The Truth of Me~

This human mask I loathe to wear.
This falsity, but under there
The lonely, sad and bitter taste
Of crushing pain, of rage and angst.
Bringing slowly to my knees
The truth of me that no one sees,
The little girl without a home,
This little one who inward roams
Without a hand or hem to hold
Who cries at nights long darkness ‘lone.

She and others fill my head
Where no mere mortal dares to tread.
My broken heart beats ‘neath my chest
As I seek a healing place to rest
To set my weariness down at last
And find the peace of no more past.
Must it be like this for me?
Must it be this falsity?
Is the only exit marred
With silver blade and skin that’s scarred?

Laying head upon the cold
Steel that causes soul to moan,
Will the darkness darken still,
Death of spirit, broken will?
Tiring as time ticks down.
On bended knees before the Crown,
Blood and teardrops dripping slowly,
Soul is searing, spirit moaning,
Begging mercy from the King,
Begging for pain’s sweet release.

Written By ~ Sis Pureheart?

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