Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil ~

Testimony of a Voice Crying in the Wilderness
My purpose in divulging this is for the honest truth. I believe that as it was stated in Genesis concerning the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we can see that a parallel today is our phones and our computers as all we say and think is recorded. We are judged by our words so I will keep my words honest even if it hurts me by embarrassing myself. We already know that the devil is like a roaring lion ready to devour. He uses our words against us if we are not wise. Have we all messed up? Probably. It is time for us to be wise and to see this spirit of accusation that is just overwhelming all that it can. It loves to expose and extort and accuse. We can render Satan useless by being honest about ourselves which leaves little or no room for that spirit to operate.

I do not usually say much online. When the internet first came out something about it made me feel so uncomfortable thinking about words being made public for all to see. It can be such a blessing as well as I know the good news of the gospel is being preached to all the world online. I saw my teenage kids always putting their business out there as I warned them against that. I also felt like it was so very impersonal. No voice to hear and no eyes to look into. It has made us forfeit a lot of our discernment. We can choose this as a Godly tool for the kingdom as we learn to walk by the spirit and see the internet world as a tree of life, or we can listen to the serpent and let it be used as the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Social media has been used for many good things but look at how people are hurting each other. Even just reading comments can make us form wrong opinions about someone if we do not stay in the spirit Christ. It has been such a productive tool of both good and evil. The question is for all of us to choose. Which tree do we choose in this digital world? Something tells me that if we, especially those in the body of Christ are not so careful to be wise and true, then it can be used as our fall. We need to be holy in all manner of communication. Even if we do not type it, Satan has been recording us in every way he can and why? Do we really think that is for our safety or security? We all need to remember that evil has it’s role in this.

I pray for all to hear that voice crying in the wilderness, that is deep inside our hearts to be wise children. If we mess up, go straight to that throne and ask forgiveness and be accountable for it. We are not to ever be complacent and too comfortable and ignore our faults in this. We are never to sit as a queen thinking we are above another but as a bride of Christ. I pray we all stay in Christ in the New Jerusalem; that spiritual realm of peace and truth. “Let us be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.”

Stay in love with your brothers and sisters, those who are in Christ and those that may not be in Him yet. To be in Christ is to love. Pray for your enemies that they be blessed and be healed. Pray for the wicked and the internet trolls. We are sent here to shine our light in places of darkness. I just thought I would share that thought with others because I see so many people falling for digital traps of the adversary. My hope and prayer in sharing this is just a reminder that shining a light in the darkness does not mean to point out faults but call into prayer. This is purely meant just to be a reminder for the body of Christ to be wise and be in love. I hope this will be found helpful and keep us at the tree of life as we are loving our fellow brothers and sisters with our very words.

Please speak life always. May all who see this find a blessing in it. Beware of the digital death trap. Stay in truth. Stay in the loving arms of the word of life made flesh. Jesus of Nazareth.

?Angel R.

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  1. Cindy (Just one woman)
    Cindy (Just one woman) says:

    Hi Sweet Sis! Thinking of you and sending love and prayers your way. You are so precious to so many of us. May the Lord keep you, bless you and protect you and your family! Thank you for all you do in the power and might of the Lord and for being who you are in the Lord.


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