One Body, Many Parts ~ Broadcast Transcript April 14, 2021 with Angela

ONE BODY, MANY PARTS – April 14, 2021

Good Morning Blessings Beloved and thank you for joining me today on this ROF Ministries broadcast.  What an honor it is to gather today for the glory of our Lord Jesus, finally.

Today we are going to go over just a few topics which are relevant to our growth in Him and especially for the cohesiveness of His Body – that’s us you all!  During these tumultuous days, which are removing every spot and wrinkle, we have a choice to either keep our eyes securely fixated on Him or throw in the towel, which sadly many are doing.  There is no greater time in our lives that it has been more necessary to lean upon Jesus, our rock and redeemer and only source of life itself.

I simply cannot tell you how overwhelmed I have been and humbled too by the love you all have shown me during this health trial.  Many of you have lavished your love upon me in ways I never could have imagined… And the beautiful flowers you sent – wow…. I’m not sure who orchestrated them, but I have a good idea – but on the card they wrote “wrapping you in our love…” ROF Family and I cried and I cried… Because that is what I say to you all, all the time and you said it to back to me – that is a moment I will cherish forever and never forget.

You know Jesus is really with us in the fire – and He often arrives through many of His own… I already told Him – yes, please use me at Your will for Your glory alone – so all things are purposed.  And the day of my surgery and even before HE WAS THERE dwelling within so many of His own… I don’t want to bore you all to death – but do you want to hear all the different ways He showed up?  I would be happy to share my testimony if you can put up with me for awhile. 


I’ve been so blessed to have this time to spend with the Lord Jesus in quiet while healing and regaining my strength… I realize many are afraid of the dark, but with Him, His words bring all things together for our good and uses trials to purge all darkness from within us so we learn to rely on Him solely.  The truth is – we are darkness until the light comes in, evil things do happen to us at times but honestly, the greatest darkness we wrestle with is within us, not without – and this is the greatest scheme of the enemy – to convince us darkness is all around us – mainly through people, instead of us seeing it is within – that it needs purged and repentance is the only way to go full throttle into the Kingdom.  The enemy wants us to say “we have no sin…” so that we continue to keep it, rather than going to sin no more.  How does light enter in?  When we are broken…  As brokenness produces an unmatched intimacy with Jesus, so that we call out to Him in our time of need.

He laid something upon my heart to share today about checking others walks, while ignoring our own – to honestly see if we are being authentic – we sometimes refuse to embrace how each member is purposed in His kingdom to use as HE WILLS, not our wills, but HIS.  All this relates to my testimony and how JESUS SHOWED up the day of my surgery and before, through MANY VESSELS – vessels in scrubs, in which denomination did not matter because to me they all looked the same and through them out He flowed in my time of need.  Oh I could talk so much more about this – so we all could see spiritually past the strange garments we all still wear at times…. Like denominations, clicks, clubs, doctrines and deeds – honestly, when it is Jesus purposed none of that even matters anymore.  It is my prayer we listen to His leading so that the breaking is not as severe in order we see beyond the flesh… Because when we are narrow-minded in our hearts, we are going to miss Him when He appears in a different way or vessel than what we expected.  Would you join hands and pray with a Catholic who loves Jesus?  I did… And in the midst of the four of us we shared a commonality – His Name is Jesus… I realize I needed the surgery to purge out of my body what could poison it – but this journey exposed within me so much deeper to the soul that needed purged and I am forever grateful to the Lord He chose me to walk with Him through this fire.  Right now a word for His child is… We walk by spirit and not at the leading of our flesh, while He is teaching us to see by the spirit beyond our flesh and others so that it is purposed our spirit be willing while our flesh is weak.  Weakened flesh is a good thing and a God thing right now, it is very, very good indeed.

The other night the Lord was opening my eyes to much more in His word about the Bride of Christ – it amazes me how you can study the same alive and active word, having deeper and increased knowledge to grow in His truth.  I began in the Book of Revelation, reading from the last chapter, forward…  And all He kept guiding me to was about THE BRIDE of Christ, specifically the DNA of the Bride carrying His DNA- which is another reason individualized flesh is being weakened for the marking and sealing of Him.  I hope to share some of that with you all next time we gather together.

Today I just want to discuss a little about the cohesiveness found in Jesus’s Body (His members – us) and just go over a few hindrances that keep us separated as His Body, instead of molding us as one, with each other and most importantly with Jesus.  When Jesus looks down to gather each of His own – it is those who inwardly are seeking Him with all that they are – the strange garments, the flesh, how men gather are not indicative to who He chooses.  He will pull from the streets, the rehab centers, chatrooms, Catholic Churches and all churches, even prisons – Can we hear this truth?  Can we go over ourselves enough to see by the spirit verses the flesh – which is why only He can gather His own, we cannot form the Body of Christ – only He can.

Before we get started I am going to read some portions of a LayLay ramble…  lol…  She sent it timely as a confirmation since I had already been studying the many parts before I received her anointed input.  I call these LayLay rambles, as– that’s what we call them because she has happy fingers and once she starts typing we just never know when she is gonna stop.  Lol

LayLay’s email – you’ll get the jest of it all as I read

Okay – I hope you all could follow most of that – The whole point is – a body is not a complete body without all the parts, equally flowing together as one – that Jesus is the only head and anybody missing a few parts cannot be whole – so all are required to accomplish the Lord’s will on Earth.  This is why the enemy is fighting so hard to make sure we are not a cohesive body on Earth – he pits one person against another as much as he possiblly can as he knows something we seem to forget – divided we fall.  Let’s not be an agent of satan anymore, okay?  Let’s embrace the different and diverse callings of all who… Are after God’s own heart.  Ugh…I pray you all can hear my heart in this because once we all see it, exponential growth and assignments will manifest.

One of his tactics right now is this and I am gonna tell on him bigtime:  Our flesh is irritated by the flesh of others within the body.  And when this happens we often point fingers and accuse.  How so?  I am happy you asked…. Since we do not know for sure who is and is not after God’s heart in truth – we will, out of our flesh, look around, search for and only embrace those who in the flesh are seeking the Lord just as we do.  “Works” are just that – manifestations of our servanthood unto Jesus and His Kingdom.  And works are just as unique and diverse as we are – when we remove the competition and envy and flesh altogether, with eyes opened we will tolerate (which is greatly needed) and eventually embrace those who might me commanded as a light on a stand in a place you have not been orchestrated to go before – like hospitals or a different church or a prison. 

Just because someone is serving Him on assignment differently than us, does not mean they are doomed…  Jesus told us that those who are not against us are for us – He spoke this right after the disciples were complaining at how others were serving Him.  So we are going to read it…  Some of you right now have spouses and children assigned and growing differently than you – you may have even deemed them a tare while the Lord has marked them as wheat.  I pray this word brings you comfort and peace.


The Lord says to not judge before the time and this is partly why… We do not know the measurement of truth to which one has been given at any moment of time or the purpose of why and who they’ve been sent to and sadly we have so many people who are doing their very best to follow Jesus and serve Him and yet, just because they are not “following along with us doing the same works” – like we just read we try to hinder their work.  Yikes – I don’t want that to be me, do you?  Right now we could be walking with one who outwardly appears very holy and religious, while inside they are not even barely seeking the Lord – so we must be very hesitant to declare just who is and is not seeking the Lord, let alone saved or not.

Are we hindering the work of others who do not follow along with us?  That is the question.

So we must ask ourselves do we discount all the other people who are serving Jesus as another part – remember He often places light in the midst of darkness – because their part looks in contrast to us in the natural?

Why have we targeted those who are not against us as though they are, labeling them lost and fools and worse yet, enemies – when in actuality they are not the ones who seek to destroy us and yet as we lift ourselves up we imagine those who are not with us are also against us?  Honestly, most people fall into particular fellowship not based on truth – but rather love… they collect together where love is present, where they feel accepted and loved – because God is love, He draws them together in this most precious way.  In addition, they rarely will leave a place where love prevails, even if the gathering is not perfect, not always on target – because that place feels like “home” to them.  It is our pride that seeks to point out the faults of others and if not controlled by the Spirit, we will condemn ourselves.  We like to put weight to and measure sins and shortcomings in others by what we have overcome.  It is causing division within the Body and not Godly order…  and I am not sure if you can see it or not, but it is trickling down into the World because we have not shut the door to the enemy’s working amongst us.  To the Father all sin is sin and equaled… By the Father’s plan, you will have Pentecostals who end up in hell and some Catholics who don’t.  Does this make sense – we all see through a glass dimly at the moment.

Here’s a sobering thought… The Lord often sends me out as a messenger of love and I run in many circles…  Did you know that many of the very ones that some of you condemn, never speak harshly about you and did you know quite often they will come and ask me why you hate them so much?  As the eyes of our hearts are opened to see as Jesus sees through the eyes of love… Guess what?  We not only see and discern those who come in the name of the Lord, but begin to bless, not curse them, as well.  A few of us have been disciplined and beaten with many stripes over this meat of the Word, it is my prayer that most of you will receive this word as food for your souls and avoid the rod of chastisement altogether.  The Body of Christ has no enmity within it – please consider this, if you have enmity with someone who does say Jesus is Lord, let’s say you’ve labeled them your enemy – trying to force them out of the Body… Is it possible you are the one on the outside, not them?  Because when we do this, we form into the enemy of many, rather into the form of Jesus, who judged no man.  The Father’s discipline is poured out upon His children equal to His love – it is the same and once adopted we stop running away from His discipline but to it, knowing we need it daily to keep us safe from ourselves as we are surrounded by temptations on every side.

Christianity today seems to be some sort of club you belong to, while being a Christ follower you embrace the truth you belong to Jesus, unified as His family.  All these denominations and clubs which fellowship together, vainly imagine they alone hold the fullness of truth – because it is their own perceived truth.  And worse yet, if you no longer walk with them – they imagine you fell away from the truth, so it is all vanity centric, not Jesus centered.  IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE LED ELSEWHERE TO PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL AND STILL BE IN OBEDIENCE AND WALKING WITH JESUS.  Do I need to say that again?  Can our spiritual minds be expanded enough to understand that the Body of Christ has many members to it and when Jesus is the head, He directs each member on where to go and what to do as that which is perfectly anointed for His will to be accomplished here on Earth and it is the carnal mind which rages war against all things spiritual – so in essence the battle is not with one another, it is within our own self.

For me personally, I avoid exclusionary fellowship of any kind…  I just can’t breathe when the Holy Spirit is quenched in such a way.  When we see the light burning within all gatherings we tend to embrace and cling to that which is good – rather than looking for faults within each one.  The truth is – all still hold a sense of faultiness within, as we are being purified as His Bride – none are above another, none.  And with that, there is not one gathering yet which contains the fullness.  The church is not perfected yet as it is still made up of imperfect people. 

So take Catholics for example – because they are easy targets at the moment for threatened Protestants and they also are very exclusionary…  in a sense they reap what they’ve sown in many ways…  I am continually hearing inaccurate accusations and hearsays which at times are slanderous in nature about Catholics.  I realize most are just passing along gossip they’ve heard along the way and ignorant from experience themselves to rightly divide the truth – the Word calls this judging those things you do not understand.  I can always tell when someone is speaking out of self and not experience regarding Catholics when fear is present.  Catholics in general are not against us like we are them.  Did you know this?  Or do you just know what you’ve been told?  Many of you are scared to death of the Pope – and I also pity the people who elevate this man in such a way – those for him and against him elevate him to be some higher power than he is – whether for the good or evil, even the Pope is under the subjection of our Sovereign Father.  Look around, have we joined a mob who is railing against anyone?  If so, we must separate before the woe comes.

So please do not do what I did… please do not assume they are your enemy due to hearsay when in fact many could very well be your brother or sister.  Weren’t we too walking blindly at one time?  So why have we forgotten how far we too have fallen?  Hearing these accusations sometimes makes me weep internally and I pray and pray some more.  One day if the Lord directs, I am going to share my testimony about this and possibly the burden will cease.  I am not going to speak by knowledge, but rather experience.  Therefore, maybe it will assist us to recognize and sort out lies and hearsays laden with accusations and what is truth.  Sadly, lately most of what is being shared is not the full truth.  If the Lord permits, I will address all those concerns to the best of my ability, such as forgiveness of sins in relation to confessing to a Priest – because I have yet to hear anyone speak the pure truth on this topic.  I will also share how only the Holy Spirit can take the credit for ending my season of being Catholic to just simply being a follower or Jesus.  Today, what I resented for a long time, I am now grateful for – or else I too may join in against those who love Jesus just like I do and I would be too fearful to venture as light into darkness.  You do realize some Catholics love Jesus right and that with all the faults many of them have – no one I’ve met so far in my life carry the characteristics of Jesus in laying down His life as many I’ve met along my journey within the Catholic church have and do.  I realize this isn’t too popular with most of you and I am only using the Catholic church as my example because it is one I am familiar with – however, this same division is going on in almost every area of fellowship– all I am asking is that you just consider with me for a moment that the enemy wants you blinded to any goodness of all other parts, so that all you observe is darkness within others and remain fearful while bidding division.

All I can share is my own witness and experience – but it is real, up close and personal, not read in a book or hearsay – it is by my own personal account, what I have witnessed and heard with my own ears when questioning everything.  I just feel so weird even talking about this – I mean truly, in my younger days I questioned and challenged Father Geyhra so much that he lovingly with all the patience of anyone I’ve ever met labeled me a haunyack… He called me a bright light, full of joy in mercy.  I never had a father really at that point and he was never inappropriate, while displaying our Father in Heaven’s love to me, even when unruly.  Oh my, did I press him a lot – and he would explain and explain and I would say why?  I have many stories if you care to hear them… and if not, that is okay too.  I’ve never been one to just swallow what I am told, no matter who is saying it –I wasn’t like that 30 years ago and I am not like that now.  I see mixture by the Spirit in everything and everyone, including myself – so at this point unless someone is truly AGAINST US… we should not label them an enemy, but instead be praying for and believing for the best for them so their eyes are opened.  How do we know the Lord is not directing someone else to do something not so ordinary to produce the extraordinary for His Kingdom?  I just know that sort of scrutiny is way past my pay grade. 

We go through these fires to purge us from what we did in rebellion so that we can go back into the fire and pull others from it.  So all of this is purposed and planned and one day we will see the why’s of it all.  I know some who were witches, real witches, casting spells and boom Jesus got ahold of them and today they suffer with other witches with great loving compassion to pull them from the fire of witchcraft.  We see this in almost every sin nature area around us…  drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, thieves, murderers, liars, those in rebellion, Catholics, divorced, it is endless…  Do we really think this very day the Father is turning His back on them with railing accusations?  Really?  So why are we? 

Mother Theresa said – If you judge someone you cannot love them

You catch many more flies with sugar than vinegar.  I shudder to think of the day I am made aware of all the missed opportunities I had to love others as Jesus loves them and the times I chose a stone rather than lend a hand to lift another up.  I hope this doesn’t sound like I know it all, because actually it is a confession that I don’t and didn’t know near as much as I thought I did…

And I will add… If you do not love someone, don’t try to mold them into your own image, but rather always point them in the direction of Jesus, while planting seeds of love.  Keep in mind it is the Father Who gives the increase (of His Son) within the different parts of His Body and it is in His timing, not ours that matters.

I realize all this is due to coming from a place of lack within ourselves.  We often feel so less than others, it makes us feel better to point out how we are above, have the truth in, been awakened to something and such that another has not been yet.  To look down upon another, elevates self – doesn’t it? 

I cry when people cast down others so openly, thinking to myself, every single person who heard you – will not come to you to hear about Jesus now.  What if you were their only hope?  What if they just stumbled upon you with a seeking heart and you laid such a heavy burden upon them, they turn away from the truth altogether?  We’ve got many casting stones openly at one another, yet none are worthy to do so, as we all deserve to be stoned.  My flesh wants to rise up and cast stones at those slinging them at others, especially when I know some of their shortcomings, but I don’t dare do so.  I have to put my flesh down immediately in those cases or I separate myself for a bit to get back centered on the Lord so I am able to fend off the temptation, letting our Lord handle His own. 

The Lord instructed us to do unto to others how we ourselves desire others to do unto us.  So before preaching the Gospel, remember when you too were in that fallen state – placing yourself in the shoes of another and consider what would have drawn you to Jesus, rather than pushed you away.  That is your testimony, the wisdom oil within you that you need to draw all unto Him.  Your experience has taught you what works and what does not work in leading others to Him.  It is my prayer we not hinder anyone who is seeking to know Him, just because we already found Him.  Only Jesus really knows who’s hearts are for and against Him – our main job is to insure ours are against no one.

The Bride of Christ has His DNA… which is Jesus’s characteristics.  Today is a call to repent for times we carried the DNA of man and man’s ways which do not reflect the responses Jesus had to others.  How He approached them – loved them, showed them mercy.  Especially pertaining to His enemies… those who were against Him, He did not drag them through the mud – but continually offered loving light to heal them.

Again, I just want to say thank you for all the prayers, love and support you have shown me during this health obstacle – I’ve been very humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of Jesus’s love and kindness through each of you. 

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