpse into the Beauty of You


One day I was granted a glimpse into that place of you.  You know, the familiar trenches of your heart you keep so tightly closed.  Oh how beautiful are the rugged edges you so proudly wear, how majestic are His ways.  I saw His fingerprints of comfort and a shadow of His footprints, on days He choose to carry you; when you proudly desired to walk.  I saw the scars you so boldly conceal as the numbing of your heart, in which I scarcely rejoiced.  As I peered further in I understood the dawning of pain by the Light and the why’s in ribbons you tied up so well.  I must confess, it pained me so to see such treasure locked up on one place.

To give love is easy, to receive love is divine.  You are a King at giving, yet receiving you decline.

Carrying on in a determination of love, I kept seeking to see the treasure you hide.  The chambers are becoming of a sacrifice always true, however, the one thing lacking was a piece of you.  On this quest I am purposed to discover what you thought was hidden.  Right there before me, there all the time, was the shattered to pieces remnant of a soul, who deep down desired what he once had in a time of old.

Elated for joy, I knew it was there, seeking, I found what he is not willing to unveil.

I took a glimpse into the beauty of you and found much more than Earthly words can describe.  There were no walls in this secret place, but rather a child in brokenness, where He resides.  You see, it is not your strength I searched so deeply to find, but rather a place of need I could call home.  There is no greater love than to lay down your life for another, however, consider this…  Quite possibly there is one who is made to lay their life down beside the beauty of you.

Embraced by the glimpse into the beauty of you…  Do you know what I saw?  I saw me, as I looked deeper into your soul, sealed upon the etches of pain, seared as a Blessed Union of Souls.

I calmly walked away, drifting into the night and I wondered…  This time, will he seek to find mine?


January 11, 2017

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