What to say?

?God Bless you and may the Lord continue to shine His loving light upon you during these times of struggles and trials, where He is seen in the midst of the storm.  We, collectively, are learning at a rapid pace the SOVEREIGNTY of His nature, in our lives and the lives of those we love and hold dear to our hearts.

I haven’t written in awhile and even at this moment as I sit down to write, I am finding myself questioning “What to say?”  Mainly because it is better to say nothing, than to give an “Idle” word or worse yet say something harsh which might in turn discourage someone in the midst of their teaching fire.

Many of us are becoming much more aware and conscience of times in which we said something “thinking” it was the Lord, which in turn it actually was self.  This gives great pause to the soul and bridling to the tongue.  Once we get over this hump and truly realize just how out of line we can be, we begin to walk a little more fearful of the Lord and a lot more cautious of what we release out of our mouths to perform, regarding words upon the Earth.  Now that I am personally over the hump…  I cringe quite often at what I hear or see coming through others, praying fervently for them in silence, “Forgive them Father they too, know not what they do.”  The truth is, I don’t know what I am doing much often and as I decrease, He is increasing and change blossoms.

BOSSES…  Have you noticed there are self appointed BOSSES everywhere now?  Or maybe it is just me…  Or maybe it is because I have a tendenccy to be one?  The critical nature of carnality forges us into a position to attempt to rule over everyone and everything.  My question is:  If we are ruling over everything, where does the Lord fit into that picture?  Only HE IS SOVEREIGN, we are not.  Understanding His sovereignty releases our carnal minds of worry, fear, chaos and confusion.  But will we truly let go and let God?

What if letting God means I lose it all?  Family, finances, jobs, homes, health, stability, familiar surroundings?  All of life as we know it could vanish in a blink.  So fear will grip us so tightly, we freeze, unable to step out onto the water with Jesus.  He loves us so much He will not leave us where He found us.  As the Author & Finisher of our Faith, He molds us perfectly into His plan and purposed will, knowing just exactly the amount of fire we need to be perfected into His Image.  I can’t do this for you and you can’t do this for me.  This forging process is done by One, the Lord Himself.

The truth is, many we are called to LOVE, we are trying to rule over or rather be BOSS over.  I am finding that many are less receptive to the notion that Jesus is the Answer to all that troubles us, which troubles me greatly.  I am finding I have way less to say than before, because He already said it all.  Jesus is the narrow gate that few find because they believe they hold all the answers.

I had my most precious sister, Rikki, tell me the other day, “The gate is only narrow until we step in.” And when she said this to me, it was if my eyes were opened in an instant.  Her words washed over me like the spittle Jesus used on the blind man and I could see in truth.  Once we fully submit and step into Him all fear and worry and doubt is erased from our steps.  All desire to complain and control our circumstances vanishes in a blink.  His sovereignty marries our purpose and Faith is born.  And this Faith is real and authentic, no longer discussed with words, but a true knowing that He really has this and it is alright, already.

In Faith…  we no longer ponder “What to say…” but rather have assurance of “Who to say.”

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Love

Jesus is Sovereign

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…  Hebrews 12:2

Jesus has the whole World in His hands, this includes me, you and those we love.  And today…  This is all I have to say.  It is already finished.

?Love In Jesus,

Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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