Thy Kingdom Come~

The time has come!
The lights dim low.
It’s here! It’s here!
The Luciferian show!
Pile in your bunkers,
you think it can’t touch you.
Soon you will be yelling
for the rocks to bury you!
So naively unaware that evil lurks within
the hearts and minds and souls of men,
who scorn the Lord, who curse at Him,
who wallow like swine in the mud of their sin.
When the Lord Jesus Christ comes again
they’ll chew on brimstone,
feast on flames,
and bow their knees to His glorious name!
For you shall do so either now or then.
You cant save yourself,
you must ask Him!
The only Son from Calvary,
who suffered and died to set us free,
descended to the depths of hell
and victoriously rang ‘ole Satan’s bell!
He arose again in skin and bone
before ascending to His glorious throne!
Oh ye who think you’re out of reach,
Death’s hard grip will rip you from sleep!
The Lord’s commands you refuse to keep,
ye wolves that stalk the holy sheep.
But when the Lion returns again
His kingdom come, victorious, and then
you’ll see the hill to Hades, to doom,
the crushing heat, the pain, the gloom!
Your father the Devil is waiting for you…
Listen! Hark! A trumpet sounds!
“Judgment! Judgment!”
Going down?

Written By ~ Sis Pureheart?

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