Spirit & Truth ~

❤️Today’s Pearl ~
To worship {adore & revere} in Spirit & Truth means…
Our WALK matches our TALK and we are no longer labeled a hypocrite.
This is also why He says, “It is better to be cold or hot, than lukewarm,” because no MINGLING is present.
We then arrive at a place where we no longer say, “Lord, Lord,” because our hearts are continually upon Him, crying Abba Father, day and night. At this point our heart takes over what was previously only understood in the mind.
He is only fully KNOWN by love.
As we lay down every weight, which burdens us, we walk in the truth of Him, in which love has no end and no beginning.
We gradually move to envelope into the fiery flame of His love, melting into the sweet surrender of Him alone.
We die and He abides, as only He is pure Spirit & Truth.
We can only really worship Him in Spirit & Truth when we are truthful with ourselves.
To know Him, is to love Him and to love Him is seeing fully with the eyes of our hearts, void of self.

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