With One Little Word~

Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. James 3:10

?God Bless you all in the LOVE of Jesus.  I am finding that as we are called to lead by example, sometimes that can be for the good or the not so good.  In seeking the Lord’s help in righting a wrong, let me be the example of words spoken carelessly and the effect it can have on another in an undoing, in which we are often oblivious to it’s ramifications.  Since often I put myself out there on full display, my shortcomings are at times used for the greater good.  From that respect it can be a bad fruit turned good.

Let me explain…  Since I do not like things undone, I am pressed within my Spirit to offer understanding gained, first to myself, the one I did hurt and the ears who sat in proximity, by something not ordained by our Lord Jesus.  A word spoken carelessly, carrying forth the ripples of injury upon a fragile heart.

I titled my writing today, “With One Little Word,” because it was not so much what I said, but rather what I didn’t say that got me in trouble that day.  Once again, there certainly is a treasure in keeping silent, which is exactly what the Spirit calls for us to do under pressure and then the flesh wants it’s way – So goes the battle.  We often get so desperate we seek other measures than simply waiting upon the Lord and our fears take over, which gives placement to the enemy to set snares then willingly we walk into pain and CORRUPT OURSELVES.  The devil didn’t make me speak, I spoke.  A wise fellow servant told me, if the fruit is bad, throw it out and I agree.

It seems as of late, many in the Body of Christ are under much pressure.  Not to give excuse, but for clarification’s sake, I have been extremely burdened myself lately.  At times the ministry does take a toll on me and if I am not centered fully on the Lord, it can and does spill over.  And the same is true for you in whatever situation the Lord has placed you in to be a blessing.  We all desire to be a blessing to others in some fashion, which is just precious as we share the love of Jesus.  We often study the Word and encourage one another, but there are times our lives that never seem to flow like usual.  Looking back, these seasons can likely be a fruitful time in our lives as we draw ever so closer to Jesus.  There are times it is better to speak and best to remain silent.  The wisdom comes in knowing the difference.

The main point here is that sometimes it is not so much what we speak, but rather what we do not speak.  As we walk with Jesus and desire Him to turn mistakes into treasures, to hold and to cherish from this day forward, these beautiful life lessons are carried with us, if we so choose to receive.  There is only word that truly matters – LOVE.  The Bible says that Love covers a multitude of sins. That is a promise for me, for you and for all the inhabitants of this World.  But who among us will embrace the fullness of that love, laying our very selves down?  Our desires, our residues of pain and fear?  After shedding many tears, clinging tightly to Jesus and trusting Him to show me the way, my eyes finally began to glean the Light of Truth, the purity of love and of self-sacrifice for the sake of love, itself.

With one little word there are days in which moments relived, could have changed history in our lives as remorse trickles down to the lives of all those connected to us.  Once again, I am reminded how forgiveness is the remedy which bridges to love.  The Lord showed me it is not so much what we say that can hurt another, it is what we do not say.  If what proceeds out of our mouths can bring blessing or curse, my question is, when pressured why do we choose curse over blessing?  This truly should not be so.  Amen.

I believe when we take our eyes off Jesus it is a slippery slope and we are no longer a conduit of His love towards those we treasure the most.  Jesus is love, He abides inside us and therefore, as we are empty of self, He manifests through us spreading His love upon a darkened world.  It seems to me that if we, those who say we are Believers, cannot share the love He continually stood for, then who can?  Do those who are angry, hurt and cursing us deserve our love? Probably not, but that is not the point.  We didn’t deserve His love either, but yet He so freely demonstrates it continually.

I will sum it all up to say…  Love remains.  Jesus, His Love, is truly the greatest gift we can share with one another.  There is no possible way for us to walk this Earth and not inadvertently hurt one another, but when we do so, to be mournful and sorrowful of our actions to the point of laying our lives down in order to soothe the one we injured, insures we have received fully the purity of love itself!  I am so grateful for the times I am unlovable but am loved anyway.

Today is a new day and may we speak blessing upon another, consider today paying it forward with one word… Be an example for LOVE.

?LOVE others ~ And use words only when necessary.

God Bless You Today & Always in the Love of Jesus,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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