Wrapping Up The Beast Study ~Broadcast Transcript from April 22, 2021 with Angela

Wrapping Up The Beast Study – 4-22-21

Good Morning and God Bless each of you Beloved.  Thank you for joining me today and this ROF Ministries broadcast.  What surreal times we live in, its sort of hard to grasp all that the Lord is doing lately, knowing His spirit is being poured out on all flesh.  It’s like He has had me laser focused on one thing the past few weeks – Himself.  I know it is somewhat irritating to others who are around me and in all this I really wonder if spiritually speaking He is sweeping some of us away into the bridal chamber of intimacy and love?  There is sort of this disconnect, naturally and supernaturally, beyond our control happening, in which anything or anyone outside of Him can no longer find placement in our lives and it feels sort of weird right now on every level.  I guess I wasn’t quite shown “how” Jesus would do this, only believing He would.  So where do we go from here?  Just only to keep surrendering to His leading, the still small voice in the mix of all the others…  the voice which leads us out of the captivity of the sinful World and the events – I call them voices of whirlwinds, which try to keep us running to and fro… to just sit, rest in Him and be still. 

These days it is almost as if you are looking upon yourself from an outside view – I hear the theories, the temptations, the voices and such – but am removed from the influence of it all.  My heart has been captured by One, Jesus… and equaled to Him, nothing else really matters.  This is where mixture is purified from within us and He alone becomes the One our soul longs for – nothing else satisfies any longer and we turn the page of searching all things to only seeking Him – all the wells have dried up but His, all the fruit from the many speaking trees are not tasteful any longer and we find ourselves finding the one in which our soul loves… Jesus.

It is written in Exodus 20:3 that we are to have no other gods before Him.  Well, people talk a lot about this it seems, but… few if any talk about having the god of self before Him – which is the precursor to many woes.  When we have the god of self above our Lord on high, we often walk around with a complaint in our hearts that comes out of our mouths, we perceive that all our lives we have been a victim and we are pre-occupied with what other’s opinions are of us.  I just told on myself and my own beastly flesh nature of my old man, didn’t I?  You see once the Lord opens your eyes to the truth of you – He then begins delivering us from the old creature ways – but He doesn’t deliver us until He reveals whatever that struggle is to us first and then once we surrender and cooperate with Him – He changes us from the inside out.  Then… we begin to see that same beast dna characteristic in others and it can get quite overwhelming at times.  The very sin nature we are all born into is – ego, self-importance, a striving to prove we matter.  The New Creature knows they already matter to the Lord – with Him being first, the old creature desires to be worshiped and admired by others is a dead end in every way.  So the Lord doesn’t permit that to grow within us.  We decrease, He increases.

Many of us have been looking for placement, only to find our only place is hidden in Him.  As the Bride continues to make herself ready through total surrender it is only He who sits upon the throne of our hearts.  Our hearts are an alter and once purified, He takes His position within…  Words can never express my expectancy of sharing about the Bride, let alone how my heart flutters at the thought of the reality of it all.  I warn you now…. I may gush a bit, especially about the topic of romance… I also am severely lacking to give words in the natural what only can be realized within the heart of the Spirit – everything we are going to read and study is a matter of the heart and I come up short in so many ways to speak that which I know within, but I will do my best and I pray the Holy Spirit be my guide and open the eyes and ears of your heart to receive.

IF you have answered the call which has gone out, awakened and finding yourself already IN LOVE with Jesus, then this study will give you much expectancy and excitement with increasing desire.  And if you are seeking Him with your whole heart, not quite IN LOVE with Him yet, but you want to be – it will fuel the fire already placed within you.  But, if you are still entangled with the World too much or what is going on inside it – you likely will find this study boring and going against your mind and flesh nature.  I hope you will still listen and be open to the wooing of Jesus by His pure love anyway.

Last time we talked…. I spoke on the Beast DNA – I also want to reiterate I spoke on the Spiritual Mark of the Beast upon the hearts of many, something each one of us is born into and a course to overcome…  The reason the Lord pressed me to speak on that is because it is rarely, if ever discussed – most who discuss the beast do so from a physical stance – but the real mark, starts first in the heart – upon the alter of the heart – we must ask, who is on the throne?  The throne of our hearts who are believers must reserve that place for Jesus alone – Only He can complete us in such a precious way – although we try to fill that void with many lovers and lusts and even self, most often or knowledge or whatever the case maybe, it’s a process of purification we must walk out individually, then corporately as Jesus Himself will form and bind His bride together as one.

So before we actually begin talking about the BRIDE DNA – the characteristics and seal… I want to say thank you for your questions – I love your questions and how we are all growing together!  I have to say there were way more questions about the Beast DNA that we discussed than any other topic we’ve covered so far – which is good, its very good – that means the Lord Jesus is opening our eyes to His truth, not man’s truth.  He is stirring up questions within you all based on His Word, rather than just swallowing what you’ve been told.

I will say again…. I know nothing personally and anything I do know is in His word and given by Him without presumption or reading between the lines or adding of mixture/conspiracies and such.  I must say this again… all that He showed me takes a spiritual understanding, it will confound the wise because it is simple, so simple a child can understand.  For this reason it may come across boring to those who are seeking a sign or an elaborate thrill of conspiracy and there are many right now trying to lure Jesus followers away by enticing them in a sketchy way…  But rest assured, if we hold tight to Jesus, remembering He will not lose one of His own – we will find peace and comfort within the storm. 

Since you did have questions and good ones too – I need to clarify a couple things before we study about the Bride, so everything is put to rest and we walk forward as one in truth.

  • Again, we were talking spiritually – not looking for outward things in the natural or signs – we had a call to repent from all the ways the beast has touched and entangled our hearts so we may turn from it, never to go back or look back at his ways/doings.
  • The reason the heart is so entwined with the beast is because worship always starts in the heart – what you love you worship and uphold and we learned the other day our greatest fall is similar to lucifer’s when self is on the throne of our hearts.  When we become lovers of self, we then set ourselves up as gods… just as in the fall and throughout the Bible.  It is the fruit offered by lucifer to have our eyes opened to good and evil for the sake of knowledge and leaven always puffs one up and if not cleansed from the leaven of self, we will be ruined.
  • We discussed 6 being the number of man – I just want to remind us how we are created in God’s image, the word says “our” image – the trinity… but if we do not have the anointed covering of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – which serves as a protected and complete bubble around us – the opposite of that is 666 – the marking of a man/beast.  To keep it simple – you are either a man/beast – old creature or a new creature in Jesus, having the seal of God.  It is important to note man was created on the 6th day… so it all fits, spiritually for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.
  • Sadly many in the church are looking for outward signs and marking, oblivious to the beginning of it being internal only to manifest outwardly. 
  • I cannot reemphasize this enough – the mark is both spiritual and physical.  If you are looking only for the physical you will miss the spiritual altogether and remain or miss the inward signs to repent of altogether.  Which is the scariest part to me and grieves me in ways you cannot imagine.  Take the vaccine for example – not all those who have taken the vaccine are doomed eternally, but if you neglect to see the spiritual you may declare one is set to perish who is actually marked for salvation.  The vaccine is not the mark of the beast although it is allowed as a plumbline for us to measure ourselves by in testing – not measure others.  Just how far will we go to save our own lives – again, ego/beast nature to save self above all else.
  • Everything our Father does is complete – Nebuchadnezzar is a perfect example of what not to follow in place of our Lord – he was a Babylonian ruler who made a statue presumably of himself, containing representations of all the nations (here’s the physical) and required all bow down and worship this statue upon command, but Shadrack, Mesciek and Abednego (who were government leaders during that time) would not bow down to worship any other god.  They ended up in the fire, but Jesus was in there with them.  So see – if you only take things in the context of natural, you will miss the spiritual side altogether – the richness of the account is not found in the natural side of events, but the fullness is gleaned by the spiritual revelations of looking into the fire – not observing the idol made, which is natural. 
  • Babylonian rule is both natural and spiritual and prevalent today.  Just as the mark of the beast is both physical and spiritual and babble… well, that’s serpent speech. 
  • When people are tormented – it is both physically and spiritually – we understand that right?  If the enemy can keep you occupied with natural, you will miss the spiritual fullness being conveyed.

Seems like today is just a day to tie up some loose ends from the Beast DNA broadcast so that when we move forward onto the Bride – which is much more enjoyable to discuss, we are settled in spirit, mind in heart in unity by the Holy Spirit.

  • How are we as gentiles grafted into the branch?  Anyone know?  Its spiritually, right?  I mean we aren’t actually mingling physically and living in Israel, attending synagogues and practicing Jews are we?  The Word is written for both Jew and Gentile, it is the same…  But we must understand – when reading the Word – what happens to Israel in the natural, happens to the Gentiles Spiritually.  Therefore, keep in mind… Israel will likely display a natural mark, while we are more likely to display a spiritual one.  And this is not to say both will not be evident, but rather by observance – the natural eye, it is likely to appear first inwardly in such a way and then the demonstration appears by the natural eye.
  • We know Jesus comes bringing a sword doesn’t He?  We also know about the sword of the spirit, being doubled edged…  We are to die to self daily (wounded by the sword) in order to live eternally… hence, the meaning it is doubled edged.

The beast had a wound by a sword, but did live…  that’s Jesus, Jesus delivered that death blow to the enemy a very long time ago.  Jesus reigns over all evil, it is under His feet and guess what?  It is finished.  We now can enter into eternal life, death has no sting…. The Kingdom of God is at hand – we can walk it out spiritually each day, while we wait for it to be a way of life naturally. 

Again, the death blow to the beast having rule and dominion was delivered by Jesus.  And when He comes again we shall it be witness to it in the natural, when all things spiritual manifest for every eye to see Jesus and every tongue confess and knee bow to Him and finally realize Jesus is Lord.

  • Are you all starting to realize a good portion of the Book of Revelation has already been accomplished?  That Jesus’s preeminence and presence from the beginning of time is revealed at the end of the Book?   And that we are just now beginning to see it unfold before our very eyes by the Spirit through physical manifestation?  We are right now in that war because the dragon is making war with us – the remnant of the seed of Jesus because we do keep the commandments of our Lord and have the testimony of Jesus – which is in Rev 12:17
  • Take mystery Babylon for example – its in Rev 17, that is the harlot church – comprised of Natural and Spiritual souls, living and walking Earth at this moment – they are tares, goats, lukewarm, all the things mentioned as abominations in the seven churches in Rev 2 & 3… I just feel like at times numbers are such a distraction for us – like we try to number everything and get lost in how many of this and how many of that and lining up nations and all sorts of weird things. 
  • Strange gods are anyone placed above our Father – that’s all and most often like I said, it is self – but we see a lot these days of idolatry – where we place man above the Lord in many ways, we trust men too much – get burned over and over again, until the lesson is learned, of course.
  •  Remember the beast marking makes you magnify yourself, its ego and why lucifer fell…  others fall with him in such a way and is even something we’ve done in the past, but Jesus is our way of escape and is always there in our time of need when rescue is our only hope.
  •  When we see the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy place, when read by the spirit we will understand – Mathew 24:15  The holy place is referencing us spiritually and Israel naturally – We are the Temple built without walls by human hands and I am not saying there will not be a temple built in Israel – what I am saying is that we best keep our eyes pure to see God, realizing if we are waiting and watching for a temple in Israel to be built, as if the Lord has delayed His coming, he quite possibly will come quickly when we do not expect Him to do so and we will be caught unaware and unprepared.  Not one more thing is required to happen for Jesus to return, so we must be ready at all times.
  • The abomination of desolation is idolatry and a worship which is forbidden upon those who reject God to be glorified above all things on Earth and in Heaven.  It seems more and more people are glorifying everything but God to a greater degree than I can ever remember.
  • 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 explains this perfectly – let no man deceive you… it goes into the falling away from the truth which happens before the man of sin is revealed in our lives as god, he causes people to oppose themselves and exalt themselves above God in their lives so that HE OR SHE AS GOD SITS IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD SHOWING HIMSELF THAT HE IS GOD.  Who/where is the temple of God – you!  Who can make us an abomination and desolate? Lucifer… when we set his chracteristics/dna up inside us on the throne where Jesus is purposed to be – you become whatever you seek and worship.  Will this manifest in the natural, of course – but never believe you are somewhat removed from being grafted into the branch spiritually.  Remember – the mystery of iniquity is already at work… not simply to come at a later date.
  • It is important we realize we must receive a love for the truth or else we will search for a lie and fall for it – once that happens people are given over to that lie and placed into delusion for having pleasure in unrighteousness – those who seek unrighteousness and knowledge and such more than the truth, Jesus, Who is the way, the truth and life…  are right now swimming in delusional conspiracies.  Have you noticed this just started to ramp up the past 7 years or so? 
  • Remember… the Saints are not appointed to suffer through that time of great tribulation and during our Bride study so much about this will unfold by the scriptures.  The Word tells of a time of great tribulation that’s coming, it also speaks of many being cast into great tribulation who are entangled with Jezebel via fornication and idolatry – which is spiritual and natural by the way –  but Jesus tells us when we keep His word with patience, not letting anyone take our crown – which is the Gospel testimony of Jesus – we shall be kept from that hour of temptation coming upon the whole world.  Just be confident when you keep your eyes fixated on only Jesus He will insure we shall stand firm all the way through until the end, no matter what comes our way.
  • It is written we shall not eat of the tree of knowledge, having our eyes opened to good and evil, yet we have and do – but, do we see its fruit as pleasant and crave it or desire it?  Why do we not just let go of being as god, inviting Him to come in and abide within us?  It just seems like we have so many more questions than answers…  it is my prayer we repent and turn away from seeking man for answers, believing that the word which proceeds from God is how our souls are sustained and nourished for eternal life – one day all else shall pass away, but not His word and through Jesus His word abides within us, but it is our choice whether it remains or not.
  • I pray soon and very soon we repent from glorifying evil, prospering in any way from evil or elevating evil, believing it is in charge or gives us elevation of knowledge to puff up or helps us to walk this Earth by just knowing its deep secrets.  As we begin to understand the Father created evil and He still is in command over it – we are in a protective bubble, just like Job had a hedge placed around him – evil cannot touch us unless the Father permits or we invite it in…  Which how so many are drifting off the straight and narrow path these days, the falling away… is swift and quick in this season. 
  • Always hold close to your heart – as it is written in Mathew 24, unless the days of end shall be shortened for our sakes – the elect – or none would have been saved – or in other words, all would have fallen away…  that’s surely a sobering thought.
  • The Lord goes to measures beyond we know or can even imagine to preserve, save and keep His own…  He leaves the 99 to go after that one who is lost in darkness, alone in danger of being destroyed, especially by wolves.  Jesus does this and why?  Because only He truly knows who is and is not His.
  • All He spoke to us in His word stands firm and unchanged – what He warned us of is important just as it is written – but all this conspiracy knowledge stuff, well… If Jesus didn’t warn us about it – then it obviously is not worth its weight in gold.  What we do need to lay to our heart are the life giving words of our Lord and what we should not be entertaining are vain imaginations – those signs not spoken of in the Word because in doing so… if we are not corrupted by them, at the very least we could be so hard pressed to see the sign, we miss the coming and abiding of Jesus in our lives daily and His arrival in the future.
  • Revelation 7:13-17 speaks clearly about those who COME OUT OF GREAT TRIBULATION… whether that be spiritual, natural or both – only the Lord knows the full truth – but it is my personal belief it is both.  I know on more than one occasion He has delivered me out of great tribulation of both kinds…  But one day, in which only the Father knows the timing of… in a grand procession unlike any in history….  One final and complete time, the Bride will have made herself ready fully, washing her robes in receiving fully all that was accomplished on the cross by Jesus, her Beloved – which is so much more than just the forgiveness of sins. 

Let’s read it real quick…

Revelation 7

13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?

14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

15 Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them.

16 They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.

17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.


So this is a perfect place to end, thank You Lord… as a Segway into our next couple talks anyway about THE BRIDE, her DNA and falling so deeply in love with Jesus the bridegroom you are absolutely not only longing for His appearing – you are lovesick, so that we never stray from Him again.

If you all want to meditate within the confines of the Word, over the next few days, read and be embraced of the Song of Solomon, which depicts just a little bit how IN LOVE Jesus is with His Bride – for many of you I am speaking of YOU…  And the Spirit and the Bride say come… We have not yet had the wedding feast, so thankfully there is still time – especially for those of us who have a tendency at times to be that runaway Bride.

Let’s pray ~~~

Heavenly and merciful Father, we just bow before You, overwhelmed by even the thought of being submerged into Your presence for all of eternity.  Thank You Father for giving us to Your precious Son Jesus, our bridegroom, the most precious one of all, who our soul longs for every moment of everyday.  We trust in Your timing Father, please have mercy upon our impatience and for pressing to pass from this life to the next too quickly.  Help us Lord to welcome You to lead, while we follow.  It is our prayer we not run ahead of You or lag behind- thank You for keeping us continually on the straight and narrow path which leads to life everlasting.

Our souls cry out to You Jesus, in this longing to be one with You forever and ever.  As the days come to a close, please hold us tightly in Your loving embrace.  Forgive us for when we take our eyes off of You my Lord, as our Holy prize.  Help us to surrender to all of Your guided ways, which are perfect.  Stir within us a longing for Your word and guide us as we seek to know more of You. 

Thank You Lord for holding us close in Your arms of safety and guarding us against all the wiles of the enemy.  Help us to continually show love to one another in the surrendering of self.

In Jesus’s Mighty Name we pray.  Amen.

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