When Tolerance Is On The Throne ~ Broadcast Transcript from May 23, 2020

Good Morning Blessings Family – Thank you for joining me today on this ROF Ministries Broadcast!

May you all be blessed today and every day, seeking Jesus continually every moment of every day.  I also pray He join with us during this hour or so we have together and may only His Name be glorified as we explore more of His word and walk together in the love of the truth.

Well now…  Did you all see the title of today’s broadcast?  In case you didn’t, it is…  When Tolerance Is On The Throne.  I am going to do my best to step lightly today, not seeking to offend the already hurting who are potentially scared and easily offended, while we trust the Lord to reveal and deliver us so that we fully walk with Him in Spirit and truth.  May we keep seeking Him and may He keep purifying us unto the end of our lives here on Earth.

Guess what?  When tolerance is on the Throne, Jesus isn’t.

Here we are with another Church in Revelation to explore…  The Church of Thyatira and wow, I so want to study these Churches, because they represent the Bride of Christ in completion – which is why there are 7 of them and when we overcome each obstacle it is game over unto perfection…  I could so easily go down that trail today, Lord help me stay focused and on track.

Tolerance – leave unrestrained, tolerate, sufferest, allow, permits – IDOLATRY & PERSECUTING OF THE ANOINTED (exact definition of Jezebel spirit – not the person – the demonic influence using someone)

We get that right?  We all understand that humanity is influenced by demonic spirits to be carriers of demonic assignments here on Earth.  I say influenced because one does not have to be fully inhabited to be influenced by them to carry out their assignment.  Peter is a good example, Jesus actually called him satan – recognizing it was not Peter speaking, but rather he was being influenced to derail the Father’s commanded assignment set forth for Jesus.  This happens to some of us a lot – doesn’t it?

So – do we remain silent or do we speak?  Is not speaking “tolerating” or actually suffering in silence to which we will not overcome this demonic force of fear?  Is darkness overtaking the World and even the church to a higher degree because those who are appointed to stand up in the boldness of Jesus and speak are not doing so? 

We seem to be so very skilled at spotting a speck in our brother’s eye and yet permitting evil spirits to have their ways in our homes, relationships, fellowships, etc…  Edmund Burke said it best when he said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men/women to do nothing…”  How very true is that!

Romans 12:9 tells us to – Let love be without dissimulation (sincere or without hypocrisy). Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

It seems many are now calling evil good and good evil and it can get really confusing sometimes can’t it?  The Father said in Ecclesiastes that there is a time to love and a time to hate – He recently showed me this is more about good and evil, not people.  Before I kind of had that confused in my mind I think – trying to separate it out, fortunately He did that already for us in His Word.  The Father is light and because He light, He is the source of our light as well and remember light always overtakes darkness in less of course we “tolerate” it to have placement within us.  Or like the Scripture I just read said – if we are not clinging to the which is good, we no longer hate evil and at the very least we tolerate it when it manifests. 

It is sometimes hard to wrap our minds around how just our Father actually is – sometimes we even sugarcoat His truths in order to absorb them better.  He requires we believe in the simplicity of His words so confusion does not enter into us.  

Tolerance rather than Jesus is certainly on the thrones of many hearts isn’t it and if we’re honest we are not exempt either.  One shroud the enemy just loves to hide behind is tolerance – when we tolerate evil, we are not overcoming it.  Therefore, we surrender to it operating, let it speak, comprise with it and give placement to it to multiply.  What happens?  We become compromised, since we do know good from evil already – and become irrelevant, ineffective and passive, no longer able to stand therefore as He instructed.  When our lights within us are dim or refuse to shine, darkness will cover the Earth more and more.

Many often crave darkness over light.  Why?  Because much darkness still resides within us – remember, we tolerate that which we cannot see or suffer from ourselves, because it is familiar to us, the plank of darkness has blinded many it certainly would seem and at times I am the worst of all sinners – but I don’t want to be like that anymore, just as I am sure many of you all don’t either.  What is within us grows and what we eat of we take into us and yet honestly, some would not eat of the forbidden fruit of darkness if their lives depended on it, but don’t forget just how subtle the enemy can actually be – to the point of even coming as an angel of light.  Let’s just say, many of us have been there, done that, got the tshirt and came around the mountain of death, never looking back with no desire to return to the delightful delicacies of knowledge from that tree.  I guess you could say – some of us are blinded by the Light, no longer able to even look upon evil, let alone desire the secrecy of its ways – to the pure all things are pure and if you can imagine…  you can look upon mixture and see only good, it is possible by the way.  But we are all in a purging process, learning and growing and the more we learn about Jesus’s ways, the deeper we fall into love with Him, knowing nothing else satisfies the heart and soul like He does.  Its amazing how when you are in a delusion you cannot see it, but when your eyes are opened you have no desire for that shiny thing anymore.

Paul gave clear instruction on something so very precious for us to hold onto during this season, where mixture is daily at our doorstep.  It is in I Corinthians 4:6 and reads… “to learn from them and NOT GO BEYOND WHAT IS WRITTEN so that you will not take pride in one man over another.”  Wow – what a timely word – DO NOT GO BEYOND WHAT IS WRITTEN like so many are doing today is a warning light for us to embrace this day.  No more pushing the Spiritual envelope…  taking knowledge and applying it as wisdom from God.  We are not to measure our truth by our knowledge, but rather measure all knowledge set before us by God’s truth.  The Bible warns us time and again about the doctrines of men – Doctrine is good for us, as long as it is centered in the Word of the Lord – as all things of truth are found in the Bible.  What we say, what others say if it originates with the source of truth it will align with His written word.  Otherwise, we go beyond what is written, fables and more fables… sigh!

The Bereans were more noble because of this very instruction.  We are going to read about them quickly in Acts 17, because that same mandate is upon our lives, as well.

11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Paul commended the Bereans because he was so humble and appreciated the Beareans who took the words he and Silas were preaching with an open mind but, this is so very important – they searched the scriptures daily to see if what Paul and Silas were speaking were founded within the Scriptures.  Are we doing this? And actually are you doing this – even this very moment as I speak?  Are we studying the Word to make sure we are pleasing unto God so that when people speak we have the discernment to know what is truth and what is not or if they are adding to or taking away from what was already written?  Ahhh…. Are we judging what is good and evil before we take it into us as truth?  Yes, I did say judging which is synonymous in this case with discernment and testing the spirits.  I think we all can do a little better at this, can’t we?  There are many clouds without water, raining words down on flocks of people and since the people are not versed in the word – just because someone comes in the Name of the Lord, saying Jesus is Lord many are being led astray with itching ears.  A requirement for testing the spirits is being familiar with God’s word.  We cannot simply trust in our own discernment, not these days or we can quickly be led astray.

1 and 2 Timothy is a timely place to read right now, to shine light into such darkness because it truly is unfolding before our very eyes…  That being – The time has come in which people will not endure sound doctrine (teaching of wholesome words), turning to fables, teaching about unholy things and many other public speeches which are contrary to sound doctrine, just to paraphrase a little.  It goes on to say in the latter days some will actually depart from the faith after giving heed (submitting to) seducing spirits and doctrines of devils who lie and speak in hypocrisy – sadly, their conscience is seared with a hot iron – meaning they do not feel guilt for their ensnaring sin and actually give excuse for it.  Now, I am going to leave this right there for you all to read on your own, 1 & 2 Timothy.  You all don’t need me, you have the greater teacher there ever was or will be – the Holy Spirit – to guide you as you read what was written and we need to keep moving…  We are going back to the Garden where it all began… Ready?  I am so very excited!

Genesis 3 talks about the details of what happened after the fall, stating both Adam and Eve disobeyed the Father ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and as a result their eyes were opened to evil – we will study that in a minute, but first let’s look at the actual result of the event because it is relevant to us too if we partake of that tree – For Eve she retained enmity with the serpent and his seed and for Adam he will eat of the cursed ground all the days of his life.  Guess what the fruit is?  Seeds… Words…  Remember, Eve “heard” the enemy and then took what he gave her – she received what he had spoken and then told Adam what was said and he received it too because he hearkened unto the voice of his wife.  They listened to serpent speech and it changed them.  We as children of God have an inherent enmity with satan’s seeds/words – the Father placed that already within us!  If we take his words into us, whether spoken or written, as truth they get into the mind, we become double-minded and unstable in all our ways – we have “mixture” confusion of the mind.  Prior to the fall both Adam and Eve had pure minds without any sorrow and the result is pretty soon we begin to tolerate evil in every way.

Okay, lets back up to the command given by the Father in Chapter 2 and then see in Chapter 3 just how the enemy USES THE FATHER’S WORDS against Adam and Eve to trick them.  Remember that… He used the Father’s words to entice them to hear his voice and receive and believe what he was saying – he parroted the Father to pull them into disobedience.  One could almost say he came parroting what the Father had already spoken… Now isn’t that interesting?

Genesis 2 is where the Father speaks this ~

Of every tree in the garden you may eat of except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil – that tree you shall not eat of because if you do on that day you shall die.

Genesis 3 is where the serpent speaks subtly this same trail of words after Eve gave him her ear and then told her what the Father commanded ~

You shall not surely die (stirring up her curiosity by engaging her to want to hear more) he goes on, God knows that when you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil then your eyes will be opened (to evil – she only knew good at this point, she was pure) and you shall be as gods (desiring to rule over one another with that knowledge). 

Can you see this???  The serpent did not lie to her, he just stirred up curiosity with the fruit he had – knowledge of good and evil.  How did he do this? WORDS and used the Father’s own words no less so what he said was familiar to her.  She next saw how the tree was good for food and pleasant to open the eyes and listen to this…  A TREE TO MAKE ONE WISE…  My word, knowledge puffs one up doesn’t it?  So then… the knowledge she has partaken of (shared) with the enemy she then shared with ( spoke to) her husband and in that moment… You know what died?  They didn’t SURELY die, did they?  I mean they went on, had children, worked and lived life.  What died?  Their INNOCENCE, their purity became tainted, because until that point the Father had blinded them to evil – they were naked, but didn’t know it – oh my, please tell me someone is getting this!  I bet you need an example for today – Let’s just say you are watching youtube videos, innocent and all of a sudden pornography pops up with bestiality in it – well, you’ve never seen anything like that before, you hurry to shut it off but guess what?  Your innocence in that area is gone, you cannot unsee what you saw.  This right here is why – we do not desire to know the deep secrets of satan and his works, it taints us rather than purifies us.  Honestly, if I could go back 15 years ago before hearing about fallen details I would.  The Lord has really been showing me how all that is just not healthy for our souls and the enemy influences us into fear by revealing his deep secrets.

AGAIN, before we move on – GOD’S CHILDREN HAVE ENMITY WITH SATAN’S SEEDS, THE SEEDS ARE HIS WORDS FRUIT FROM THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.  Eve, as a female takes them in, Adam as a male carries them… even unto this day. 

Hold on, I just have to praise the Lord on high for one moment.  Heavenly Father, I just give You all glory and honor and praise for opening our eyes to Your majesty and for closing our eyes to evil.  Continue Lord to purge out of us all desires of knowledge, especially that which is sourced in evil practices, understandings and knowings which are not rooted in the Tree of Life.  Thank You Lord for delivering us from all evil.

Now, many of us seek outside resources for truth in addition to the Bible and are tempted every day to go BEYOND WHAT IS WRITTEN.  That is between you and the Lord, I am in no place to hammer down on who you watch and when – but you do have a still small voice inside you and many of you feel a little guilty at times for what you entertain.  That is the leading of the Holy Spirit within you, directing you where you are to go and as the “helper” He is… trying to pull you off that broad way which leads to destruction.  When You feel His tug pulling you back on the straight and narrow – please surrender, please heed His warnings – I know you get them – I also believe the Lord is pressing me to point out how the Father is pleading with His people at the moment in preparation for what is coming upon the Earth as deception paves the way to usher it in.

Alright – Are we good?  Can we keep moving now?  For the rest of the broadcast we are going to talk about – INTOLERANCE on the throne – which is just one example of SEED through words the serpent is tempting God’s children right now to walk in fear because he really wants the nations to tremble at his rattling.

I have a disclaimer before we really begin exploring the fruits of Intolerance being on the throne…  I am sharing a little of my oil (wisdom) with you all today of what is just not okay.  And how do I know?  Because I was guilty on every account and when we get delivered we can spot a blemish on a garment a mile away.  Once Jesus delivers you from something you never forget that which spotted the purity of you.  Although, all I am going to share is Biblical – my hands had blood on them too and honestly, I must confess I was not the most pleasant Christian to be around.  And all the while I “thought” I was full of knowledge and on fire for the Lord and I “thought” men were persecuting me for my faith when in truth, I needed knocked down a few pegs on the high horse I had perceived myself to be on… All vanity and all knowledge, a loudly clanging cymbal… Lord have mercy, this was so me. 

You all ready?  I don’t really mind sharing all these shortcomings, knowing I actually deserve death and everyone’s own righteousness is like filthy rags.  Those who are self-righteous are full of knowledge to press others to conform to them.  Yep, that was me too and I had no clue how to love someone I disagreed with, let alone bridle my tongue, I thought I was personally sent to save the lost World – knowledge always puffs one up.  The Bride of Christ is clothed in humility, while the carnal church is clothed in pride.  And until stripped naked and bare we cannot be clothed with the righteousness of Jesus so we rely on our own.  The carnal church has no idea they are already spiritually naked and blind – blinded by ego, fueled by knowledge from seekers who desire to know good and evil ways.  Their ending is very sad, unless they repent.  Thankfully, the Lord knocks many of us off our high horses – sometimes multiple times if that’s what it takes, doesn’t He?

Again… When I was hanging with the prideful crowd I was great, thinking I was doing the Lord’s work, the Lord’s way and it was all me in a delusional sea of works.  I never even thought pride came before a fall because after all, I couldn’t see pride in myself, I was blinded by ego fed by knowledge.  And I actually thought if someone didn’t want to hear me, they were missing out on truth – sadly it was my mixture of truth I vomited all over the place, not Jesus’s – my intent was pure but my delivery left a lot to be desired.  I ate of both trees in the Garden then so that is what came out of me, mixture.

So again, I made this list not to point fingers at others but to simply point out the truth of a bride not quite made ready.

WHEN TOLERANCE IS ON THE THRONE –  throne being the heart

  • Offended continually by everything you see or hear or even perceive because you often “read between the lines” believing you know what the intentions are of another’s heart
  • Call evil good and good evil
  • Show partiality based on favoritism – if you like the person they are excused, if you don’t then they cannot say or do anything right
  • Lack Godly fruit because the Holy Spirit is grieved to perform through you – critical of others and sometimes self – appearing as false humility
  • Lack of repentance, excuses sins, refuses to openly confess faults while pointing out others shortcomings
  • Seeks outside sources for truth rather than the Bible – looks for mediators between self and God
  • Daily walk is knowledge based, church gatherings are a social event, your entertainment and source of connection to God – stumble when you can’t gather together
  • Seek Scriptures or messages that tickle the ears – uses parts of Scripture out of context for self gain
  • Broadway which leads to destruction
  • Read the word to wield as a sword against others
  • Lukewarmness – having knowledge but not loving the truth (Jesus), practicing deception
  • Fellowship to meet friends and socialize rather than to share in partaking of Jesus
  • Easily offended in jealousy or envy when others are faithful and joyful in the Lord and will create an event to stir up neediness or strife
  • Get angry when in need and someone points to Jesus as your help
  • Inconsistent based on “who” is gathering rather than truth being shared – for example the same truth can be spoken by two people – you will receive the Word from a favorite and yet deny it when spoken by one you have discord with.
  • Rebels against authorities – Elders is a big one, will proclaim you obey or follow no one and yet expect others to obey and follow you – form of rebellion
  • Thrive on breeding chaos and confusion
  • Does not reflect – everything happening is everyone else’s fault
  • Applies the World’s ways into gatherings polluting the alter (Jesus)
  • Forges one to fight for the position to be right
  • Seeks consensus on right or wrong, good or evil, rather than seeking the Word
  • Thrives to yoke together believers with unbelievers – FORMULATING an unholy alliance
  • Twists others words for self gain

Okay, now lately we have been sharing so much about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit haven’t we?  In order for the authentic Body of Christ to be “joined” with one another…. FIRST we each individually must be surrendered and joined to HIM – then He will join us to one another.  There is so much strife right now in the carnal church because of too many chiefs and not enough Indians, so to speak.  Or rather… too many heads and not enough bodies to make up the Body of Christ where there is only one head – Jesus.

That is a huge study right there… If you think about the “purpose” of the head… It controls everything!  What we do, think, dream, say – the head makes the hands clap together!  One hand doesn’t make the other hand clap, does it?  Honoring one another is lacking in a big way in the church body right now, which is why we studied that topic last week.  Who is the head of the Body of Christ?  Jesus… no one else is to rule over another.  When Jesus is on the throne… tolerance for any sort of evil is dissolved…  Can you imagine Jesus thinking upon evil?  Trying to figure out what evil is doing and why?  Can you imagine Jesus “tolerating” evil whatsoever?  I don’t know about you… But I cannot.

You know I observed something the other day when a few people were talking about something and spreading around some KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL…  Then a beautiful soul, just one tried to share something very encouraging suggesting everyone eat of the tree of goodness and life by getting in the Word more than anything else right now because she realizes that eating of Jesus’s words is all that she requires for sustaining life but most importantly it strengthens her soul and casts down all fears and doubt.  These are my words, not hers so I am paraphrasing, but she did not elevate herself other than share a testimony pointing to Jesus.  Anyway, all hell broke loose basically and you know what?  It wasn’t what she said, it was who she was…  The position is why many rebelled not the person.  What have we become?  That we would actually be walking so full of prideful offenses guarding our own words and what we share that we would verbally attack someone who was simply and lovingly suggest to us we read the Bible or to only seek Jesus during these times we are in?  What’s wrong with us – I need to remind us when conviction comes upon us like that – it is not the person pointing to Jesus, it is the Holy Spirit?  Can you see it now that the dust is settled?  Are we so in rebellion that we are angry and offended that anyone suggests only the narrow way which leads to life?  Are we so in rebellion that we verbally slay an elder?  And yes, I did say elder – because there are elders and we are to respect them, honor them and definitely not quarrel with them just because spiritually guided instruction for our own edification comes.  This is just one example of many in each of our lives – but it is a great reminder to check our hearts and see if we are embracing a lie of knowledge and rejecting the pure milk of the word and if so to quickly repent and get back on track with the Lord because time is so very short.  The real Bride of Christ is clothed with humility and honors others, just as Jesus did.

When we quarrel with others, it reveals a lack of humility and honor within us.  Remember… WWJD?  That is our vision and goal and He is our perfect example.

Have you ever wondered why if something is not profitable to our souls, why are we hungering and thirsting for it to begin with?  In order to answer that question we must understand what knowledge does – it puffs up in order we matter so we have leverage to rule over others.  KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL feeds our ego.  And remember – God resists the proud and if we do not resist evil in every way….  Our path will be one as thorns, being resisted by the Lord the whole way through because the Word tells us how those who are offended sow discord among the brethren which results in many woes (you have a life of sorrow).  I don’t know about you all, but I think I’ve had enough woes in the last few months to last a lifetime.  Jesus is coming into us to set us free, no longer being captives of sinful ways and who He sets free is free indeed.  Some of you all at this very moment have spiritually outgrown gathering places where you used to fellowship in all the time for this very reason – Jesus said, Come out from among her My people and do not partake in her plagues…  When you glance back, it pulls at your heartstrings doesn’t it?  Keep praying… the vision didn’t change, we did, collectively.  But, I can’t really get into all that right now.  But we are most certainly growing in the Lord – yayyyy!

Just remember… there is no disunity or discord in the Spirit.  Quite often when we perceive everyone is opposing us – in all actuality we are in opposition within ourselves.  When we tolerate that sort of thing, we give placement for it to operate and I’ve seen it time and time again… It chases out the precious ones so that those who foster strife remain – you know why?  To choke the Word and quench the Spirit and cease love from having its way… among other things but mainly to stunt the growth of those who reach out to us, no matter who they are – The word, the spirit and love nourish people and GROW them in their faith and daily walk with Jesus.  Discord stunts that growth and is of the devil to quench the spirit because the enemy knows we as God’s children need nourishment to grow the seeds of God imparted within us.  And the same is true when we eat only from the Tree of Knowledge – we will not grow.  Think about this… If the Father gives the increase, do we really think He is going to increase darkness within us?  If not, why take it in?

The Bible is not some source of social entertainment – it is actual food for the soul, so of course the enemy will use whatever vessel he can to stir up a curiosity about knowledge to debate by trying to ensnare people who do not LOVE THE TRUTH in order we question truth and once we give him that ear, he’s got us.  If you do not love the truth, you will be offended by it… then a fight breaks out, strife enters in – all focus is taken off Jesus – and there you have it… a place taken over and surrendered to the enemy.  He was not defeated he just used you to defeat the messengers God sent.  This isn’t anything new, it happened all the time when the disciples visited villages and when it did – if the house did not receive their peace, they shook the dust off and went to another.  The house is not the message, the Gospel is.  The house is peaceful until vessels of discontented offense show up who have not conformed to the love of the truth yet, which is why offense releases discernment on who is who.  You who are messengers – again, the peaceful gospel of Jesus resides in you… Go and preach the gospel to all men and women – yay… entering into households as the Father leads you by His Spirit!  When you love the truth, you share it with anyone, anywhere.  Whatever parts of Scripture still offend us, reveals what parts of darkness we are just not willing to let go of.  For example, if I liked to steal and someone told me unrepentant thieves will perish… I am going to get immediately offended because tolerance is on the throne of me about thieves.  I may say that person is judgmental or critical or lash out at them or basically do anything to keep myself covered in order to deflect the truth about me.  This is why… if you are eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and someone points to Jesus and Scripture you get highly offended – not because they know it, but because you do not want to know it is the truth and those who are not the unoffended would come into agreement with truth, saying – Yes, that’s great, thank you for the reminder, we all should be more in the word than anything else at the moment.  Way too many people are passing around heresy, calling it truth and actually some of us are finding it harder and harder to remain quiet…  It is almost an “If I perish, I perish moment” for some of you all… And I know you sense it.  We are dealing with demonic influencers over un-surrendered vessels who walk in offense – the battle is a spiritual one and we deeply love those who are being used in such an unholy way because at times we all are used – which is anytime we walk in flesh and not spirit overwhelmed with mixture.  Therefore, let us not be haughty deceiving ourselves that the enemy cannot use anyone of us at any time to carry out his bidding.  It is so important that we continually check our own hearts and remember it is best to be like that of a river of life flowing outward to others in humility always speaking the truth in love, rather than simply loving to speak the truth.  And just when you think you are too holy to fall… think of Peter, who Jesus actually said get behind me satan too.

Lastly, before I close out today’s broadcast just a small Scripture we will discuss much more in the future ~

Ephesians 4:27 ~ …. Give no placement to the devil.

This truth is applied to all of our being, specifically putting on the full armor of God.  I understand many are fearful and I also understand what comes with that fear of being caught off guard – but please, please hear me – knowing how evil works, what evil is plotting and planning or how it is going to show up, does not protect us in anyway.  My prayer is that we receive fully God’s perfect love which casts out all fear and that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself, we no longer need to fear what man can do to us – but only have fear and reverence for our Father, Who created the Heavens and the Earth and all inhabitants which indwell them both – there is no need to instruct or fear demons, fallen angels (aliens as some call them), principalities, forces of darkness or even the speech of the serpent —  We are as chosen children of God fully covered when we are fully surrendered to Him.  Our Father is Sovereign – he’s got this.  You are the apple of His eye – you are!  Please draw near to Him, listening to what He says because He loves you so much and wants to reveal His love to you every single day.

Along with that is 1 Thess. 5:22 – Abstain from all appearances of evil.

When we represent the Kingdom of God in excellency we do only what we see our Father in Heaven doing, just like Jesus did.  Our Father does not glorify evil in anyway does He?  We overcome evil with good, don’t we?  I think there is a misunderstanding about overcoming evil with good – people go right to a works based mentality, but that is not what the Word says – by being full of God’s goodness, evil cannot reside in or around us.  And it is His goodness that helps us to resist the enemy in order that he flee away from us, far away, as a matter of fact.

Just some clarity of what appearances of evil actually is, from the Greek word appearances:

Search to know kinds of evil, something not of God perceived by the eyes-senses, get knowledge to understand evil practices or ways, to notice, discover, give attention to, observe, seek what to do about, inspect, look at or behold or to interview.

Evil means – labors, annoyances, hardships, to press others, to cause pain or trouble for someone, have a bad nature, physically diseased in the heart or spiritually blind or wicked practices.

The Lord is continually pressing upon us to be as He is and to think upon things which are good, lovely, truthful and a good report – which you can read more about in Phil. 4:8.

It just seems to me there is enough darkness in the World in which the source of all is evil, so it is of no good purpose to entertain evil in anyway within the Body of Christ.  I cannot recall one time in Scripture where Jesus sat people down to instruct them on evil possibilities which may never come to pass, ever.  When He taught, He taught about the Kingdom of Heaven, introducing them to His Father because that is where life springs forth from, specifically time and again He called them to repent.  I realize it too is purposed for some to share about what is to come with a warning, but sadly many are glorifying evil or even themselves, which is not of the Lord so this is a good reminder to consider if what we are saying or listening to or watching is glorifying the Lord or evil?  That’s all.  Pretty simple really so that no tolerance for evil is present on the Throne of our hearts where only Jesus should be indwelling.  I pray we do not go another day tainting our purity with spots and blemishes from seeking evil secrets and such, sharing them with others.  We have a much higher calling than that which is going forth to preach the good news of the Gospel of Jesus, just as He purposed us to do.

So once again I am going to pray Psalm 91 over us today as I humbly ask the Father to instill these words into our minds, soul and bodies in place of every serpent whispered seed and I ask all this in Jesus’s mighty Name in which we are fully covered by His blood.

Psalm 91 ~ You Are Our Refuge and Our Fortress

We are those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High

And will abide in the shadow of the Almighty always and

say to the LORD, “You are our refuge and our fortress,

our God, in whom we trust. ”Surely You will deliver us from the snare of the fowler,

and from the deadly plague. You will cover us with Your feathers; and under Your wings we will find refuge;

Your faithfulness is a shield and rampart.  We will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the calamity that destroys at noon.

Though a thousand may fall at our sides, and ten thousand at our right hands, no harm will come near us. We will only see it with our eyes and witness the punishment of the wicked. Because we have made the LORD our dwelling—

our refuge, the Most High—no evil will befall us, no plague will approach our aboding places.

For You will command Your angels concerning us to guard us in all our ways.

They will lift us up in their hands, so that we will not strike our foot against a stone.

We will tread on the lion and cobra; we will trample the young lion and serpent.

OUR PROMISE ~~~ “Because we love You Lord, You will deliver us; because we know Your name, You will protect us. When we call out to You, You will answer us; You will be with us in trouble. You will deliver us and honor us and with long life You will satisfy us and show us Your salvation.”

Now, those are our Father’s words, Who is the source of all truth, pure and wholehearted words we can cling to each day.  We need not fear whatsoever – He is our front and read guard and He will never, not ever lose one of His own, so with that…. Peace be still.

Saturday’s word from Russ at Father’s Heart Ministry ~

The Father says today, focus determines mastery. My Spirit is disclosing My word and My hand working in your life. I am operating upfront and visibly, and I am working behind the scenes maintaining and sustaining you in powerful ways that are not always apparent. Your responsibility is to focus on whatsoever things are good, pure, perfect, and of good report. If what you hear isn’t the good report, it does not originate with Me. The prophet who chooses to be a conspiracy monger is amplifying and magnifying what the enemy is doing. I’m not worried about the losing team, are you? You can fill your head with all the details of what the enemy is fomenting in darkness, but what is it to you when I have defeated the enemy and laid all of his spoil at your feet?

Remember beloved, you are where your attention takes you. What you fill your mind with becomes prophetic in your life. Things are getting better for those that are walking in the light. The wicked? They are being removed. It is a day of darkness for those in darkness, but a day of moving from glory to glory for those who choose to see what I am doing with an unswerving and unbending intent to engage with My kingdom and My word, and so their victory is assured. Men may bind you, but I will loose you. Sickness may stalk you, but I will smite the enemy of pestilence on the cheek and break out all his teeth. You will not be touched. Loss, lack, and difficulty may breathe out their threats but fear not, for I am with you and will never suffer you to falter or to fail. That is My word of truth to you in the midst of the battle, says God, and none other.

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