The Devil Did Not Make Us Do Anything~

Complaints Which Represent the Multitude ~

  • Fear of the Unknown

Unaware of our surety in Christ

Too much focus on gloom & doom

Heeding to many false flag warnings

Seeing, yet not believing

Lack of understanding of the Sovereignty of God

  • Counting the Cost

Too difficult to endure through the trials

Rebellion Spirit/Refusal to Die to Self

If God is love, why would He allow me to suffer?

  • It’s a lot easier to remain the way I am
  • Been Deeply Hurt by Religious Zealots

Mockers, Scoffers, Self-Righteous – If they represent Jesus, why be like them?

  • I’m Right – You’re Wrong
  • Expecting others to conform to us personally, rather than conforming to Jesus

Pride of Life

It’s everyone else’s fault the World is in a shambles – forcing people to measure according to one another rather than who they are in the Body of Christ

  • No Clarity on Their Place or Purpose

Hopeless, Unworthy, Distracted By Life/Enemy

  • Angry with God

Blaming Him for their situations, when it is consequences to their own choices in life.

  • Jealous of the Burning Ones

Angry at those who see the Father’s Hand at work in everything

A desire to bring others down to your level, rather than you rising to theirs

  • Our God is a God of love – Do not wish to know Him fully

God doesn’t get angry anymore

That is Old Testament, it isn’t relevant anymore

He won’t judge the world again, Jesus came to save us

Do not fully understand the Gospel of Jesus


We often refuse to “Count the Cost” when following Jesus.  In other words, we do not want to do our part so it is easier to just complain, rather than to get up and walk out of the circumstances we are in, often by our own choosing.

Time and again people blame the Lord or the devil, for that matter, because it is more convenient than actually taking responsibility for our own bad choices.

It seems I am way too often hearing from others – Why did God do this to me?  The truth is, He did not “Do this” to you.  You did it to yourself out of rebellion.  Rebellion did this, not the Lord.

The same holds true to for the enemy.  If we are honest with ourselves, more times than not, our own choices have inflicted pain on us that we often blame the devil for.

The Word gives life and speaks truth as it says ~

Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.

As we stay on the path of righteousness, fixated on Jesus, we resist the enemy giving him no place to operate in our lives.  He has no power over the Saints of the Most High God, unless we hand it over to him, inviting him in.

It is my prayer that today we seize the day which is set before us in all honesty and truth, judging ourselves and calling upon the Name of Lord to set us free.  To not set us free from the enemy, but rather set us free from self, from the sin which so easily ensnares us.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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