❤️A Pearl The Lord Laid Upon My Heart Today ~
To the exact measurement you die to self, I will dwell within you, as you abide in Me. I have set you forth into the World as a “plumbline” ~ a measuring rod, in that whatever others do or don’t do unto you, for good or evil, they actually are rendering unto Me.
The World and even the religious vainly say, in pride, “I am judge.” But the truth is, as you surrender your whole self unto Me, it is not you judging, but rather Me judging through you, My vessel of love.
I judge perfectly ~ you are to judge no man.
Through you, many are weighed in the balance, only to be found wanting, because you have already been weighed, wanting only Me, surrendering your all.
Tell them, time is short, in which I will weigh no more and all will be set in unaltered stone.
Glory to the Lord. Amen.

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