Stand UP ~ Poem By: Isaiah Nunez

Stand up men, this is no time to hang your heads.

What are you thinking? You’re not dead.

This little time we’re doing is nothin, but if you got a little sec, I’ll give you a little somethin.

You see, a lot of you have bought the devil’s lies and now you are filled with “what if’s” and “whys.”

You can’t live your life in the past. Trust me, your sanity won’t last.

Stop searching for answers, you’re not meant to find. Stand up and be renewed in your mind!

Cast off your old ways, stomp on that devil. You’re a new creation, he’s not on your level.

Remember our Savior died for our sins, the old life is over, a new one begins.

We’re royalty, Kings if you will, but your walk must reflect it to fit the bill.

Remember to love and above all things have faith in God and the hope that brings.

Stand up men of God and be counted! The devil’s attack has been mounted.

Take up the mighty Sword of the Spirit, proclaim the Name of Jesus so that all can hear it.

Stand up!

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