Written By ~ Inmate Taterbugs

The year is now here for twenty-twenty vision

Changing times, changing laws, time to stay focus

Old men shall dram drams young men shall see visions

For God’s Word is forever true alive and with us

The Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

It’s time for twenty-twenty vision, time to stay focus

On the changing times and signs across this land

Watch the skies for the appearing of our Lord Christ Jesus

Our time and year is here with twenty-twenty vision

With a better and brighter future so make no mistake

For the Lord is on our side and made the final decision

The prison doors shall open soon for goodness sake

For truly who the Lord sets free shall be free indeed

Many who are locked up in prisons and jails

Will be locked up no more but shall be set free

For the Lord God heard our cry and paid our bail

Finally here the time of a clear twenty-twenty vision

Time to stay focus and alert for positive new things

Dreams coming true and insight of new visions

Of things that lay ahead of what the future will bring

Yes the year is now here for twenty-twenty vision

With changing signs, times and laws, time to stay focus

The Lord heard our prayers and has made His decision

Though Satan is against us, The Lord God is clearly for us.

Written by Terry Tatum

copyright 2020 Terry Tatum

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