The Noisy Burden of the Lord

And the burden of the Lord shall ye mention no more: for every man’s word shall be his burden; for ye have perverted the words of the living God, of the Lord of hosts our God. Jeremiah 23:36

I am not sure if it is just me and the few within the company I keep, but it seems there is so much “Noise” out there anymore, it is getting more and more difficult to tune it out and tune God in…  You know what they say about opinions – Everyone has one and I won’t finish the rest of what they actually say, but I am sure you get my drift.  Evidently, Jeremiah was discerning the same “Noise,” since he wrote about this at the leading of the Holy Spirit, especially in Chapter 23.  Since we know there is nothing new under the sun, what was prevalent then, remains a tactic today.

I used the word tactic purposely, because that is exactly what this noise producing chaos seeks to use to not only wear down the Saints of the Most High God, but also dull our senses to hearing the still small voice of the Lamb, Who is leading us Home into His Kingdom.  It is getting harder and harder all the time to sweep out the cobwebs held within the corner of our minds, in order we can take captive OUR thoughts, replacing them with HIS thoughts.  But how can I possibly even accomplish this if I run with the others, proclaiming the Burden of the Lord while screaming my lungs out?  The truth is, I can’t.  That’s not to say you can’t, but I am saying…  I cannot.

So, as I was seeking the Lord on why it seems very loud lately, He reminded me of a verse that reflects this irritant, resembling magnified noise.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become assounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1

In pondering this Scripture, I began to consider how even silence can be loud at times or how loud voices can be soothing, so I began to see a distinct lack of love which precipitates noise.  In my humble opinion, it is not so much the volume of things which is irritating in nature, but rather the source and any source outside of love simply rubs us the wrong way.  We know by the Word, that the love of many will grow colder and colder, this is something we are witnessing in the World around us today on a greater measure than ever before.

We were made for LOVE?

It is for this reason, I and several others, sense a need to pull away, retreat or withdrawal from the outside influence of the World and those still caught up in it.  As I was focused on the noise, it appears the noise is all I could hear and therefore, become a prisoner of it, so to speak.  The Lord began to show me how we all are prisoners in this World and death to self is our only escape.  Jesus came to set the captives free, me being one held captive in this foreign land.

When the Father put chaos to rest and formed something out of nothing, He laid the groundwork for our lives to be free of chaos, too.  The saddest thing to face is when drama has become your comfort and what you cling too, rather than walking free abiding in Jesus.  I can’t say I have figured this out fully yet myself, as I am doing my best to follow in His footsteps, listening intently so that where He leads, I will follow.  But, these days it is a moment by moment leading that we require to stay on the path of righteous calm.

Our Faith is greatly increased when we actually experience and see Him forming what the enemy meant as bad in our lives, into something precious and good for our eternal life.  When our life is nothing but troubled waters, Jesus is the bridge to help us cross over to the other side, into green pastures of rest in Him.  I used to focus more on what I did FOR Him, rather than what I did WITH Him.  We haven’t always hit on all six cylinders, Jesus and I, mainly due to my profound degree of lack, but lately I feel an urge from Him to push through, blocking everyone and everything else out just to spend time alone with Him, listening and receiving from only Him.

He reminded me yesterday again, that He is as close as the air I breathe.  Air is life sustaining, it is not seen or perceived unless we don’t have it.  This is similar to Jesus.  We need Him to endure here on Earth and often neglect to perceive He is present with us, but when He is hidden we cannot sustain in our own circumstances.

I keep getting these impressions that if we do not seek Him in our state of plenty, a severe time of lack is on the horizon.  No one wants to hear this really and I am aware of that.  But, if we cannot stop being so noisy a drastic measure is coming to straighten us out on just what is important… Love?  People always overlook one another’s flaws and differences during a time of calamity and brother begins to love brother again in truth.  It has been my prayer for the past few weeks, that we not need a day of reckoning to awake us out of our slumber of selfish imprisonment and begin to love again.

The Burden of the Lord is not Worldly in nature, as He certainly is not on His Throne wringing His hands on what to do with the calamities on Earth.  His burden reflects His true nature, which is a pure love for His people.  And just like Jesus was moved by compassion to act, so should we be, so that in truth we can release our burdens to Him in the security of His love.  In the place of His love, there is no noise and confusion, only peace and serenity.  If it seems too simple to believe, it is because it is.  Therefore, I am urging you today, to take a deep breath and remind yourself…  He is as close as the next breath you breathe, because nothing can separate us from His life giving love and all we have to do is just take a moment to breathe…

In His Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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