Unbreak My Heart ~ Song Lyrics

?Who am I Lord that you should care for me
What am I other than a wretched one
I sin against you and I curse “Amazing Grace”
What am I Lord that you should call me yours

Still I hear
Still in small voice in my ear
Such a voice wipes away every tear

I’m nothing more than just a speck of matter
I know I don’t deserve a place with You
I’m weak and poor and don’t have much to offer
But all I have, oh God, I give to you

Lay it down
If we had such a thing as a crown
Throw myself at the foot of your throne

I will worship you Father in spirit
I will worship you Lord in all truth
I will worship you God with my whole heart
It’s the one I know that’s sure to please you
Is to worship you Lord because I love you


This song was taken from a dance performance, the Composer and Songwriter is unknown.

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