Pure Love is Void of SELF ~


And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

Luke 6:31

The emotional “Whirlwinds,” in this world are growing stronger and stronger, as the increase in self-centeredness, greed, coveting, wrath and pride manifest in so many. It seems as if selfishness has reached a whole new level, in which thoughtfulness for another is practically a consideration of the past, long ago of days gone by.  How to be “In this world but not of this world,” challenges all believers even more so these days, as the cares of this world war against the Spirit. How to be Christ-like in all things? If one is a “Giver,” by nature, you may be somewhat conditioned to the whims of “Takers,” but are the Saints beginning to have little strength, just as was prophesized generations ago? Has a different type of “Taker” spirit spread into the majority, placing the truly needy into the shadows? Is this taking away the true joy of the blessing in giving and receiving which we are to share with each other? Is this world truly wearing out the Saints? Or has my own perception of others grown less tolerant, chances are it is a mixture of all this and more.

Our plea ~ Lord Jesus help us overcome our own selfish ways, help us to endure, walking Christ-like, overcoming through You until to the end.

In prayer I was reflecting on this disconnect between the “Talk verses walk,” an epidemic we have going on in the Church right now it seems. Many emotional traps loom around us all daily, as the world becomes darker and darker. Either believers fall into co-existence and compliancy or lash out against the world in emotions of hate, anger and self-righteousness. How did Christ set the example? The Lord walked in this world without falling into the traps that were set all around HIM; not giving into the emotions of the flesh, speaking only pure truth and love with a pure heart.

He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

1 John 2:6 

Truly, there is nothing more pressing upon my Spirit lately than ensuring my walk aligns with what I speak.  It requires a constant heart check on my part, with daily repentance and reliance on the Holy Spirit to convict me when I stray off the path.  The verse the Lord gave me as instruction for myself and His children reflects one of the ways we are currently falling short of His principals.  Simply put, we do not treat others the way we expect them to treat us.  We are constantly putting demands on another, barely tolerating a misstep on their behalf, rising in our own flesh emotions instead of walking in the Spirit. With deflection at an all-time high, we have become masters at escaping responsibility for our own actions.  This has caused deaf ears and cold hearts, resulting in relationships being severed and slaughtered for the sake of one’s self.  Am I honestly treating others the way I desire to be treated?

Jesus commands us to love one another beyond ourselves, to even lay down our lives for one another.    LOVE IS DEMONSTRATED.  Well, the opposite is true, as well.  LACK OF LOVE IS DEMONSTRATED.  We are seeing it and experiencing it all over the place; for the love of many is waxing cold, so it seems.  However with that being said, I am also noticing the love of a few, burning like a flaming fire, untamable and unmatched.   “Hot or cold,” comes to mind.  Like with anything, it is a condition of the heart, what is inside will come pouring out, for the good or the bad.  A daily heart check with sincere repentance, is crucial in these difficult times we are facing; to ensure our love is not running cold like so many placed here for such a time as this.  We must first see if our actions reflect the heart of Jesus and the pureness of His love.  Being sanctified and set apart is evidenced by how we walk daily, not only by what we pronounce ourselves to be.  Sadly, the daily walk of many believers is lukewarm at best in comparison to non-believers around the world we live in today; in many cases they have meshed into one.  One, who’s source is not Jesus, the King of Glory.

As for me, I no longer desire to hear I am loved by another; but rather to see evidence in my own walk daily, that I love as Christ loves me; and in return are loved the same. The Lord demonstrates HIS love, the only true love, HIS perfect love. How to love like Christ is found in The Word of God, set by the example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who ultimately gave the most commanding demonstration of love there ever was.  He humbly laid down His life for the sake of love itself, for us, for all.   He is certainly worthy of all praise and honor and glory!

Jesus said, “Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!” This one statement is becoming more and more profound today, reminding us to make sure we are NOT the deliverer of offense, or even worse, pointing fingers at the ones who are offended and hurt.  Deflection is rampant, reflection and remorseful repentance is required or salvation can be lost in the cares of this world resulting in a love that waxes colder and colder.

My prayer is that we, in unity, display the love of Jesus, in contrast to what the world offers.  For after all, they will know us by our love…  Pure and void of self.  Lord Jesus, help me, help us, reflect more of You. May each one of you abide blessed in His love forevermore.

?Collectively in Love,

Angela & LayLay

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