The Ways of Royalty ~ HONOR

Broadcast Transcript ~ May 10, 2020

The Ways of Royalty ~ HONOR ~ May 10, 2020

Good Morning and God Bless each of you today.  Thank you for joining me on todays’ ROF Ministries broadcast as we talk about “honor.”  In light of the fact a couple weeks ago was Mother’s Day, which will tie into our teaching today, we are going to study more about “honoring” not just mothers, but one another as well and most importantly our Father in Heaven.

But first…  Do we know who we belong to?  Jesus is the King of all Kings.  Amen.  And only because of HIM are we seen just as He is…  ROYALTY – He paid His life for us to be ransomed – Jesus calls us His reward for His laying down of His life – not because we are great, but rather because He is.  This word Royalty has been so overused and misconstrued by doctrines of men to edify and puff up, which is not at all what we are going after today.  As a matter of fact in God’s Kingdom, his children and cloaked in Humility with a grateful heart of thanksgiving void of entitlement.

So we are going to study a bit…  The Ways of Royalty by Scripture, not assumptions.

1Peter 2:9-10 says ~

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; for you once were not a people, but now you are the people of God; you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

Only because of our Father being so merciful towards us do we enter into His Kingdom.  It is nothing of us, all of Him, so that no man can boast.  If we do not have that point in fullness, we cannot proceed any further because when we go over “honor” today, if we don’t lose any sense of entitlement our study today will offend us.

Because our Father showed us mercy, we received His mercy – which is why we too should be merciful to every single person who crosses our path.  Or in human terms…  Give them the benefit of the doubt, not assuming the worst of others.

Today’s topic is all about “honoring” others – And we are going to shatter some myths today and the first one is:  You do not have to agree with someone or even like them to honor them. 

Jesus honored others and especially His Father perfectly.  Like always, He is our Heavenly and perfect example to follow.  Jesus honored even the least of these, the sinners, prisoners, prostitutes, the sick and the lame.

First let’s explore what “honor” even means Biblically. 

Romans 12:10

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another;

It seems we talk a lot about love, don’t we?  It also seems our actions fall way short of our mouths at times, don’t they?  We go around honoring people with our lips – but our hearts are far from them when we accuse, betray, slay them, become a fault finder, etc…  We may LOVE but do we HONOR one another, even giving preference to them over ourselves?  That is the real question.  I love the word honor because it goes hand in hand with being loyal.  If we say we love someone and yet speak against them, lie or cheat them,  or even deceive them, in truth we do not love them.  And like I always say… Love is an action word.  Honor is love in action to prove and test if what we are saying to one another is actually a façade or authentic in nature.

Honor in Greek means –

Seeing the value in something

Seeing something as being priceless

Did you know Jesus honored us with His blood to purchase us with for the sake of redemption?  You, me, all of us are so valuable to Jesus He paid a very costly price for us – His blood.

1 Corinthians 6:20 says ~

For you are bought with a price (same root word as honor in Greek) – therefore, glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

We truly are no longer our own, are we?  And we are to use both our bodies and our spirits to glorify the Lord.  And yes, even our bodies.

Oh I found something very interesting I want to share quick while studying about honor…  Remember when Ananias held back a portion of the “price’ and lied to the Holy Spirit?  Would you believe the word “price” here is the same word as “honor?”  Amazing…  Dishonoring the Holy Spirit in such a way brings death, if only partly – which is the amount Ananias and Sephira held back.

Honoring others is costly, we pay a price… Ourselves, just like Jesus did, by the laying down of our egos to let love prevail in a moment of time.

When we truly believe the Lord Jesus sees all are honorable enough to die for, if we truly love then we too will honor others, counting no one out with accusations and assaults and assumptions or anything which brings them shame. 

Many people tell me they love me and I turn around and get attacked or accused and my head starts spinning…  You all know what I mean?  I know this happens to us all and its increasing.  Your brother and sister may say they love you then turn right around and slap you on the cheek.  In the past week this has happened to me numerous times, so the grace of the our Lord has to step in because honestly, I desire to have nothing more to do with those who cause me pain – but Jesus keeps telling me mercy given is mercy received and we need a lot of mercy don’t we?  Because truthfully, we have done the very same thing at times. 

Honoring someone is to cherish them to the point, you place them above yourself, considering their shortcomings.  When doing this we may be silent when we really want to speak or speak when we prefer to be silent, we may choose not to repay evil with evil, assist when we prefer to retreat, extend grace when we would like to correct and instruct – honoring another means – it is not about you, it is about the other person.  And it is also the washing of the feet Jesus left as an example – remember, He even washed Judas’s feet, knowing he was the betrayer in the group.

Godly mothers would be an awesome example we could think of here on Earth to compare with love in action by modeling honor and since it is Mother’s Day, we will do just that… Obviously, you have a mother or at least had one – so we all have this one common thread today!

They say a female is the closest to death when delivering a child.  I say go three months tending to sporadic sleep of a newborn every two hours and you feel close to death.  Maybe childbirth is so painful to brace you for all that pain which is coming for the rest of your life?  Lol…  I don’t know, but until you scraped vomit off shag carpet with a spoon or wiped butts for years that were not your own or found disgusting things under a teenagers mattress or had this tiny extension of you grow up and only to say I hate you or finally get your plate fixed finally to sit down at the dinner table and when everyone else is done…  Actually, the list is endless.  I’ve said this before… But children teach us how to love unconditionally unlike anyone else on this planet can.  The Lord said nothing can separate us as His children from His love, the same is true for mothers.  So even if you have no children, you were one… So take some time to reflect and honor the Father for those in your life right now, He appointed to you, which good or bad was by His design.  And remember… Kids don’t come with an instruction book, most Mom’s did the very best they could with what they were dealt in life at any given time.

I’ve noticed with familiarity… Honor often goes right out the window.  When you honor someone, you show them respect and treat them with dignity.  However, over the course of time the more comfortable we get with someone we often let our guards down and the truth of us is revealed.  I’ve observed this in chat for example over the course of many years.  People may come and go but their patterned traits remain the same.  When someone is new to the group they tread very lightly and honor people and are so happy to love, then overtime, they get familiar with the house and one another and even myself – and then the truth of who they really are is revealed and honor goes out the window.  Then strife comes in, not because it just randomly showed up, but because the vessels who contain strife are no longer restraining who they are…  Familiarity has set in, as they honored people with their lips but their hearts were far from them. 

My own house has a no excuse rule and I enforce it in order that love remain.  I do not allow a bad mood, sickness, pressures of life, etc…  to take precedence over love here.  If you get sick and lash out at others here in my home, there will be a consequence.  The reason I do this is because – if the accusation and assault was not in you, it would not come out when you are sick.  The same is true in all things negative.  Again, if pressure comes and you blame, then blame is in you, otherwise it would not present itself.  All will be without excuse one day – best to practice that right now.

When one is offended, one cannot walk honorable one to another.  I cannot honor someone when I am offended at them, it is impossible.  I was thinking about how often I miss the mark in honoring my own mother and how her phone calls just to even check on me and kids I so often take for granted.  And how it trickles down sometimes from her, to me, to my kids.  Well someone needs to make a change and since we can only change ourselves, lets start with us, okay?

Let’s talk specifically about The Ways of Royalty ~ HONOR.

  • The Lord is restoring honor in the church He is building Himself because He is honorable and when moving in His presence, so are we.
  • Honor and loyalty does not mean we are in agreement with someone’s words, actions, beliefs, etc… Daniel for example honored King Nebcaneezer but he did not bow down and come into agreement with him as a leader.  He honored him without submitting to the evil practices he enforced.
  • Upon being saved we go from sinner to saint – old creature to new – entering into the Royal Priesthood with a desire for excellency from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light.  Remember, even if no one else can see the transformation, Jesus can.
  • We become heirs as adopted children into the royal family of Father God, so now when we cry, its to Abba Father – we are then Princes and Princesses.
  • In a Holy Nation no one is a pauper – all are children of God – there are no levels any longer, all are saved, so envy, jealousy, strife has no placement when in truth all are being perfected and equal with God – cohabiters with Him.  Co – meaning equal to one another when communing in His Kingdom.
  • To restore honor inside us – He is teaching us how royalty behaves by our actions, words, thoughts – as we become set apart from the Worldly ways of the old nature.
  • People in the Kingdom of God – behave out of love, honor, truth and respect one to another.  They surrender first to the Lord in Godly order and then one another.
  • Trust is increased when we honor others – to whom much is given, much is expected and as a man thinketh so is he/she— If we don’t think of ourselves as royalty, we will behave as beasts.
  • Royalty is spirit led, not flesh led – revealed by what are we doing with our freewill we have been granted, which defines the truth of us and our identity.
  • Are we disputing and railing against others?  We are in the midst of many who are rebellious, slanderers, liars, argumentative, deceitful and provoking, who do not submit to authority – Godly authority…  We can still honor them without condoning their behavior.
  • In the Kingdom we do not honor someone because they deserve it – we honor others because we do – because it is our nature to do so.
  • Royalty walks in honor – because we have received fully Who Jesus is by surrendering us so He is revealed.
  • The commandments have be written on our hearts…  Guess what’s there?  Honor.  So we can’t separate from it and when we do – conviction comes.
  • Honoring others infuses us with wellness and a long life where rivers flow away all chaos and strife surrounding us.
  • When the enemy approaches we make a decision to honor or to defame – Such as someone who disagrees with you, someone who seeks other practices or opinions.  If we honor them we will not challenge them, mistreat them, bicker with, slay or shun just to preserve our own reputation.  Royalty walks on top of water and doesn’t roll around in the mud with the swine.
  • Our reputation reflects the truth of us by how we treat those who oppose us when no one is looking except the Lord.  Although, those who are dishonorable do not mind putting others to an open shame.
  • Royalty honors all – so if I am honorable, I treat others with honor.
  • When David cut King Saul’s garment, he felt guilty not because Saul was good, but because David was and he stooped down to evil’s level.  God appointed Saul King and anointed him to be the ruler of the day.  Since David was royalty he was above repaying evil with evil.
  • We only love someone in truth to the point we honor them, otherwise it is flesh love only to benefit self.
  • When we sow honor into others – what we reap is God bestowing honor upon us… this is called favor.
  • Equality in the Kingdom of Heaven looks nothing like equality on Earth, which is earned based on works.
  • In the Kingdom, everyone has a voice, but not everyone has a say.  Only ones speaking by the Spirit are heard by those who are full of the Spirit.  In order to be heard, we must have honor in place for our audience – whether that be one or 200 plus people.
  • The Lord’s Prayer is the perfect prayer because it prays the Lord’s will be done, coming into agreement with the truth that His will shall be done regardless of man’s weak intentions.  Note:  His will is already being done, but are we honoring Him while it is being done or still seeking our wills?
  • We honor God by realizing it isn’t about us but it is all about everyone else.  Sometimes we don’t know how to love God and forget He tells us to love Him by loving those who do use us, curse us, persecute us, etc… – If you can imagine yourself just looking through that person directly into Jesus’s eyes and loving Him through them it helps a lot.
  • It is an honor to love the unlovable knowing they are the vessels on our paths to actually do good to Jesus.
  • Sometimes honor requires we give away our seat at the table so another may be served.
  • 1 Peter tells us to HONOR ALL people, no exclusions.  It often requires we remain silent, are courteous by treating others as a guest in our presence, remove our shoes out of respect, display grace through manners, being kind and generous…  BECAUSE OF YOUR IDENTITY – not because they are worthy necessarily but because you are honorable like your Father.
  • Men who are honorable often – open doors for females, cherish them, are attentive, cover and protect, do honest work and know how to give and receive love and forgiveness.
  • Women who are honorable often – show respect, do not interrupt, create strife or stir up contention, do not seek attention, care for others and know how to give and receive love and forgiveness.

I just went over a few examples out of the Bible for Godly men/women.  The list could be much longer of course.

Lastly, HONOR ~

  • Sees the value of someone even when they are full of darkness, just like Jesus did us – love floods all darkness with light.  Love always hopes!
  • Gives no answer to verbal assaults, securely knowing Jesus is the authority over us as He is the King of Kings.
  • Is present within the servant, freeing the slave.
  • Submits to authority trusting God is ruling and reigning in every situation.
  • Cries with those who mourn and celebrates with those who are joyful, giving no placement to envy and strife and competition.
  • Washes the feet of others with a servant’s heart, in other words – cleanses others with a loving heart.
  • Doesn’t compete with those they are meant to feed or vie for a higher position.
  • Makes a place with all children of God.
  • Is granted by favor from God and not demanded or awarded by entitlement and cannot be earned.
  • Gives to others not based on their need but with a grateful heart.

As I was reviewing this list I saw just how much I had fallen short in honoring others and even myself.  Sometimes when people are hard on us we start to believe we are getting just what we deserve.  And when we believe such a lie, we forget our placement as royalty, handing ourselves over to be sifted as wheat.  Humility and honor serve as a barrier in which the enemy cannot penetrate.  Again, honor just is… It is given, never earned.

Some people are so full of themselves they cannot serve anyone but self, while others are so empty they keep serving others to fill up themselves.  Neither one is a royal mindset.  We cannot give to anyone what we don’t have and the only thing we have to offer to honor and love others is Jesus.

Think of a time when you thought you had done all you could to love someone and yet it wasn’t enough to mend all the fences and heal all the hurts.  Consider that quite possibly you were leaving honor completely out of the mix… I saw a facebook post last night which said “Do not let pride keep something broken that your heart wants mended.” 

When we check out of honor we check into pride and sometimes the cost is high.  We may lose the very thing which we love and gain nothing but ourselves.

Now in keeping with honor, as a family we need to discuss something relevant to those who visit chat and yet can be applied to your own households as well.  We will use chat as an example for something that we all can implement in our own homes creating a peaceful, loving home in which honor has placement one to another fostering an environment where others really want to be and enjoy each other.

It goes along with honoring others… and I need to share something, it will step on some toes, so get ready…  Did you know that “elder” simply means someone who came before you?  When someone goes before us they have more wisdom in life experiences than we do – if they have a surrendered heart after God’s heart, they know the ropes, paid a price in life lessons we haven’t paid yet and can share it with us – elders are wiser due to some lumps they received.  Elders also have tended to others in ways maybe we haven’t which is why they are qualified to manage “the house.”  This is Godly order.  Say in your own homes, your five year old doesn’t rule your home does he?  If so, then it probably is full of chaos.  I know my teenagers will occasionally try to set the precedence of my house, but I don’t tolerate it because I don’t like confusion.  As the elder here, I am to lead and teach and SERVE them by instruction and correction and they as children as to learn by training so when they depart they know which way to go.  Well, the same is true in God’s Kingdom, there are elders – the ones who have more spiritual maturity through experience… they have gone before, been present longer as caregivers and overseers.  And not to worry, because as all of us age spiritually so we too will have the same placement through purging, to be qualified to lead.  This is all Biblical by the way, for example it says in Titus 2 ~

Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.

We sure don’t want the word of God reviled do we?

You know, I see this happening all the time in chat and hopefully most of you listened to Michael’s broadcast last week, as what I am about to share will compliment what he delivered.  We have those who are fairly new challenging those who have come before them and it is heartbreaking and worse yet, apologies are always laced with an excuse if given at all.  Such as I was sick, had a bad day, etc…  Listen, we have such a short time here to repent and be presentable before the Lord and remove all that is not acceptable before Him.  How can we say we love others and not honor them, seeing them priceless and of a greater importance than ourselves.  There is so much partiality within us yet.  To honor a leader and yet have strife with one he sets over his household is just wrong and I am sorry if this bothers you, but it is truth.  Sometimes I watch chat and think my teenagers are in there going around challenging authority, I say this in love… refrain from speaking rather than bringing in disorder into any house.  No fit throwing, slander, backbiting, jealously or envy is going to derail the vision given to Michael or even myself – as elders have been appointed already because they came before you and if you adhere to this Godly order things would go very well with you all. When we just accept and honor what has already been set for close to nine years now love would prevail and it would feel like home in many ways.  And just to remind you…  those who are elders now, were new just like you at the beginning.  In the same way your children were toddlers turned teenagers to adults…  What you entrust them with changed, didn’t it?  So just like that…  elders now were like toddlers before, I was like a toddler, Michael was like a toddler – but listen, the Lord always qualifies the called first and I promise you how we look like entering into the fire looks completely different than when we come out.

There is a Scripture I need to read, hopefully it will encourage you all a little –

Luke 14 – and it is speaking directly to guests, who were invited into a place

Then the host who invited both of you will come and tell you, ‘Give this man your seat.’ And in humiliation, you will have to take the last place. 10But when you are invited, go and sit in the last place, so that your host will come and tell you, ‘Friend, move up to a better place.’ Then you will be honored in front of everyone at the table with you. 11For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”…

Look at this, even the word “honored” is here in this Scripture.  Guess who gets honored first?  Those who show honor to others – and believe me, that does not go unnoticed, not at all.  As a matter of fact, I see the least as great – that is who sticks out to us the most, not the ones bickering with strife and contention…. But the quiet ones who contain love and honor and respect.  The ones who do not lash out with emails hidden in secret or constantly calling one another on the phone to complain, but those that are the same every place their footsteps carry them – so to you all I just want to say with my whole heart I honor you openly today.  And thankfully we have many of those who do not challenge others, if I were you all who struggle in this area, I would pick one of them and just observe their interactions for a bit.  I sometimes feel like they get sort of lost in the mix, but are so faithful, kind, gentle with peace.

Please forgive me if that offended anyone, but it really shouldn’t offend us in anyway.  We are all growing in the Lord in leaps and bounds and this is part of it – sometimes when we study the word it instructs, corrects, mends, comforts – but no matter what – it grows us!  We should never compare ourselves to one another for the Potter knows exactly how to take unformed clay, molding it continually, painting it with beautiful colors and design and place it into the fire for perfection.  He is building a masterpiece – YOU!  Something that makes the process shorter is – to be honest with ourselves about ourselves, no fault and no blame, just laying at His feet, resting that He will do a complete work within us.  And personally, I love unrefined vessels, who just love others as they are – no competition, no lifting up self or defending or blame…  Just one who like me may be a hot mess, but sees pricelessness in the making.

It dawned on me the other day…  Many are not aware of the vision given, nor the instruction which went with it and that makes me feel bad, like we dropped the ball somehow on that one.  Think of your own homes and family, you have a vision for it, you contain by opening and closing doors of what you permit to enter and what you do not.  You are the keeper of that home, as are elders within a church body.  For example, I know some Jesus loving people who have such beautiful hearts and yet they let their teenage children smoke weed in their homes.  Now I know myself and my home if my kids tried something like that all hell would break loose, literally, as I am the keeper of my own home.  Homes are to be a safe haven, a place where you feel loved and secure – the keeper of the home gets to decide what is permitted to enter based on matched integrity and command given.  When the Lord gave us the vision, He showed us that very thing – similar to an Ark, a womb, a safe place —  What He also gave us was how many people are hurting, living a life in chaos, fearful, many in danger and walking close to the edge.  But the most important part was – they needed a safe haven, a place to run too and be comforted and loved by Jesus through us, similar to a revolving door…. It was then we went to work and it is also why at the top of chat it says – be Holy in all manner of conversation.  I feel at times we have gotten weary in doing good to a degree, not upholding the vision or the standard decreed by the Lord.  We knew He told us to build it and they will come, we also know He said for me to set the table and Michael would serve the food, among other things.  But, if you do not remember anything else, please remember this one thing – In order for you each to have a peaceful place to call home, you must do your due diligence to keep it Holy – as if Jesus Himself was there, because He is.  If you wouldn’t suggest He watch something, don’t share it, if a baby would kill themselves with it, keep it to yourself and so forth.  May we all be agreed to honor the Lord in what He has blessed us with and entreat it and one another with honor, respect and love.  We prayed and prayed…. Just one place Lord away from the darkness and the World,  an escape for those who are hurting to come and cry and be comforted.  So I just shared with you part of the vision.  I have found people usually conform or leave over time and both is okay.  Just a couple more things – When Michael says, “Just be yourself…”  I know you all quote that a lot – he does not mean come on in and smoke some weed passing it around to others, no not at all.  What he does mean is this…  Be who you were before the World told you who not to be, vulernable – come as you are and lay your burdens down, cry, ask for prayer, say you need comfort, be vulnerable – where it is safe.  It is our prayer you will find this to be in that place and that you will have a secure place to be yourself, be vulnerable with humility and actually come together to love, encourage and support one another to honor each other always. 

You want to share news, videos, conspiracies, debates and bounce them off one another by all means, please do so – no one is ruling over another one here – you will find tons and tons of chatrooms which do that very thing, but before you enter into the holy place, please shake the dust off your feet. Any residue of offense – check that at the door too, unite together in the love of Jesus and speak to one another with songs of edification.  We have so many the Lord wants to release to us…  the delay is us, not Him.

One last thing – the Lord really convicted me on this recently, how we can honor one another better – I know I have fallen short of even honoring others in my life, I thank Jesus for showing me the error of my ways – so that the change in me can be implemented today, knowing we have no power to change others, only ourselves.  

It was pretty miraculous really, but last week after I finished studying about honor the Father’s Heart Ministry team released an amazing confirmation that I want to share with you:

Russ May 12, 2020

The Father says today, there is a commandment with promise. Honor your father and mother in the Lord and it will be well with you and you will live long on the earth. To honor brings blessing within My family. The fathers in My family are instructed to nurture and admonish but not to provoke their children to wrath. Children, obey your parents for this is right, for the children in My family are called to be pleasers of God and not pleasers of men. For any good thing they do, the same they shall receive of Me. In your place of service to Me let there be singleness of heart in the spirit of unity.

Who are my parents you ask? Who are my children? Who are my brothers and my sisters? Are we not all of the same family? There is one Father of all and also fathers and mothers of the faith and many children. To you children, honor your fathers in the faith, the ones who nurture and admonish you in the Lord, honor them with the honor they are due as loving and obedient children lifting up holy hands without wrath or doubt, without anger or argument. To you fathers and mothers, let your words be seasoned with love and patience, for your words carry much weight in the Spirit. Let your nurture be greater than your admonition and let your directives be of greater glory and reflect heaven’s atmosphere of joy and peace.

So Wow – right??? 

Let’s keep praying we too will have a servant’s heart, which doesn’t demand to be served but always seeks ways to serve – honoring all others, not to rule over anyone – that is Jesus’s job as He is the head of the Body, we just simply compliment one another, following His direction, instruction and example.

Some of us are just waiting at the moment…  Waiting for many to learn to love in truth, not just with lips.  Believing that Jesus is authoring and finishing us all, none are perfect, no not one.  It with a grateful heart we see ALL needed saving, especially ourselves.  May we stop forgetting just how far we had fallen too. 

Again, an Elder is someone who has gone before us into the Lord’s presence carrying the residue of Him.  The Bible says, a little child will lead them… So here we have discovered a great mystery haven’t we?  A child of God is clothed with humility to serve from the least to the greatest seeking no placement except for placement in the Kingdom, complimenting one another with honor, words of comfort and encouragement, forgiveness, lifting up, mercy, peace and grace.  In so many ways we all are elders, meaning we came before – but sadly if we are so threatened by those who came before us, challenging them at every turn – we will miss the opportunity to be an elder to those who are coming after us in that the Lord cannot use as His servant and purpose for His will to be done.

Let’s pray ~

Heavenly and merciful Father, we come to You with hearts bowed down in thanksgiving for sending us Your Son as an example to save.  And today as we reflect upon ways to honor one another we keep our eyes focused on the ways of Jesus and how He honored those the World called not worthy.  Lord it is with a humble heart we repent and ask You to forgive us of times we stirred up strife or caused divisions in pride.  Help us Father to see Your established Kingdom has principals that only bring sorrow when we rebel against them.  We thank You for Your mercy as we learn how to be royalty for the glory of Your Name.  As we continually hunger and thirst for righteousness You are always there replenishing us each day.  Help us to mindful of others, forgiving and forgetting what harm has been caused so that when we enter any dwelling our feet at shod with peace, coming in Your Name only.  Lord I ask You to purge us of all that which brings contention into our homes, lives, workplaces or anywhere else we may venture in this World.  You are moving us from glory to glory and for the work You are doing in each of us we thank You and honor You in Your perfect ways.  May we be vessels which are usable and profitable for Your Kingdom and when we appear may others see Jesus in us only.  Lord I lift up those who are walking daily in offense and ask You to show them Your love and that they matter to You.  Lord cover their hearts with Your healing hands binding all wounds of the past, casting them into the sea of forgetfulness so they remember them no more.  Thank You Jesus for leading us, guiding us and teaching us how royalty is in Your World so we do not falter in our own.  In Jesus’s Name I pray.  Amen.

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