Petals Falling…

♥Petals Falling

If I never knew darkness…  How would He have shown me the Light?

If I never fell down…  How would I feel Him picking me up?

If I never mourned…  How would I recognize His embrace and comfort?

If I never was sick…  How could I be made well?

If I never had a broken heart…  How could He mend it back together?

If I never chose sin…  How could He teach me His righteous ways?

If I never recognized evil…  How could I choose that which is good?

If I never saw a stormy sky…  How would I accept the promise of a rainbow?

If I never experienced death…  How would I treasure a life?

If I never would have lost a love…  How would I know to cherish one?

If I never cry…  How would I know the joy He ushers in?

If I never had been lied to…   How would I place value in the Truth?

If I never suffered rejection…  How would I receive acceptance?

If I never was weary…  How would I seek Him to grant me rest?

If I never was thirsty…  How would He replenish my soul?

If I never was alone…

How would I know the surety of Oneness?

The Father works all things together for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28

 We all face challenges in our lives each and every day.  And sometimes in these moments it is difficult to see the “Sonrise” beyond the rain.  However, if we reflect back on our lives as a whole during these struggles, there is not a moment in which He was not there, a time in which He actually did leave us.  As scary as the thoughts may be as we consider what we are facing today, the truth is – Nothing can come into the lives of His children unless He permits it, for our purifying and the well being of our souls.  Jesus said, “Come to me, those who are weary and I will give you rest.”  I have found some of the most precious of souls have not discovered the release that comes with, “Resting in Him.”  We are all on a journey and thankfully He is leading us in the way that we should go, embracing us the whole way.  If the truth was known, we would comprehend  we really have less control on the outcome we are facing than we actually believe.  For this reason the Word tells us to, “Glory in our trials and tribulations.”

Doesn’t that sound like a strange statement?  Who would want to be joyful over a struggle?  Please consider, the source of joy.  Would that not be the Lord, Himself?  In our human nature we have a tendency to believe getting out of the trial would return our joy back to us.  But what if…  There is more excellent way?  What if…  Being in a trial and trusting the Lord is working all of it together for the betterment, protection and completion of our lives is really for our good, for one single solitary purpose?  With that purpose being; A closer walk with HIM, in which we are refined, molded and shaped into oneness with Him.

Not only then would we have JOY, but our joy would be made full in knowing Him, intimately.

You see, sometimes our petals do fall off, so to speak.

However, with every single loss there is regrowth; Which is stronger, more vibrant and full of life and abundance in oneness with Joy, Himself.


Heavenly Father today we are purposed to lay our lives down before You.  Grant us the serenity in knowing You shall have Your perfect way in our lives as You teach us not only how to trust You but to believe in our hearts You will never leave us or forsake us.  We bare our souls to You this day and ask You to deliver us from all that is troubling us today and we thank You for filling our lives with Your presence to overflowing abundance of life and joy.  In Jesus’s Mighty Name we pray.  Amen.


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  1. Fern
    Fern says:

    This is a beautiful site. Your helper did such a wonderful job. May God bless rof ministries from the top to the bottom until Jesus returns.
    Hugs and blessings!


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