SPECIAL Inmate Prayer Requests~

Today I received three envelopes full of PRAYER REQUESTS from INMATES. Many of them contained a plea for us to pray for their LOVED ONES, so please do so as the Lord leads.

There were so many requests, that I had to just go through and pull out some which were more specific or contained names, listed below. In addition, I will be uploading several requests directly on the HEALING ROOM PAGE.

Thank you so very much for your love and devotion to intercede, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, the heart cries of those currently incarcerated.

In Jesus’s Love ~ Angela


  • Marie – that she remain sober
  • My wife, children & those in Abilene who are suffering due to the recent tornado
  • Maria – for her salvation, Jose & Carlos – who are in bad health
  • My “Pops” who recently had a heart attack
  • My brother who has cancer so he can live a little longer
  • My son, Manuel Jr – that he stay away from drugs and bad activities
  • My brother who is trying to make parole, for my other brother who is back in jail for doing drugs and for my sister and two nieces who are doing drugs
  • My health (Rafael) and my family’s health is bad
  • Victoria & Joseph – for strength to endure the rough situation they are going through
  • Torres Family – for us to reunite and be strong like we used to be
  • Healing – Kavin and for him to get saved and for my Aunt Beva’s healing
  • My brother, Horace, who isn’t working and on drugs and alcohol and for his two year old son, D’Zion and 1 year old daughter, D’Asia, because CPS removed them from his home
  • The Gamble Family & Unity Baptist Church & United Faith Church
  • Torres Family
  • Margie & Mike’s healing
  • Scott and his church
  • Geri Wilson – healing
  • Jerrid, Jordan, Lindsey, Isabella, Gabriel, Kara & Gery – covered by Jesus
  • Mother Jennings
  • Estelle Unit Inmates in G4 & G5 Blocks
  • Erik – my 17 yr old son to be protected & guided by Jesus and my injured co-worker Noreiga
  • For those just released or soon to be out of prison
  • For the inmates to have strength and protection while incarcerated
  • Steve Mills – healing
  • Cristina – just released from prison
  • The families of those incarcerated to be protected and comforted by Jesus
  • Brenda Vvalle
  • Ronnie, Lee, Regailado, Lupe, Reuben, Justin, Ryan
  • Mathew Zuniga – to know the Lord Jesus
  • Grandmother, Betty Alexander, just had a stroke and needs prayers
  • Dorothy & Rhonda – healing
  • Carolyn – legal & housing struggles, Mike – health issues
  • Shane Family
  • Carolina Family
  • Alvarado Family
  • Estelle Unit Inmates – Cell Block F1
  • Walter Washington
  • Pray for family to visit

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