Promises of One ~

I’m the shoulder you can cry on, the arms that will hold you.

I will pick you up when you fall, because we are one.

I will be the open ears to your worries, open mind to your visions,

Open heart to your feelings, I’m the one in your body,

The muscles on your bones, the wings on your back, the blood in your veins.

Because, we are one…

I am the shadow that has your back, the spirit that protects you,

The ghost that fights your demons, I am the voice in your head,

The concussion that doesn’t sleep, the character in your dreams.

I’m your best friend, before your best friend, the second heart in your chest,

Your hidden brain, the third eye in your head.

No need to guess who I am,

I’m your other half,

Because, we are one…

Jermaine Route – May 2020

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