Ministering Mobs ~ Broadcast November 20, 2019

Good Morning and God Bless You All!  Welcome to today’s ROF Ministries broadcast and thank you for joining me today!

These weeks just seem to be flying by lately, hard to imagine Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is only a month away.  Knowing the holidays can be some of the most stressful times of the year, I am praying your homes are filled with joy, peace and love, as well as your hearts.  Always remember – you take Jesus with you everywhere you go. 

Did any of you guard a little more of what you view and hear the past week?  And if so…  Did you feel strength unlike before?  This strength is internal, not external – more like becoming steadfast in abiding within Jesus Who dwells within.  These are just some ways we can apply the Word of the Lord to our lives – growing ever so closer to Him each day.

Today we are going to continue on our journey, walking as children of light, discussing “Mobs…”  Isn’t that a really funny and out there topic to discuss?  It very well could be, “mobs” is not even something you have considered before as important, but I will tell you – it actually is a term more important now than ever that I can personally recall.  Just as we as a Body have strength in numbers, so does the accuser of the brethren…  They are called, “mobs” in the Bible.

Remember…  We are to LOVE in word AND deed, not simply in words only.  Jesus set boundaries and yet He loved everyone He came in contact with – the very same can be true for us.

I think you are going to be a little shocked to see just how many Scriptures actually address this “mob” mentality.  The Lord also called them, “workers of iniquity or angry crowds of people.”  We must discuss this for our own protection and deliverance in order to be prepared for what is coming upon the Earth. 

The Lord has not kept us in a place of ignorance regarding the enemy’s devices.  His number one tactic he will use is “victimization”  portraying someone as a victim to the point they use it to manipulate others.  The may formulate a snare, deny they had a hand in it and accuse you in some way.  We see this all the time, in and out of church gatherings and families.

Let’s go over a few Scriptures right now, okay?

Psalm 64 –

We see here they meet in secret to counsel one another as workers of iniquity.  (unholy speech)

Because they are bitter in their hearts (guile) they use their tongue to slay others – words are like an arrow

What they do to those who Jesus abides in – they are actually doing unto Him – and they do so secretly – hidden, plotting and planning

They encourage each other within the mob to do evil or plotting and planning how to “catch” someone by laying a sneaky snare and they actually are so delusional they believe no one can see their actions.

They are “faultfinders” who search diligently the iniquity within someone else because their own hearts are full of iniquity.  Have you ever noticed that those who accuse others hide a lot lurking and observing?  This is why.

IF we leave vengeance in God’s hands – and do not repay evil for evil…  He will wound them, as they reap what they have sown and will flee away from us as a living example of His perfect will and sovereignty.  Therefore, He shall get glory and people will have a reverence of awe of His works, becoming more wise of His ways.


Mobs gravitated to Jesus…  It is also why He often “moved through the crowds” heading towards those with an open heart and ears to hear Him.  He had a flock of naysayers following Him almost everywhere He would go, which is another reason He would separate Himself and go spend time alone with the Father away from all the people.

We are going to read some Scriptures in a moment of how forceful “mobs” can actually be.  But before we do, I have a few characteristics of this mob mentality and those who provoke a mob… One being, Judas.  Did you all know he was extremely pivotal in invoking the mob to actually arrest Jesus?  I bet you did!  Think of a mob similar to a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger – this is how people feed off of one another’s angered emotions, which is why we should disengage from all contention and strife.  This is just another step forward in our journey of abiding continually with Jesus.

We have seen similar tactics used against us…  Such as, a friend who betrays with a kiss, just like Judas did Jesus and they will keep embracing us to our face, while gathering others to do their dirty work against us.  Judas led the mob to arrest Jesus.

Those who travel in packs of mobs are full of envy and those who gather the mobs against another, are especially envious of the one they are targeting.

They do all they can to stir people up against someone, because they have an iniquitous heart through and through…  They are a faultfinder and gather other faultfinders around them.  The religious are often the ringleader of a mob and when we read in a bit we will discover it normally were the “priests” and “elders” who were behind the mobs that targeted Jesus and the disciples.

Please Note:  Jesus “washed” Judas’s feet as an example to how we are to CLEANSE the filth off one another in a subservient manner – even those who plot to destroy us.  We care for them in such a heartfelt way – which is way beyond human understanding – because He did.

You will also notice when we read the Scriptures in a moment… In unison they cried out – “crucify” Him – or rather, slay, murder and destroy Him.  Now keep in mind the priests (religious) were the ones who stirred up the crowd that day into a frenzy, as Jesus stood on trial.  And nothing is more joyful than when Jesus said – you have no authority over Me, other than that which is granted to you by My Father.  The same is true for us – Praise the Lord!

This is an extremely pertinent matter – we are seeing this same thing happen today.  Everything we are discussing today, just like the Word is written for us, not the World.  It is clear again to see why – judgment begins in the House of the Lord.

Let’s read some portions of Scripture so I can reiterate a few points we may have missed in the past.  This Biblical recount is one you are very familiar with… But today, we are going to be focusing on how the workers of iniquity were blood thirsty with Jesus as their target because that could very well be you or me or has been at some point and time.  God forbid we join with their ranks against anyone, ever.

  • Mathew 26
  • Mark 14
  • Mark 15

The disciples also were attacked by crowds of mobs:

  • Acts 16 & 17
  • Acts 21

Wow… I know that was a lot, but it is important we see just how damaging it can be to our souls if we entertain or give ear to someone who is compromised by way of emotional offense one to another.  The Word clearly tells us not to have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness in order that we too be led away and tempted to sit in the same seat as those who are scornful.  These are witchcraft vessels who do come in the Name of the Lord Jesus but are sourced by the kingdom of darkness and not the Kingdom of Heaven.

I must admit there are times when we are so severely betrayed and hurt we just need a person to comfort and encourage us, pray with us and love us as a friend in Jesus.  If that person we talk to is not spiritually sound or mature in the love of Jesus, our pain can cause a stumbling block for them – so be very careful and wise as to who you are vulnerable with in such a way.

Mobs and their ringleaders/Priests have Biblical Characteristics we can refer to for guidance and wisdom:

  • Stir up strife by gossip, lying, exaggeration, heresy and so forth
  • They will take the Word of God and measure you to it by outward discretions
  • Sow discord
  • Provoke debates
  • Constantly opinionated to weigh others in the balance
  • Against others, not being for Jesus
  • Show partiality to their own “kind”
  • Enemies of our own household of faith and partakers at our feasts of charity/brotherly love
  • Thirst to shed innocent blood
  • Call for the death of anyone they deem an enemy and will target you if you do not stop associating with one they seek to destroy – bully mentality
  • Slay others who are following Jesus the best they can by character assassination and faultfinding
  • They spread their poison to others through their mouths to your ears, eventually entering into your heart
  • Merciless to accomplish bringing destruction upon another because they often are so delusional they believe they are doing God’s work
  • Will demand you pick a side in order to snare you
  • Serve the accuser by accusing the brethren

Sooooo, we are to NOT FELLOWSHIP with anyone who displays these tendencies for our own protection, lest we too be tempted to join in.  And just fyi….  If someone will do something evil with you – they have it within their hearts to do it to you.

Wow – that was really a lot to digest wasn’t it? 

Let’s take a breath and actually move towards applying the Words we learned today:

  • It is amazing how we are drawn to particular people in proximity to us by some undeniable force.  Some gather by pain, the past, a vision for the future, passions, assignments, God’s purpose or even sadly by complaints, sin, pleasure in unrighteousness and so forth.  My grandmother used to always say – birds of a feather flock together and its true.  So if you are struggling to see the truth of you – take a look at the company you keep, those who you are equally yoked with or rather, share a commonality with.  And when we do this in truth, it can be eye opening to the real person we are internally. We can ask ourselves – Who am I most comfortable with and why?
  • It really is true that “light has no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.”  When we are engaged in working for our Father in the Heavenly Kingdom, we don’t have time or interest to engage in activities which oppose His true nature.  The Body of Christ is pure, as He is pure and seeks nothing but to operate out of the fruit of the Holy Spirit equaling love.  By His design, profitable Kingdom fellowship is based in Him being the head and we move about at His command, as a reflection of Him on Earth.  So why are we “fellowshipping” with those not of His nature?  It is because a piece of the old creature still remains within us internally.  Remember… Jesus Himself gathers together His Body of Believers, we cannot do this, only He can for many reasons – but most importantly, He knows who does and does not belong to Him or destined to be in the future.
  • Fellowship with Jesus and one another as His Body has no contention whatsoever between its members.  Can we accept this truth?  If there is contention in our Heavenly connections – then it is coming from within us or quite possibly we are trying to commune or join with something the Lord is not orchestrating for us at the moment in our lives.
  • Do we know exactly what “fellowship” means?

Joined to, sharing with one another, communing together – eat of, participate with, intercourse – intimacy, mingling, being vulnerable with, partake with – do what they do.

  • There times we have tried to “join with” or fellowship with those who do not belong to the Body of Christ.  When this happens we are often betrayed, hurt, drawn into their sinful ways, we stumble or maybe become ensnared by them.  It isn’t too long after when Jesus goes after us as that one lost sheep, pulling us back into His flock and much wisdom is gleaned in this process.  We learn quickly to never stray again.  Thankfully, His mercies are new every morning.
  • Although we are not to “partake” or rather engage in the sins of the lost…  We are to go out and serve them, love them, showing mercy just like Jesus did and does to us.  Jesus judged no man and neither should we – but He came to save a lost and dying World.  When we are instant in season to preach the Gospel – we do not condemn anyone ever, but rather point them in the direction they should go to attain life everlasting – be like Jesus on Earth, He dwells within you and use words only when necessary.  For many the only encounter a person may have with Jesus is through us – so it is not purposed we fight with others or amongst ourselves.  We can ask ourselves if we present Jesus in a way and fashion others would like to get to know Him better?
  • Remember that thorn in Paul’s flesh that was sent to keep him humble?  It was an agent of satan, who buffeted or rather rubbed him wrong constantly.  Anyway…  I want us to notice how he prayed so many times for that thorn to be removed and it wasn’t.  Well, we have thorns too – people who rub us the wrong way.  Many of the relationships we have are thorns – but why?  Sometimes when we look to others outside of Jesus to complete us and make us whole, when that doesn’t happen that person will disappoint us in some way and they evolve into a thorn in our flesh, an irritant to buffet us right into Jesus’s arms in total surrender to Him.  He is the only one Who can fill the void which was left within us, He is the missing puzzle piece to our hearts so to speak.
  • The Lord gave me another seasonal word the other day…  He is overturning the tables in His people’s hearts, in that those who say Lord, Lord receive a deep spiritual cleansing which produces genuine heartfelt repentance.  In other words – anything on the thrones of our hearts but Him is being removed.  This is both purposed and painful, as I know firsthand and some of you do as well.
  • When a truth is revealed it will often offend the mind, while at the same time it settles inside the heart.  Perfection through fire is a process and we are surely in it, aren’t we?
  • When Jesus takes up residence inside us to abide He cleans out the cobwebs (old thought patterns) that are not conducive to His nature.  He will destroy within us all strongholds of darkness and mindsets contrary to His image (lies, doctrines of men, religious tactics of manipulation, limiting beliefs about His ways, etc…)  We must decrease so that He can increase INSIDE US – so all that iniquity within us is consumed by His presence.  Jesus destroys all works of evil inside man by being that consuming fire within us personally and collectively.  This is purposed and prior to Him joining His Body as One.
  • He does this primary so that when we come in the Name of the Lord, we are single minded and actually coming in His Name – not by words, but rather by countenance.  We also learn then to follow the Lamb wherever He goes, no longer tossed about by the winds of human doctrine and beliefs.
  • Jesus is that plumbline which divides His own from this huge flock of mixture.  Again, only He can assemble His Body to fellowship one with another.  He will get His own bride – He doesn’t need our 2 cents in the matter.  He is looking for servants here, those who will happily wash the feet of the Judases gathered at their tables.

So before we close for today, the Lord gave me some sort of a parable to share with you all and it is all Biblical so you will recognize His words within the story.

Please consider your mind as the Garden, with two trees implanted within.  There is the Tree of Life – which produces only good fruit and when consumed you are full and satisfied, transformed into having the mind of Christ.  When full we do not seek outside knowledge of evil things which bring forth empty satisfaction, leaving us weak and depleted in a state of spiritual starvation.  In our minds is also a Tree of Knowledge which is carnal in nature, divided, chaotic and confused.  The enemy sows tares into our minds when we eat of this tree – we will seek more and more knowledge of evil when we eat of this tree and we also will gather evil knowledge about others to use as weapons to condemn them with.  Remember, the enemy did not lie to Eve – he only tempted her with his fruit, so that she corrupt herself by partaking/fellowshipping with what he offered.  Again… If we are full in our daily bread by partaking with Jesus we will not seek to eat of anything impure in nature.  We do become what we eat of in such a way and if you remember what we discussed last week we learned it is wrong to even speak of those things evil people do.  I am going to call this “forbidden” fruit.  The Father desires to deliver us from all evil, not entertain it or embrace it.

So if we apply this truth to our lives, we will wisely guard our hearts in that we do not join in with those who are seeking like a mob to destroy others, even if what they are saying is true…  We should not be cursing anyone, ever.  By doing so we are indeed the ones who will be condemned.  Just because a mob is speaking truth does not mean they have a right to operate in anger.  Truth is to be easily entreated as it is etched upon our hearts – we must remember to never weary ourselves while doing good and to operate in love above all else.

How the Lord uses His own body is up to Him – sometimes He will show us and sometimes He does not.  1 Corinthians 3 gives the perfect example of how we are to submit to the Lord moving others to accomplish His will without envy, strife, confusion or questioning His sovereignty.

Sometimes the Lord will separate you from others, let Him.

Sometimes He uproots you from one gathering and places you into another, let Him.

Sometimes He will harden someone’s heart towards you, let Him.

Since He knows the end from the beginning – He severs relationships all the time and joins others all the same, as He gathers and collects His own body together.  We must learn to accept change, rather than try to force what was into our today and tomorrows.  Being bought with a price, no longer our own, we trust Him completely to use us at His will for a greater purpose and plan than we can see in the moment.  Learning to shake the dust off and move on when the Holy Spirit is leading us shows maturity and principled guidance when we let Him orchestrate our footsteps.

Your friend’s enemy does not necessarily mean they are your enemy too.  Let that sink in a moment.

I often ask myself…  If I lived during Jesus’s day – would I be in the mob crying crucify Him or at His feet in tears?  Truthfully, I can’t really answer that question.  I would hope I would not be in the mob – but then again, Jesus did not walk as the religious commanded, He was outside the box of rule and law.  So we need to reflect back on our lives – past behavior is a clear indicator of future behavior.  When the Lord uses the least of these – how do we react?  Do we curse them because they worship differently than us or because they are on the beginning portion of their journey – thinking ourselves to be higher than we ought to?  Or what do we do when Jesus doesn’t heal someone?  Can we accept possibly that to not heal is a part of His divine purpose or are we so set in our ways we cannot see His?  The truth is… Jesus did not heal everyone, not all the time.  What tables do we still have in our mindsets that need overturned?  These strongholds are choking the fullness of His word, altering His Kingdom coming into our lives which limits the Holy Spirit pouring out of us to others.  Jesus did nothing unless He saw His Father in Heaven doing it too.  We must lay down all pride and realize the Father gives, but He also takes away.  Some of us refuse to accept the Father would take anything away – but He surely does.  Anything that may corrupt us – even if it is good, will be taken away if it is placed on the throne of our hearts, where only Jesus should be.  Remember John saying he must decrease so that Jesus may increase in the lives of his own disciples he was ministering too?  This is why.

Once we get our vertical relationship with Jesus on point, right where it needs to be – all our horizontal relationships will be balanced and orderly, falling into perfect place.  So many of you cry yourselves to sleep at night or you cry in the shower when no one can hear you – but Jesus hears you.  He is offering complete and total wholeness if we would just trust and let Him in to reside fully with us.  Jesus is enough.  All that wanting and lack will leave when we seek only Him for fulfillment.  Quite often we are the delay to prayers because we are seeking the sign, miracle or wonder – rather than Him – the sign, miracle and wonder maker.  When we seek first the Kingdom of God – all things will be added to us.  Who or what are we seeking FIRST?

So I think I will leave us on that note…  Something to ponder and consider for next time…  Who or what are we seeking first – when sad? Angry? Troubled? Confused?  Is it Jesus?  Or is it another person?  Or even knowledge?  An escape?  Lord willing, we will start right there next time we gather together.

Let’s pray, just as Jesus taught us –

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

and the power, and the glory,

for ever and ever]


And also Lord I pray we collectively as One Body, Your Body –

God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


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  1. Deanna Rivers
    Deanna Rivers says:

    Most blessed lesson Angela. Much for me to study on. May Jesus purge all evil from my heart is my desire. I’m willing that His will be done in my life no matter the cost.


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