The Open Door~

?There is ONE DOOR to Heaven – Jesus

There are MANY PATHS – The one each of us is on at this very moment.

In Revelation Chapter 3 there is a special word given to those of us who identify with the Church of Philadelphia.  This particular group of Believers are grounded in the love of Jesus.  And why this Church is so special to me, is because although we have “little strength” He promises us to be by our side the whole time, reminding us we are never alone in this World.  We have intimacy with Jesus and He is enough.

I would encourage you to read Revelation 3:7-22, which speaks of this particular Body of Believers.

Just to highlight, here are some key points:

  • We have been granted an “Open Door” ~ Jesus
  • Have little strength
  • Kept His word
  • Have not denied Him

OPEN in this particular Scripture means:

In the midst of, so Jesus is in the midst of us – present, attentive, attuned to us.

DOOR in this particular Scripture means:

Entrance, gate, portal and clearly refers to Jesus.

A door opens and it closes, permits and allows at His will.

LITTLE STRENGTH in this particular Scripture means:

A small amount of power, ability, might, influence of riches or resources, mindset or ability to perform miracles.

KEPT HIS WORD in this particular Scripture means:

To take care of, attend to, guard, observe, watch for, behold and to KNOW and EXPERIENCE something.

HIS WORD are His decrees, mandates and orders which are His the actual sayings of God.  His moral precepts, including the Old Testament prophecies, His continued instruction and teachings, BEING CALLED BY NAME and directed by God, Himself.

NOT DENIED HIS NAME in this particular Scripture means:

To not disregard, reject or refuse as JESUS IS BEING POURED OUT like a drink offering to us all.  In addition, we too will suffer just as He did because we do know Him intimately. He is our joy and helps us to perceive what He went through by what we are currently going through here on Earth.

Some Key Characteristics of this Body of Believers:

  • Young and Childlike
  • Beautiful
  • Centered
  • On a Mission
  • Bears Good Fruit
  • Frequently Shaken
  • Knows Jesus is Holy and True
  • Is Genuine and Authentic
  • Jesus Holds the Keys to this Church Body – admitting and excluding at His will
  • Serves God Well in Difficult Circumstances
  • Jesus Knows Them
  • Evangelists by assisting others
  • Sees Spiritually
  • Been Excluded from the Synagogue
  • Are Never Separated from Him
  • Only the Lord Promotes Them
  • Headquarters are in Heaven
  • Glorifies Only Jesus, Never Self
  • Operates Solely from God’s Strength, lacking much of their own
  • Is Dependable
  • Walks the Talk – living in a way that is faithful to the character of Jesus
  • Pleasing to Jesus as He had nothing negative to say about this group of Believers
  • Is Not Measured by Earthly Standards such as: Money, fame, buildings or number of followers
  • Measured by Heavenly Measures through the keeping of His Word
  • Persecuted often by those who say they are Christians/Jews, but are not
  • Will be vindicated by Jesus as He will make those who did the persecuting see their wrongdoings
  • Jesus will make sure all are made aware that He has loved us all along
  • Jesus will keep us from the Hour of Temptation coming upon the whole Earth
  • Is Hidden in Christ
  • Will be preserved through trials, so we receive the Reward of Him and not have to endure the Hour of Trial

So, as an encouragement today…

If you too identify with this particular gathering of Believers, it is time to be encouraged and look up for our redemption is drawing closer and closer each day.  As we go through struggles, what seems like every day now, we must not forget just “Who” holds the keys to our Authoring and Finishing.  Jesus.  He loves us with an everlasting love and nothing or no one can separate us from Him.

I love this teaching in particular, because in His word He is shedding His compassion and love broadly upon us, knowing we have little strength.  Many want to hide the truth they have little strength, but not me.  Actually, I am embracing His work to break me in order to mold me more and more into His image each day and so should you.

Being broken is nothing to be ashamed of, as Jesus is closest to the brokenhearted and those who are lowly in Spirit.  You see, from a Kingdom perspective it is a good thing and we are not “Of” this World, we are simply in it for a short stay.  You are in a process and on a path no one else can measure or fully conceive and this too is purposed.

Jesus is your person and He is mine too.  With each trial and obstacle we overcome together with Him, our intimacy and love with Him grows ever so stronger.

So stay OPEN to the DOOR of Jesus, especially when you have LITTLE STRENGTH.  KEEP HIS WORD and promises to you and remind yourself of them daily, by the washing of the Word, to encourage your soul, in order to be strengthened by His strength and you WILL NOT DENY HIS NAME.  Amen.

It is my prayer He continue to open the eyes of our hearts to see Him fully just as He is, so we too can see ourselves.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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